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#x reader

Sitting in your room and just sipping your hot coffee can give you such a pleasure. Listening to ‘Dancing with your ghost’ and continue reading the book and just take a nap there.

Such beauty……

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I am taking requests for any fandom. I’m kinda running out of ideas.

* - Smutt



Rise (crossover)


Jeff the killer




Wolverine / Logan Howlett

  • I’m wet, how do think I feel? (Coming soon)

Rise of the guardians



Harry Potter


Severus snape

Lord of the rings


  • Tale of the undaunted (Legolas x reader) (coming soon)
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Will you stay?

Post Date - 20 January 2020

Fandom - Creepypasta

Story summary - You and Jeff blow off some steam. But something unexpected happens during your usual session.

Warnings - smutt, lots of smutt. Shameless really. Some fluff at the end.



He gripped her hair roughly, pulling her slightly off the bed. Tears forming in her eyes from the pain. (Y/N) would have cried a little from the harsh movement but the pleasure of everything else was too distracting. He pounded into her mercilessly from behind. (Y/N) on her knees, almost flat on her stomach. Arms no longer able to give any sort of support.

Her body rocked back and forth with each thrust. An array of sinful sounds, no longer just moans as she was practically screaming in bliss. They were just blowing off steam. Neither participate baring any sort of feelings for the other. The stressful life of living in the Slender mansion along with everyone else and having to do favours for the Slenderman in order to stay, put its toll on everyone.

Everyone had their own way of dealing with it. BEN played video games, Sally had tea parties with her toys, Clockwork drew in her sketch book, EJ took walks outside. Unfortunately the proxies worked 24/7 and probably had no escape. If they did (Y/N) didn’t know about it. This was her and Jeff’s way of dealing with it. Just a rough fuck to get rid of stress, so they didn’t end up murdering an entire neighbourhood or one of the various tenants that lived here.

It was convenient and fun to say the least. Half the time she could barely walk the next morning. But (Y/N) made sure to give as good as she got. If she had to struggle down the stairs so would he.

They could last for hours on end or just be five minutes in the hallway depending on the mood. The way he felt inside her, killed her everytime. Just hearing his voice made (Y/N) cum in her pants. She wanted him physically not emotionally. The feeling of him sliding in and out so easily, mostly due to her.

The sounds of their wet skin smacking each other rang throughout the room. Her back and arms were covered in cuts leeking small amounts of blood, not that she minded. Whenever Jeff cut her, it would awaken something feral in him. Everything about his demeanor would change. And that’s when the fun began.

He reached his other hand around her waist and rubbing her sensitive clit sending her even more towards the edge. (Y/N)’s entire body tension, eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her screams no longer able to leave.

“Oh no you don’t. Not yet.” He grunted, pulling out and rolling (Y/N) onto her back. “I’m not done yet.”

(Y/N) whined at the emptiness between her legs. Jeff got off the bed, smacking her thigh before walking off to the dresser. She moaned from the sudden sting. Her breaths were heavy and uneven as she watched him. What could he possibly be getting? The ache in cunt was irritating. Fuck, she had to do something about it.

(Y/N) brought her hands down to her swollen lips. Coating her fingers before slipping one then two in. She moaned arching her back. No need to start slowly, (Y/N) pumped in and out at a rapid pace, moaning while listening to the wet sounds she made.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, walking back to bed in front of her, just watching for a moment with his head cocked to the side.

“You’re taking too long.” (Y/N) said between moans.

He grabbed her hand, slowly pulling her out. He held her fingers to his slit mouth. Staring into her eyes with his unblinking ones and licked her fingers while stepping closer and rubbing his member across her lips at a painfully slow pace. Fuck, he was going to kill her. He kept that pace never going in.

“Will you stay?” He asked out of the blue.

“What?” (Y/N) was confused. “If I say no, are we done here?” She joked.

Jeff furrowed, scrunching his features. Stopping completely.

“You’re serious.” (Y/N) was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t let herself think about this, it was supposed to be no strings attached. Would it be a bad thing if they did? Did she like him?

Maybe a some part of her did. Even if there wasn’t, she didn’t have to like him right away. He was a good a guy. Given the curcumstances. He was nice to her, sweet even. Why not give it a try.

“Sure.” (Y/N) told after what felt like an eternity.

Was he smiling? (Y/N) couldn’t tell but it seemed like in his eyes he was. Jeff ushered her higher up the bed. Placing whatever he got out of the dresser behind them on the nightstand. Before she could look at what it was he slide back in distracting her. She almost forgot that this is what they were doing.

He built back up to the brutal pace. The knot in her stomach back to becoming undone. (Y/N) moaned his name over and over. It sent him close to the edge. He buried his face into the crook of her neck grunting. Reach down to lift one of her legs high to go in deeper.

Their hips connected each time, Jeff hitting her sweet spot mercilessly. She felt something snap inside her. Her entire body shook with pleasure as she squirted her juices, soaking the sheets. A few more thrusts and Jeff was finished. His warm cum filling inside her.

They laid like that for awhile panting, before Jeff rolled off next to her.

“It’s for you.” Was all he said, gesturing to the nightstand.

(Y/N) looked up, reaching for the small blue box. She sat up slowly, opening it.

It was beautiful. A small, silver flower pendant on a delicate chain. Where did he get this. (Y/N) chuckled, smiling. “You couldn’t have waited until after we were down to get this?”

Jeff grunted before getting up to fetch his boxes. (Y/N) rolled over to catch him before he got up from the bed and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

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Hello! I would love a normal matchup please. I am a heterosexual female. I love art (specifically fashion design) and I am interested in history. I enjoy traveling and beautiful scenery or architecture. I often daydream. I’m kinda clueless sometimes. From a distance I appear reserved and quite, but if you talk to me I am very friendly and a little funky. I tend to be attracted to intellectual people, I dislike loud people who say meaningless things. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

I ship you with Norway and Germany!

Norway//Lukas Bondevik

Lukas is definitely not a loud person so no worries there. He won’t admit it but he likes people who are a tad eccentric.

  • If Lukas catches you daydreaming, he’ll take the opportunity to stare at you.
  • If Denmark annoys you, Lukas might just kill him for you. Might want to tell him it’s okay.
  • Norway as a country has a long and interesting history. Lukas often reads his old journals and books to remember the past. Originally he won’t like the idea of sharing it, but he trusts you enough to tell you some things.

Germany//Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig might end up on the louder side sometimes, but every statement he gives has purpose. He enjoys traveling as well which gives you a common point of interest.

  • You guys are a pair of tourists. You’ll have dates in other countries fairly regularly.
  • Other countries are sometimes confused at how much you travel. One day you’ll be in your home country, the next in Germany, the next in Italy, etc.
  • Ludwig tries to get you to work out with him. Some days he’ll be harder on you than he is on North Italy, other days you’d think he’s treating you like you have a child’s strength.
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Diaval x Reader

Requested? Yes!

Word count: 1167

A/N: i just realized im bad at summaries so hshsh but nonetheless hope yall enjoy this story! also im posting this in mobile sorry for any mistakes!

Summary: (Y/N) met a raven which she quickly becomes friends with, but suddenly the raven disappeared leaving (Y/N) sad, but then when everyone is finally happy, someone familiar comes up to her.


Originally posted by raainstorms


Originally posted by kathmcnamara

You were in your parent’s farm, feeding the chickens and whatnot, you dug your hand in the small bag that contained the grains to feed for the chickens. Once you made sure that they were full, you began to walk away when you heard that loud sound:

Kraa! Kraa! Kraa!

You furrowed your eyebrows and turned around, to spot a beautiful raven perched upon a box of hay, you tilted your head at it, and to your surprise, it also tilted its head at you which you were taken aback with. Then it started calling again, you somehow felt inside that it was calling for you, this is..weird you thought when you approached the raven with silky black feathers.

“Hello there, little one.” You smiled, slowly lifting your index finger to see if the raven was willing to be friends with you.

It eagerly rubbed its head on your finger and you stood there shocked, you squinted and looked at it for a few seconds then scraping your hand in the bag of grains, you knew ravens preferred meat but all you had with you was grains right now so you hoped for the best.

“Are you hungry?” You asked, crouching to meet its eye, it somehow made a noise and nodded vigorously. You laughed and offered your other hand which held the grains. You were quite scared that it was going to bite off your finger or bite you but it carefully picked out and ate the grains in your hand.

You were still dumbfounded because this wasn’t like any other ravens but then you just smiled as you casually watched it devour the grains until there were a few left. You hadn’t noticed that your hand was numb for holding it out for too long but you didn’t mind, as long as it helped someone.

And this is where your friendship with this raven began.

Ever since that day, that raven would come every morning and then every afternoon, you would already be waiting outside after a few days of it visiting you non-stop. You had a small bowl ready with food for it, and when every time it lands it already had food to chomp on.

