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Main Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky’s first week at work with you comes to an end and you establish a sweet Friday night tradition. Set in the AU of What He Wants, which you can read HERE if you missed it.

Warnings/ Content: Primarily sweet fluff but there is implied smut and reference to a panic attack (not Bucky’s for once!)

Word Count: 1348

Author’s Note: Hello lovelies! We’re back in the What He Wants AU :) I am so excited to start sharing a few little shorts with you all now that I’m back from vacation. I spent the past week on a beach just chilling, drinking, and letting my mind live in this little AU I created. I got this first piece scrubbed finally (sorry I’m a procrastinator!) and hope you all enjoy diving back in where we left off. Also, for the tag list peeps: I’m tagging all the original WHW tag list, if any of you want removed, or if anyone new wants to be added, just let me know. 

XOXO - Ash

Friday Night Tradition

“What a week.” Bucky groans as he flops down on your bed. It’s barely seven o’clock on Friday night and he looks like he’s ready to pass out. 

Everyone at the therapy center had been so happy for your return and they welcomed Bucky with open arms. It had still been a long week though. You were getting caught up on everything you had missed and the new patients who you had yet to meet while Bucky was slowly finding his place. He was eager to help out and his efforts were appreciated by everyone. Bucky was surprisingly adept with a tool kit and put himself to work without being asked, repairing little odds and ends that no one else had the time or knowledge to fix. He liked to stay busy and the small jobs made him feel like he’d really accomplished something by the end of the day. 

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“Go Solo” by Tom Rosenthal

They say it’s matter of time

A thousand days and the sun won’t shine

Before I come back to you

And I’m happy, nothing’s going to stop me

I’m making my way home, I’m making my way

For your love I will go far

I wanna be wherever you are

I know I’m coming back for you

Our love is a river long

The best right in a million wrongs

I know I’m coming back to you

And I’m happy, nothing’s going to stop me

I’m making my way home

I’m making my way

I go solo, oh I go solo

I’m making my way home, I’m making my way

And I’m happy, nothing’s going to stop me

I’m making my way home

I’m making my way

I go solo, oh I go solo

I’m making my way home

I’m making my way

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Y/N feels betrayed by the two people she thought she could trust the most. Stucky x reader

Warning; angst, fighting, betrayal

The day started out normal, you woke up in between your two favorite soldiers, made some coffee & waffles, and then three of you snuggled up on the couch for some movies. Y/N didn’t think there was ever a time she felt so safe. Between being superheroes and going on missions for weeks or months at a time, having her boys here meant more to Y/N then she could ever say. Which is why they specifically designated lazy Sundays as an official part of their weekly calendar. 

This particular Sunday went differently. While it started out great, it ended in broken hearts and tear-stained sweatshirts. Y/N knew her boys were protective, some would even say possessive, but those people didn’t see what went on behind closed doors. Bucky still fighting the nightmares, Steve handling the after-effects of beating Thanos, and Y/N trying to recover from her injuries after the war. It had terrified Steve and Bucky to their very core, one moment Y/N was on comms and the next was radio silence. It all happened so fast that the only thing Y/N can remember is waking up in the medical ward in Wakanda days after it ended. 

Since that day she’d been on bed rest. Well, up until last week when she had been cleared for missions again. Y/N was relieved, while she loved quality time at home with her boys, she missed the outside world and it got lonely when they were away, leaving her with no one to talk to at the apartment. 

Steve carried a bowl of popcorn into the living room, scooting next to Y/N and placing the bowl in her lap. “Here, sweetheart. Your turn to pick the movie today.” He smiled sweetly at her, while Bucky handed her the remote. Y/N barely got the chance to turn on the TV before their alarms went off, alerting them of a new immediate threat. Bucky picked up his device, reading out the words flashing in bold letters across the screen. “Mission Status; Active. Jet sent to your location. All active agents report to jet immediately. Agent Romanoff, Agent Barton, Winter Soldier, Captain America, and Agent Y/L/N.” Bucky’s face went blank after reading the last name off, looking toward Y/N and frowning when she got up from the couch. Steve already running toward their room for their uniforms. 

“This must be a mistake. Sit back down, I’ll let Agent Hill know that you aren’t ready yet.” Bucky laid his hand on Y/N’s shoulder, gently pushing her back down onto the couch. Steve walked back into the living room with his shield in one hand and his & Bucky’s suits in another. “Buck, hurry up we have to go.” 

Y/N frowned deeply, stood up and pushed Bucky’s hand off her, while brushing past him saying, “I have to go suit up. I’ve been cleared baby, and I’m ready to get back into the field.” Steve dropped the shield and grabbed her arm before she could pass him, haltering her movements and jolting her in front of him. “Honey, you sit this one out.”  

