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BLACK DIAMOND; A to Z Writeblr Challenge; I is for Ilon

          ILON is the southernmost nation on the continent of Trinacrios. While Estyria is inhabited mainly by humans, Ilon is inhabited mainly by wraiths. Similar to the lulaik, wraiths have partly human ancestry, which gives them their vaguely humanoid appearance.

           Despite being its own nation, Ilon is considered by many humans to be a protectorate of Estyria. For this reason, the matrilineal leader, known to her people as Kharess, is called Khariwarden by the humans. As a protectorate, Ilon is bound to follow the human ruler due to the legacy of the Founding War. In addition to the Kharess’ status as a ‘warden’ of her own nation, the structure known as the Nwaoke Divide separates Estyria from Ilon. Humans from Wraiths. Succession is matrileal, passed down by the Kharess’ choice rather than by noble birth as in all other nations. In spite of this non prejudiced method of passing down power, most of the Kharess’ have been Aspects, imbued with power from the Zodiac, rather than normal wraiths from low born families. The current Kharess is Chiwatel Dust, a normal wraith from a relatively new and obscure noble family.

            The symbol of Ilon is the Crossed Crododilions, a pair of golden crocodilions with eyes made of jade-steel. When placed over the heart on military uniforms, the Crossed Crocodilions resemble the Ilonese salute: bringing both arms over the centre of the chest, palms facing outward as the right fingers touch. The symbol is said to have been created by the family Dugantu, descendant of the first Kharess’ consort, Mumondu Dugantu.

              Ilon is divded into two city states, Mysme and Thryme. Both are ruled by a chief of chieftainess. Mysme is heavily wooded, pretty much a jungle, with giant palm trees. Bridges of rope and moss connect buildings that spiral tree trunks and tree branches. Thryme is considerably different, much less wooded and much more like a desert since it borders the badlands. The badlands, also known as the Desert of Burning Glass, is a giant swath of black glass to the south of Thryme that stands as a reminder of the Founding War for the wraithian population.

           The Ilonese traditions are generally homogenous with few variations. This is becuase Ilon was a member of the Peskelos Conglomerate in the past before Mumondi’s wife, Chidari, was deposed as High Katureś of Peskelos. After fleeing to Ilon, Chidari placed herself as Kharess of the tribes living there, and separated from the Conglomerate. The most prominent traditions are the beloved Marönwuday and Okoina’ato. Marönwuday is a religious celebration dedicated to the Zodiac and both nations have their own version, but the Ilonese version is much more subdued. Ilonese Marönwuday involves a pre-festival the night before two days of dancing and singing and a lot of dyed water. On the other hand, Okoina’ato is less discussed due to the fact that it is a—well, it’s a ritual sex celebration for fertility that occurs beneath the suvaundoors, the represenations of the Zodiac on earth.

            Lastly: the Ilonese are so superstitious. They take curses and bad omens very seriously. So seriously that a part of their religion involves cleansing dark omen and spoken curses. Superstition bleeds into their folklore as well. The Ilonese make sure to frighten little children into taking heed of the Zodiac and humans. Some of the most well known folklore  surrounds Mama Liozibi of the Dead, the mama who steals children from the streets if they’re not in bed by dark. Rhymes are also used to tell and dispell superstitions, often used as a way to remind people to respect the spirits of the Zodiac. The most well known rhyme is “Crimson Tears on Silver Face”:

            Crimson tears on Silver Face, Spirits disgrace; Crimson marks on Silver Skin, Spirits grin.

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Happy Worldbuilding Wednesday! What are some things that people might do for fun in your WIP world?

The most universal form of entertainment across the countries is partying. But not college frat party, thing Jane Austen ballroom combined with mafia meeting. It’s where everyone goes to have fun, and where they go to make deals and get the latest gossip

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Does anyone have advice about logging small worldbuilding details, like myths, songs, fashion, local economy stuff for specific places? I feel like I have so much information about the setting i’ve created and that so much of it keeps slipping through the cracks (and ending up scattered across dozens of google docs and unorganized notebooks and phone notes and discord conversations…..)