And now you were here, after a month from meeting the raven, it now sat on your shoulder comfortably, you tied your hair up so it wont get tangled in your hair. You tended to the animals in the farm, the raven making some kind of sound, mimicking the sounds of some animals which you found amusing.

“You’re quite talented, hmm?” You cooed to the raven on your shoulder, opposite hand reaching out and scratching its head, and you heard somewhat of a purring sound and you felt it nudge its head on your cheek. You chuckle, trying to nudge your cheek a bit.

You finished with your job and you felt the raven fly and land on the box of hay, next to its bowl. You hadn’t noticed that the sun was now setting and you looked at the raven. It made a sad noise, close to whining and you know it had to say goodbye. You approached it and pet its head.

“See you tomorrow, I guess?” And it nodded before it flew off into the forest.

You continued to meet for the next few weeks until the raven suddenly stopped coming.

You were gripping at your dress, worrying about what might’ve happened to your furry friend, you stayed there in the morning through the afternoon, only going inside your house because your parents needed you for something.

But you were back outside again, looking at the small bowl filled with food that you prepared earlier, but alas, it was still full and untouched.

You were beginning to lose hope but you still stayed out for a few hours until it was already sunset. You had a frown etched onto your face… he couldn’t have just disappeared like that? Unless…. You shook your head, no, that’s impossible.

It was already nighttime, still, you heard no sound of your raven. You let out a deep sigh, standing up from the small chair in the back of the house.

“(Y/N), dear? You better head inside, it’s cold out there!” You heard your mother say from the inside of the house. “Coming, mother.”

Ever since that day you still hadn’t lost hope and still came out from time to time to see if the raven would come back but there was still no trace of it being there.

Until hours grew to days, grew to weeks, and months.

And then a huge war broke out between the fey’s and with the Queen Ingrith, and you saw the phoenix which was Maleficent and then news about the wedding between Prince Philip and Aurora, and that they were now going to be rulers of Ulstead, also of the Moors.

You were now at their wedding, clapping loudly. You cheered for the new rulers, smiling widely. You saw all the creatures gathered around the kingdom, you were in awe at all of them, your gaze shifting from creature to creature.

A sudden bump on your shoulder made you turn around to see who might’ve bumped you, and it was a man, a good-looking one at that, taller than you, with a slicked back hair, and very brown eyes. He was wearing a coat designed with animal skin and he seemed to be holding a staff. You were stuck staring at him for a second and he was also just staring at you, the corner of his lips looked like it was twitching into a smile.

You were the one to break the silence among you two. “Uhm.. can I help you with anything?” You said smiling at the very handsome man in front of you.

He seemed to be zoning out for a second until he shook his head and smiled widely now.

“Oh uh I’m sorry you just caught my eye and I was just-“

You blushed at the fact that you caught somebody’s eye and you seemed to feel comfortable around this man, he seemed familiar to you and you couldn’t pinpoint what was it that made you so calm around him. You weren’t usually like this with strangers but with him was an exception.

“Oh, really now?” You teased him and he was the one who blushed now. He was looking at you and you were looking at him.

“Y-yes may I say that you are just breath-taking- I’m sorry if I’m being too close for comfort, I just-“

You cut him off by chuckling and comforting the man in front of you. “No, no, it’s alright, I- you’re quite handsome too.”

“Wait, I am?” He asked, puzzled, which you laughed at and shyly nodded. Yes, you VERY are.

You shyly looked down at your shoes before he spoke up again,

“W-Would you like to go out sometime?”

You exhaled in relief with a smile,

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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Howdy there, I'm a 5'3 bi guy who leans heavy towards guys. I can be sorta elusive and not say much, but its not that im super shy or don't wanna talk, I just dont have much to say in the first place. Despite this i heavily joke around w/ my friends. im pretty chilled out and tired. I really like playing games and going out to go bowling, skating, etc. + learning languages and am heavily involved in the arts (mainly cartoon stuff) i can get really depressed and i secretly like writing bad poetry

AN//It’s no problem at all, don’t worry! 😊

I ship you with America and Canada!

America//Alfred F. Jones

Alfred knows how to deal with quiet guys since he has one for a brother. Once you open up, he’ll find you to pretty much be a chill version of himself.

  • Gaming nights! For him, there is nothing better than a ridiculous amount of quarters and a night at the arcade.
  • Alfred is glad you’re a support player since he finds that boring and might need backup when he plays.
  • Al sucks at the arts so he thinks it’s cool whenever you show him anything you’ve done/made.
  • In a group of people, he definitely talks enough for the both of you. Good luck trying to make him shut up.

Canada//Matthew Williams

Matthew is the quiet guy. He also tends to say little, however for him it is out of shyness. He loves nature just as much as you, too.

  • You two take nature walks together. Whether it’s a light hike or a path through a forest, he always likes to join in.
  • Show him your ‘bad’ poetry! It’s an entertaining experience for everyone!
  • Mattie likes to ice skate and if you didn’t know how, he’d gladly teach you. Whenever a lake nearby freezes, he’ll take the chance to break out his skates and show off a few tricks.
  • Since Matthew is so tall, he loves being the big spoon. However, with a bit of persuasion you can take that role.
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Pairing: Harry styles x Reader 

Warnings: Language, Minor angst.

Summary: You get paired with the most argumentative boy in art class to do a project with. 

“1 at my dorm? My roommate is visiting family right now, we could start planning.” You explained to him. 

“Why can’t it be at my place?” He replied. 

“Okay, Your place then.” You answered. 

“Your place is fine.” He grabbed his bag as soon as the bell rang and you furrowed your eyebrows at him. “What’s your name again?” You asked and he sighed and looked down at you. “Harry and yours is Y/N.” He replied and tore out a piece of paper from his notebook and handed it to you, you looked at him confused and he looked right back at you. “Dorm room number,” You mentally face palmed yourself and grabbed a pen, Writing the number down. He grabbed the paper from you and left without a single word. Great. 

He was late. An hour fucking late. You guys were only planning out what your project would be. Both of you would actually have to work on it soon. Turning your head towards the door as you heard a knock on the door you rolled off your bed and went to open it. To your surprise, it was Harry, with a half-eaten bagel in his mouth, art supplies in his bag in his right arm. Moving out the way you let him come in, kicking the door closed behind him you huffed. “You’re late.” You announced and he set his bag down, finishing his bagel in a few bites. “I was really really hungry. But I only wanted a bagel. So I basically sprinted to the opposite side of the campus for one. But there was a line.” He said and you rolled your eyes. “It’s too small to actually do something in here.” Harry huffed, rolling his shoulders. “We’re only planning today.” You said, hopping up on your bed. He awkwardly stood in the middle of the room and you nodded towards a chair. “Sit.” He nodded and sat down.

You guys bounced ideas off of each other, he usually disagrees with what you’re saying but he does it annoyingly, he questions every idea you have and you’re getting frustrated. “What if I just draw you?” He asked as he leans his elbow against your bed to look at you. “I’ll draw you in a field of your own sorrows or your favorite flower if you don’t want to make it angsty.” He spoke again and you looked at him and half nodded. 

“Sure why not? My favorite flowers are sunflowers.”

“So no sorrows?” Harry chuckled, his eyes crinkling and dimples popping as he laughs at his own joke. You smiled at him and gently flicked his shoulder. 

“No sorrows.”

A few days passed and you were in some type of art studio Harry rents? or owns? You don’t know but its nice and calming there’s sketches on the wall from Harry, paint cans and art canvas’ on the floor. You’re sat on a small black box in the middle of the room and Harry is a few feet in front of you, he has your head turned to the left and your head tilted up a bit with your hands in your lap. “What if I paint you crying?” Harry questioned as he looks at you from behind the art easel. You tried not to move your face as much as you spoke. “You want me crying in front of a field of sunflowers?” You asked and all he did was nod before turning back to the easel to paint. “Yes, it’ll make the painting deep.” He said a few seconds later and you rolled your eyes before looking out the window as the sun hit your face. 

Harry noticed how the sun turned your skin golden and painted it like that perfectly, thank god he already got your top half sketched or he would’ve been mad if he didn’t catch this moment. “You look pretty,” Harry said as he started to pack up his things, you squinted and turned to him. “Thank you?” the commitment took you off guard. 

“You’re hungry and you don’t have class tomorrow,” Harry said suddenly as he finished packing up his bag. “How do you know I’m hungry and how do you know I don’t have class?” You asked as you stood, stretching out your body. You have been sitting in the same spot for probably about 5 hours with maybe a few breaks. 

“We’ve been here since- what? 3? and I know you didn’t eat before. I also know you don’t have class tomorrow because we’ve been doing this project for two weeks now.” Harry said simply as he opened the door for you to exit the art room, you rolled your eyes before getting your stuff and leaving. 

