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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Todo empezó contigo, buscándome la mirada, sembrándome una sonrisa, haciendo palpitar a mi corazón, el mismo que yacía dormido en el abismo de la nada… Y es que renací al saberme tuyo aun antes de sentirme vivo.

Esu Emmanuel©️, It all started with you, looking for me, seeding me a smile, making my heart throb, the same one that lay asleep in the abyss of nothingness… And I was reborn to know you even before I felt alive.

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Every Monday, I gather together the moodboards made by all of you talented writers so that we can start our weeks off with a little artistic inspiration - and you’re invited to participate!

This Monday, our moodboard theme will be “Forgotten”! Has a legendary figure been forgotten by the annals of time? Has someone suffered at the hands of amnesia? What of a loved one left behind, abandoned, forgotten in some far-off place? Whatever the case may be, show us your forgotten favorites today for Moodboard Monday!

Next Monday, our moodboard theme will be “Animal”! Do you have an animal companion in your cast? What about a character who becomes more animalistic than human? Or someone than prefers the company of monsters to men? Show us your wild side this coming week for Moodboard Monday!

To participate in our weekly Moodboard Monday challenges, tag me (@homesteadhorner) when posting a moodboard that matches the present, upcoming, or former themes. Should you have made a moodboard in the past that matches a current theme, feel free to reblog it and tag me the same as you would with a brand new board. We will be featuring selected submissions on our blog next week for all to see!

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Hi so I’m thinking of sort of starting a little series of just short interconnected posts idk

Lilla’s Son part 1

Only the stars and streetlamps above her illuminayed her brown face. The only movement or sound came from slow passing cars every few hours or so, and the quivering of Lilla’s lips.

It was cold. It shouldn’t have been, in the middle of Summer. But it was. She shivered in the clothes, which barely had the right to be called so.

“Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,” Lilla paused before saying in a hushed voice “pluto.”

She repeated the words for the rest of the cold night. She stared up at the stars after laying down on the piece of cardboard, she called a bed, and caressed her stomache where her soon-to-be-born child was encapsulated.

Lilla sang to herself underneath the shade of the old, abandoned gas station and, soon enough, she fell asleep

Part 1/?

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Sleep alludes me


But now slumber

consumes me

With your words like lullabies

I want to extend the times

we speak, so endlessly

You can whisper softness through me

Theses fertile snowdrops bloom within me

My head droops slowly, I fight it

The birds sing and the light hits

my eyes, I scrunch them

Closed and still I squeeze them, I dozed

off, oh no!

You still there?

I’m here baby,

You say to me. Hush, sleep, and maybe

You’ll dream tonight of me.

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Constance, Shy for Nothing
Scarlett Chamberlain doesn’t come across, to me, as a very friendly person. She isn’t approachable, and I’ve seen her up to some suspicious things in her time here. The way she acts isn’t personable, and I don’t understand her. Is there something…deeply disturbing underlying there?
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“I don’t hide anything from you. I don’t want to. I need to let you see all parts of me - the funny, flirty and dirty minded ones as well as the vulnerable and emotional ones, the ones that carry baggage from the past. I need you to see the real me and hope you’re able to fall in love with everything I am.”

- Lady With A Handbook

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“out of all the people i could’ve fallen for,

why did it have to be the one that couldn’t love me back?”

- why did it have to be you, why did it have to be me /#37

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@thatwriternamedvolk‘s Mal from her No Heroes Need Apply is ready and the last addition to the art giveaway!

It was so much fun to do all the details! I hope it translated into the finished product and he’s as pretty as he should be :D

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Viola CN // To my dear friend
Being depressed and anxious was a constant state for you, now you told me it faded away day by day and your eyes aren’t dark blue anymore, it’s clear as the sky and i could just stare and die in peace in your eyes. I’m happy and you’re too and the happiness that you got at the end, definitely suits you.
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