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Happy (early lol) Worldbuilding Wednesday! What are some of your favorite elements of world building? Tell us something cool about the worldbuilding you've done so far. Use the tag #worldbuilding wed asks and see who else wants to chat this fine Wednesday :) (Feel free to hold onto this til Wednesday proper. I just WAY too many people to get to and the ask limit makes it impossible to do in one day)

I totally lost Wednesday. Let’s catch up:
So my favorite element of worldbuilding is looking at what parts of history or folklore I can adapt from textbooks into fantasy settings.
Right now, I’m working on adapting the wudaxian gods, a set of five deities associated with the five elements, colors, directions, etc, into a set of five monasteries.

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Minnie, Lord of the Floating Palace

Minnie is by far the most powerful of the Nine Lords of the Nether Region, but she’s also nuts. She bathes in her now quasi-deceased husband’s blood regularly to both keep him weakened and keep herself physically young, and she hates the power that she stole from him three hundred and thirty-three years ago—there’s not much she wouldn’t do to get rid of her position, but she doesn’t want anyone else to bear the burden either, and whoever kills her inherits the power.

Mutual suicide, however, just might work.

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ok not to go off but

i was having a discussion w my therapist (i know i know lmao) the other day abt the magic system im writing rn, and at first she compared it to guns? like how people debate over whether they should be controlled or not? which lowkey made me uncomfortable but thats not the point lol

so i just mentioned that guns are pretty much used with the express intent to kill and/or injure. and not to get into that whole mess rn, but i tried to explain how my magic system differed from that by likening it to electricity, if people could control it?? like sort of just an energy thats also a part of your health?? like you its dangerous but you can do shit w it.

and then she said that the magic was like fire and i. istg.

that was?? the best comparison id heard??? seriously?? like yeah, fire can fucking burn your house down and kill people if youre not careful, but it can also be used to cook or build or even to simply illuminate an area. and like?? its such a part of life that youd think it crazy to have some sort of regulation on it p much beyond “ye dont hurt anyone and ur good”. like no one is going to start banning matches and lighters bc they can hurt people yeah??

idk if im making sense here but i was just thinking about it and came here to ramble lol

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Oh shit, planets!

this is another lore heavy post, like the one about melebrenia i made, which is here;


Sooo, this is the Niu solar system

~Disregard all physics on how all the planets have intelligent life~

So, its in the next galaxy over from the milky way, which has been renamed the arcadia galaxy because of the space-faring humanoid ant race that just took over, called the Arcadien (yes i mean fucking space ants)

Anyways, what are the planets here?

First we have Hellcuranium, or, “hell”, home to the Demon race. (More on races later uwu) its a very warm climate, with red skies and orange oceans, with plant life being purple instead of green. As society goes, theyre very magic based, and more or less have a rome/italy like feel to the landscape/architecture.

Then theres mesura, home to Melebrinea and the forest of ivor. This is the most earth like planet, and it is in the medevil era in terms of society. Oh yeah, and theres furries. At one point long ago a small moon crashed into a big moon, giving the planet c h u n k y rings

DeadPlanet. Angels and demons used to live on this planet in harmony. Key word; USED. They had a huge race war and risked extinction on both sides, so the big boy gods had to come down and seperate them, destroying their home planet/killing the gods who made the angel and demon race in the process…now its being used by the Arcadien as a research base to study the three planets and the life that lives there.

Anglimpus, a planet that is mostly gas, and made up of several layers of cloudcover, with floating islands inbetween. In the middle, theres a core of sorts, but nobody has explored that far deep to see what its actually made out of. This planet is where the angels live, in a steampunk society that lives on the outermost layer of the floating islands.

Thaaats all for now!

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OVS, Of Rust and Gold’s first sequel, takes us back to the Escana Empire where the Harver reign faces new struggles when they’re asked to join a war on foreign soil, rebellions against their rule are sparked, and an assassination attempt threatens to tear it all apart.
Prince Argus and his ex-pirate lover Leo are finally given the chance to be together, but as the political climate gets hot even they might turn against each other.