You both settled for the bagel shop Harry loves so much, he’s sitting across from you spreading the cream cheese over his bagel while you watch him, trying not to seem too creepy. He rips one of the bagel halves apart and sticks his tongue out before eating it. You don’t realize you’re smiling at him until he looks up from his bagel giving you a quizzical look. “What?” Harry asks licking his lips. You shake your head before looking down at your own bagel. You had barely spread any cream cheese on it, doing so you accidentally drop some of the cream on your pants. “You should’ve been paying attention to your food instead of me, love,” Harry said eating the other half of his bagel. “I wasn’t- Okay Harry.” You gave up and started to eat your bagel, finally. 

“You’re still gonna be hungry, you should’ve gotten two bagels,” Harry spoke as you two began to walk back to your dorm. You shoved your hands in your pockets as you felt a heavy breeze and looked up at him before sighing. “If I get hungry I’ll go out and get a snack.” You said simply, rubbing your fingers against your palms for warmth. “By yourself?” Harry continued and you nodded. There was a comfortable silence as you both got to your dorm room, turning towards him in front of the door you tilt your head a bit. “You have class tomorrow, shouldn’t you be in bed?” You ask and Harry shrugged. “Had to make sure you got back safe, you’re my grade.” Rolling your eyes you flipped him off before saying goodnight and going into your dorm. 

Your classes went quick today, you’re sitting on the black box in front of Harry eating an apple. It’s been almost three weeks since you started this project and you have two more weeks to work on it. “Are you done yet?” He asks as you took a few more bites of the apple. “How about we take a break today?” You ignored his complaint and stood up to throw the apple core away. “We’ve been working nonstop.” You continued before moving behind Harry to admire his work. “Tomorrow I could pain the field of sunflowers to let you have a break.” You spoke again but frowned as Harry stayed silent. He’s staring at the painting with his bottom lip between his teeth, obviously lost in thought. Before he could do anything you snatch his paintbrush and run to the back of the room, Harry is hot on your heels and you squeal as he grabs your waist. 

“Give it back!” Harry shouts and you giggle in his arms, holding on to the paintbrush with a death grip. He’s struggling to grab it from you since you’re keeping it pressed against your chest. “You leave me with no choice,” Harry says as he sweeps your legs from under you causing you both to fall. “Harry!” You shout as you feel his weight on top of you. He’s between your legs laughing because you had managed to get paint from the paintbrush on your face and chest. “You really are the art.” Harry jokes and you can’t help but laugh. 

Once your laughing fit is over you see Harry looking down at you with kind eyes, his arms beside your head to keep himself up. “You’re pretty too.” You say referencing to the first time he called you pretty. Harry felt his heart jump as he heard your words, giving you a small smile. Staring at his lips you got a feeling of confidence and gave him a small kiss to his nose, he lets out a small chuckle before brushing his nose against yours and kissing you softly. His lips melted against yours, he tasted like pure sweetness, if you could describe it, he would taste like honey. Moving your lips with his you wrap your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you, arching your back as Harry presses his tongue past your lips. You both got lost in each other, small breaths leaving each other’s lips, getting drunk on his honey-flavored mouth. A few desperate kisses later harry pulled back catching his breath, he’s admiring how swollen your lips look while you’re admiring his red ones. He checks the time on the wall before tapping your hip you furrow your eyebrows before realizing that you had locked him in with your legs around his waist.

“As much as I’d love to continue our newly founded rendezvous, I have class in 5 on the opposite side of campus,” Harry said and you widened your eyes. “Go, you idiot!” You say sitting up from the ground as Harry stands. He quickly starts to pack up before you stop him. “I’ll pack everything and bring it to you later, k? I promise, you gotta go.” You hurry him as he agrees. Harry fixes himself, well at least he tries to as he feels how restricted his pants are now. He hurries out the art room after he thanks you. You watch his clumsy stature leave and can’t help but to laugh. 

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Could I request some borra x female reader were borra finds reader singing and dancing and is amazed by it because he never knew a human could ever catch his eye?

Hey!! I’m sorry if this is too messy I tried my best hope you enjoy this!!

Word count: 817

also i dont own this gif. ctto!


Originally posted by sbastianstan

You were by down the lake in the Moors, giving yourself some time off which you needed since the past days have been hectic, the war between creatures and humans, Philip and Aurora being king and queen of Ulstead, ensuring that there would be no more harm inflicted on feys and fairies alike.

You took a deep sigh, staring at your reflection in the lake, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear then you smiled. You were glad it was finally over. You never really liked hearing back then the screams of the past Queen’s soldiers screaming, a haunting sound that never seemed to leave your mind for days on end. But now all you could hope for was you would never ever hear those screams again.

You shake your head, sighing after. You began to hum a small song that your mother taught you when you were younger, a song that never failed to make you dance all over the place. You saw some little creatures step out from their place, or rather home, to look at you, probably confused with all of the humming but when they heard it they also began to move, they were dancing.

You laughed, watching them move all around, you continued singing the words, you didn’t even realize that you were now stood up, accompanying the creatures that danced, you began to dance along too, ignoring the feeling that someone was staring at you from far away. You felt that since earlier but you just shrugged it off and danced along.

You spotted more creatures coming to your direction, they were smiling and you took one hedgehog fairy’s hand and swayed along with them, laughing and continuing your song. A few moments before you finally finished and all of them were smiling so happily. You took a good look and seeing them like that made your heart soft, who would even think these creatures would do any harm?

Soon, they returned to their homes and began to do their business as you stood there, arms crossed and watching them, a smile still on your face.


A voice suddenly said behind you which made you jump and a shiver run down your spine. You turned around and spotted Borra, which you think his name was. You knew that he was good since him and Maleficent were friends.

You gulped, seemingly having difficulty in swallowing, the sunlight made you look at him more… admire, perhaps, you looked at how his long horns shined when stared down by the sun, your eyes drifted a little lower and you were able to take in his pretty toned body.

Your eyes widened quickly when you realized what you were doing and quickly shook your head and looked away, but you heard his chuckle and the sound of footsteps getting closer, your heart started to pick up its pace, and now he was stood in front of you, you had to stare up at him since he was pretty tall and you were just the average height for a human.

“You have the most wonderful voice.” He started, and you blushed, hard. Nobody had ever said that before, even coming from a fey.

“I- t-thank you.” You stuttered, get a hold of yourself, (Y/N)!

He was still looking at you, never once breaking eye contact, his eyes were just glued onto you, so you tried your best to make eye contact and his eyes were magnetic.

Borra’s POV

I looked at the girl in front of me, seeing her dance and sing in a way like that made me.. amazed? Even after the things that happened, I was glad to meet this human, with a voice that was heaven-sent and could lure you anywhere. I have never felt this kind of emotion before, but I certainly… liked it.

I just looked at her, seeing her face made something in my heart skip a beat. Never once I thought a human would catch my eye but here I was.

“(Y/N), is it?” I said, I can tell she was scared and I knew she was, I tried to be a bit more friendly when I speak and she seemed to get less tensed.

“Yes, and Borra, if I’m not mistaken?” She asked, looking straight into my eyes now, I nodded. Hearing my name roll off her lips made my heart skip a beat yet again.

(Y/N) ‘s POV

You sensed that he was being friendly now and you calmed, to be honest, you liked talking to him, he seemed so mysterious and you felt like there was a lot that you need to know about him.

You both stayed in silence for a little while before he spoke again,

“Would you mind if I ask you to repeat that song once again?”

“No, I wouldn’t.” Before looking at him and giving a wide smile.

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Can you pls write one where armin helps his s/o who’s having intense period cramps?


Groaning loudly you turned to unto your side again, this time more roughly than before. The ache in the pit of your stomach was almost unbearable at this point and no matter how much tossing and turning you did you couldn’t seem to find any way to relieve it. “Shit.” Wrapping your arms around yourself you pulled your knees up against your aching body and hoped that would somehow help. It didn’t.

“Are you feeling any better?” You hadn’t heard the door open but even in your groggy state of mind you could make out Armin’s soft tone of voice. He’d gone to get you something to ease the pain but you doubted there was anything that would stop you from wincing in pain every few seconds.

“No, I’m not.” You replied rather curtly and instantly felt a jolt of guilt make the pain feel even sharper as you turned unto your other side and leaned forward to look up at him. It hurt to move too much but you wanted to see him anyway. “Sorry, it’s just … This really fucking hurts.” You weren’t one to swear that often so the harsh word coming from your lips sounded a bit strange. You couldn’t help it though, it really did hurt.

“That’s alright.” He sounded so caring and gentle as he held a little porcelain cup in his hands. It was one of the pretty white and blue ones you’d only ever seen locked in a cupboard since no one was allowed to use it. They were quite expensive and extremely fragile … “I brought you some tea and, if you felt up to it, I thought you might like a warm bath.” Making his way over to your bed Armin sat beside you and offered you the little cup of tea that was still emitting trails of steam.

“Thanks.” You took it gratefully and took a sip of the herbal tea that tasted of ginger and honey. “Mhm …” You lips pressed against the porcelain as you hummed softly, glad to finally have something other than the ache to focus on.

