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He’s got eyes like a hurricane. Dark blue and all-consuming. A constant temptation, luring men and angels to their watery graves. Those were eyes that sunk ships and caused calamity on the shores.

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Al fin llueve y una sensación de melancolía que trae consigo recuerdos que creía olvidados me invade,  el pensar se volvió mi respirar,  vivir es solo una teoría que mi cuerpo se esfuerza por cumplir,  vivo, apenas.

Aún no he podido descifrar porque la lluvia trae consigo esta sensación,  pero el sentimiento de vacío se hace más grande a medida que se intensifica la lluvia,  no debería estar aquí,  no debería estar haciendo esto,  lo sé,  pero mi mente lo reclama, lo necesita.

Las cicatrices se abren de nuevo,  comienzo a pensar cosas que no quisiera y sin embargo ciertas,  todo lo que me ha traído hasta aquí empieza a cuestionarse en mi mente,  y lo que un día fue tan cierto ahora no lo es tanto,  comienza la ansiedad,  necesito calmarme.

Tal vez cuando la lluvia acabe esto desaparezca,  me gustaría creer eso pero en realidad no estoy seguro de nada y aún no se si eso es malo o bueno,  tal vez cuando esto acabe  el verbo  “ser” y la palabra  “feliz” cobren de nuevo significado y sustituyan a “existir” pero por ahora seguiré haciendo esto,  es lo único que aún me mantiene cuerdo, aunque como dije,  no estoy seguro nada,  creo que no es tan malo.


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What’s the point of it all?

Obsessively thinking,

As if I’m banging my head against the wall.

The past is over but it’s not gone,

It’s not something that can be changed,

Our mistakes are forever engraved.

Filled with heartache and regret

But you won’t let me forget.

You keep the knife jammed in my chest,

And condemn me for having bloody stains.

I’m supposed pretend to not feel the pain,

To not hinder your growth while you drain my life away.

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How to Pass English

So school has started for most of us and obviously it’s stressing so I’m in the process of figuring out how to pass English easily with no stress so you can dial your school stress down a little.

So this is mainly directed towards high school English structures but I guess it would still work for middle school and college classes with some modifications.

1. Know your teacher.

At the beginning of the year take a little time to figure out what type of stories your teacher likes, their favourite genre and their favourite types of characters. So whenever you have a short story assignment you can centre it around their favourite things

2. Don’t take your precious time to go overboard

If you have absolutely no tests and no work due soon then maybe you can but you most likely do so please don’t.

If your teacher says 3 pages don’t make it 6. They will either see it as you putting 110% or as you not being able to take instructions. And maybe they don’t have the time or the patience to read the extra pages you wrote. And you wanting to write more will most likely give you way more stress. So try to avoid this as much as possible.

3. Know yourself.

I personally like listening to music while writing. Listening to depressing music makes my writing more emotional and deep. So I would recommend finding a calming background sound you like to listen to for writing that makes you calm and your writing better

4. Stay on topic

If your essay is about donkeys then write about donkeys not ponies. Don’t trail off into the art of ballet. Stay on donkeys.

5. Show that you’re listening

In class take notes, look at your teacher. Answer questions as much as possible. Simply show that you are a capable student. Be a good actor/actress/actdonkey


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Going with the flow of things and riding the waves is a great way to avoid resposibility Just don’t forget about rip currents. It’s all fun and games until you get dragged under and can’t breathe. Then when you finally do surface if by some miracle of a chance you make it you will be lost at sea.


Originally posted by lsd-kitty

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What is heaven anyways

I used to think you were heaven

All golden gleaming.

You never seemed

Like you carried ill intent,

But now I know that just because it glitters

Doesn’t mean that it’s gold.

There is hell in every bit of heaven.

Just as Lucifer started as an angel,

So did you.

The fall was far

And I hit the ground hard.

Of all the times I braced your fall

Like my own safety meant nothing at all,

Not once did you try to catch me.

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“He heals me where you burned me. He helps me where you broke me. He is my saving grace where you were once my devil. This boy pieces me together where you tore me apart, and I will forever thank him for that.”


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rounding circles

biting tongues

fingers break

acid erupts.

stomach flat

screaming inaudible

release the pressure, unscrew the childproof cap.

rounding circles

biting tongues

fingers break

acid erupts.

close the drawer

lock the cabinets

feel the water

and say goodbye.

rounding circles

biting tongues

fingers break

acid erupts.

touch his shoulder

undo the knot




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