Last Round of World Building Posts:  1 2  3  4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Season Two World Building Posts: 1 2 3

Main Wip Intro here

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Do you ever think about how crazy the political situation in Xadia has been/will be? Over a few MONTHS, King Avizandum, King Harrow, Queen Khessa of Lux Aurea, King Florian of Del Bar and Queen Fareeda of Evenere have all been killed. Those are HEADS OF STATE (well Avizandum's role in Xadian politics is more ambiguous but still). I'm looking forward to Season 4 even more so because I'm curious about what the political situation will look like

I touched a bit briefly on my desire to know more about Xadian politics in my S4 theories post, but you’re absolutely right: with the exception of Duren, all of the Pentarchy has been through massive changes. Even under the assumption that King Ahling resumes his throne next season, he’ll have his son’s death at Duren and Katolis’ hands to contend with. If not, it’ll be Kasef’s unnamed younger sibling who would have lost a father to Xadian assassins (seriously, is everyone else ever going to know that was Viren’s fault?) and a brother to human forces who, in all appearances, were defending Xadia against their own former allies. Ouch. 

The elves, likely more independent under the Dragon Monarchy, will also have to confront the new peace treaty that Zubeia will likely push forward. Lux Aurea suffered due to Viren’s actions — perhaps the perspective Janai’s brother will hold? — and saw one queen fall, but Janai will also be there to smooth things over and fought alongside humans, Amaya, and Duren. 

Given that Book 4 is Earth, I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Earthblood elves are against peace as well; Moonshadow elves (at least of Rayla’s small village) may have a reason to care, and the Sunfire elves do, but Earthblood elves have seemingly only seen the worst of humanity. Or that some elves, and humans, will be hesitant about it. 

It is in many ways a political mess, but can also be a great opportunity for political growth. 

King Ezran come through.

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Twilight Helpers Book 1 Chapter 1

Chloforan Year 3696, Day 12 of Scorching Moon

For once, it seemed Elror had no answers. Zheyvon could hear it processing everything, occasionally sharing with Zheyvon some information in hopes of finding out what on Hearstia caused this. What caused the countless bodies scattered through the battlefield. What caused so many orphaned children to be carried away? Why? Pertinia prided itself in its unity. Kingdoms different yet they worked together regardless…
But suddenly, their’s war…
Zheyvon tried to hold in tears as Elror was recording yet another soldier’s last words as they fell limp in Zheyvon’s arms…

Chloforan Year 3696, Day 26 of Scorching Moon

Zheyvon read through his predecessor’s notes for clues on why Felis just conquered one of its allied kingdoms. Even someone who wasn’t a pacifist like Zheyvon would be utterly confused (case in point, Elror, who didn’t even have emotions) All Elror could think of was fear. But fear of what?

Though he had read it several times, reabsorbing the information from this mysterious mage’s notes calmed Zheyvon. Every time he opened the old book it was like seeing it for the first time. Suddenly, a girl’s cry rang out. “You crazy **!” Elror was the one listening. “She tried to flirt with her. The pale girl in the corner. Ignored her warnings. Why do humans do that?”  Zheyvon looked up and there she was, a pale girl at the back of the tavern. She pulled her cloak tighter to her. Meanwhile, the tavern owner dragged a girl with a cut arm out of the building. Zheyvon cautiously approached the quiet girl. “Are you alright?” He asked. “Why do you care?” She responded. It was painfully obvious she was not a native speaker. “I like to help people…?” Zheyvon explained. He looked her over a bit more. She had light skin with icy blue eyes and black hair. She wore simple desert clothes but she had a bag with her. Something inside it shined. She carried a spear with her as well, made of materials Zheyvon did not recognize.  "Materials from far north.“ Elror explained. "People can live up there?” Zheyvon thought, shocked. There were stories of massive monsters on the land, in the water and in the air. Beasts that could not be felled, even with an army. Not to mention a lack of resources.
“Are you hurt?” Zheyvon asked the girl. He already knew the answer though, he’s done this many times. “Yes but I’ll be fine.” The girl responded. “Can I see?” She sighed and lifted her arm, pulling back the sleeve to show very dirty bandages. “That will get infected,” Zheyvon said, sounding like a mother warning her child not wander too far into the forest. When the girl did not answer, Zheyvon added, “I can help you put on fresh bandages.” The girl nodded.