“Do you like it?” You could feel Armin’s curious eyes on you as if your reaction hadn’t been enough to answer that already. You nodded anyway before taking another sip of the warm liquid that made your muscles loosen as it slipped down your throat. Opening your eyes quickly you glanced down at the nearly empty cup and felt your face fall disappointedly. “Oh, don’t worry, I have a whole pitcher of the stuff!” Jumping up from the bed Armin dashed back out the door before returning with a large pot of the warm, soothing tea.

“Th–thanks!” You hadn’t expected him to do all of this for you but boy were you glad he did. Taking another large sip of the tea you downed the remainder of the glass and held it out towards him a bit awkwardly. You didn’t want to drink it all too fast but it was really helping you relax …

Pouring you another glass of tea Armin kept his eyes on the cup, so as not to spill any, as he spoke, “I can get the bath ready for you, if you’d like.” It was such a simple offer but it made your heart flutter in your chest. Had you told him you loved him today? You couldn’t remember but your mouth was now full of tea so all you could do was nod. “Okay, just sit tight and I’ll be back in a second.” Before you could say anything he’d vanished into the bathroom to prepare everything.

Sitting quietly under the blankets you sipped your tea slowly, savouring every last drop of the golden liquid and feeling the honey slide over your tongue to leave a sweet taste in your mouth. The pain in your torso had simmered to a light ache that only made you wince a few times but the pain was bearable now that you had Armin’s gift of comfort with you. Just the thought of him spending time to make you a full pot of tea was enough to make you feel better … He always made you feel better.

Coming around the corner Armin smiled at you cheerfully as he offered a helping hand. “Everything’s all set.” Slipping your free hand into his you felt him pull you up unto somewhat uneasy legs and although the effort it took to stand brought the pain back up to a searing fire you tried to ignore it. “Are you alright?” You nodded again with a sharp inhale that drifted off into a slowly exhaled breath. It was kind of funny seeing him act so protective of you when you were alright, but you appreciated every last bit off it more than you could say. “Here, let me take that …” Taking the empty cup from you Armin placed his free hand on your waist and helped you to the bathroom where the tub was filled with warm water you couldn’t wait to feel against your skin. “I, um, did you need anything else?” Helping you to the very edge of the tub Armin waited for you to sit down before he sheepishly glanced over at the mirror across from the bath. You could see his flustered expression and the way his face turned a light red. He was always so coy, even after months of being together, and although some people might have found it strange you loved it. It was just so sweet.  

“Maybe some more tea?” Dipping your fingers in the warm water you swirled them around for a moment before turning to see Armin disappear around the corner. With a quiet little laugh you shrugged your shoulders out of the robe you’d been wearing and slipped your left leg over the side of the tub so it was submerged in the water. Slipping your other leg in you sunk lower, feeling the water wash over your legs, thighs and hips before you were chest deep in its warmth. “Oh my god …” Leaning your head against the back of the bath your lips fell open in a breathless groan that was full of relief and relaxation, unlike the pained groans you’d been growling through grit teeth earlier that morning, at the sensation of the warm water encircling your body and soothing your aching muscles.

“Is it alright?” Judging by the redness of his face and the way his eyes shifted from you to the floor you could tell he’d heard your exclamation but you were still sure to tell him directly.

“It’s perfect.” You could feel your shoulders slump lower in the water as you relaxed completely, lost in the warm, soothing feeling of the water on your skin. It was just what you needed.

“Good, that’s good …” He stayed beside the door, his feet shifting ever so slightly, as he stared down at the tea pot and cup in his hands. “Oh, did you want any more?” Looking up from the carefully painted porcelain Armin’s eyes met yours and his blush grew a shade darker but you didn’t look away.

“Mhm, please.” Crossing the short distance between you Armin sat near the edge of the tub and poured you another glass of tea. “Thanks,” looking up at him from your spot in the water you tilted your head to the side to get a better view of his pretty blue eyes and red cheeks. “For all of this …” Taking the cup from his outstretched hand you took a quick sip before smiling up at him. “I feel so much better, thank you.” Blowing over the top of the cup you watched the steam vanish into the air before it slowly came back to life, swirling through the air and fading as it grew closer to the ceiling. It was an oddly enchanting sight, the way it danced through the air like that, but nothing was more enchanting than the way Armin was looking at you … Peering up at his smile, at the way he blinked so slowly and his brows lifted upwards just enough to make him look like a perfect angel, you felt your own cheeks go a light pink. Leaning upwards you felt your nose touch his as you whispered, “I love you.” close enough for your lips to graze his with every word.

“I love you, too.” Returning your words with the sweetest of smiles Armin tilted his head just an inch to the right before closing the almost non-existent gap between your lips with a gentle and adoring kiss that made your heart pound against your chest like a cannon. Closing your eyes and leaning into his touch you felt yourself begin to drown in the softness of his lips and how he tasted of honey, sweet and rich and all consuming … You never wanted to pull away but you knew you’d have to breathe again at some point and that point came quicker than you’d wanted. Reaching up to place your free hand on his shoulder you set the tea cup down beside the tub and smiled up at him breathlessly. “You taste like honey!” Laughing softly between breaths you reached up and ran your fingers through his hair for a moment as he gazed into your eyes like it was the first time he’d ever seen them. He had way of making everything seem like a fairy tale and you fell head-over-heels in love with him each and every time … “I love you.” You wanted to say it again, to repeat it until you couldn’t any more, to shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone you’d ever met that you loved Armin more than words could ever express, but you didn’t have to because right there, sitting in the warm bath he’d prepared for you, tasting honey on your tongue and feeling his skin against yours, you knew this was everything you ever needed. Just you and him … It was perfect.

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Request: can i pretty please get more dad! race and little baby? i was so softttt 💗✨

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope you like it, and it was what you were hoping for, sorry it’s taken so long. If anyone wonders, AJ stands Anthony Jr because why not.

Summary: You fail at throwing your son a tiny birthday surprise and Race comes to the rescue


You let out a groan of frustration, watching all of the streamers that you’d put up fall at the very last minute. You cursed to yourself, getting off the ladder to go back to the very beginning. It wasn’t until you were half way done that you heard snickering behind you.

“What’re you laughing at?” You asked, turning to see Race smiling from ear to ear.

“You.” Race smiled innocently. “You know you’re doing it wrong right?” He asked walking over to you so he could make sure you didn’t fall. 

“If you help me then I’ll help you control AJ when you both make his cake later.” You bargained, a squeal leaving you when Race grabbed you by your hips and carried you off the ladder. 

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I hate it when the reader keep cursing for no reason and everytime. I understand there will be a situation that reader would likely cursed but cursing all the time for absolute no reason? Come on! The reader can still be badass and not keep shouting those cursed word! I once read that the writer’s life can affect the writing skill and story, maybe their life is probably horrible or something.

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What if they...had a goth gf?

Osomatsu is pretty chill with you being his goth gf. He digs your style and will try to accommodate, buying chains, black clothes, and once he threatened your very well-being as he slathered black hair dye over his bowl cut. He’s essentially the Walmart to your Gucci.

Karamatsu is absolutely in love with your style, and that’s just saying it lightly. I’m not even sure if words can even do him justice just to how much he is marveled by your wardrobe choices. He buys fashion magazines for the goth(is that a thing help), and absorbs the fashion tips. He incorporates some fashion of yours into his closet. Is he less painful? No. But that’s what you love him for.

Choromatsu…was slightly put off by it, when he first met you. Call him a stinky boomer, yes, but in his defense, he gets scared of the unknown and hot people, and look at you, a mixture of the two. Now, he could care less but will call you his goth gf unironically. It’s kind of endearing, really.

You and Ichimatsu are the gothic power couple. You wear each other’s clothes, and he will wear a choker that says meow on it, and will beg you to choke himforthesweetrealeaseofdeath– blease stop him oh god ohfuck

He’s essentially the sun, and you the moon. Jyushimatsu wears bright colors that contrast your dark hues, and if your personality is gothic as well, he is your polar opposite. You and he are a duo that balances each other out. 

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♡ male pillars relationship headcanons ♡

hi hello ! i have 3 requests in my ask box so i’ll try to get those finished as soon as i possibly can, but i did promise a male pillars relationship headcanons post, so i figured i’d do that now. i’ve had this blog for less than half a week and i’ve already gotten quite an amount of support and requests, and i’m very happy that people are enjoying my work so far. i wont include tengen in this since he’s no longer a pillar, but i will write for him if requested.


Originally posted by significantlyy


~it takes giyuu quite a while to open up to you, but he really does love you lots, he just doesn’t know how to express it. giyuu feels safe and loved with you, though, and he really does want you to know that. you make him feel like he’s on top of the world. you make him feel like he’s some kind of royalty. giyuu feels like he’s the best version of himself when he’s with you, and he wants to keep it that way.