Y/N was baffled and honestly starting to get irritated at the fact that they didn’t have more faith in her. She ripped her arm away from Steve, “I’ve been given a mission. I’m going and you can’t stop me.” She replied, sending him a glare before marching to her closet. 

“Steve, we can’t let her do this. She isn’t ready, and you know it.” Bucky whispered, coming up to stand next to Steve. 

“Yeah I know, and I have a plan but it’s a bad one. She won’t like it, but she’ll be safe.” 

“Count me in.” Bucky glanced over at their entrance to the room, watching Steve go close the bedroom door and order Friday to not let Y/N out under any circumstances until he or Bucky say otherwise. 

“Yes, Captain. Although may I say, Miss Y/N will not be pleased.” 

“I know, but she’ll forgive us later” Steve replied, sharing a heavy serious look with Bucky before they walked outside to the jet. 

Meanwhile, Y/N had suited up and grabbed her weapons, before walking out of their closet to find she couldn’t open the bedroom door. Pulling and twisting, she tried to reign in any unknown strength she could have had, before giving up and banging on the door. “Hey, I think the door got jammed. Can one of you break it open for me?” She called out but got no response. “Hello?” She called out again, her eyes narrowing when the worst thought came to her. Did they leave her here? No. No way, they’ll notice when she doesn’t come out in a minute and come get her. 

Then she remembered Friday, and the quickest option was to just ask her to tell them. “Hey Friday, can you let Steve or Bucky know that the door is stuck and I can’t get out?” She asked, raising her head to look at the ceiling. “I’m sorry Miss, I’m afraid the Captain and Mr. Barnes requested I keep the door shut until they say otherwise.” 

Y/N froze, blood rushing to her face once she realized the situation. They locked her in? Y/N couldn’t tell you how long she stood there, the reality of the situation sinking into her bones, fueling her feelings of anger and betrayal. Y/N brought her hands up, watching how they shook with fury. Tears building up in her eyes, letting them run down her face as she stared at the door in exasperation. 

Once everything sunk in, she became like a tornado. Throwing their stuff across the room, flipping the tv stand over, grabbing the lamp and using it to bang on the door. She knew it was useless, Stark specially designed these doors for them, the whole apartment really. Although designed to keep people out, she felt like it was only trapping her in. 

Finally exhausted, she slumped against the wall opposite to the door, putting her head into her hands and sobbing. The whole time she has known Bucky and Steve, she has always been there for them. She was there through all the nightmares, through everything they went through when mending things with Stark, and not once had she ever felt like she had misplaced her trust. She felt safe with them, and she loved them with every ounce of her being. Yet right now, she felt nothing but resentment, anger, and sadness toward them. 

It felt like hours later when she heard the nearby engines of a jet. Millions of thoughts were running through her head, but only one stuck out. And it made her decision on what to do perfectly clear. 

Steve opened the door, letting Bucky walk in first. The mission had been simple, just saving hostages and beating up hydra thugs. However, the whole time they were gone, all they could think about was the overwhelming guilt they felt for leaving Y/N behind. They expected a mission far more dangerous than what they got, and for once, Steve was dreading what was behind their bedroom door. 

“Friday, unlock our door please.” Bucky requested as he stood at their door, having missed his doll way too much. His guilt was gnawing at him, and he knew the only thing that could make him feel better was seeing Y/N safe, to reassure himself leaving her behind for the potential danger was worth it.

However, when the door unlocked and he walked in, he was surprised the see their room empty and completely trashed. He winced, knowing the mess was no doubt a result of her anger at them. Walking further in, he saw the bathroom light on with the door cracked. Walking up to it, he gently knocked on it, slowly pushing it further open. All he saw was a flash of Y/H/C hair whip past him, catching him off guard for a second as she swiftly walked back into their room. “Doll?” He softly spoke, reaching out to where she stood with her back to him in front of the closet. When she turned around, his heart dropped. 

Y/N was standing with two duffel bags in her arms, wearing a sweatshirt that looked like it had been cried on for days, with her eyes being no different. Bloodshot and red, Bucky got a glimpse of glaring eyes before Y/N’s face was indifferent. She looked him up and down, almost as to reassure herself that he was okay, before turning and walking out of their room. 

Almost crashing into Steve, Y/N stormed to the kitchen where they kept their medicine cabinet and started to put her prescriptions in her bag. Steve watched with wide eyes, stuttering out, “H-honey what a-are you doing? Where are you going?”. She turned, glancing at him long enough to check that he was fine, then marching towards their front door where Bucky stood prepared to stop her. 

