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Summary : you live a perfectly normal life, unaware of someone who is constantly watching you. a man who brings a storm with him and destroys everything along his path. 

Warnings : light smut, stalker!steve, slightly dark!steve

A/N : 1233 words. this is a fic written for those of us who get turned on by a little fear in their lives ;) please leave me a little comment if you enjoyed it or feedback i love reading them. also i would recommend listening to “need you like that” by EZI while you read for an even more pleasurable experience ♡ without any further delay, enjoy my loves. 


   The scent of baked chocolate cookies wafts through the kitchen as you take them out of the oven, your saliva almost drooling knowing that you will devour them after cleaning up the dishes. After finishing your chores for the day, you decide to reward your hard work with a good book that you just picked up from the library and a hearty plate of the delicious cookies you just made. You curl up against the seat niched against your window and enjoy your morning as always, unaware of the man watching you from across the street, his blue eyes fixated on your smile and the way your pouty lips are wrapped against each cookie when you take a bite.

   After hours of reading, you finally close your book and trail your fingers against the slightly cracked spine as a satisfied sigh leaves your lips. You stand up and decide to go upstairs when you catch sight of a motorcycle parked in front of your street, which was slightly unusual around your neighborhood and you make a mental note of it. You wake up your golden retriever, Jamie who can always be found on your bed, consistently in a deep slumber. He follows behind you and and you both take the stairs as an easy laugh comes out of your mouth when you see his tail wagging excitedly, knowing that it is time for his walk. You take the leash and adjust it on Jamie while he licks your nose and drools all over your denim skirt. Once you see that your dog is ready, you finish by grabbing your keys and head out the door.

    An hour later, you come back from walking Jamie and close your front door as you finally release your dog’s leash but to your surprise, he stays next to you and starts to whine toward the stairs. Your eyebrows are knitted in confusion but you decide to leave your dog alone and go upstairs to get a hot shower and change your clothes. You get to your bedroom and close the door behind you when you almost scream in surprise at the man sitting on your bed. His head turns slowly towards you and the adrenaline starts to kick in making you flight immediately but as you turn the doorknob, he is already behind you his large palm engulfing your mouth and his hard body trapping you in his arms.

   He whispers hoarsely that he will not hurt you, by any means but he just wants to watch you, just for today. Your heart beats like a train wreck, the pulse around your ears is ringing and your temperature is dangerously high. Before you can even utter a word, he pushes you on the soft mattress and you finally get the chance to properly look at him. He steals your breath away; you never could have imagined that an intruder would look like a perfect man literally but he does with his familiar golden locks, high cheekbones, and blueish eyes that are dilated from want. Wait a minute….familiar? Yes you’ve seen him before, multiple times even, at the library you go to every week to pick up new books and he always takes the same seat next to you when you decide to stay there and read. You are sweating profusely, confused at what he wants from you, but then you hear the clinking sound of his belt and his hand clutches your denim skirt and bunches it up until he can see your panties. He grunts harshly and spits on his hand to lube his length all the while looking directly into your frightened eyes. You know it would be wrong to be turned on, you know it and you hate yourself but you feel a wet spot already forming in your underwear. He suddenly turns you on all fours, and for a brief second you’re extremely afraid of what he could do, but you let out a moan as he places himself between your plump thighs and his cock starts to move directly underneath your core, the fabric of your panties adding to the friction even more. It feels so immoral and you can’t help but be turned on by your fear, by the fact that you trust this stranger to use your body as he pleases. The force of his thrusts make you cling on to your sheets and you come all over yourself when you see a glimpse of his bare cock rubbing against your thin panties. He turns you on your back and his eyes go all over your face, as if he cannot believe he is really doing this. He looks so magnificent and torn with need with his hand pumping up and down, that you decide to give him relief and you stick out your tongue for him while giving him a light squeeze on his thigh signaling him to come. Steve almost dies on the spot when he sees the sight of your pink tongue out, and he comes all over your mouth.

   There is a moment of ultimate silence, like the world utterly stopped because of this man, this complete stranger that came bringing a storm along with him while he destroys everything along his path. He calmly gets up from your bed, gets a tissue from your bedside table, wipes your mouth with it and cleans up himself with the rest of the tissue. He places his jacket on your small body before he closes the door gently behind him. His musky taste is still inside your mouth and you sigh dreamily like you’re in love. Even though he is wrong for you in every possible way, you cannot help but smell the black leather jacket that he left to cover you, the scent of clean shaven body wash and woody aftershave that is too addictive for your poor little heart. The kind of scent that belongs only to him and leaves heartbreak everywhere it goes.

    Before it is too late, you spring up from the bed and run toward your bedroom window which gives you a view of the street and consequently the motorcycle that you saw this morning parked right in front of your house. Except you know its owner now. You heart flutters when he climbs on it, and he looks just like your perfect kind of drug with his golden hair and blue eyes that look upwards to fix you. watch you. Always to watch you.

    When he comes back to his house, Steve is exhilarated more than he’s ever been in his life. His skin burns all over and all the blood rushes directly from his head to his length. He curses under his breath and runs directly toward his bathroom to take a cold shower. He doesn’t even bother to take his clothes off, thinking only about emptying himself. As the water soaks his white shirt and clings to his ripped stomach, he unfastens his pants and runs his hand up and down, clenching his bottom lip while he thinks about your pink tongue sticking out only for him. As the white streaks of cum paint the titled wall of his shower, Steve smiles to himself and thinks that maybe you are the one, the one who could save him from his sins.