~giyuu absolutely adores hand holding and snuggling, especially if you guys are reading together or if you’re going somewhere together. giyuu really enjoys reading and writing even though he doesn’t really talk about either much, so you had to kind of figure that out on your own. and when you did, you were really interested !! you asked to read some of giyuu’s work and turns out he mostly likes writing short stories and poetry, and he’s really good at both. you encourage him to keep on writing, and sometimes you’ll borrow books from family members (if you’re not a demon slayer) or other demon slayers (if you are a demon slayer) to read with him.

~giyuu’s favorite date spot ? his room. it’s not really a date spot, but it’s his favorite place to spend time with you when he’s able to. he has everything he needs there, it’s a place hes familiar and comfortable with, so of course he wants to spend time in it with you. giyuu loves snuggling up with you under the covers and writing poetry or just holding you in his arms, or you holding him in your arms. sometimes he really needs to be held and you’re happy to do that for him.

~due to giyuu’s very possible depression and inferiority complex, he worries a lot that he isn’t good enough for you, that he’s undeserving of love, that he shouldn’t have an s/o because he doesn’t deserve someone to be by his side. and you always do your best to help him through these rough patches, which she truly does appreciate. giyuu tells you that even despite what’s going on in his head, you make him feel better, and he can make his own happiness with you by his side.

~giyuu would definitely write poetry for you when he has the chance ! he would not want you to tell anyone at all since he would probably be embarrassed, and you don’t, but you do cherish the poems every single time. by now, you probably have a folder full of them that you take out to read when you’re feeling down.

~if you’re a demon slayer, giyuu will check up on you periodically, not often but he trusts you to take care of yourself and be safe. he does always see you off before your individual missions, though, and tells you to be safe and return to him in good health. giyuu cares about you greatly and just wants you to be happy and in good condition, but also understands that your job is very dangerous, so that may not always be the case. but at the very least, you can always make a steady recovery.

~if you’re not a demon slayer, giyuu will send you letters not too often, but when he does send them they’re a few sheets long, maybe 2 or 3 and pretty detailed. he just really wants to talk to you in detail and get everything out, and he always tells you he misses you. he does his best to visit whenever possible, and that’s not often since he is a pillar, but when he can visit, giyuu makes the most of it and spends a lot of it in your arms and holding your hands.


~gyomei is the absolute most gentle ever when it comes to you !! despite his intimidating appearance, he really is a gentle giant and when he’s with you, he is always so, so kind and sweet. he’s a real gentleman as well, to everyone around him, not just women, but especially to you. he’ll hold doors for you, bring you flowers (if you like them), things like that !

~gyomei love love loves cuddling. obviously he loves to be the big spoon, but honestly, it’s just whatever you want ! he doesn’t mind being the big or little spoon, it’s up to you. gyomei will run his fingers through your hair, give you forehead kisses, cover you in blankets, he just really wants you to be comfortable !! and you bet he’s super warm as well. his chest is pretty much pillow. gyomei is basically a teddy bear, aha ! he actually does call himself that from time to time, but truly, he really just wants you to feel comfortable and loved, since that’s how he feels when he’s with you.

~gyomei’s favorite date spot ? the forest closest to the demon slayer headquarters, where loads of stones and some creeks are ! it’s a pretty big forest, so gyomei can show you a lot of beautiful and interesting things about it. gyomei loves sitting with you by the creek and skipping rocks, talking about nothing in particular and holding your hand. the forest really speaks to him and that’s his all time favorite place, so he wants to be able to share that with the person he loves.

~gyomei would definitely bring you gorgeous rocks that made him think of you ! because of his ability he can make out a pretty good image of them in his mind and he’d tell you to hold onto them tight, because theyre to be cherished, just like you are. gyomei would also probably make you some really nice home cooked meals, i headcanon that he’s good at cooking and he’d bring you some amazing food. of course, he has memorized your favorite dishes and how you like your meals cooked. he really just loves to share that skill with you and he loves to be able to make you happy with it !

~gyomei thanks the gods every single day that he has you in his life. he thanks them for putting you on this earth and for letting your paths cross, because truly, he is so grateful that he has you by his side and he wants you to know that. he believes that you’ve made him a better person and helped change his perspective on so many different things. a lot of the times he’ll pray that you stay in good health and good spirits and that you can spend the rest of your lives together, happy and in love. and good news for him, it seems highly likely that it will happen.

~if you’re a demon slayer, he’ll look out for you a lot ! he’s not necessarily overprotective or posessive, he’s just really caring and he wants to make sure you’re okay. he’ll try to go on a lot of missions with you whenever possible, and he doesn’t like the thought of you being alone in the face of danger, but at the same time, he knows that you can fight for yourself. he trusts you, but he just tells you to be safe and to come back in one piece.

~if you’re not a demon slayer, gyomei will visit you whenever he possibly can ! he won’t send you letters since he can’t read them, but sometimes he’ll ask someone else to write for him and if you send a reply, he’ll have it read out loud to him. he loves hearing from you, though, so he communicates the best ways he can. which isn’t much, considering that it’s the taisho era, but it’s the effort that counts ! but visiting wise, unless gyomei has something urgent to do, the will 10/10 always spend his days off with you.


~oh gosh, your relationship with him is wild. he kind of calms down behind closed doors, but never fully, he’s kind of just untamed and you love that about him ! he is very protective, not to the point of being possessive, but he will do anything in his power to make sure you’re safe, happy, and healthy. a lot of the time he’ll kind of shout words of affirmation at you ? but that’s just his way of showing affection, and you think it’s really sweet anyways !

~hes pretty much only affectionate behind closed doors, and it’s pretty rare, but he does enjoy having you snuggled up close to him. he feels like you’re being protected by him even if he isn’t really doing anything, he just really likes being near you. he’ll kiss you of course, and he is a rather rough kisser (lots of tongue and really sloppy), but a lot of the time, just being close to you, talking or not is enough for sanemi. he enjoys doing his thing, you doing your thing, but together. it’s nice for him !

~i think sanemi’s favorite date spot would be down by a river ! he likes sitting there during the afternoons and resting his head on your shoulder, as long as you don’t say it happened to anyone, he’d surely be embarrassed, and maybe a little angry. but anyways, sanemi really likes being by the river with you and sometimes he’ll decide to just have fun and jump into the river, even though he isn’t much of a good swimmer. he’d probably drag you in and dunk you and splash you. he can be playful when he wants to be, you know !

~all the pillars know that you guys are dating, but sanemi and you kind of keep it on the low. it’s not that you’re trying to hide your relationship, it’s just that you don’t go out of your way to make it public is all. but if sanemi is feeling particularly affectionate one day, he might sneak a kiss in front of the others. or two. or three. depends on how he’s feeling, really.

~sanemi doesn’t really give you gifts honestly, but he does do nice gestures for you sometimes ! sometimes he’ll clean your space up for you, wash your dishes, things like that. he doesn’t really seem like he’d do that stuff, but if you want your space to be clean, he’ll do it for you. just don’t mention it and don’t expect him to clean his own space, because honestly, he doesn’t mind having dishes from 2 years ago on his floor, empty cups and torn curtains. it’s his little man cave, you know.

~if you’re a demon slayer, sanemi will definitely look out for you quite a bit and wants to protect you as much as he possibly can. he’ll also train with you pretty often, no matter if you’re a pillar or lower rank, he wants to push you to the best of your abilities, even if it may hurt or exhaust you. sanemi just wants you to be the best you can possibly be, and as a demon slayer, skill and experience is very important. sanemi trusts you to be safe and protect yourself on missions, but he does still like to at least see you off before you go.

~if you’re not a demon slayer, sanemi probably wouldn’t send letters but would kind of just show up whenever he has a day off. he really enjoys telling you about his missions and training, as well as giving you basic training, even though you aren’t part of the demon layer corps. he also secretly counts down the days until he can see you next, but if you find that out, you aren’t allowed to say a word of it to anyone. if you do find out, though, you think it’s pretty cute :)


~oh you are in for a ride. this boy is wild, but not like sanemi wild ! he’s just a really fun and loving person to be with, and he makes sure that you’re always enjoying yourself when you’re with him. rengoku just wants you to be happy so he constantly goes out of his way to do kind gestures for you and check up on you ! really, he’s a sweetheart, just very energetic and enthusiastic.

~rengoku loves kissing and cuddling both !! he loves cheek kisses, forehead kisses, lips kisses, just literally any kind. and he is a really good kisser as well ! very playful. as for cuddling, he loves holding you in his arms, he says it’s his favorite feeling ever. he says that you feel like home to him, so he wants to hold you like it’s the last time he’ll get to do so. he loves when you lay your head on his chest especially, rengoku says that it makes him feel really special and sometimes you can even see a little blush spread across his face and up to his ears.

~speaking of blushing, rengoku doesn’t blush a lot, it’s quite hard to get him to blush, but once you do, it’s very bright, very obvious and very noticeable. does that go along with bright and obvious ? maybe. but you get the point, his face turns pretty much beet red when he blushes, along with his ears, and maybe even a little down his neck ! he stammers a lot in this state as well, he’s kinda just turned into a pile of non-literal mush. that’s what you do to him, after all !

