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Picking up right after “WandaVision”, we learn that Wanda was being manipulated by the nigh-omnipotent being known as “Nightmare” to do its bidding. Using Wanda’s dreams and nightmares, Nightmare was able to trick Wanda into altering reality. However, instead of creating a reality where Nightmare rules the universe, she instead created one where Vision is alive and they’ve settled down with kids (cue Tommy and Billy). 

The only people who still remember the old reality is Doctor Strange and Wong, who were doing work inside a pocket dimension at the time of Wanda’s reality-changing actions. When they emerge from this dimension, they learn that this new reality is MOSTLY the same, except for one crucial detail; mutants now exist. The other characters now act like the mutants have always been there and when Strange and Wong review the history of the world, they see that key MCU moments have been slightly altered to include mutants. For example:

1) The Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War now has Storm fighting alongside T’Challa and Team Cap. Also, Rogue and Gambit were part of Team Iron Man during the Battle of Titan.

2) Wolverine was on Team Cap’s side for Civil War. Also, both Professor X and Magneto opposed the Sokovian Accords.  

3) All of the X-Men fought during the final battle of Endgame.

4) Wanda and Pietro’s backstories were changed. Instead of being HYDRA subjects, they were born as mutants. 

(basically…Wanda did a reverse House of M. Instead of “no more mutants”, it’s “let there be mutants”) 

And so on. The main focus of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff traveling the multiverse to look for a way to undo Wanda’s changes. Along the way, they pick up the alternate Loki from the Loki TV show. Loki wants to escape the Time Variance Authority (TVA) from his universe so he tags along with the Strange trio.  

The movie ends, surprisingly, with Strange deciding to live with Wanda’s changes. After touring the multiverse and seeing just how chaotic and wild it really is, Strange says that it’s too dangerous to attempt another House of M-type change as it might create an even more unpredictable universe. He says that they’ll just learn to deal with this brand new world and hope for the best. 

Mid-credits scene: Strange says that he can’t monitor the universe 24/7 as he’s only one man. Wong suggests bringing the Avengers in and Strange says that he needs a team more specific to his side of the MCU. Cue the Midnight Sons team-up, with Strange bringing up dossiers on Blade, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and Nico Minoru. Alternate Loki, who is still with Strange, says he’ll join the Midnight Sons. 

Post-credits scene: Deadpool is in the bathroom when he gets a call from his agent. He says out loud, “What, Wanda Maximoff changed reality and retconned the existence of mutants in the MCU?!?!” He then bursts out of the bathroom and yells, “I’M CANON! I’M CANON! DEADPOOL 3, HERE I COME!”

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Honestly, my mind is overflowing with fanfic ideas. I have Avengers ff(one Bucky x OFC, one OFC x ?), X-Men ff(one Victor Creed x OFC), Punisher ff(one Billy x OFC, one Frank x OFC), Walking dead ff(female Rick Grimes, and two Daryl x OFC)…so many ideas, so little time!!! Which ones would you be interested in?

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