“So, you told her no but she still insisted? And then she grabbed you…?” Zheyvon shook his head as he wrapped her arm. The way the girl behaved, the items she had, she was obviously a loner who could take of herself. But her current behavior did not match that. “Are you feeling well?” Zheyvon asked, hoping to sound concerned and gentle rather than someone who was nosy. “I defend people…” Zheyvon nodded. “I help people. I kill animals that scare villages. I protect people who people are trying to kill. I was hired to defend Liux…I killed many people for Liux…But I failed….” Tears began to fall down her face. “You did the best you could. I bet the Liuan’s who remain are grateful for your help.” She shook her head. “They are prisoners now…And I am still free… I tried to free them but…I couldn’t stand the pain…I am a coward.” Her voice was shaky as she gripped her side. Zheyvon assured her she wasn’t. Zheyvon noticed the tavern had been getting quieter. He looked outside to see the sky was purple and stars were beginning to appear. “I have more supplies at my house. You can come if you would like.” She nodded. “Thanks.”
“I’m Zheyvon.” Zheyvon said as the girl stood up. “My name is Okelma.”
As they walked outside, they saw a wyvern and a dragon cuddled together. That seemed to put a small on the mercenary’s face.

Chloforan Year 3696, Day 27 of Scorching Moon

Okelma woke to a blade built in a similar way to her spear. A note was left next to it. “This blade is enchanted to never kill, only subdue. No matter how much you try, it will never directly take another’s life.

Okelma, curious, left the house to find something to test it on. She was hungry anyway. But she was stopped. “Where are you going?”
“To test this out.” Okelma walked up to the man. His ears still fascinated her. She had never seen anything like them. Long and round. “Suppose this works as intended. It is built like a lethal blade but you claim it isn’t. How?” She asked. “This…” Zheyvon grabbed the strange staff he carried with him. It had a diamond shaped tip but it was not sharp. Strange symbols were written on it. Suddenly, those symbols lit up. “Hello, Okelma.” A voice spoke.


Zheyvon: Zh like the s in “vision” ey like “ayyyyy” and on as in “own”
Okelma: O, as in “oh” kel like the name ‘kellie,“ ma like "muh”

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“There she i- holy my…” They watched in horror as the witch neared them, her left arm practically falling off. Blood was everywhere as she limped and fell into the soft grass. With her dress torn at the bottom, she whimpered, trying to stand up but tumbling right back down. Johnny ran over to help while Taeyong and Ten watched in shock.

Go Won’s hair was dirtied with magic and her body reeked of death. The Gaurd didn’t know how to treat such horrible wounds. She weakly cried out for help, trying to get herself back up. The Witch’s left arm was just barely holding on.

“He…he’s a traitor…” She whispered out, sobbing.

“Who’s a traitor? Who is?”

Go Won flipped herself around, sitting up and pointing drunkenly into the woods. Her left arm fell slack, falling off. Taeyong screamed in response, backing up and falling into the water where Ten caught him.

The Knight looked deep into the forest, squinting. About 40 feet away was…Yuta? Johnny stood up and unshiethed his sword; giant, black fairy wings reaching out of his back.

“Do you know how many others he’s hurt.” He said with a grit in his tone.

“From what I know…” She choked out, “37 dead. 15 severely injured. No children were harmed. 3 of the victims were medics, so we have no one to heal us r-right now…that’s why I was running…to get help…”

“That bitch. Taeyong. Get Go Won to safety. Ten you swim away.” They all followed his orders, Taeyong picking up Go Won and (hesitantly) running into the deep woods.

Johnny and Yuta were now face to face, their weapons drawn. Both silent. Waiting for someone to strike. Instead, the silence was broken with a proposal, worded by Yuta.

“You should join me, Johnny. We could rule this stupid place. Make it ours. We wouldn’t have to be such suck-ups anymore.”


“Oh, why not?” He laughed, holding his blade up to Johnny’s chin, lifting his head and leaving a small cut. “It could be fun~”

“Because I don’t stand for mass murder. This is about Winwin, isn’t it? You wanted to make him know that you have all this power and he can’t do anything about it. How petty. I never knew hate could change someone so drastically. Your mother would be disappointed in you.”