~rengoku has pretty sweet gift ideas ! he does have quite a bit of cash on him a lot of the time, so sometimes he’ll spoil you with a some nice new self care products (whatever the market was for that in the taisho era), some good quality, beautiful material shoes, things like that ! come new years, he gets you some gorgeous and high-quality formal clothing that you can wear to go to the festival with him ! and he would definitely give you love letters, his handwriting is pretty messy so they’re a bit difficult to read, but nonetheless they’re so so sweet.

~rengoku’s favorite date spot is a local pastry shop ! he loves to bring you there and have numerous baked goods with you, and he especially loves sharing them with you. if you ever get milkshakes, he’ll pull the classic two straws couple cliche ! even though it’s quite cheesy, you both really enjoy it. sometimes you’ll even connect your lips with the straws still in your mouths, not having a care in the world who else sees. those poor bakers.

~if you’re a demon slayer, rengoku will pretty much be attached to you by the hip ! he’ll constantly want to be by your side, even if you’re not necessarily interacting with each other. he’ll ask okayata to keep you from your missions until he’s able to see you off because that bit is just very, very important to him. he trusts you to fight and keep your safe, and as soon as you come back from your missions, he’ll pull you into his arms and pepper your face with kisses. lots and lots of kisses, even though it’s just one night, he always finds himself missing you terribly.

~if you aren’t a demon slayer, rengoku will send lots of letters to you ! he’ll visit you on every single day off he has. literally. he doesn’t care what else he has to do, you will always come first in his book. he really likes taking you on pastry shop dates when you can go, and he always loves seeing how you dress up when you go on said dates with him ! he normally has to stay in his uniform, but sometimes he’ll get a really nice change of clothes and wear them for dates with you.


~muichiro is… absent minded. he has his head in the clouds. but when it comes to you, he’s very, very different. you’re constantly on his mind, 24/7. and although muichiro isn’t really good with expressing emotions at all, he does try to show his love for you in the best ways he can. he’s a sweetheart, he really is ! he’s just a little strange with expressing it.

~muichiro loves hand holding and snuggling ! he loves to have his head in your lap and he loves to hold your hands literally everywhere you go together. if you run your fingers through his hair and braid it, brush it out, any of that, he will absolutely melt. muichiro also really likes giving you forehead kisses, when he remembers to, that is. he doesn’t really do kissing much, but he will give you sweet pecks on the lips sometimes.

~muichiro does have a lot to do as the youngest pillar, but he tries to clear his schedule so he can see you. does he remember a lot of the time ? no. but when he does, he will do everything in his power to make sure he can spend as much time with you as possible.

~muichiro doesn’t really do gifts, but sometimes if you buy him gifts, he’ll try to make you something very simple. sometimes he’ll paint mini canvases for you just like mist and put them together to make one big painting. and the cool thing about them ? you can rearrange them however you’d like !

~muichiro loves looking at the clouds, so that’s usually what you do on your dates ! anywhere works, as long as you have a clear view of the sky. a lot of the times you’ll point out different shapes and things the clouds remind you guys of, sometimes muichiro will tell you about some of the birds in the sky, since he knows some basic knowledge about specific birds. muichiro will usually be laid down on the grass with you during these times, holding your hand and just pointing to the countless clouds in the sky. it’s always relaxing for the both of you.

~if you’re a demon slayer, muichiro will definitely train with you a lot, and try to push you to your full potential. he’ll see you off to your missions when he remembers to, and although he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic when you come back, he really is excited to see you. he usually gives you little hugs and just lets his silence speak for itself.

~if you aren’t a demon slayer, then like sanemi, he won’t really send letters, he’ll kinda just show up whenever he has a day off. if you ask him to, he’ll tell you about his missions and his fellow pillars and he really wants you to be involved at least somewhat. so he has his sword smith make a handle for his sword that you can write and/or draw on, and although it’s hard to see since his handle is black, you can see the light reflecting the ink, and that’s good enough for the both of you.


~obanai is a sweetheart, but he is definitely the jealous type. he isn’t possessive, he just really doesn’t like seeing you with other people he thinks may have romantic interest in you, as he’s quite insecure himself and doesn’t want to see you get “stolen” by anyone. you assure him that won’t happen, and over time, he does warm up to those people and he does develop some really tight trust with you.

~he loves cuddling !! cuddling, cuddling, cuddling. he loves spooning, and possibly to your surprise, he likes being the little spoon a lot of the time. he likes being the big spoon as well, but being held is a really safe and comforting feeling to him, which you realize, so you do hold him a lot. he would give you kisses but his mask is in the way. once you do establish that layer of trust where you see the lower half of his face, he’d definitely kiss you a lot and try to just experiment with kissing, since he hasn’t ever really gotten a chance to. as well as that, obanai adores sleepy cuddles. there isn’t any feeling that’s better to him than being curled up with you and taking naps together, preferably under a few blankets.

~kaburamaru absolutely loves you. sometimes obanai even gets jealous and says that his own snake is abandoning him for his s/o, but it’s pretty obvious he’s joking. sometimes if obanai has a solo mission and he isn’t allowed to bring kaburamaru along, which is very rare, he’ll leave him with you, seeing as he knows you’ll take good care of him. kaburamaru wont go around your shoulders like he will with obanai, but he’ll wrap himself around your arms sometimes and kind of nuzzle his head into your hand.

~obanai is a sucker for pda. obanai will kiss you in front of a whole crowd of people, he doesn’t care. of course, with his mask on, but it still has the same effect. he loves seeing you flustered, and he loves the shock factor that comes with pda. plus, he really just wants everyone to know that you’re together and that you two are very much in love. to him, there isn’t a point of being in love if you aren’t showing that lovd off to others.

~if you’re a demon slayer, you can bet that obanai will be almost completely devoted to protecting you. not completely because he is a pillar, but he just wants to keep you safe. he always sees you off before your missions and worries himself sick while you’re gone, but doesn’t overthink it too much. he doesn’t really train with you, but if you want to train with someone, he’ll go get one of the lower ranks for you. and you’ll receive lots of words of praise from him when you raise ranks if you’re a lower rank, or just as much praise if you get stronger and you’re a pillar !

~if you’re not a demon slayer, obanai will come see you whenever he pleases, that’s if he doesn’t have a mission. he doesn’t have a day off anytime soon ? he’s a pillar, okayata won’t mind if he spends a day with you. and even if he does, there’s 8 other pillars. he will definitely write you letters, though ! they’re always pretty short, but they portray what he wants to say very clearly. he always says that he misses you and kaburamaru does too.

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Familial/Platonic F/O to another familial/platonic after you’ve returned to your home from battle: Great! They bring home a sword. If you ask me, they should’ve brought home a lover.

*romantic F/O shows up, holding an item you’d lost*

Romantic F/O: Excuse me, does Y/N live here?

*familial/platonic F/O’s jaws drop in shock, both of them pointing to where they last saw you*

Romantic F/O: Ah, thank you.

*as rom. F/O walks off to find you, one of the other two F/O breaks out into a goofy grin*

“Woo! Sign me up for the next war!!!”

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Hi I recently found your blog and I love your work! Can you do Venom+Reader doing food play?

Summary: Eat the damn soup!

Description: n/a

Pairings/Characters: Venom & Eddie Brock/You
Word count: 2300
Warnings: None

You wished you could run, get away from this stupid prison you somehow managed to get yourself into. This beast, this monster, this… Thing! Wasn’t going to let you out anytime soon, even if you asked him nicely, you doubted he would allow you to even have a simple peep out the window.

Eddie Brock. That’s his name. His damn name. You were just some person, working in a lab you barely knew anything about!

A…  Symbiote. That’s the name, right? A creature from another world… Or, that’s what you heard about it. You weren’t recruited to this lad because of your knowledge of these things, no, of course not! Carlton Drake. The bastard… He was probably… No… He HAD to be the reason for all of this. He was the one who ‘needed’ you in this stupid place.

He was the one who put up a whole sob story, saying stuff like, “Oh, (F/n)… You would make such a good partner in this research.” Or something stupid like, “You would make the perfect host.”

A host, huh? Yeah, right… If only your knowledge on the subject was more profound, perhaps then you could have saved yourself… Because lord knows, Drake wouldn’t be the savior he promised he’d be…

No… You needed to be the one to save yourself. But how exactly where you going to save yourself against one of the strongest… What was the name again?

You were in a rut, a funk you could barely pull yourself out of. You could only just make it to work every day. You weren’t anything special, a simple I.T. helper. You were just making it by. In the good ol’ city of San Fran, how could you make it by with so little? You barely had enough food to make it by, with your pet’s vet bill, gas money, and apartment bills? God, you were surprised you made everything work.

With a simple egg sandwich there and two energy drinks here, you were but a twig when it came to body types.

Everything was fine. Sure, you were starving your butt off half the time, but it was something you got used to.

Something… You’re still used to.

