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To celebrate being done with college for the summer, I decided to finish this incredibly fun illustration of Oliver Cross, one of the main protagonists of my upcoming webcomic. He’s a good boi who sometimes makes bad choices.
Music: “Think” by Kaleida

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Hey y'all…so a friend of mine is in need of some help & asked me to share her message here. So please if you could read & see if you can help her out, any little bit helps, including a share if that’s all you can do!! Thanks, lots of love! 😘💕

So, unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be getting as much financial aid this next school year as I had hoped. These are my last two semesters, so I don’t want to have to take out another loan. I’m asking you all for help, even if it’s just sharing this post.

I included a few of my works. For those who want to see more of my work, here’s my Instagram!

• First, I have several goodies available in my online shop, from pins to prints:

• If you want to just donate, you can go to my ko-fi page and buy me “coffee” starting at $3. I offer small drawings in exchange for these if you want to message me.

1 Kofi - small head sketch (mailed if you want!)

2 Kofi - bust sketch (mailed if you want)

3 Kofi - full body sketch (mailed if you want)

4+ Kofi - at this point, you’ve reached my commission prices and can request a commission based on how much you donate!

For those who just want to donate out of the kindness of their hearts, thank you so much… please know I’m so grateful! ♥

• My commission prices are below. I currently have 4 slots open, and I reopen every time I finish one.


(head, waist, knee and full body)

Line Art .. $10 .. 12 .. 14 .. 16

Flat Color .. $16 .. 18 .. 20 .. 22

Shading + texture .. $22 .. 24 .. 26 .. 28

(I offer prints and shipping for a small additional price. Small charge for extra characters, some objects, backgrounds, and animals.)


(based on size + complexity, please message me to get a set price.)

For realistic works,

Pencil drawings start at $45 for a detailed 8x10

Charcoal drawings start at $40 for an 8x10

For stylized (cartoon-ish) works,

Pencil drawings start at $12, prices are similar to my digital work.

(Shipping included in price, small charge for drawings larger than 9x12)

If you read through this whole thing, thank you so much. I appreciate any help!! 💙💙

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No hay nadie

No estoy
no esperes más
hace tiempo me he ido
no busques
no preguntes
no llames que no hay nadie.
Es una loca brisa de otros días
que gime
es un pañuelo al viento
que remeda señales.
No llames
no destroces tu mano
no grites no preguntes
que no hay nadie
no hay nadie.

                                                                                               Idea Vilariño

Ph: Alicja Brodowicz

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