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I’m not all you think
You hate me for no reason
Hate - overrated

I can be dual, sure
But what person isn’t dual?
There is more to me

I am so silly
I like to be a goofball
I like your laughter

Also serious
I know when to stretch the truth
When to be honest

I know there are times
There’s times things’re appropriate
And times they are not

There are times to laugh
And there are times to scream loud
Either way, I’m here

I’m here to do right
In the eyes of beholders
So do not judge me

I know when to sing
I know when to keep quiet
Can you say the same?

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Erynn and his best friend, Marc.

Going back through earlier chapters of COA 2, I realized how much I adore him.

So here are some facts about Erynn’s bestie:

  • A few years older than Erynn
  • Loves to travel - is never in one place for too long
  • Life of the party
  • A cartographer 
  • Secretly knows Erynn’s secret ;)
  • Dreams of someday being able to create maps for Arishore


COA peeps: @etjwrites @alwolfesblog @project-nightshade @bexminx @ruth-lund

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Gergal and the guard’s arms were jerked upwards as the coin flew above their heads. Gergal’s dagger tore out of his hands and, though the guard tried to pull it back down, his spear followed closely behind. Angelina worked to pull Steve back as the sheath on his belt tried to pull him over the railing. Different objects all throughout camp ripped through the tents, drawn by the coin’s magnetic power. An axe from somewhere in the forest flew past Jakare and embedded itself into the palisades.

The guard tried to keep his footing as his metal breastplate pulled him backwards. Gergal scampered towards him and tried to pulling at the belt loops on one side.

Steve fell backwards as the coin got further away and held the scabbard flat against the deck. Angelina and Jakare watched as the force pulled the guard back with increasing strength. Gergal got one belt loop undone but stumbled as he reached for the other. The man’s face twisted in anger as he looked at Jakare and screamed a single syllable. “Gaaaa!”

Jakare and Angelina looked away as the man’s feet gave out and he was dragged backwards into the ball of tools and weapons. Everything went silent.

Steve was the first to move, standing from his position on the wooden deck and patting the dagger at his side. He looked to the gate and laughed. “You! Oh, oh man! That was-”

Jakare looked at Steve with horror and turned his head to face the wreckage.

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Guys guys guys I just finished up arc 2 of my story which means it’s on to arc 3 which is my FAVORITE ARC I’M SO EXCITED not only that but that makes me feel like I’ve made serious progress this weekend so I’m super pumped about that!!

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“don’t fucking touch me, doc,” i breathe, my hands tightening around his collar. “or I’ll fucking tear you apart. i swear I’ll do it.” 

taglist: @feedingontherose @whorizcn @unlike-clockwork @waterfallofinkandpages @writerlina @mercurystudying @quilloftheclouds @wrenegade-writes @demonites @fantasy-shadows @omgbrekkerkaz @semblanche @qelizhus @liarede @nerocael @emdrabbles @writers-lovers

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Trope that I feel need more attention #1

One character teasing another character to repeat themselves at a compliment

(Hugging/cuddling/one person had a long day)

Person A: …i love you…

Person B with a devilish smile: you what?

A: I said I love you?

B, tapping their ear: didn’t quite catch that, baby

A: Oh just shut up and kiss me, smartass

(Passion ensues)

B: yeah…I love you too.

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My name is Maggie. My people all think that I am just a really odd human, but in all reality, I am a selkie.

For those that don’t know what a selkie is, it’s… well, the most well-known version of a selkie is a being that puts on a walrus skin to become a walrus. And takes it off to become human. They’re like sirens in that they dive with your body underwater and eat you.

Me, on the other hand… I carry a lion skin. That’s right. I turn into a lioness when I wear my skin.

But none of my people know this. They also don’t know how I turned against my original pride to become their queen… or the fact that the pride of lions that regularly attack their kingdom… is none other than my old pride.

I paced the corridors of my palace, went out to the balcony to stare down at my people… and immediately grimaced. I recognized the people that were approaching my people as if they were normal humans… it was my pride… they were using their human form to seem like just another set of people. But I knew better.

I ran all the way down to the gate and warned my people not to open it.

“Don’t you dare - for the sake of our people!” I warned them. They looked at me like I was crazy.

“But… they’re just some starving people!” My people argued, staring at me dumbfoundedly. I looked down at the people approaching the gate. Indeed, they did appear to be starving, but I knew this ruse. I glanced back at my people.

“Don’t open the gate,” I told them again, eyes gleaming in a warning. They stared at me.

“Is there something you need to tell us?” One of my men asked, holding his spear close, like he was ready to strike me with it.

“Stand down. I just know this trick,” I told him.

“You appeared out of nowhere,” he said, obviously still not believe in my innocence. “How, if you are innocent, do you know about this trick?” I held my breath for a moment before responding.

“I know because I’ve had some men accidentally killed by this same ruse.” We stared at each other for a minute, him defiantly and me nervously. “Please believe me. My men died because of people playing this game,” I insisted.

Thankfully, he believed me in the end… and they kept the gates closed.

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