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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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My head’s in splits I’m nervous and bored I don’t wanna go to work
I’m tired of the salt on my hands and the wine in my liver and all that.
I’ve done a number on my soul truly I have
Who are my friends I mean my real ones I mean ones I really like
Who are my mothers I mean my real ones I mean some I really like
Who are my wives I mean my real ones I mean somebodies I truly like
The day is loud full of children across the road there’s a school there and inside every one of them is 
still young even the teachers they’re young cause they teach the young
Now that’s a deal
I’d like to sleep got no time to sleep well what do I even got time for
never finished my schoolwork yesterday I’m not young not old not even 
I’ve got no excuses 
God let me close my eyes yes God I’m talking to you
I’m cold my nail polish is falling off a crumble of black pastry 
I’m not a dog I always used to say I was but I’ve got eyes now I’m heaven
Angels spoil angels eat jarred cherries & also canned sardines 
I won’t eat today I wanna be a Messiah I want to walk when I’ve got no reason
I’m not doing too good I’ll admit it I don’t really look around 

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What if I don’t want to be the best of all but the best vision of myself? What if I can do now what I couldn’t in the past. If someone would have told me at the age of 15 that I would run a half marathon I would’ve laughed. What if comparisons are only meant to be measured with the person you were and you don’t wanna be anymore. What if I don’t want to outrace everyone but my past self of worries. What if the real challenge is finding balance in life?


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Thinking of doing some short story original or OC writing commissions to make a bit of money on the side.

You can check out my work on my wattpad (same username there). Would anyone be interested? I’ll post details and prices once I get it figured out (given there’s any interest).

Please please please like/reblog if you’re interested, my schedule next semester won’t allow for me to have a job (at least, not a good one) and I have to start saving for rent and that garbage.

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Alastor X Human!Reader ((Reincarnation!AU))


Originally posted by wonderworldmotion

((I’m SO ADDICTED TO THIS AU so I wrote up the first chapter during my break at work!!))

The ache in your back zipped down to each side of your hips, through your legs and reaching all the way to your toes. So maybe heavy lifting up three flights of stairs wasn’t the best idea. But at least you were finally done. You slumped down on a stack of boxes and let out a sigh. Your new home was empty but already beginning to feel a thousand times better now that you had finally moved in. You had a tiny little apartment big enough for just you and your cat.

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so my cousin and i were conversing and he casually said “who rules women?” and for some reason, that really got under my skin.

so i said “all you boys seem to think just because you have a dick you rule the world but that is a poor facade to cover up the fact that you fail to acknowledge the truth which is that women rule the world. not a feminist, just acknowledging our existence. sometimes males act like we’re mere OBJECTS rather than living, breathing, human beings. i told him, “who cleans your room? who does your laundry? who makes your meals? who gave BIRTH to you??? fucking women, that’s who.” 

all this coward has to say to me is absolute bullshit like “shut up” and “you’re a bitch” etc. excuse me, i’m a bitch for having an opinion and wanting to feel like a human being? 

reblog, like, and stream “that bitch” by bea miller goodnight and GOOD DAY.

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“Take me back to Osaka,” says Kiyoko to her magical cat Miri. “Take everything I have. Every breath, everything. I just want to go home.” But her cat isn’t having it. It was worth a try, Kiyoko says. Being dramatic worked a lot of times, but now isn’t one of them. She dresses up in her new school uniform, picks up her new leather school bag, and starts the day with Osaka in her mind. The calm river that cuts through the urban city. 

Miri follows her and hops on her shoulder. “You can’t go with me, you know that.”

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           Andrew smiled as he walked towards the entrance of the movie theatre. Maria’s fine white arm was entwined with his. Her bright blue eyes danced up at him with pleasure. He purchased their tickets and together they made their way into the darkened room and found a seat. Maria insisted that she sit next to the aisle, so he sat in one seat. He scanned the room out of habbit rather than the former paranoia that he would see enemies there.

