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#writing commissions

Hey guys !! I’m doing a special sale for commissions!!

100 words for a $1 !

200 words for $2 !

300 words for $3 !

And so on!

I just wanna buy some more platinum for Warframe so I can up my Warframe inventory LOL, and the cheapest option is 4.99 which, I can’t swing on my credit card rn 🤫😱

I’ll write cute love letters between your OCs, a cannon x cannon, whatever! Usual rules apply obviously.

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https: //
Screw it, I may as well! I've got a ko-fi page! For 3 dollars you can get a 300-500 word short, a discount from my usual price of 5 dollars for the initial 100 and then a dollar extra for every 100 after that! I recently turned 18, so I'm trying to find ways to support myself as I lo9o for a job. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and please don't feel obligated to donate! While it is appreciated, your needs come first: )
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Emergency commissions

Hey everybody, I currently have $60 in my account and have a $446 tuition fee coming to pay on the 5th. I’m taking both writing and drawing commissions to get some extra money while I struggle with my current job (who is holding my checks because apparently there’s an error in the number of hours I’ve worked).

I’m trying to bust out as many commissions as I can, so in regards to the writing commissions I’m only accepting a max of 2k words. I charge $1 per 100-1000 words so a 2k story = $20 while a 500 word story = $5. I’m open to writing anything!

In terms of art commissions I mostly do landscapes and animals, here are a couple examples.

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New commission post. I do fanfics, original works, poems, character sheets w/ backgrounds for DnD 5e, and worldbuilding commissions.

I have a pay what you want character available for adoption.

I do 500 words for 5$

1000 words for 10$

1500 words for 15$

2000 words for 20$

All poems are 15$

World building commissions are dependent. I will require that you provide feedback to ensure you get what you want.

  • Full worlds (Lore, religion, NPCs, continents, etc) are 45$ and a minimum of 10 pages
  • Continents (Lore, religion, NPCs, etc) are 35$ and a minimum of 5 pages
  • Character sheets are 25$ and a minimum of 1 page, including important NPCs for the character. Roleplay guides (ie how to build your character) is an extra 5$
  • NPC lore is 15$, doesn’t include a character sheet, and is a minimum of one page.
  • Legendary weapon lore is 5$ and a minimum of 1 page

I request payment upfront. If I don’t get it done in two weeks please contact me; I may have lost your request. I give regular updates. If you want my email, please DM me


CashApp: $jewishyasha

Please. Give me some money.

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hey guys! 

so the time has finally come for me to open up commissions. 

now, to just start out, i want to saying i am trying to get jobs even while being a full-time uni student so it’s not like i’m fully depending on this but, believe me, i will appreciate each and every one and do my best to write out what you’re picturing. 

why i’m doing this specifically is because i’m trying to raise enough money to change my name legally before i graduate. here, it costs too much and i have less than a dollar in my checking account so there’s no way i can pay it in full now. why i want to do it before i graduate is so when i apply for jobs, they don’t wonder why my degree is in a different name, because that would just lead to complications. 

to add on to that, i want to attempt to earn enough money so i can move out as soon as possible. my home environment is just a load of eh and i’d rather have to deal with it as little as possible, though i know that’s a lot to expect from this. 

tldr: trying to change your name in the us and also just getting a place is very expensive and i am uni broke so it’s a pipe dream at the stage i am now. 

all information will be under the cut, but if you’re interested or have any questions, either dm me here, on tumblr, or email me at

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What’s up y’all? My commissions are open again!

☆🌸Writing Examples?🌸☆

You can find my completed, single-chapter, non-Ego Request fics here.

☆🌸Will Write🌸☆

  • Self-Ship Content!
  • OCs
  • Violence/Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Pretty much anything else not listed as a hard no

☆🌸Will Not Write🌸☆

  • Black Mirror (tv series)
  • Big Mouth (tv series)
  • P/edo/philia
  • Incest
  • Fart fetish/kink
  • Chapter fics

☆🌸Why Not?🌸☆

  • It almost made me puke (Black Mirror/Big Mouth)
  • Not touching it even with lava-proof gloves (Pe/do, Incest)
  • It’s just really not my thing? (Fart)
  • Writing multi-chapter stuff for other people is actually kinda hard and I don’t have the time to do them justice as a result


  • To sum up: if I can figure out the characters and world well enough to confidently write your story in under 2 hours, I’m all for it.
  • I’ll write original stuff too!


