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My novel sits idly by
And minutes, they soar and they fly
Hours turn into days,
And still it delays,
And I have the gall to ask why


I could have been writing all morning,
My drafts that I should be adorning,
Instead I sit here,
Though still in good cheer
Please somebody give me a warning!


There once was a writer I know
Whose writing pace was kind of slow
She swore she’d get started,
And be less half-hearted,
After writing this rhyming memo


My last limerick of the day–
At least, I hope and I pray
That when this one’s done,
And the last rhyme is spun,
I’ll run out of excuse to delay


Of course I’m a liar you know,
But just one more couplet I’ll sow,
I hope that this run
of lyrical fun
Is the end of my dawdling woe

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do you think of yourself as 


or a writer? 

is there a difference, 

or is there not? 

perhaps all words we write

are stories of a sort? 

whether stories we tell ourselves

about this thought or that belief - 

one event or another - 

or stories we tell others 

whether fiction or fact.

I think of myself a writer 

more than a story-teller,

tuning into reactions to events:

- the why -

- experiences internalized -  

more than to the events themselves. 

What about you?

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I was tagged by @the-scum-initiative for the 11 Qs tag game - which is one of my favourite so I’m definitely looking forward to this! Your questions look awesome, @the-scum-initiative - thank you for the tag!!

Let’s begin!

1. Whom of your OCs do you find the hardest to write?  Why?

I think I find Mila’s father the most difficult to write. Mila’s father is the one character who is really quite different from my other characters in any of the books I’m writing, and sometimes it’s hard to get into his head.

Viggo can be difficult too, because he’s supposed to be super smart and cunning and manipulative and I’m… not all of those things! Still, I’ve been doing a lot of research on writing characters who are supposedly smarter than you, the author, so that’s hopefully going to come in handy as I write Viggo’s character, especially since he’s supposed to be a few steps ahead of everyone at all times.

2. What does a typical writing session look like for you?

It usually happens at night. I’ll either be sitting at my desk or on my bed, and I’ll probably have some music or a movie on in the background because it helps me focus. If I’m really in the zone, I’ll write for a few hours straight without any breaks (or however long it takes for me to get all of my ideas out for the day). If I’m not really feeling it, I’ll get distracted every 5 minutes and it takes a lot of effort to keep me on track. Once I’ve got all my ideas down, and I’ve completely dried out my head, it’s time to wrap it up! I’ll often end a writing session with re-reading what I’ve just written and probably doing a few edits here and there, and then I’ll save, quit, get some sleep, and open it again first thing in the morning. 

3. How did you become involved with writeblr, and how has it affected your writing process?

I can’t quite remember how I got involved in writeblr or how I even found it in the first place. I’d joined Tumblr back in high school, and I used it mostly to go through and see other people’s posts and like the posts that I enjoyed, but I didn’t use my blog at all. 

And then, somehow, I found writeblr. Maybe I’d stumbled upon a post and it led me down a rabbit hole, but whatever the reason, I found it and I closely followed the writeblr community on and off for a while before deciding to try my hand at Tumblr.

I think writeblr can be a very positive place if you surround yourself with the right writeblrs. I am grateful that I’ve found some really amazing writeblrs to surround myself by because they’re all really quite positive forces in the writeblr community. I know there can be a lot of poiltics, drama, and gossip, and I’ve made the conscious decision in these past couple of months to really stay out of all of that because, at the end of the day, I’m here to write and share my writing and find other writers I can help support. I don’t want anything else to taint my experience here. Making that decision has actually helped me get more out of writeblr, which has been great! ^^

So, in terms of support and positivity, writeblr has been a great place for me, and I find myself constantly motivated and inspired to create while being a part of this community. 

On a slight downside that has less to do with writeblr and more to do with self-discipline, I’ve found that the amount of writing I do has really plummeted since becoming actively involved in writeblr, and this is mainly because I see all the amazing content on here and I suddenly want to create OC intros and WIP intros and posters and soundtracks and graphics and basically all of these different things that really take up a lot of my time. I’m getting better about getting that under control, though! ^^

Keep reading

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The writer: introduces a new OC

The older OC’s: Talking to the new character. “Okay, here’s the deal. You’re going to be traumatized. People will die. You will suffer. You’ll contemplate your existence with every new page the writer makes, and it won’t be fun. But don’t worry, you’ll always have us.”

The new OC: “um…”

The older characters: “until some of us die, that is.”

I post writing advice and writing memes. Follow me if you want more

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Me: Trying to write my WIP with writers block

Brain: I have a new story idea

Me: I already have 10 WIP’s. I don’t need another one

Brain: But this one’s really good

Me: Looks at the lack of progress of my current WIP


Brain: you know you want to…

Me: What’s the idea?

