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whenever i think of the girl i’ll fall in love with, i never think of how she’ll look, or act, or anything like that. i think of us together, in a field or near a lake or somewhere else, and she is running ahead of me, sprinting so fast her dress starts to ride up and her starts to mess, but she just keeps running until suddenly she freezes in place and seems to take in the scenery, her heaving chest taking in everything that is beautiful into her lungs. she is grinning wildly and my heart is just managing not to burst when she turns that grin to me, and it doesn’t falter, and somehow i have lived up to her standards of what is worth running for, what is worth catching her breath for. and i feel so absolutely loved that i cannot stand it and my body is laughing without any permission from me, and she laughs too and we are grinning together and the world seems to be only us. 

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Werewolves and Witches (ch.8)

a/n : so originally before my schedule (ha like I have a consistent one xD) got messed up due to personal reasons this was supposed to be a Christmas chapter but I’m keeping the timeline the same so they are still in December and celebrating Christmas. Just thought I’d let y’all know if y’all got a bit confused. Enjoy the chapter ! <3

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Originally posted by daystilchristmas

By the time you and Ismael entered the dining hall the rest of the tables were already happily chatting and eating.

You had hoped no one would react to your presence, but they did, it was foolish of you to think otherwise.

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Snowboard Headcanons


  • They love movie dates
  • It’s their go-to idea for dates
  • They are both suckers for romance movies
  • But Reese loves horror movies more than anything
  • Weiss applauds at the end of every movie they see
  • She says that everyone who worked on it deserves applause
  • Weiss also gets really invested into the plots of movies
  • Even if the shock at the end is obvious, she still acts surprised
  • Basically, Weiss is a giant nerd, but Reese doesn’t care, she loves her anyway
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