           They had snuck away against his comander’s wishes. Maria put up with a lot of crap from his job. Everyone that knew about her, which was thankfully a select few, knew she was his weakness. As a contract killer, he couldn’t aford to have weakness. Of course, from the minute he met Maria, he had broken all the rules. Because his line of work gave him a lot of enemies though, he was constantly moving around. Just leaving home could cause trouble. He had already put in his resignation though, and he had to wait just a little longer before he could pretend he was a normal individual. They would always have to be careful of course, but they could retire to some far off, exotic island and simply enjoy life together.

           In the meantime, he had felt terrible for always dragging Maria around. So against his superior’s wishes, Andrew had left the state so they could go to a public movie theatre. To pretend they were just a normal couple. At times he thought she hated him for taking her away from her former life. Occasionaly he feared her resentment as time went by. Then she would smile at him, squeeze his hand, and give him a light kiss, as if to say, “I know what you’re thinking, so stop it because I love you.”

           She did just that now, as the lights dimmed and the movie started. He could be content this way. He could live happily with her like this. He relaxed in his seat and sighed, settiling in to watch the movie.

           In the middle of the movie, which he was well wrapped up in, a rucus arose behind them. He turned, instantly on alert from years of training. A bum was wrestling his way down the aisle as two body guards attempted to remove him. “I just wanna watch the movie!” the man claimed loudly, swinging his arm in a wide arc. Andrew’s eyes narrowed in annoyance, but more than that, the little hairs at the back of his neck were starting to stand up.

           "Get that man out of here!“ he ordered, standing up. He went to assist the struggling guards, standing to make his way out of the aisle. To help accommodate him, Maria stood as well, stepping into the aisle. His nerves went crazy then. "No!” he called in a desperate attempt to do something. Before he could even finish getting out of the seats, the bum threw off one of the guards and pulled a gun.

           Time froze as a shot rang through the theatre. Andrew didn’t hear the screams of women. He didn’t notice as the guards beat the gun from the bums hand and dragged him away. He didn’t pay attention to the chaos that had ensued in full force around him. All he could see, all he could focus on, was Maria.

           As the shot had rung out, her eyes had grown large. She half turned to Andrew, as if to say something to him, to call out to him. Then, her eyes went blank and she tumbled to the floor, rolling down a few stairs before she stopped. Feeling sick he ran down to her limp body, pulling her into his arms.

           "Maria,“ he whispered in anguish as he smoothed a hand over her head. He felt for a pulse, knowing before he did so that there wouldn’t be one. He closed his eyes miserably, heavily breathing back the tears.

           "They wanted you to watch her die,” came a voice behind him.

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I finally wrote a letter to my father and my stepmother about me being a Wiccan… and I just sent it out today. I’m freaking the fuck out rn. I was writing a letter to send them at the end of the year, kinda like a new year new me thing…except I’ve been a Wiccan for over a year now this past September (side note, I should probably look into performing a self-dedication ceremony, seeing as how its been over the ‘year and a day’ mark”). Regardless, I’m glad that I sent it, I just really hope that it doesn’t ruin the holidays. Hopefully, they can abide by what I wrote on the outside of the letter asking them to please wait until after the holidays. I don’t want things to be difficult with having to go to Jessica’s for Thanksgiving. I’m just so scared that I didn’t send it later. I also don’t want them to think that I’m trying to take the attention away from the holidays. Spirits forbid I ruin their holidays with my neo-pagan faith. I just really hope that this doesn’t backfire. Keep me in your thoughts, whoever actually looks at this.

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A/N: After a writing marathon, here’s the newest chapter. 💪 It has a bit of everything really. Let me know if you liked it. 😍 If you want to be tagged just send an ask or reply and I’ll do it, and as always feel free to comment/request/criticize. (sorry, if i made any misspellings)

Summary: A lot can happen in a year. Ivy was a sous-chef at an A-list restaurant, when an opportunity to work has a personal-chef for a famous person arises. From a professional relationship to a unique friendship, yet, other feelings mingle and remain hidden, until a new decision changes the course of this relationship. But, after a few years apart will it be possible to try again?

Soundtrack: Adorn - Miguel

Warnings: a bit of angst, fluff, teasing&smut, language

If you lost a chapter: Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen

Enjoy my loves! 😘


The steam coming out of the hot pans on the oven and the buzz surrounding them revealed another busy night at the restaurant. The cooks chopped, blazed and shouted inside the kitchen, in their midst was Ivy controlling the rhythm of her workers and asking for ingredients when necessary. The waiters walked backwards and forwards to serve the tables, giving the costumers the perfect food experience and receiving praises for the flavor and the overwhelming sensation of feeling at home.