Once Drake found out about you, your need and want to earn more money and actually make something of yourself, he jumped at the chance to take you under his wing. You and him got close awfully quickly. He would tell you about his work, you would speak of your troubles… And before you knew it, you had a proper paying job! By now, you were making a good 20 dollars an hour! And what exactly were you doing? Allowing tests to be done with your blood. You give a simple 470 ml, nothing too big, you would get that back in 24 hours! Simple, right?

Well, that was until just simple blood donations weren’t enough for Drake. He needed more for you, and you had no idea what he saw in you! You were someone average, someone ordinary, not some magic man with crazy powers hidden away! But you were eager for money. You had just gotten the taste of something stronger, something stable! How could you let that go?

So you did as asked. He wanted you to do certain things… Things you weren’t quite sure of… This thing, this glob of black void… He would have you sit on the other side of the glass, just staring at it. How strange. You, at the time, had no idea what this thing was or even if it was alive or not! But as it moved, as it got to know your looks, your makeup, your face, the way you blinked, the way you stared, the way you were afraid, you started to learn more about this thing. It was in fact, living. Drake would tell you how it needed something called a host, bringing you back to the beginning, realizing that this was his intention from the start.

How strange.

Then, as Drake got more and more impatient with how the studies were going… He asked something of you.

“Can you go in the box with it?”


Go in there… With that… Thing?

“No.” You answered. He was now asking too much of you, go in there with that? Is he crazy? You’ve seen that thing kill animals! He must have been crazy to ask that! Well… As you told him, telling him where you stood with this, he found the answer incorrect.

How silly of you to trust him.

That’s how all of this started this stupid, unbelievable bond between the two of you. Drake said, “Fuck it!” To your relationship with him. He threw you in there with it. You were stuck in this box with this thing, no way out, no one to answer your begs and pleads for help.

The thing crept closer… Closer… Closer… It was at your feet, with your body crumpled up in a ball in the corner of the room, it saw how you were scared. It was feeding off of that feeling. It was happy you were scared.

And that’s how the bond started with the two of you. This thing, this parasite, this monster… To think it kept you here, in this room… In someone’s house that you barely knew. It… He… Kept you here, a chain wrapped around your upper waist. It was too tight to get around your hips and breast. It was constricting, it felt red marks that would soon turn into pink scars.

Looking up from the small body pillow Eddie had given you, you sat up straight as the clock ticked to 12.



He was gonna be here soon.

Though you weren’t too acquainted with Mr. Brock, the Symbiote, Venom… He was something of much familiarity to you. It was easy to stay on his good side, he liked you too much to do something bad to you. Though that wouldn’t stop his threats.

“I could eat your liver.”

“Making you starve can be pleasurable.”

“Or I could make you eat too much, your shrunken stomach wouldn’t be able to keep up…”

“I could take away your air, let you suffocate.”

But these threats were empty… Right? He wouldn’t actually do these things, right?

“Knock knock…” The sudden voice of a male broke your thoughts, jolting you back to reality almost instantly, “How’s sweetheart today, hmm?” Eddie asked, making you blink up to him with hooded eyes.

“Fine, Mr. Brock…” You answered, sitting up straight and blinked around on the floor, trying to not look directly at him, “(F/n)-” He tried, making you shake your head and correct yourself, “Eddie! Eddie.” Getting a hum from the male, he took a bag in his hands and put it on the counter on the other side of the room.

“Hungry?” Brock asked, making your ears perk at the very sound of food. He hadn’t fed you in about a week and a half, god, if he was messing with you…

“Yes, very.” You said lowly as if you’d insult him, “Well, good. I bought soup, specifically for you.”  He cheered, making you blink. After so long of not being able to eat… He gives you… Liquid?

“Be patient, I’ll make it real’ quick.” And thus you waited, rocking back and forth as the painful pit in your stomach grew, the thought of food urging your body to get excited.

About ten minutes had passed, he, of course, felt the need to do it the long way on the stove. So when he finally poured it out into a bowl, he came just a couple of feet away. Sitting to your level on the floor, he placed the steaming bowl in front of him some ways away.

Was he serious?

Gulping, you sit up and move onto your knees, reaching over to try and take the bowl from him. Feeling the chain clink as it reached its end, you sat back and took in a breath. Maybe if you just moved up some more you’d be able to reach it. So that’s what you did, readjusting yourself, you sat up and scooted over to him again, this time reaching the chain’s end just by moving up. Reaching over, you tried to take the bowl from him again, but still, just barely out of reach.

Hearing the male chuckle slightly, you fold your eyebrows and turn red. This man wasn’t going to make this easy, now was he?

Pulling back, you sit back and tap your finger on your knee, trying your hardest to avert your eyes from him.

“Giving up so easy?” Eddie laughed, making you flick your eyes up to him, giving him a glare like no other, “What’s that look for? I just gave you food, didn’t I?” He teased, making your insides bubble, “Give me the food, Brock.” You barked, making his eyebrows raise.

“Don’t get snappy with me, Missy.” He chuckled, making you want to rip his eyes out.

“Give me the food, Brock.” You repeated yourself, making his smile widen. Looking you up and down, he took in a breath, clearly listening to the deep voice in his head, “Say please.” He demanded, making your facial expression drop, “Are you serious?” You asked, trying to stand your ground. Nodding his head and ending it by tilting it to the side, you glared daggers at him.

“No… You know what? No.” You said, your face starting to heat up, “I’m not a kid, Brock.” You barked, making yourself get more angered, “Now give me the damn food!” You punched the floor beneath you, making the bowl rumble.

Blinking blankly, he sat crisscross and propped his elbow up on his knee, holding his chin, “Say please.” He said again, bound and determined to get you to submit.

Feeling the rage bubble up inside you, your expression switched to pure and utter fury as you stared at the man, “Brock…” You tilted your head down, trying to get yourself to calm down, “Give… Me… The… Food…” You said, clearly enraged.

“I’m not hearing a pl-”

“AND YOU WON’T GET ONE!” You shouted, slamming your hands on your lap, you stared at him like you were about to murder the man. For a short second, you realized what you had just done. He would always punish you when you yelled at him. He was scared you would alert the neighbors, so he would always make a way to shut you up. But as you sat there, contemplating what exactly you just did, you took notice of the surroundings…


It was silent.

He just sat there… Staring at you with that stupid smile on his face, “I don’t like it when you raise your voice at me, sweetheart.” He said, knowing damn well he was threatening you. Feeling your hot, annoyed body turn into a cold, colorless one, you gulp and sat back, thinking that maybe you could get yourself out of this is you play nice.

“I didn’t mean to-” You tired.

“Oh, yes you did.” he replied, making you melt into yourself. God, you really did it this time, huh?

“I’m… Not hungry anymore…” You said, making sure you didn’t make eye contact. Maybe if you changed the subject, he would forget, “You haven’t eaten in over a week.” He smiled, tilting his head again curiously.

“I’m… Use to it, I’m… Not hungry.” He was gonna get angry… You could feel it. He was gonna explode, he was gonna do something to you, you could feel it.

“I don’t like it when you lie to me either…” He said in a sing-song voice, making your brows twitch with worry. He was aggravated.


“Eddie.” He corrected, a more stern voice this time. Blinking, you held your breath as he stirred the spoon round and round the bowl, “E-Eddie… I can go without it for a bit longer?” You laughed, the tone in your voice basically asking the male if it was alright.

“No, I don’t think you can.” He said, the same idiotic smile still plastered to his face.

“No, I-I can… I can go a bit longer- If you’d just let-”

“Open your mouth.” He suddenly said, pushing himself on his knees, he did a mini walk over to you, bowl in hand, “W-What? Whoa whoa, I don’t- No- It’s not that simple-”

“It is, open your mouth.”

“Wha-… No-”

“Say no one more time…” He grabbed your mouth, prying it open, “Eddie-! Stop!” You grabbed at his hand, ripping it off of you, but he wasn’t having it.

“You’re gonna eat the damn-” He set the bowl down, now focusing on getting you to stop struggling, “I don’t want it! I won’t eat it!” You rolled on your back, fighting him off with your legs.

“(F/n)! Behave yourself!” He snapped. Grabbing at your ankles, he squeezed them as tight as he could, earning a yelp from you in return. Standing up on his knees again, he stuffed your legs in between his and sat on top of them, “Get off me, Brock!” You screamed, only angering the male further. Seeing his face start to go red, he snatched your flailing arms and pinned them to the side of your head, now hovering over you.

“Get. Off. Of. Me.” You barked, but he just laughed, “All this for a bowl of soup?” He asked, a genuine question. Squinting your eyes at him, and after a short minute of him waiting for you to calm down, he slowly let you go and backed up off of you.

“If you really want to wait another week… Then have at it.” With that, he got up and poured out the soup.

