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#winter cup

Posting another throwback.

Kuroko no Basuke; Immaculate Anime Winter Cup.
I believe the original Panini America Immaculate design is still the best. I’m surprised I only did 5 of these.

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今、高校生はWINTER CUP真っ最中。



#バスケ #wintercup #Paul Cliftonantho George #nike #pg

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This winter cup seems like a disaster... That's an understatement... Is everyone ok...? Besides Kise whom I know now has a broken leg thanks to the bastard.

I think… Well, I am not as involved this year as I was last year. But I think that even though it all seems like a mess now, it will turn out alright. Sometimes people just need time.

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GUYS!!! We got news on the Winter Cup!! The games’ll start up on the 27th of December, with four teams we know playing that day

We’ll be playing Ogiwara’s team on the first day, and Kirisaki Dai Ichi will play Fukuda Sōgō.

Day two, winners of those matches will play Touou and Kaijou, respectively, while Rakuzan plays Shuutoku and Yosen plays Seiho.

I’m really looking forward to it this year!!!

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U.S. Senior National Team
Donothan Bailey, Lake Forest, Calif./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Allan Bower, Mesa, Ariz./University of Oklahoma
Grant Breckenridge, Libertyville, Ill./Stanford University
Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas/U.S. Olympic Training Center
Jake Dalton, Sparks, Nev./University of Oklahoma
Hunter Justus, Cypress, Texas/University of Oklahoma
Sean Melton, Orlando, Fla./Ohio State University
Sam Mikulak, Newport Beach, Calif./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Akash Modi, Morganville, N.J./Stanford University
Yul Moldauer, Arvada, Colo./University of Oklahoma
Alex Naddour, Gilbert, Ariz./USA Youth Fitness Center
Robert Neff, Brookfield, Wis./Stanford University
Kanji Oyama, Huntington Beach, Calif./University of Oklahoma
Eddie Penev, Rochester, N.Y./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Donnell Whittenburg, Baltimore, Md./U.S. Olympic Training Center

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I already see people on twitter blaming the new national team selection process for Sam’s injury and just like - please stop. He tore his Achilles on a roundoff. That’s an inevitable injury. It was going to tear no matter what. I just don’t think the new national team selection rules are to blame here.

And to be honest? I don’t mind the new selection rules. Fresh quad, fresh start - I get it. It’s not about what you did but where you are right now. I think USA MAG needs to be shaken up a little. And I like that there’s no wild card. I think there’s some incredible talent in NCAA that has gone overlooked these past couple of years and if these new rules helps to break USA MAG out of that habit, bring it on. 

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So I went to one of the morning showings and feel there’s enough stuff to make a report of. So here’s some stuff that happened besides the actual movie..I don’t recall every single detail and I apologize if there’s some Akashi bias in here.

- Theater rules featuring Hiyoko!
They had three short Hiyoko animations to explain the theater rules.
Kise had his cellphone.
Aomine kicked Kuroko’s chair.
Mukkun kept eating loudly

- Special Tip Off.
It was a music video by one of the new Oldcodex songs and featured new clips of everyone! Mainly focusing on Aomine Kagami and Kuroko of course but It also had the other GoM (Rakuzan dressed as a host club!!!) and Seirin and Nigou! (Also it featured both Oreshi and Bokushi in one shot! )

- the first 20min or so were flashbacks of Teiko and season 1 to introduce everyone and set up the premise for the Winter cup. Then it started from when Kuroko goes out to meet the GoM.(and the scissors scene )

- after that it’s pretty much just putting the episodes together into one big film. They changed some of the music tracks and cut some minor clips and used some clips of the Aomine Kuroko Ova.

-new ending song “Scribble and Beyond ”

-new trailer for the second film. featuring the yosen and kaijo matches

-NEW SHORT EXTRA GAME TRAILER. no animations yet but they showed new character pictures not on the website yet!!! (Extra game Akashi looked so good OMG best visual of him yet!!!!! )

-new ending card!!! It was Aomine, Kuroko holding Nigou, and Kagami all wearing caps.

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As we all know, a compilation of 3-part movie for “Winter Cup” has been announced for this year.

  • 1st Movie: “Shadow and Light” (3 September 2016)
  • 2nd Movie: “Beyond the Tears” (8 October 2016)
  • 3rd Movie: “Crossing the Door” (3 December 2016)

The trailer for the 1st movie has been revealed, featuring a song by OLDCODEX.

Additionally, the “Extra Game” movie is slated for 2017.

Source: Anime News Network

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