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Describe the color red

So, I know this is a challenge because it’s basically impossible to describe a color to someone who has never seen it before. I remember hearing a story one time (probably made up) about a blind man who went and asked everybody what the color red looked like and compiled everything and came back and said to everyone, “Hey guys, I’ve figured it out! The color red is like the sound of a trumpet!” 

To which you’re supposed to be like, “That doesn’t make sense at all!” But when I heard it as a kid I was kinda like, “Well, I dunno, fair enough.” 

So here’s how I would try to explain red. Red is…passion. Red is sexy. Red like lipstick on old Hollywood actresses. Red is rebellious and sleek, a shock of color against black and white. Blood is red, and that’s what you see when you’re furious with someone. 

It can be bright cherry sucker red or deep dark cabernet red. Red can even be a holy color. Blood, life, et cetera. 

It can also feel like home, like fire and Christmas and tart winter berries. 

Most everyone, from Wiccans to executives on Valentine’s Day to people who make TV posters, can agree that red is the color of love. (And sex and violence.) But mostly love. 

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⚠Explicit lyrics
Thought this was a dope clip of Biggie freestyling.
I figure, comin up around a lotta other #emcees in your neighborhood, or town, helps you get better.
I mean, if you’re practicing. #writing . And battling all the time.
I know there’s a few dope emcees that really climbed the ladder this way.
#freestyle #rap #hiphop #NotoriousBig
The question always remains…
Who’s the dopest MC to every rip the mic?
Leave a comment below and tell us who your favorite MC is.
(Should be me. Quiet as kept.😁😉)
(at Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn)

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empty waters // Haley Hendrick

I turn myself inside-out in search of  
something static to love. Something  
solid, something that screams,

All I have found is an  
open sea of longing.
Of dying reefs.
Of hungry abyss.

This ocean within is a landfill
for negativity, and oh,
how easily I sink.

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Dear past me, (for the letter thing! i hope you have an amazing day!!

hello sweetheart. i know you’re going through a really hard time right now. you’re in a relationship that isn’t going really well- tons of arguments and her saying stuff that makes you uncomfortable. believe me love, i know- i was there too, after all

but it’s gonna get better, i promise. you’re gonna end the relationship soon, although you won’t realize all the reasons right away- sure, you may claim it was just because you fell out of love, but really, that relationship wasn’t very healthy to begin with, even if you won’t let yourself believe that just yet. it’s gonna hurt like a bitch, you’ll feel really bad, but ultimately? you’ll be glad you did it.

you’re gonna go through a period where you think you’re happy, but it’s just you suppressing everything and only focusing on the good things. honestly, i don’t regret it. at least i learned what that felt like and know how to avoid it now. but i also learned to let myself feel the bad things, too. you’ll learn it as well, just not quite yet.

you’re also gonna end up losing touch with the people you talk to right now. it’s not a bad thing, even though, i know that to you it’s gonna seem like the end of the world. your friend group is not very healthy. there’s tons of infighting, and later on you’ll be manipulated into siding with some people. maybe it wasn’t intentional, but… they’re gonna do it. your tendency to please people isn’t gonna help, either- and you’re gonna feel like shit for a very long time.

and then you’ll turn to tumblr for a safe space. and you’ll find good friends there. really good friends, and you’ll end up leaving the friend group you’re in right now. you’ll also find some content that’ll help you realize just how many traumatic things happened to you, and you’ll probably go through a period where you’re feeling really bad. that’s alright- it’s all hitting you at once after literal years of suppression. just give yourself time to rest

but it’s not all darkness. like i said, you’re gonna make some new friends, and damn good ones at that. you’ll also reach out to your parents and you’ll start seeing a therapist. that’s good- you’re gonna learn a lot about yourself, and it’s gonna give you a space to vent. and, most importantly, you’re gonna stop suppressing everything. personally, i think that’s the most important thing out of all of this- you’re gonna let yourself feel, and thus, heal.

just hang in there, my love. you’re gonna be fine. i love you

-yourself 💙💖

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e.n, virgo, and my favorite things include the feeling of drinking hot chocolate when its snowing, being able to feel someones happiness, daydreaming, smiling for no reason, making others happy, and the feeling of someone genuinely caring!