“So would yours, dearie. Don’t act like you’re the good guy. I know you want to murder every single living thing in your path! I know your secrets, your lies, your weaknesses. I know everything about you, so you have nothing to tell me that will change my mind. You are a child of Death, after all.” The Elf grinned, his hair painted with blood. Johnny remained unbothered.

“And you are a child of Nature, yet here we are. We come from two different paths, yet end up at the same place. And you knowing my weaknesses doesn’t mean anything, I can still outpower you,”

The Gaurd grinned as he saw two figures sneak up behind Yuta without him ever noticing. One of them had dark silver hair, the other blonde. In the blink of an eye, the two had gotten Yuta pinned on the ground. The one with darker hair threw a punch at the other’s nose, breaking it.

“You stupid fuck!” He cried out, throwing more punches as Johnny and the blonde froze, completely silent. “You stupid cunt! No one, and I mean NO ONE kills Aldrich besides me! You dumb fuck! You make me look weak and puny! People feared me! Why did it have to be you next?!”

“He’s so childish…” The blonde muttered, dumbfounded. Meanwhile Johnny was trying his best not to laugh.

“I’ll make it 18! I’ll do it! I’ll kill you!” He threatened, throwing another punch. Then, he put Yuta into a chokehold, staying calm as the other kicked and squirmed trying to catch his breath.

Now, reader. I’ll quickly pause to give a small disclaimer. You’re probably very attached to Yuta as an idol. And you are going to watch as Elf Yuta dies a horrible death. If you’re not ready for that, kindly skip the rest of this, and make up your own happy ending. For, mine is not quite as happy. Quite bloody, to say the least.

“Kun, off. I want this kill. I’ll let you bury the body.” The blonde interrupted, Kun getting off Yuta quickly as the other took a shovel he brought along and knocked Yuta in the head.


“Don’t ‘Winwin’ me. You know what you did.” Winwin held the shovel against the Elf’s neck, digging it into his skin slowly while Kun held him down. Johnny didn’t intervene. “Any last words?”

“Yeah. I’ll be back.”

Winwin dug the shovel into his neck, immediately killing him. Blood splattered everywhere. Kun laughed uncontrollably, falling on the grass. He held his stomach, crying because he was laughing so hard.

“I’ll be back…” He wheezed, wiping a tear away. “That’s so dumb…ohmygod I haven’t laughed so hard in my life…”

Johnny put his sword away, wiping a real tear away and leaving to find Taeyong.

Meanwhile, Kun and Winwin buried the body, singing while they did so.


Not quite yet.

Johnny called for Taeyong until he finally responded, running towards the voice. Go Won was unconscious in his arms. The Knight gasped, taking her from Taeyong and running over to Winwin (who is among the few medics left). Winwin took a good glance at her and smiled, healing her and sewing her giant arm(less?) wound shut. Eventually, she became conscious again, and all was well.



Getting back into town, bodies scattered the ground. Some familiar to them, some not. One stuck out most to Kun. Aldrich. He dragged Winwin over to his dead friend, begging him to heal him in some way. Winwin couldn’t. You can’t heal a dead person, after all. Kun sobbed into his friend’s shoulder, hugging him tightly. The Fairy hugged back in response, comforting him. In the scatter of bodies, broken glass, porcelain, and a pile of sawdust. Those who weren’t dead were hiding in their homes, or they ran off into the woods. Go Won did a quick body count.

“58. Not including if anyone in the castle was harmed.”

Johnny’s eyes went wide, gasping.



Last time. I promise.

Entering into the castle, Johnny ran into the main hall, where Jungwoo sat on his throne, unbothered. The Gaurd stumbled over to the King and checked for wounds. He was completely fine.

Johnny let out a relieved sigh, tightly hugging Jungwoo.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you or the others. I’m sorry.”

“No, no. It wasn’t your fault. Calm down, Johnny.” The King spoke softly with a smile. “And before you say, I know. Go Won lost an arm, many are dead, and I’m pretty sure you’ve fallen in love. But, this isn’t the end of our story. We’ll live many years happily and peacefully. Don’t you worry.”



