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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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found family trope. countless hours spent skimming through fiction, a group of kids too much—no—too good for their parents fight their way toward one another for solace. you are like me. except blood knows not to spill from the scars scattered among their bodies. but I’m still spilling, searching for who I care for enough to compromise that ninety percent when all they had to do was give ten. I don’t think I’ll ever find it. not in the way I want. not in the way I’d die for.

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I almost lost all of my save data!!! >< Luckily I was able to mess around in the files and bring it back. Chapter 2 is coming soon

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dear 2019

Dear 2019,

This year, I became so much more than I ever thought I could be. Even a tattoo artist. Thanks for all the marks you left on my skin. All the cups of coffee I shared with dear friends, all the words I finally wrote down, though long forgotten. Thank you for all the music, that kept playing in my head at all times. Thanks for reuniting me with old friends. Thanks for all the meditations. I am returning back home to myself.
Thanks for letting me grow. For making me grow. For being a friend. For helping others. For helping myself. For learning from myself. Thank you for 2018. It screwed me up a little bit, but I wouldn’t be here, if it weren’t for a rough year.

Thanks for the heartbreak, I know I still need to learn so much.
Thanks for reminding me what really matters.
Thanks for making me happy with myself as far as I can be for now
Thanks for making me who I am.
Thanks for healing me
Thanks for making me leave my comfort zone.

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