A giggled ‘let’s go!’ pulls you from your daydreaming state, eyes blinking back into focus as you look out the window. From across the glass you see children bundled up in thick protective gear, all tumbling through the snow with too much adrenaline and excitement coursing through them to feel the cold bite of the snow. You smile, a soft smile, a slightly sad smile.

Looking down, you stir the almost empty cup of hot cocoa. The warmth has long gone and the scent of the drink has faded. The world around you feels tense and pulled tight, waiting for something. For anything.

What are you waiting for?

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Write a story set in Egypt. 

It is said that I was chosen for this work, of marking down the days and nights until they and I become immortal. Like my father, and his father before him. Thoth chooses only those of keen mind, steady hand, hearts full of devotion to be scribes. I was like that, once. 

There was once a time when I marked the passing of the days, the changing seasons. Now, whenever I write, however much I may try, it is only of him. 

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I don’t know, mom
What do I want to be when I grow up?
Should I get a business degree?
But I’m a punk, mom
How do I join a system I want to destroy? 
How do I join when I can’t agree? 
But I’m a punk, mom
How do I make money 
When it makes everyone so unhappy 
How do I accept the bribe 
To pretend it’s alright 
Like we’re all not playing pretend 
Like there isn’t death at my feet 
Ignore how we’re all suffering
So I can pretend to live a life at peace 
But I’m a punk, mom
There is no peace for me

Should I get a business degree?
Make a deal with devils 
Only care about the money 
Dollar sign patriarchy 
Mom, would Marx be proud of me?
Will I get killed for saying so?
What class do I take
To learn how to overthrow it all
An anarchy in my blood, 
The kind that questions everything 
So how can I pretend to live a life at peace 
Anarchy in my blood 
I’m a punk, mom 
There is no peace for me

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Okay, everybody.  Not sure if there’s anyone around, but I’m at loose ends and feel like writing!  Send me your sneeze-related prompts in an ask!

I’m a lazy creature by nature, so no guarantee I will fill. Your prompt has a higher chance of being filled if it:

1. Is for a male or nonbinary character.

2. Can be filled by an original character.  (I will make up OCs on the fly for original prompts.)

3. Specifies a setting and/or a specific aspect of kink.

I am very happy to write 18+ as well.


Things I am partial to: colds and allergies, mess, embarrassment, voyeurism/semi-public kink, enthusiastic consent, m/m, sneezing on people (not maliciously), contagion, fever, watersports, light bondage, monsters/nonhumans (not furry)

Please DO NOT prompt: ageplay, daddy kink, emeto, foot fetish, furry/anthro, minor characters, most other fetishes (you can ask, but this is for sneeze prompts really)

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Hey… did you know you’re doing really well? I wasn’t sure if you knew that, but I think you’ve put in a lot of effort and deserve to be proud. Your WIP isn’t done? But hey, it’s yours and you’ve been working on it! 

Maybe it’s hard to keep your chin up when being creative is such a challenge - physically, emotionally, mentally - but you’re doing your best from day to day and I think that’s really cool! 

Thanks for making a go of your ideas and giving them a chance, I’m sure you’re going to get where you wanna be!

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I realized that you don’t have to spend three paragraphs when describing a character because most people prefer to imagine the character in their own way. 

The important details should be referred to again later on in the story, like if they have a weird silver bracelet, that weird silver bracelet should signify something.

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“I wish I knew what to do with my life, what to do with my heart…I do nothing all day, boredom settles in, I look at the sky so I get to feel even smaller than I already feel and my mind keeps poisoning itself uselessly.”

- Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath

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