$5USD per 1000 words. (Ex. 5K=$20USD)

Discounts after 10K, to be calculated depending on total length.


After we officially decide on what you want, I ask for $2.50USD before I start writing and the remaining price upon completion.

You can pay full price prior to me starting the commission if you’d like.

If you’ll have trouble paying the remaining price at time of completion, let me know. I’m happy to hold onto the fic until you have the money for it.

☆🌸Special Offers!🌸☆

For no extra cost, I will doodle a title page for your commission!

For $5USD each, I will add simple sketch illustrations to your commission.

For $10USD each, I will add mono-color lineart illustrations to your commission.

For $15USD each, I will add full color illustrations to your commission.

☆🌸Estimated Completion Time🌸☆

If I’m particularly busy (which is most of the time), expect at least a day or two for anything under 5K. For longer fics, assume at least a week unless I happen to have nothing pressing I need to work on! After about 15K expect a couple of weeks.

For $10USD, you can bribe me to prioritize your commission over everything except school.

☆🌸Contact Info🌸☆

  • My IMs here
  • Via ask
  • Via email at


3 of 4 Slots Open

1 of 1 Priority Slots Open

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I’ve been considering this for a while now, and I’ve decided I’m going to give it a go after all, as I love creating for people and I think I could get away with asking folks to help me out while also getting to create for them.

On the advice of others, I think I’m going to go from a rough price of £5 (about $6 at time of writing) per 1000 words. I don’t have a lot of free time, but opening myself up for commissions allows me to use that time productively doing what I love!

The fandoms I will write for currently are:

~The Arcana
~When the Night Comes
~Errant Kingdom
~Carry On / Wayward Son (Rainbow Rowell)
~Dragon Age
~Mass Effect
~Star Wars
~Castlevania (Netflix series)
~Monster Prom
~Dream Daddy
~Assassins Creed

If there is a fandom not on this list that you would like a piece about, ask me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m happy to write about OCs, and potentially NSFW content, but that can be discussed when you get in touch with me - drop me a line to and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can!

My AO3 account is here if you’d like to see some of my previous work -

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Oh yeah guys, I’m down for trying commissions so please please tell me what you’re interested in commissioning! Message or DM me!! I’ll take most things into consideration. Register your interest by letting me know what type of content you’d like and the content’s format! I leave the structure of my commission options up to you guys!

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help a 17 year old pay for necessities

hi, my name is wybie and i am 17 years old. i am in need of money for a new laptop for school along with some other stuff like food because my moms on disability and shes not getting paid for another week; i have also found out that i am in need of a new chest binder because i accidentally shrunk mine. i currently have $53 in my bank account and i need at least $300 to pay for the things we need.

please commission me, here is my ao3 (wybiegowritey). i do not write inc*st/p*do/NSFW in general; i also have the right to refuse anything else i find im uncomfortable with. my current favorite things are six of crows, fullmetal alchemist, and one piece, but i have other faves too. here are my commission prices:

$7.00 = 500 words

$12.00 = 1,000 words

$15.00 = 1,500 words

$20.00 = 2,000 words

anything above that we can negotiate!! please DM me or send me an ask for my paypal or venmo.

thank you!!

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OwO what’s this? A wild writer appeared! You used commission!

It’s very effective!

Getting that out of the way haha, My name is sky, and i’ve been writing and making stories for over seven years. I’ve made my own short novel and I want to expand my knowledge and love for writing with some commissions! I’m willing to work with prices for specific commissions, though my base prices are as follows:

$2 one shot (500-1000 words)

$5 short story (1200-1700 words)

Anything that i write that ends up over or under these word minimums we can discuss privately!


I’m well versed in darker tones and more explicit writing, though I am perfectly capable of writing romance and action. I will write for both ocs and fandoms, just send me a description of ocs and/or the ship and i will write to the best of my abilities! I will take payment through PayPal, though I do have Cash app if that is perhaps easier (though I believe they are the same in terms of sending/receiving money). I hope to hear from you! Have a good day/night!

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Make a post of your commission prices or just a sole link

Hey there! Sure thing! I’m currently working on figuring that out, but I’ll make a post with a link once I’m finished. Thanks for your interest!

