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Can I have a head cannon of Yuri Plisetsky x mtf (trans male or female to male) reader and he is so supportive and is protective because the reader is getting hate on a post for being trans and Yuri is there to make the reader feel better. 馃挅
  • Once you post the picture on your socials, you notice you’re getting more hate than expected. Your mood shifts noticably, and Yuri takes note of it.
  • He’ll start posting about the two of you even more, captions about how much you mean to him and all the haters could fuck off. He’s got a big fanbase, and while most of them support the two of you, sometimes there’s a few who leave nasty comments or remarks. Yuri always blocks them or cusses them out, even if you tell him to ignore them.

  • He’ll spend the whole day reassuring you and telling you those people don’t matter. And even if you don’t believe his words, he’ll continue doing so until you have a smile on your face again.

  • The whole transition process was already difficult by itself, so when you tell him people are harassing you about it makes him absolutely furious. He wants to help you through this, but often feels stuck about what to do.

  • He’ll tell you every single day how beautiful you are and how much you mean to him. Perhaps he isn’t the best with words, the fact that he tries already proves how much he cares. He isn’t afraid to soften a little bit when he’s around you.

  • Once in a while he asks you how you are feeling, and while you try to keep strong, you can’t help but accept his embrace and cry your heart out. He’s the best at comforting you, and you couldn’t imagine being with a better person.

  • He doesn’t understand things at time, and he doesn’t want to ask. However whenever you notice his puzzled looks when the doctor explains, you explain him once you get home. Telling him how things work and what will happen.

  • He’s deadly afraid of you getting hurt. So when you finally fully transition, he stays by your side each and every day of your recovery, making sure you got everything you need.
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Hello! I read a fic ages ago that was a soul mate fic where you knew your soul mate by seeing them/ an animal that represented them in a dream. I just remember Viktor thinking yuuri was too good for him and telling him they weren't soul mates cuz he felt like he didn't deserve yuuri. I've looked for it for ages so tbh I'm semi doubtful it even still exists but if so would love to find it! :) thanks!

Hi anon, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with this fic so I hope my lovely followers can help you.

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since you mentioned yoi, who do you think would get along with who?

oh Yurio , Minami , Asuna , Kirito and the rest of the young kids would be best friends for sure. i think Yurio would have a bit of a rivalry with Kirito tbh

Leo , Phichit , Guang-Hong Ji  ,Yuri and Higa , sweet cinnamon roll boys !!!

Kikuoka and Viktor would get along too, they are both have that handsome man aura and they are both very talkative and mysterious ( Viktor in a good way )

Seung-gil Lee and Kayaba , i think would be good friends mostly because they are both smart and introverted .

Rinko , JJs wife Isabella and Yuko ! , I think those 3 would hang out together a lot and talk about their husbands/boyfriends a lot haha

thats all i got hehe

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Chapter 34: Rekindle, is now online! 

This is the final part of the Barcelona chapters, and it’s so much softer, sweeter, and fluffier than the last few… and it’ll only get better from here on out. :’)

As the Grand Prix Final comes to a close, it seems that the worst of Viktor and Yuuri’s troubles are behind them. Not only have they worked out their incredibly painful communication kerfuffle, but the pair have come to a happy resolution to their personal and professional drama for the foreseeable future. With this out of the way, all that’s left is the gala, the banquet, and… repairing all of the bridges that Viktor has burned over the years.

At least he doesn’t have to do it alone.

#cw: brief slur, mention of violence and assault in flashback #things will get better from here on out #the final chapter of barcelona #lots of fluff #sap #healing #papakov #FINALLY

Never Look Away: a Yuri!!! on Ice series retelling with 100% more Viktor PoV and backstory.

Mature / ~439k wip / by @gabapple & @mamodewberry

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I am the one who asked for the 2 omegaverse stories i kept confusing. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

You’re welcome, nonnie! Thank you for getting back to me. :)

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So today I decided to binge Yuri On Ice again.

The only problem is is that the song Yuri On Ice is my alarm. So the second the first scene came on that features the song I felt the fear of God surge through me as my body panicked at the sound of my alarm thinking that I somehow forgot something I set an alarm for.

It’s a damn beautiful song though.

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