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Okay guys, I’m a writer for a really cool magazine and I was wondering if anyone had any pressing topics they really want to be voiced? I’ve been doing my best to use my platform to speak about real issues and bring light to situations otherwise in the dark, and I would LOVE to hear from anyone about anything they think deserves some coverage!! Please just let me know, I want to give voices to those otherwise left in silence

(and of course, I’ll do my research to make sure these issues get the attention they deserve)

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Day 2.

Your voice feels how pouring rain sounds, when you’re home and unbothered by it, when you smile and cuddle your pillow in the dark. Your voice feels like taking deep breaths, you’re better than my prescriptions, I swear, you call, I pick up, and I’m healed, the rest is just shallow, it goes by fast or slowly, it doesn’t really matter because I’m missing you, hard, constantly, viciously. Your voice feels like turning the radio on, only better, because it only plays my favorite songs; I love it when you call, I miss you when you text, I text you when you don’t, I’m never bored of you, even when I am, I rather listen to you breathing than hearing the void of your absence, the sound of your silence, the pause of your voice.

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Dialogue Prompt

“I’m going to miss you when you’re off exploring the universe.”

“I won’t miss you.”

“… Not exactly the heartfelt goodbye I was looking for.”

“Because this isn’t goodbye. You’re coming with me.”

- Lynn

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Blood pooled on the marble floor and trickled down the cracks like rivers of death. She lowered her sword, still dripping crimson, and looked away from the body, from the still, pale face of the fallen. His final expression twisted his features- not fear, but sorrow.

“I thought you loved him,” her accomplice said, sheathing their own sword.

“I did,” she answered, her voice made detached and cold with expert control. Still, she could not conceal the pain in her eyes.

- Lynn

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“It’s gross how often you need to do that.”

“Well, if I don’t, the corpse starts stinking!”

She sighed. “We really need to find your actual body. I’m sick of sleeping next to a new dead person every night.”

He spluttered. “It’s not my fault someone stole my body! You were meant to watch it while I was out!”

They lapsed into silence.

“To be fair, I didnt know you could leave it.”

- submission by forgotten.nebula on instagram

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Okay, sooooo, last year, I’ve started writing a dreamcatcher fic last year, but i haven’t touched it for a loooong time.

I’m slowly trying to write the seventh chapter, but if there’s any writer out there who have advice when you just run out of motivation to write, well I’m open to hear it ^~^

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Remember to Forget

Last night I packed my things

I was on my way to a place

With the things I long to do

Then you came unexpectedly

I double stepped-

Can’t believe what I am seeing

But there you really are

Longing for you, I hugged you tight.

My heart fluttered, my eyes dampened

I could feel your heart beating against mine

And slowly I woke up into the darkness

How I wish memories of us be swept away.

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so i just realized that in a long fic i’m writing, that I haven’t used ONE swear word yet for some reason.

I wrote graphic depictions of abuse/violence but saying “fuck” is crossing the line i guess

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Novelty Neighbors.

Kurt Barnett is a famous novelist currently living in Modesile Hill, Washingington State. Kurt is starting a new novel, to follow behind his first award winning novel. But, he can neither work nor sleep. Two words: new neighbors. He THOUGHT he was the only one that lives on the seventh floor, which is the most expensive floor, but apparently he’s not. He doesn’t want to shake hands, kiki or even make contact with these new neighbors. Kurt yearns to just quietly work on his novel.

Kurts neighbors are very….unusual. He has never seen them, he’s only heard them. They make bizarre noises all day, but mostly during the middle of the night. The noises he hears have only started two days ago. So, he’s guessing they just moved in, and are gathering themselves. But…those noises. Its some type of drilling, and hammering to the wall in their apartment. After two days of hearing it, he’s had enough.

(It’s around 12 am and Kurt’s neighbors are making ear splitting noises while he’s trying to edit the first chapter of his new novel.)

“UGH!! FUCK!” What in the hell is going on over there? Why and how are they making so much damn noise?” Frustrated, Kurt gets up from his kitchen table where all his work is laid out and storms over to his neighbors apartment door.