I post writing advice and writing memes. Follow me if you want more

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Don’t be afraid- it’s only the crows

WIP introduction// Dance of Puppets

Fantasy Medieval Gothic Western

Summary: Nobody could remember the last time the Unnamed were allowed to show their faces, to step foot back into their home. Very few who could remember their faces were even still alive. 

Sol was determined to keep his family alive, to keep them moving, even as the years pass with fear and green eyed monsters, even as those closest to him give up on the futile quest to stay together. 

But things are different now. The world is changing rapidly, and it’s only getting worse. They can’t afford to be separated. Staying together is their only chance of surviving. 

But not everything is what it seems. Not when Sol has to ask himself who it is that’s really pulling the strings. 


Sol: Became a leader to the Unnamed, promised to keep them alive even after they were forced to flee

Rose: The witch who had long ago planted herself at Sol’s side, blindly loyal to the man she calls family 

Ship: Left the Unnamed behind to start a new life when they were forced to flee

Caecia: Once a loyal friend to the Unnamed, appearing when needed, disappearing after they fled

Adeline: Married to Ship, struggling to be seen in a world that shuts her out

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One day, the sun never sets and night never begins creating a divide in the human race. The great war has gone on for many years until a new enemy birthed from the battles appears and starts massacring anything that gets in their way. As the leader of the dark side, for the sake of the human race, you have to make a choice and determine who would be best to fight alongside. 

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Lyra I have told you a thousand times, you are a girl. You were born a girl, to be anything else is unnatural to the Gods.”

 Lewis scoffed, “Clearly you’ve never met them…”

“What was that?”

“I said yes mother.”

“Just because you became one of those super-powered freaks, doesn’t mean you should act like one.”

“Of course, mother.”

His mother stiffened, “Are you being smart with me?”

 Lewis turned back to his desk and began to sort through his papers, “Not at all, mother…” he sniffed quietly.

I got nothing on this, the excerpt speaks for itself I think.

@hannahs-creations @futureauthor-mabye @soul-write @dream-weaver  @miniaturemagic @spellboundinks @rachywritessomething @namingtoohard @the-crafty-fox @toboldlywrite @lady-redshield-writes @wchwriter @stone-goddess-writing

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I’m feeling better today - a rare moment of peace these past few weeks - and even though I’m still not in top shape, I feel like doing some games I’ve been tagged in these past several days! ^^ Thank you @kiraawrites and @tea-and-pirates for tagging me in this one! I don’t think I’ve ever played this tag game ^^

About me…

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: (no clue… Average?)

Hobbies: Writing, reading, procrastinating, watching movies, graphic design and art, learning, researching, gardening, hanging out with pets, baking, cooking, and recently I started working on a visual novel murder mystery game, so I can add game development to this list.

Favourite colours: Blue. Blue in its many shades, but mostly the bright, rich, deep blues. And bright greens - like small palm tree leaves and the color of grass in the sun. Bright yellow, bright red, maroon red, lavender, black, white, chocolate brown — let’s just say all the colours, shall we?

Favourite books: Rebecca, The Great Gatsby, The Book Thief, The Historian, I Am the Messenger. 

Last song: An Arabic song called Masha3er by Sherine. It was recommended and I really loved it.

Last film: Vertigo (1958)

Inspiration for my url: My name. ^^ It wasn’t taken, so I thought, why not?

Dream job: Author, businesswoman, teacher, artist, journalist, doctor - I have way too many interests and passions.

Favourite aesthetics: I like elegance and sophistication. Old-school class and charm. Grace and kindness. I try to strive for that every day, though some days are better than others.

Tagging: @coloursintheblur, @norawritess, @trickster-writes, @farrradays, @kaatiba, @sunsblr, @candy687, and for the eighth person - you! If you want to jump in and tell us more about yourself, please don’t hesitate to say I tagged you ^^

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It fell as rain

and I,

open-mouthed and tongue spread wide,

felt it cut through me—

stiff and bitter:

A warm burst like freshly planted seeds,

a sweetness bursting on my lips;

filling me will lilac cream.

I let the jasmine kiss absorb into

my marrow, brain stem and

sockets, blanketing everything

In its floral haze.

Back then,

you could cut me apart,

sever each muscle and

lay out the strings

and I would have looked as

spun sugar, disappearing

beneath your hot damp breath.

-Ashley Robles

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and if we were

to try again later,

would it have

actually ever

turned out any


I don’t think so

because you are

still you,

and I am still me,

that’s what brings

the downfall

of “us”

-nereum // aug.16.19

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