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Hi friends!

It’s me again! Writing another essay about superheroes! And I need your help again. This time I’m arguing that the MCU should do a better job representing disabilities.

So, are there any disabilities that you have that a marvel character has (doesn’t have to be mcu) that you feel should be better represented? What are your experiences that you feel could be included in the movies but isn’t? And any knowledge you have that could help with my argument.

Some examples of things I plan to include are:

-Hawkeye is deaf in the comics but not in the movies

-there are some common disabilities and disability types that aren’t represented at all (based off of the IDEA categories) like ‘deaf and blindness’

-A lot of the disabilities are brushed over or treated as a joke (fat Thor)

-A few marvel characters are missing an eye. I am blind in one eye. Nick fury has a scar and an eye patch but is otherwise unaffected. I run into door frames and can’t park a car because I have no depth perception.

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  • Hi everyone! This is my first time writing a Bucky fic. I want this to be series and will post the next chapter soon. Please let me know what you think, and if you want to read more?

Chapter 1/?

     “Teach her a lesson.” the hydra leader called to his soldiers. I stood up quickly and rushed to the corner of my cell trying to keep as much distance between me and the soldiers as possible . My body shaking in fear as they aimed their guns at me, two soldiers came to either side of my body. They grabbed my arms roughly and drag me out to the concrete room. I knew what this room meant, what was coming next. They threw me hard on the floor, and I braced myself. As much as I anticipated the hits, I could never really prepare myself for the pain that followed. Vicious kicks to my ribs stole the breath from my lungs and before I could I could fill them again, hard knuckles met my face, splitting my lip, the next hits followed quickly on my tempel, jaw, cheekbone. Then it stopped. I didn’t have the strength to open my eyes, but I could hear the soldiers breathing hard from the energy it took to beat the shit out of me. The Leader spoke again, low and clear.

     “Wipe her.” hands gripped my arms again and was dragged to the place I fear the most. I wanted to fight, to scream and kick. But I knew that would only make it worse, and quite frankly I was too exhausted to fight. I was dragged into the room occupied by a few men in lab coats and more soldiers. All of them watched me, like waiting for the movie to start playing. I remembered theaters, the popcorn scented air, the red chairs that always had sticky armrests from spilt drinks. One of my few memories that I have from before hydra.

My back slammed into the uncomfortable chair, much less comfortable than the theater chairs. The equipment surrounding it starting moving into place around my head, my wrists restrained. The man in a lab coat approached me with a rubber guard for my teeth and I opened as much as my sore jaw would allow. Compliant to the end, that’s what they want. Maybe they’ll take it easy on me for complying. Everything was ready and the lab coats stood behind their machines, the soldiers stood back and watched, the leader giving his orders. I closed my eyes and tried to brace myself. The worst part wasn’t even the pain, it was having the memories slip through my mind as the electricity ripped them away from my brain and evaporating into the cold air, gone forever.

     “3, 2,1”

A scream ripped through my throat  as pain exploded in my head, the machine sending currents through my body. I desperately cling to his memory, his touch, his taste, then they’re gone. I couldn’t hold a thought in my brain, all I could think was about the pain, it needed to stop.

     “Higher” the leader says. Stronger currents shock my body. I grind my teeth into the piece of plastic keeping my teeth from shattering as a louder scream escaped my throat. The machine stopped. Exhaustion overtook my body, and  before I passed out, I heard Leader speak again.

     “I hope you learned your lesson 707.”


When I woke up, I was in my dark cell comforted by darkness. I tried to collect the pieces of my scrambled brain. Where are you? Hydra. What happened? I was wiped. Why? I don’t remember. Who are you? 707. No, that’s who Hydra made me. Who am I? I don’t remember. There was something I needed to remember…what was it? I wanted to cry for what was lost, for someone, but I couldn’t remember who. Was it me? Would I cry for whoever I was? Or would I cry for someone who was torn out of my brain? I curled up on the thin mattress that laid on the floor and covered myself with the damp blanket. My body shook as the pain began catching up to me, tears escaped my eyes. The door from my cell opened slowly. A tall shadow with broad shoulders walked slowly closer to me, almost as if to stop me from being afraid. I held my breath as the shadow got closer, I can tell it’s a man now. He wasn’t one of the regular soldiers, he was dressed different, looked different too. Taller than the soldiers, arms thick with muscle that I knew could crush anyone here, especially the metal one, it glinted in the dark, like a silent warning. His steps should be loud and hard, but instead they were quiet, deadly, the way he moved. When he got to the edge of my mattress, he kneeled down low and I could see him clearly. His shoulder length hair framed a strong jaw covered with the beginnings of a beard. I moved my eyes to his furrowed brows, and down to his eyes. Those eyes. Blue, like the ocean I remembered. I couldn’t remember anything else besides the water, but looking in his eyes, felt like I was there again. His worried face itched something in my brain but when I tried to remember, I was met with a wall of pain. He pulled out a little glass and a syringe from his pockets. Then he spoke.