Kurt puts his best knocking fist forward onto their door. “Uh excuse me? I’m trying to work on my next AWARD WINNING NOVEL. Can you keep it down a bit?” The neighbors didn’t answer, they just kept making their mysterious noises. “I’m tired of this shit, I know that you’re in there, just PLEASE for the love of fucking God keep it down.” Still, no answer from the neighbors, just the drilling and hammering noises continued. Feeling defeated, Kurt walks back to his apartment. He decides to stop working on his novel for the night, and pops some night pills to help him disregard the noises while he tries to get a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Kurt wakes up, relieved and smiling. He surprisingly wakes up to no noises. “I can finally work on my fucking novel in peace.” With long awaited relaxation, Kurt walks over to the refrigerator and grabs frozen blueberries, strawberries and bananas from the freezer. He then grabs orange juice from the bottom of the fridge. On his kitchen island sits a blender. He puts all of the contents of his morning smoothie into the blender, and makes a toast to himself. “This is for my shitty ass neighbors.” Then he puts the top on the blender and presses the “blend” button. “That looks blended enough to me.” Kurt says as he pressed the blend button for it to stop. “RRRRrrrzzzzzzzzzzzz.” The the noises begin as soon as the blender stops. “OH COME ON. I WAS JUST ENJOYING MY NOISELESS DAY.” Kurt yells at the top of his lungs.

All of a sudden the noises come to a holt. Kurt hears his neighbors front door open. With a jolt of curiousity, Kurt stands up and runs to open his front door to see if he can get a glimpse of his noisey neighbors so he can give them a piece of his mind. Peaking his head out his front door, the only thing he got out of this was the scent that his neighbors left behind in the hallway after slickly slithering away. It was the smell of iron.

Apparently, his neighbors forgot to shut the door behind them. Kurt becomes even more curious. “Hellooooooooo? My extremely loud neighbors….are you there?” He asks while peeking through the crack in his neighbors door. No one responds. Kurt begins to slowly push their front door open, and walks in. The iron smell gets stronger.

He looks right…and then….he looks left. “Hey, i know you.” Kurt stood still, and grinned with interest. In front of Kurt, there was the body of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, dangling from the wall, cruxifiction style. There were screws that looked like they were hammered through Kavanaugh’s palms into the wall. Blood was dripping down his whole body unto the sparkling white marble tile floor. Kurt studied the lifeless, dangling body. He noticed that there was also holes drilled into Kavanaughs arms, torso and legs that were leaking crimson. Then, Kurt zeroed in on Kavanughs feet, which were missing, but cut off with such precision.

“Soooo….that’s what my neighbors were doing all this time?”

Kurt had a slight smirk on his face. With a quickness, he scurried back over to his apartment. He abruptly grabbed a journal from his scattered kitchen table, along with a pen, and went back over to his neighbors place. Kurt started to hectically look up at Kavanughs body, then back down at his journal to scribble down what he was seeing into his journal. He gradually began to digress in energy and stopped writing. He folded the corner of the page in his journal, closed it and looked back up slowly at Brett Kavanaughs body.

“Looks like I have a new awarding winning novel to write.”


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have you ever seen love? like … true love

because i haven’t. and come to think about it I can’t understand why would everyone make this feeling somewhat superior amongst others. isn’t it overrated?

you hear about love from very young age. almost every tale tells children about some romance. as a teenager you continue to hear about love. your friends even claim that they “fell in love” and that “he/she is the one” but later come back in tears realizing that was a mistake. films show you so-called love. books still claim that it is so breathtaking and mesmerizing. even songs fill your ears with sweet love stories or sad lyrics about heartbreak. and you have no other choice but to beieve all of this, never even giving it a thought. do you parents love each other? and i mean exactly “love”, because attachment is a whole different feeling.

if love is true, if it is the wildest yet the sweetest and most precious dream come true, then why people fight because of (for) it? why it makes people cry? why it disappears and leaves you with nothing but broken heart? why it caused wars in the past? maybe it’s not that amazing emotion, but just a destruction itself dressed as a happiness

if you have come to the end of my ted talk: firstly, thank you, i appreciate secondly, i do believe in love thirdly, no, i have never experienced it or ever was in relationship, so it isn’t heartbreak went or smth. i would love to hear your thoughts in my dm

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If a novel is shared freely chapter by chapter, would you still be inclined to buy the ebook once it’s done?

Pondering some thoughts. The chapters won’t be in ebook form (….unless someone illegally scrapes all the pages I guess), and the ebook will be fully edited etc (and possibly w some extra visual content).

?? I’ve read / seen different things on this.

Curious as to where everyone is at with enooks too — amazon, B&N, nook, Apple iTunes ebook, ???

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