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I’m in the midst of job-hunting but I’ll try to get back to posting soon! If you have any requests/ideas hmu!

I’ve also been working on world-building and character developing some og stuff of mine. Anybody here care about OCs? 👀

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Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
All of history happens in the mist, and the great battles we are told about, the great ceremonies, all man’s greatest achievements, are merely great spectacles shrouded in mist, cortèges glimpsed in the distance in the dim twilight.
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A dollop of Honey,
Soft swirls, drip,
Drizzle, lightly;

A dollop of Honey,
Please don’t glaze,
just gaze;

A dollop of Honey,
Please don’t gloss,
Your loss;

Please don’t glaze, gloss,
Heavy heart, stop,
apply slowly;

Honey-comb all over,
Hair to heir,
Queen Bee,

Honey-comb all over,

Honey-comb all over,
body to body
be free,

Please don’t glaze, gloss,
touch-feel, gently,
stem, flower,

By yours truly. 

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Agamemnon by Aiskhylos (trans. Anne Carson)
I’ve peered at the congregation of the nightly stars - bright powerful creatures blazing in air, the ones that bring summer, the ones that bring winter, the ones that die out, the ones that rise up - and I watch I watch I watch for the signs of a torch, a beacon light sending from Troy the news that she is captured.
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