     “This is morphine, for the pain, they probably broke something. It will help you sleep.” his voice was low and rough and sent chills down my spine. I held my arm out for him and flinched when his metal hand grabbed my wrist.

     “Cold,” I explained. He said nothing, instead filling the syringe with a dosage of morphine. He gently grabbed my arm higher trying to avoid where bruises began blossoming. The needle pierced my skin and the liquid ran in my veins. He cleaned up and looked at me again.

     “I’m so sorry. This is my fault, I should have stopped them.” His eyes looked broken and pained as they ran over my face, assessing the damage done. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

     “Who are you?” I asked curiously. He knows me, he wouldn’t help me it he didn’t, he wouldn’t risk being caught if I was nobody to him, he wouldn’t be apologizing. I wanted to remember him desperately as his shoulders slumped lower.

     “They call me the winter soldier. That’s all I am, to them, and to you. It’s better for you if you don’t try to remember” His eyes turned colder, he stood up abruptly and walked out of my cell. The pain medication began to take affect and before I could put together a rational thought, I was out, dreaming of blue eyes.

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Find Me - B.B (P3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (f)

Warnings: Violenceish stuff? Endgame spoilers, sassy Scott Lang, sassy Tony Stark, swearing, shitty writing.

A/N: fr, I just wanna get this done, I’m losing so much interest in writing this. And I still have a part or two left 😔😩


Originally posted by evansmaximoff

New York, 2012

Steve, Scott, Tony, Bruce and Bucky all made it safely.

Steve made sure everyone knew the mission, where to go to get the stones, and to meet back in the spot they arrived.

“That was you?” Bucky asked, looking at the 2012 Hulk smashing everything.

“Maybe smash a few things along the way.” Steve told Bruce.

Bruce sighed, pinching his nose before be ripped off his tank top, ‘smashing’ what he could before going to find the Time Stone.

Bucky went with Steve to get the Mind Stone, while Scott and Tony went for the Space Stone.

“There’s a lot of shield agents.” Bucky stated fixing the hat on his head.

Bucky walked around the building with Steve, doing his best to stay hidden.

“Just keep your head low Buck.” Steve instructed.

They made their way toward an elevator, they quickly got on, trying to close the door before a bunch of people came in.

One in particular with a case in his hand.

Steve sent a nod towards Bucky, confirming that was the case they needed.

Bucky tensed as a girl brushed by him. He quickly glanced, only to quickly look away as his eyes found yours. Sure you wore a mask on your face, but he would know your eyes anywhere.

Bucky stood still. Not wanting to say anything.

But god there you were, like nothing happened to you. It took everything he had not to grab you and hold you. But he knew he couldn’t, or they would fail.

Steve was talking to a man, trying to get the case from him. The man seemed to question it, hesitant on giving the case.

“Hail Hydra.” Steve whispered.

Bucky cringed as Steve whispered those awful words in the man’s ear. Easily getting Loki’s Staff from him. They quickly walked out of the elevator.

“Are you okay Buck?” Steve asked. “You seem on edge.”

“She was in there Steve.” Bucky stated. “Y/N was in there. She is here.”

Steve’s eyes went wide.

“Buck, I’m sorry.” Steve told him.

“It’s fine, let’s just get out of here.”

They were walking through until they came to a halt, looking forward. Bucky quickly turned away, making sure 2012 Cap couldn’t see him.

“You gotta be shitting me.” Steve murmured. “Go check on Tony and Scott. I’ll be there in a bit.”

“I can help.” Bucky told him.