After the last dish was served Ivy took a break and sheltered in her little office on the back, she sat down on the couch and brushed her hair back with her hand. She sighed heavy not because she was tired, but because the second meeting with her investors, made things worse for her. Even though her restaurants were profitable, the investors were going to take away their money for Ti Penso and that meant that sooner or later the place was going to be shut down. Ivy covered her face with her hands leaning her elbows against her knees, completely defeated.

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1.      “Did you sleep last night? At all?”

“God no, what do you take me for?”      

2.   “Get out!”

“Please let me explain.”


3.      “it could be worse.”

“You aren’t the one bleeding.”

“Look, you are still alive. Stop whining.”  

4.      “Pass me that would you- no, no the other one. On your left. No… your other left.”

5.      “Hush little baby don’t say a word, mummy has a headache and your crying hurts.”

6.      “You and me, together. We’re unbeatable. We can go against all odds and come out on top.”

7.      “Who the hell do you think you are?”


“That was rhetorical.”    

8.      “Are you bleeding?”

“We don’t have time to deal with it. I’ll be fine.”

9.      “Is this heaven?”

“Well, judging by your presence here, hell.”

“Oh. So I am dead?”        

10.   “Is it wrong for me to wish that they never grow up and I can keep my baby forever?”

“I kind of want that too.”

11.   “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I am just… speechless. You look beautiful.”        

12.   “Don’t touch me!”          

13.   “Walk it off.”

“I don’t know if I can walk.”        

14.   “Alright, which one of you idiots left your shoes out for me to trip over again?”  

15.   “Open wide. Come on, eat your dinner!”

“It probably tastes awful.”

“It doesn’t- okay. No, it is pretty bad.”

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over the oaks: chapter 5

Oh god, the last chapter for my @viktuuriangstbang is up?!?!?!? I’ve enjoyed writing this so so so much, and I really hope that people have enjoyed reading it.

With nothing more to say:


Books have always called Yuuri, ever since he was a child. So when he gets the chance to answer the call, he does, even if it implies crossing the milky way in a tiny spaceship with Victor Nikiforov —the man Yuuri has been pining after since they met— by his side.

But a spaceship is not only a vehicle, it can be a prison too (especially if the thing you’re running away from is trapped inside it as well)


When Yuuri was a child, he dreamt of weeping angels. It was just a bad dream, a nightmare that haunted him for weeks until the thought of the winged figure drifted away from his mind and the cold touch of the statue was replaced by Hiroko’s warm arms.

He had always told his parents that he didn’t remember what the dream was about, that he only recalled the stalking shadow of the creature and its wings looming his tiny body, over his horrified eyes. But that wasn’t true. He remembered every single detail, every single colour and, especially, every single second he thought he was going to die.

He was just scared that if he said it out loud it would get real. But, wasn’t it going to get real anyway?

Read the last chapter here (and hug me, I’m emotional):

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When the raindrops pitter on your face, your eyes flutter close and your nose scrunches up in appreciation of the thunder, and even though the sky is a sad, heavy grey you stand admist nature’s chaos with a big smile on your face and arms open wide and welcoming. I hate the rains, but I’d drench myself in these showers for hours if I get to see you smile like that.

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I have three main WIPs (yeah I’ve added another… a project I’ve had in mind for a long time and needs to be out) and my main characters either 1) are childhood friends 2) have an intense childhood friendship with secondary characters.

End of the Rainbow? The story’s pitch could as well be “new boy bursting into two codependant childhood best friends’ lives helps them get out of their “I don’t care about whatever happens in life because if my feelings turn into a hindrance we’ll carve them out of my heart together” strategy”.

Candied Hibiscus… MCs are friends since childhood.

The WIP I’ve started working on again? The heroine was part of a childhood friend trio she’s fallen out with. With one, because she believes he deserves better than to have someone like her near him. The second? Haha… Now that’s one she does despise.

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