Well, until next time.

-Your Narrator (and definitely not Winwin)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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wildface1010 asked:

I find myself being the most creative when I am building my ideas upon other people’s works, and I tend to later rip off the parts I don’t own so that the content would be deemed original (not that I do this on purpose, it happens when I transition away from fandoms and want to keep my fan characters). The problem then becomes that after that transition, my characters ended up purposeless and as I either doesn’t know what original world to put them in (and just keep building on the nitty gritty details of the character’s powers and biology), or no story for them to participate in. What should I do to give them a story without ripping off the source material? Or build a world around the character? Or should I be sending a more specific case for you to answer this question?

While fanfiction is a fantastic way to learn and practice writing skills, I think that this issue is one of the biggest downfalls of fanfiction writing. The good thing about fanfic is that it gives new writers a ‘training wheels’ kind of experience where they don’t have to build characters or settings or backstories, and can just dive in playing with readymade story elements to use. The downside is that learning how to construct story elements from scratch is the one of the biggest learning curves of writing original fiction.

When we’re learning to write, as with all things, we’ll find that some things are easier to pick up than others. Some people will find character development and motivation very intuitive, but may struggle with pacing or plot structure. Others may find that story beats are easy for them, but find it difficult to make their characterisation convincing. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and in writing fanfic, we can practice in such a way that the original fiction that we are basing our transformative work on, can ‘fill in the gaps’ of the weakest parts of our writing practice.

This is something that I have noticed in a lot of fanfics-turned-into-original-fic that I’ve read, where the author may have had a solid fanfic, but when they scrape off all of the elements of the story they adapted, there are weird gaps left in the story that make the reading experience feel awkward and incomplete.

Some common issues that I have noticed:

-Place and setting either inconsistent, or left out entirely
-Characters ‘orphaned’ or left with nonsensical or incomplete backgrounds because their personality was originally so ingrained in their world/setting
-Relationship dynamics assumed or appearing ‘out of nowhere’ as the context for the relationship doesn’t exist in the new work

Part of what is appealing about fanfic is that we already know these characters and this setting, and therefore we can just dive into the satisfying payoff of that sweet relationship dynamic, or into a cool plot-line without having to develop the characters, setting, and background first. The problem is that if you want to make an original fiction, diving in cold like that just means that your characters, setting, and background will be underdeveloped, and the story will feel disjointed, confusing, and unsatisfying.

But, of course, we can learn and develop our skills to ensure that we can transition a story seamlessly from transformative works to original fiction.

What should I do to give them a story without ripping off the source material?

I think that first step is that you’re going to have to do a frank assessment of your skills and weaknesses as a writer, and work on improving the underdeveloped elements of your craft. If you’re struggling to develop worlds and settings, then you might consider working through a series of exercises in worldbuilding and scene setting, so that you can craft something that suits the characters you want to write about and the stories you want to tell.

As well, think about the point at which you want to start telling your characters’ stories. If you’ve spent a long time developing them and their powers, you might want to jump into writing about them as super cool and powerful. This might work, if that’s the story you want to tell, but you could also consider writing their ‘origin story’ or writing something about their journey to their current point. This has the dual benefits of giving your readers the chance to get to know the characters as well as you know them, and also gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with your new, self-made story world, and how your characters fit into it.

Even if you don’t end up sharing your characters’ ‘origin story’ it can be very helpful as an exercise in developing backstory so that you can refer back to key events in the character’s life that will influence their reactions, choices, etc.

Remember this diagram?


As you develop your world, your character is going to change, and as your story progresses, your character will influence the world around them in some way.

It might be easier to think of this process as rebuilding from scratch both your world, and the character. The characters should be congruent with the world they live in. They’re a part of it, it’s a part of them. Think about the core, key elements of the character’s identity, and rebuild the rest around those, using the tools that the world you’ve created give you.

It’s a lot of work to dismantle and rebuild the characters that you’ve developed in fanfic, and it’s a lot of work to build a story world from scratch, but when you’ve done it and you write your story, you’ll have a much more complete and satisfying result than you would otherwise get.

I hope this helps, if you have a more specific question, please do send it in.

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