“He can’t see you, now go.” Steve gave him the case, Bucky reluctantly took it, and quickly walked away, going to see where Tony and Scott were.

As he walked through the building, he got tripped quickly.

Bucky groaned, as he looked up, right into your eyes.

“Shit.” Bucky whispered. He got up slowly, making sure the case was safe.

You stood, staring at him. The fact that you hadn’t noticed who he was, made him realize that you were brainwashed, your own trigger words probably used against you.

“Doll.” He pleaded, not wanting to fight you.

You didn’t listen, going right for Bucky as he went to block your hits. He didn’t want to hurt you, but he didn’t know how to get away without fighting you off.

He knew how you fought, and he knew how good you were.

He gently tackled you down, holding your arms on either side of your head as you went for the case.

“I’m sorry doll, I can’t let you take it.” Bucky said getting up off you to grab it. You decided to jump on his back, before he could, holding his arms away, your legs squeezing his torso.

Bucky struggled to get you off. He was able to flip you back on the ground, causing your mask to fall off your face. His hand was around your neck lightly as he straddled your hips to keep you down.

“Stop it.” He told you. You scowled at him, struggling underneath him, still trying to reach for the case.

Bucky didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to punch you, or physically hurt you in anyway.

He looked down into your eyes. They weren’t bright like they usually were. They had so much anger behind them. If he was being honest they were like a stranger’s eyes.

But it was still you, and he knew you were in there.

Y/N.” He pleaded.

You looked up at him. Confusion written all over your face.

“Doll please.” Bucky said. “Stop fighting me and let me go.”

You struggled against him, as he held you down with his own body weight.

You tried to move your hand to reach for a knife in your pocket. Bucky took notice, and grabbed the knife first, throwing it away from where you two were.

He moved his hand to one of his pockets, pulling out a small device he had before pulling away.

“I"m sorry.” He said, attaching the device to your neck, causing a surge to go through your body.

Bucky quickly got up, grabbing the case, running for the exit of the building, not even bothering to look back at you.


“What do you mean you lost it?” Bucky asked, the staff by his feet.

“We lost it.” Tony spat him. “What part don’t you understand?”

“How could you lose it?” Bucky yelled.


“It’s not like we did it on purpose frostbite.” Tony said again.

Steve finally came down to where they all were.

“Cap.” Tony said. “We gotta problem.”

“Yeah we do.” Bucky scoffed.

Tony explained what happened. Bucky was pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

How could they mess up like this? How on earth would they get you back now?

“You said we had one shot. This was our shot! We shot it. It’s shot. The stones are nothing, the 6 stones are nothing.” Scott yelled.

“You’re repeating yourself you know that?” Tony told him.

You’re repeating yourself, you’re repeating yourself.“ Scott shot back.

Buck and Steve stood there, watching them bicker. Bucky rolled his eyes at how childish they were acting.

"You ruined the time heist.” Scott spat.

“Are there other options?” Bucky asked.

There had to be something.

“There are no other options, we have one particle left, each.” Scott said.

“There’s another way, to retake the teseract, and acquire Pym Particles.” Tony spoke up, explaining where to go.

Bucky and Steve both looked at Tony.

“When were they both there?” Bucky asked.

“I have a vague idea.” Tony told him.

“How vague?” Steve asked.

“I know for a fact they were there, and I know how I know.” Tony said.

“Looks like we’re improvising.” Steve said.

Bucky handed the staff to Scott.

“Get that to the compound.” He told him.

He stood with Tony and Steve, suited up in his Quantum Suit, all checking the devices on their wrists before the shrunk, going back in time.


“1970.” Bucky said. “You weren’t born here?”

“The idea of me was.” Steve said.

“Haven’t worn a uniform like this in a while.” Bucky mumbled.

Bucky and Steve were dressed in Military uniforms, Tony in a suit, posing as a doctor.

Bucky and Steve stood in the elevator, going for the Pym Particles, as Tony went for the teseract.

“Are you new here?” A woman asked.

Bucky stayed silent, letting Steve answer her question.

Once they got to the designated floor, Steve made a phone call to Hank Pym about a 'delivery’, just to make sure he got out of his office.

Bucky and Steve watched him run, quickly going for where he stored the particles.

They each grabbed a few, storing them safely. They walked away quickly, before they heard the woman in the elevator, telling someone about some wierd guys that were there.