Damn your stubbornness…

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CONGRATS ON 1,500+!!! You seriously so deserve it and I’m so happy for you!! ❤️❤️❤️ How about “Person B has to get dressed up for a nice event. B is struggling with their tie/dress/suit and can’t get it right. Person A is surprisingly good at fixing it and Person B asks them how they did it.” W/ Jason. Maybe the reader is fixing his tie? (Bonus points if she pulls him down by the lapels of his suit jacket to kiss him?)

“You’ve had to do this how many times?” you teased walking into the bedroom as you heard the string of curses leave Jason’s mouth.

Jason glared daggers at you through the mirror, still struggling with the bowtie of his tuxedo.  Once you smirked back at him, he huffed and dropped his hands in defeat, allowing you to slip in front of him.

“Ya know, it’s a lot harder with a broken hand,” Jason answered as you made quick work of the bowtie.  “You’ve got it, but you’re working with two good hands.”

He watched your face as you were lost in concentration.  You’d watched him tie his tie enough times that you could figure it out, you just needed to focus.  While you focused on the bowtie, Jason focused on the way your brow furrowed and your freshly colored lips pursed.  He loved the way your smile blossomed as your work came to fruition.

Satisfied with your work, you moved your hands down to his chest to admire the bow.  Before Jason could begin to tease your perfectionist behavior, you grabbed his lapels and pulled him down into a kiss.  Jason instinctively brought his good hand to your face and his injured hand to your back in an effort to deepen the kiss.  If it were up to Jason, you’d both stay right here in this bedroom and forget about the gala.

“And that’s why I had to buy a maternity gown for the gala,” you chided as you pulled away.  You adjusted your gown momentarily before walking back to the bedroom door.  In the doorway you turned around and gestured to your face, and gloated, “You think doing that with one hand was impossible, try getting this hair and makeup done with one hand because your son decided he could not be put down and wanted to grab at everything I was doing.”

Jason smiled to himself as you disappeared back into the hallway.  He never wanted this feeling to end, and because you never ceased to amaze him, he felt like it just might never end.

1,500 Follower Celebration

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Originally posted by bloodybrahms


Originally posted by nastylilmermaid

Pairing: Henry Bowers x Reader

Summary: Vic has a plan to do something different this year for Halloween which is to see who can spend the entire night in the Neibolt house.

Warnings: NSFW, some scary themes, a little fluff 

Type: NSFW

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request: Do you think you’d be willing to write Albert DaSilva headcanons? Maybe like what he first thought when he saw you/first kiss/stuff like that? Thanks and love your work:)
(cont.): hey can you do modern era headcanons for dating albert (newsies)


  • firstly, let me talk about before you actually got together
    • because oh my god, this boi
      • so albert is this cool, sarcastic, suave guy, right???
      • everyone thinks that he would be a total cassanova when it comes to wooing the object of his affections
        • but ohhhh boy are they wrong
    • he cannot form coherent sentences around you for like, weeks
      • “hey, so uhh…”
      • “yeah… i mean…”
      • “did you,,, maybe,,, kinda… nevermind.”
      • “i’m uh,,,, y’know…”
    • this prompts all of the boys to tease him whenever you are around
      • and honestly, you thought it was cute
        • encouraging, even
  • and when he finally confesses his feelings for you, he just gets himself worked up on a tangent and it just  s p i l l s  out of his mouth 
    • you’re smiling like an idiot while this happens because you know and you don’t hesitate before you tell him his feelings are 10/10 reciprocated
  • and yeah, he still gets a little nervous around you, but you are sooooo sweet and supportive that he feels so comfortable around you
    • that is a true blessing, tbh.
    • okay, so you are definitely hanging out at like, the mall or park or something
    • it was a weekend and the two of you were just chilling
    • was it a date? it wasn’t structured, he had just dragged you out of your house because you had been studying all week for a test you were nervous about
    • well, anyway, the two of you were sitting on a bench, finishing off milkshakes because albert had gotten the two of you lunch at a fast-food place
      • “you are the best, al. y’know that?”
        • you finished off your milkshake with a smile and fixed the boy next to you with a look that made his heart beat faster
      • “yeah, but it’s nice to hear you say it.”
      • you shove him playfully while he laughs, and when you go to punch him on the arm for some remark he made, he catches your fist
        • then he smirks and kisses it
      • and that was it for you
        • you crash your lips to his and albert is  s h o o k
      • it’s a short kiss, but when you pull away he puts his hand on your cheek and guides you into another, longer one
  • okay, but all that aside, you guys are a super cute couple
    • in his business class, he has to run a school store during lunch and you 10/10 go and buy random stuff just so you can spend time with him
      • you kiss him over the counter and the people he works with complain that they have to wipe it down afterward
    • he also sneaks you stuff you don’t pay for, and when you look at him, he just winks.
  • and, also, albert is on the wrestling team and that somehow makes him really good at giving hugs? 
    • he just has those strong arms, y’know?
    • he 10/10 picks you up from behind and spins you around while pressing a kiss to your cheek
      • he’s blushing like crazy, but you make him soft, y’know?
  • and he is constantly texting you in class
    • you scold him over text and he just sends you the emoji that’s winking and has it’s tongue out. 
  • oh, and you are always stealing his hats
    • that’s right, fam. albert chronically wears snapbacks
      • backward
    • and when you put them on he will give the cutes pout you’ve ever seen
      • which, of course, you will just have to kiss
  • the truth is, albert isn’t always the best with words, so he makes up for it in actions
    • and even though he’s still a blushing mess, he is comfortable around you
  • he dreams about you
    • he only tells race this, which, naturally, means the entire group knows
      • they are always teasing you - asking you about your dreams or if you slept well
        • albert gives them the worst glares
          • one time romeo was a bit too on the nose with his teasing and he no longer talks about it
            • he is a god-fearing man, now
  • oh, but albert is tired like,,,, 173% of the time
    • which means if you ever try to cuddle with him or do a study date, he falls asleep
      • and you think it is the cutest thing
    • you may or may not have a few pictures of him, fast asleep, his head resting on his textbook
      • it may or may not be your lock screen to your phone
  • another random thought - albert is not big on pet names
    • he tried some out early on, but none of them stuck
    • he just calls you by the nickname that the rest of the group gave you (jojo or finch probably coined it), but he says it differently
      • his voice is just always so soft when it says it - like it’s the single most important word in the world
        • and you melt
  • you, on the other hand, have a myriad of pet names for him
    • one for every occasion, pretty much
      • and you are the only one allowed to call him ‘red’
        • it’s his favorite name that you have for him, but if anyone else uses it, they are going to lose an arm
  • in conclusion, albert is the sweetest, softest boy for his love, and y’all better treat him right


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In Korea on New year's it's tradition to eat dumpling soup, so could I have South Korea making some for his s/o.

[Hello My Sexy Readers, I am back with another chapter and this one was the first requested off of Tumblr. Anonymous said:

In Korea on New year’s it’s tradition to eat dumpling soup, so could I have South Korea making some for his s/o.

So that is what I shall do, Scenario for this one, enjoy!]

(South Korea) (Dumpling Soup)

(South Korea’s POV)

I was with my love as she lays on the bed, I had killed her ex boyfriend, but she did not know that and she did not have to. I knew she was the one for me for me the moment I saw her a year ago and now I am cooking dinner as a tradition in South Korea to eat Dumpling soup. She never had it before and there is no better time like the present of lunar new year.

“Hey, it is ready!” I tell her and she comes in wearing her gift which is the virgin killing sweater. She blushes as it pulls at her chest and makes them stand out even more.

I glomped her and buried my face in her chest. “I claim these!” I say and she blushes and hides her face.

I smirked and moved her hands kissing her and she kisses back this is all to perfect. I knew she was mine and mine alone, I will do anything to keep her, if another man comes in her life I will kill them and never loose her. She belongs to me and that is that.

(Now some Headcanons)

-Headcanons With South Korea

.He knew you were the one for him.

.But the bad thing is that you are dating someone else.

.Oh this guy will not let that stop him.

.He kidnaps your boyfriend, but does not kill him himself.

.He sends over to work camps in North Korea where he dies and they send you the picture of your dead EX Boyfriend.

.It makes you fall apart but he does not care.

.You are the love of his life.

.As he woos you he gets rid of anyone in his way and he makes it where you only need him.

.As a yandere he will never let you know what he did or who he truly is.

.What you do not know will not kill you.

.“I claim not just your boobs but also you as mine~”

[I hope you all enjoy and stay sexy my friends!]

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Yandere UT frisk after they’ve kidnapped the s/o?

Oh boi! ~Mod Feral

Yandere!UT Frisk

They are 100% the type to act as if it’s not kidnapping. They’ll insist up and down that they’re protecting you. After all, they have experience that people, both human and monster alike, can and will hurt you if you aren’t careful. It’s ok though! The area they brought you is safe, and cozy, and well stocked! They even made sure to leave it with all the things you like and nothing you dislike or are allergic to! It looks like a perfect little cottage. How’d they get it? That’s not important. All that’s important is this is your home now, and it’s all you’ll ever need. Oh, they still have save and load abilities, by the way, so good luck getting out.

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