“I know you’re mad, WE know you’re mad, but just let us explain to you why we did it. Don’t leave, there is no need to leave.” Bucky exclaimed, practically begging by the end of his sentence. Y/N watched him with narrow eyes, feeling Steve walk up behind her and grab her hand. “Please, “ he whispered, tugging on her heartstrings when she saw his distraught face as she looked over her shoulder. 

Throwing her bags down next to the door, Y/N walked over to the couch and plopped herself on it, looking expectantly at the two super soldiers. “Go on” she spoke with no emotion, clearly past the furious stage. 

Steve looked at Bucky nervously, before approaching the couch to sit next to Y/N, only for her to stand up and stand facing out toward the big glass windows surrounding the room. “Listen,” Steve started, letting out a big sigh.

“No, you listen.” Y/N interrupted, turning quickly toward the two soldiers who looked as if they were about to be scolded by their mother. “I have had all day of being locked in a room, restrained from doing my job, to think about what I want to say to you two. And honestly? I have nothing. Just looking at each of you is making me sick. The two people I trusted most in the world, betrayed me.” Y/N spoke strongly, tears filling her eyes but face remaining a picture of fury. “Both of you conspired against me and kept me from doing something I love. Something I have been doing for far longer than the three of us have even been together. How do you expect me to react to that? How do you expect me to forgive that?” Y/N exclaimed, glaring back and forth from Steve to Bucky before she started walking toward the door. 

“I’m leaving. I can’t do this.”

Bucky stepped in front of her, stopping her into her tracks. His eyes bore into hers, pleading. 

“Baby, don’t. You know we just wanted you safe, we didn’t mean to upset you like this.” He explained, glancing at behind Y/N as Steve walked up behind her. Effectively trapping her between the two of them. 

“Y/N we love you more than anything in the world, and we should have discussed it with you beforehand. It just all happened so fast, and we made a stupid mistake. But if you’re going to be mad, be mad at me. It was my idea, and I have never regretted anything more.” Steve said, lightly laying his hands on her shoulders, kissing the back of her head softly. 

Y/N stared straight ahead, her heart and mind in battle. She knew they meant well, and she knew she might have done the same if the roles were reversed. But she had far more confidence in them than they obviously had in her. With that in mind and her heart in the losing race, she lightly pushed past Bucky.

Bucky went willingly to the side, reaching to grab her hand as she went by yet failing when she snatched it to her chest. 

Walking to the door, Y/N picked up her bags and turned back to look at her boys. Tears falling down her face, Y/N whispered, “I just need some time.” Pulling the door open, she walked out of their apartment, her last words echoing in Steve and Buckys ears. 

Bucky turned toward Steve, disbelief mixed with shock on his face. “She didn’t forgive us. You said she would forgive us, Steve.” He whispered, beginning to fall to his knees. “We were supposed to let her yell at us, and then make her laugh. And then watch movies all night while we rubbed her feet. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this Steve!” Bucky broke, face falling into his hands. 

Meanwhile, Steve was unable to tear his eyes away from the door. One of the most important people in his life just walked out, because of him. He broke her trust and in return, their relationship suffered. All he could hear was his heartbeat pounding in his ears, eyes starting to unfocus as the reality of the situation hit him. Breaking into a sprint, Steve ran to the door swinging it open and heading toward the staircase. 

Rushing to the lobby, Steve looked around rapidly for Y/N. Getting a glimpse of Y/H/C outside, Steve pushed his way through the crowds, “Y/N!” he yelled as he pushed through the lobby doors. 

Hearing her name, Y/N paused before getting into the taxi. Meeting Steve’s eyes, Y/N shook her head no before climbing into the cab and demanding the driver to the closest airport. Steve watched in horror as his girl, the holder of half of his heart, left him. Feeling a hand of his shoulder, he glanced over to see Bucky teary-eyed and staring in the direction of the cab. 

She was gone. 


I have been working on this one for a while, like before endgame was released hence the tony reference. Please let me know if you like it, I plan to make it a three-part series. Follow for more! (: 

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I’m gonna say it: Sebastian is single and has been for a while.

I feel better about the fantasies I’ve had now 😂😂😂😂


Igothroughphasesalot tag list:

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Peter, visiting Steve and Bucky in the hospital: So tell me again how you two got into this accident?

Steve: Well, we were driving, and I yelled, “Bucky, deer!” And he said- tell him what you said, Buck.

Bucky, unashamedly: “Yes, baby?”


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