“Dammit.” Bucky muttered.

“This way.” Steve said, pulling Bucky into a random office.

Steve looked around, noticing a picture of him on a desk. He looked at the name on the window, then he heard her.

“Steve?” Bucky asked, noticing what Steve was staring at.

Bucky stayed silent, letting his friend take in that she was there. The love of his life, Peggy.

Bucky saw you, maybe not in the way he would like, but he still saw you. So why shouldn’t he let Steve see Peggy?

Bucky listened out the door, making sure everything was clear before they had to move.

“We have to go Steve.” Bucky said softly.

Steve reluctantly turned away, before they quickly made their way out.

They saw Tony, and Tony gave them the nod that he got what they came for, pointing to his briefcase.

“Holy shit it worked.” Bucky said with a small smile.

“Yeah.” Steve muttered.

Bucky looked at his friend, knowing his mind was elsewhere. More specifically, with the woman upstairs.


When they all returned, Clint fell to his knees, all the stones gathered.

“Where’s Nat?” Bruce asked. Bucky looked around, noticing they were one person short.

Clint stayed silent as Bruce fell to his knees.

They all sat by the lake. Silent.

“Did she have family?” Tony asked.

“Us.” Steve stated, tears rolling down his face.

“Why are we acting like she is dead?” Thor asked. “We have the stones.”

“Thor.” Bucky scolded.

“It can’t be undone. It can’t.” Clint choked.

Thor kept going. Before Clint snapped.

“It was supposed to be me.” He said. “She bet her life on that stupid thing.”

“We have to make it worth it.” Bruce said.

“We will.” Steve told him. “For her.”


Tony was constructing the new gauntlet.

All they had to do was figure out who was going to snap their fingers.

“I will.” Bucky stated.

“No.” Steve told him.

“I’ll do it.” Thor said.

“You’re in no condition.” Bucky told him.

“What do you think is coursing through my veins right now?” Thor asked.

“Cheez whiz?” Rhodey replied. Bucky tried not to laugh, coughing to cover it up.

“It’s gotta be me.” Bruce stated. “None of you could survive.”

“How do we know you will?” Steve asked.

“We don’t.” Bruce told him, putting on the gauntlet.

“We bring everyone here, today, nothing changes.” Tony told him.

“Got it.” Bruce told him.

Everyone suited up, just in case. Tony activated a protocol, the compound was suddenly surrounded by metal.

Everyone braced themselves, waiting for Bruce to snap.

The power Bucky saw was nothing like he has seen before. It was radiating through Bruce, bringing him to his knees.

He struggled, but he snapped finally, fainting afterwards.

“Bruce!” Steve yelled.

“Are you okay?” Bucky asked.

Clint looked over to his phone, vibrating on the table, tears welling in his eyes as he looked at the caller ID. He choked as he answered it.

“I think it worked.” Scott said, before a missile hit the compound, destroying it completely.

All Bucky could smell was smoke, and all he could see was ash as he tried to get up.

“Does anyone copy?” Rhodey asked through the comms.

“I’m here, I’m here.” Scott said. He was followed by a bunch of mumbled ’I’m okay’s’ and ’I’m here’s’.

“I’m good.” Bucky groaned. He carefully started to stand. He walked around slowly, trying to find someone. He finally spotted Steve and Tony.

“What happened?” Bucky asked, walking up to them.

“You mess with time, it messes back.” Tony stated. They saw Thor standing, staring, and they all walked over to see what he was looking at.

Only to find Thanos sitting there. Bucky’s fists clenched

“What has he been doing?” Steve asked.

“Nothing.” Thor told him.

“The stones?” Bucky asked.

“Somewhere under all this.” Tony answered. “But he doesn’t have them.”

“So we keep it that way.” Steve said.

“You know it’s a trap right?” Thor pointed out.

“Yeah.” They all sighed.

“Let’s kill him properly this time.” Bucky stated.

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Falling and moon, with romantic Clint barton, quote: it takes a very special idiot to pull off what you just did. 💜💜

Once more I am so so sorry this took so long. 