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Once again, times are a little tough. My laptop battery needs to be replaced, I’ve got student loans and a credit card bill to pay, and to top it off, I had to quit my job due to harassment issues from coworkers. Please don’t worry about me; I’m alive, emotionally sound, and there’s no danger to my health or well-being. 

That being said, I’ve opened up commissions while I’m in between jobs. Though I would appreciate any and all help, please do not feel obligated to purchase anything. The fact that I know y’all are there for me is already enough 💕

If you can’t afford any of the commission categories, I also have a Ko-Fi set to $1 minimum instead of the standard $3. If you donate even that one dollar and leave your URL / preferred name, I’ll come up with a special Modern!Reader treat for ya. 

Thanks y’all! Have a good night!

-Heart of Gold

EDIT: Here are links to my writing and to my Ko-Fi

Archive of Our Own


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Valentines Day Writing Coms!

Super simple! Super inexpensive! Super quick! Let me write you a little something for V-Day! (also a bit of a test-run for more involved, perminant commissions)

$5 per piece—the end word-count will between 500 and 1000 words. Payment through PayPal or Venmo, upon completion and satisfaction.

  • Piece is guaranteed to be done by Valentine’s Day!
  • Original and fandom work is a-okay! I’m familiar with a lot of fandoms, but just shoot me a message if you’re unsure.
  • Ns/fw is super fine! Ask about kink, but I’d almost be surprised if I say no.
  • That said, I do reserve the right to refuse for any reason (but I’ll certainly try to work something out with you, if possible).

2/5 slots are OPEN, and available through the 13th

Thanks for taking a look!

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what’s up, it’s ya boy and i’m in the mood to stretch my writing muscles (and work’s scarce at the moment) so i’m opening commissions. i mostly write within fandom (as seen here) but i’m open to other stuff as well. 


-$0.50 USD per 100 words ($5 per 1000 words, $10 per 2000 words, etc.) up to 6000 words. Anything more than that can be discussed but will most likely cost extra. 

-$3 USD flat rate for 500 words or less

-i’m open to the possibility of writing nsfw pieces but that must be discussed first and will cost double regardless. this is not a guarantee that i will definitely write nsfw, just a note that it’s a possibility 

-payment will be made after the writing is finished but before the final product is shown. posting the finished piece will be up for discussion. 

Things I Can Write: 





-found family

-sibling dynamics

-shenanigans and hooliganism

-other generic tropes

-queer shit

-crackfic (see Hercules and the Cosmo)

-fandom (including but not limited to/up for discussion–Heathers, My Hero Academia, Life is Strange, Pokemon, Undertale, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, The Raven Cycle, Carry On series, etc)

-OCs (references/descriptions are a must)

Things to Note:

-i maintain the right to refuse or stop a commission if at any time i become uncomfortable or other circumstances arise. 

-whether or not pieces can be posted will be discussed

-unless someone pays me to write about my own ocs, i don’t claim to own any of the characters/worlds i write about

-i’m also open to beta-reading or editing for same price listings as above, but that can be discussed.


if you’re interested or have any questions about anything above, feel free to dm me here or email me at

have a great day, y’all

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hi everyone i’m doing fic/writing commissions! we are struggling financially to keep our heads above water at the moment

here’s examples of my writing, i also write poems (can provide more recent of both in pm) i will write anything - fandom if i know it, ocs, nsfw, reader/self-insert

pm me here, or on discord for a quicker reply (kayde#8511)

prices are super flexible, minimum is £2, please message me for specifics on your request :)

thank youu

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Hey everyone, DBGreece here again with a quick update on things.

The reason I am posting this today is because me and my wife are in desperate need of assistance.

This last week both me and her have been unable to get much done due to sickness catching up to both of us, myself with some major Lumbar support problems that we are looking into, and my wife with a Mrsa infection on her butt. Because of this both her and I were unable to go to our day jobs the last little while and because of this we do not have enough money to get most of our bills paid, let alone food to last us the week.

For this I am doing a quick flash sale to try and get us some money to help us get by. I am not able to offer a discount on my vocal commissions, due to some complications with that, but I am offering a sale on my writing commissions!

For the duration of the sale, my commissions will only be $3 a page for the first 10 pages, and then $2 a page up to 20 pages! If you want to commission a longer story hit me up and we can discuss it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to everyone who has been and is able to support me in all that I do, it truly means the world to me.

And until next time, I can’t wait to bring your dreams to life!

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