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Summer Vacation

I have an unusually request for you all today. Tell me your least favorite part of your summer vacation. Tell me what made you want to go home early. Let me know if your family was driving you crazy or if you were missing your family. Tell me about how you had a staycation and would have given anything to be in the Bahamas or vise versa. It’s ok to not be happy all the time. You don’t always have to remember the good times. Remembering crappy things that happened to you is a part of life. Let’s make art with our bad memories!

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Post 003

Remember when I said that you’ve got to start even if you’re bad at what you do, as it’s the only way for improvement….. I forget to say how satisfying it will feels when start to see yourself nailing it. I personally can’t get over it!!!


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Let me tell you about it

I started learning to drive almost a month ago, and I’ve seen myself going from the deep down of a dark hole where cavemen lived and died, all the way to the surface of the this world where I can call myself a normal human who knows what should be done but suck at doing. The worst part is that Evem though I was doing ok, i never felt so sure about my driving skills, and. I know it’s normal, but o wasn’t sure that I’d ever get better at. Anyhow, long story short, I hired a coach, and I’m getting way better, I’m feeling more confident above ut it…. I’m almost nailing it people !!!!


I’m becoming a good driver !!!


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Note to self:

Dear me, whatever you’re doing now, wherever you’re at this point of your life, whichever you’re thinking about it, I know your fears maybe are talking too loud in your head that you’re almost believing it…. lovely, just keep going and have faith in you. That’s what you’re a brave sole, just be comfortable with your fears screaming, eventually it will get bored and leave you alone

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There’s this annoyingly painful realisation that the undertow of life is boring, just a continuous stream of unconsciousness. And then, juste boring facts: people are boring; people are dumb; I’m a freak:nobody cares; I’m destroying myself etc…
 Ok so I get it. Lesson learnt.

 What’s next, now?

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For some reason, my friend really inspired me for a character? Happens sometimes. I took a picture of him yesterday and tried to draw it (may I say that drawing is not one of my talent) so I could have the reference in my notebook. Idk what’ll be the use of this, but I’m getting a good vibe from this futur character

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I’ve reached the point in my current WIP that I’m beginning to see the end and start thinking about what I will do next. Normally I write in series format but I was thinking maybe a one-of book might make for a nice break. Since I was thinking of setting it mostly on a university campus, I was rummaging around the University of Waterloo calendar and glanced over the math and computer science requirements. It seems they still force students to take calculus. I can see studying it as a good exercise in mental agility but I wonder if there is anyone these days who uses it after leaving university.

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Started writing to this beat a while back and added more to it recently. Still got more I wanna add to record it, but for an IG video a 16 is plenty. @tonecdamayor remember how this song was everywhere back when we were in Miramar High? #dyrectlynk #fabolous #fab #funeralfab #loso #breathe #instrumental #freeverse #freeversepoetry #writer #wordsmith #lyricist #barsfordays #bars #punchlines #wrestlerap #rap #wrestling #fortheculture #hiphop

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Your hand against mine,
a minute I was given;
a life beyond the grass below us,
a time ahead of the present hours;

Your hand against mine
and spring became winter,
winter to summer
and then spring again;

Your hand against mine
and our breaths touched lovingly
in the way my heart outgrew my ribs
and reached beyond its limit;

Your hand against mine
and our future shatters
as fingers part,
palm to palm,
returning to our sides again.

Where our hands meet / b.b

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a sneak peek at what the four main female characters in garden of thorns will look like!

briar rose, the sheltered but clever princess with strange abilities

hollis talley, the bubbly red headed village girl tossed into a complicated affair she never asked for

vanadey, the powerful sorceress who haunts the woods only the desperate or foolish enter

and queen aurora, tormented by the secrets and scandals of her past

feel free to ask questions about them, but i might not answer them all because of spoilers!! i can’t wait to write a wip/character intro asksks

credit for picrew: @ ummmmandy

enjoy 💛💛

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I’ve never liked writing advice that was “Nothing should be described outside the main plot. If it doesn’t pertain to the plot, delete it.” Now this may just be a preference, but don’t delete scenes with the characters family interacting or the main character struggling with their homework or wishing that they could be doing tests instead of saving the world! For the plot to have any impact or weight at all, the reader should care about the characters. The reader should see what’s on the line if the characters don’t solve the plot.

For example, readers would not have cared about Harry Potter as much as they do if there hadn’t been scenes of him just being a kid, struggling with school duties and such. Fred and George Weasley, the twins, being silly and running a joke shop is why Fred’s death had such an impact on readers. Because they acknowledged that the characters had dreams and a family. For the threat of Voldemort destroying the world to have any emotional impact on the reader, the characters he are threatening should have things on the line. Now imagine it without all the silly jokes and classes and stuff. Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts, immediately interrogates Snape, follows him, and the finds out about Voldemort. Without him being a ‘normal boy’ who was sort of forced into ‘the chosen one’ role, it feels stale and forced.

In the ‘Are You My Dad’ arc of Steven Universe, the whole entire reason the viewers were shocked when people of Beach City began to get abducted was because they cared. Nobody thought the human characters would be intertwined with the main story, even though it was their lives on the line. The show spent an episode developing Lars and his family, and then his love for baking, and fear of opening up. Just as he is about to open up to some characters he admires. He disappears. And other characters start disappearing until it’s revealed the alien characters have been abducting them. This had weight on the viewers because we spent time with them outside the plot, having fun episodes and silly moments where the characters weren’t focused on the storyline. If every series was a serious main character saying ‘we have to solve this’ without any weight or emotional impact, or stakes, then almost all series would be stale and mean nothing to the viewers.

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