Growing up in the circus Clint learned a variety of sometimes very usefully things archery being at the top of that list. Learning to walk the tight rope was somewhere in the middle of the list. So, in Clint’s mind he figured it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to trapeze to a better vantage point for the scrummage several storied down on the ground. Sure he could have asked for someone to give him a lift, but being picked up and plopped down on various roof tops was not Clint’s favorite thing, and everyone looked busy. He could do this no sweat. Even if it had been years. Things went off with out a hitch for the first four and a half, and then like most things in Clint’s life it went to shit. The building he was attempting to leave received a crumbling hit from what Clint suspected was a laser. Not that he had time to actually check because he was falling faster than he was able to say ‘Aw no..’ Clint didn’t remember much after that other than something that sounded vaguely like a tare. 

Waking up in medical was nothing new. What was new was waking up to only one cast (normally he was in multiple or none.) Clint looked down at his foot frowning at it with mild distain. His toes looked like purple grapes. The fuck did he break? Clint was quite sure that was something he had never seen before, and that was saying something. Clint was drawn out of his thoughts by some grabbled words. Frowning slightly deeper Clint turned his head to look at who was beside him. Bucky, of course he was there. “What about Rhubarb?” The blonde asked while fumbling with his aids. “I’ve got it…I’ve got…cut it out.” Clint protested and batted at Bucky’s hands when he attempted to help with him put in the hearing aids. It took Clint five minutes longer than it should have to get them in because everything was stiff and sitting up hurt like hell. So maybe he should have accepted the help from his boyfriend, but Clint was stubborn (and hated people touching his ears.). Once the were in and the volume was turned back on for Clint’s world Bucky spoke. “I said, it takes a special kind of idiot to pull off what you just did.” Bucky was saying it with a smirk so Clint wasn’ t in shit with him. Probably Cap and Nat, but not Bucky Clint could live with that. He hated havign Bucky mad at him. “Uh..what’d I do?” Clint asked looking up at Bucky mostly through his lashes. A lopsided grin spreading over Clint’s face when Bucky snorted. “You fell off of a telephone wire and landed on the AIM agent in charge of the monster making thing, and some how managed to only break your foot.” Bucky filled in with fewer details than Clint would have liked, but he was bound to get more out of Bucky later…much later after a kiss and a nap. Nap first maybe? 

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Nat: Steve, where have you been? Shield told us that the Winter Soldier kidnapped you

Sam: We thought you were dead

Steve: Um…that’s nice you guys, look I gotta go…

Bucky[with tow cones of ice cream in hand]: Here you go, babe…oh

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So… Just found out that a new Marvel thing is filming near my school today. A lot of students are annoyed because they are taking up some of the parking lot.
I was curious about what it was so I looked it up and it found out that it is a little something called Tag Team.
Tag Team is Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Reader

Chapter 11 -   Repercussions

Story Summary:  Things are going great between you and Bucky, until one day they aren’t. He dumps you, not knowing that what you’d wanted to talk to him about was the positive pregnancy test you held behind your back.

Chapter Summary: Things with Bucky didn’t go too well, so now what are you supposed to do?

Author’s Note: Thank you guys for reading this, all mistakes are my own! TBH I feel like this isn’t one of my best chapters and I planned on fixing it a little before posting but I’m waiting on the results from a writing thing today and I’m way too nervous so sorry if it’s a little more rough around the edges

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters so don’t sue me please. I just really like them haha

Tag List (if you want to be added or removed let me know!):    @he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic @queenoftheunderdark  @samsgoddess @redfoxwritesstuff@iheartsebastianstan@alexakeyloveloki@fookingmuffins@yasnooshka24@redfoxwritesstuff@amazon-belle@shootingstarsaretearsofheaven@kinkywitchy@superwonderwholock@redhairedfeistynerd@paranoiadestroyah@cool-kids-cant-be-dead@sarcastic-and-cool

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Originally posted by minmiin1d

It had been two weeks since you’d learned the truth about why Bucky had broken your heart. You’d returned to Asgard with Thor, and had quickly fallen back into your routine. No one had seen hide nor hair of Loki, and you were more grateful than you knew how to say. Thor had told Sif and the Warriors Three what had happened, and they’d been doing their best to keep you distracted. 

“Come on, [Y/N]. Stop being so distracted or I will actually hurt you” Sif said, leaning down to offer you a hand up. She’d thrown you over her shoulder and you’d landed, winded, on your back.

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