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Still don’t get it why some teachers feel the need to make you feel stupid when you mess up or don’t understand something. We are taking the class for a reason: to learn. I wouldn’t be here if I already knew how to do it.

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Taylor Swift - Lover (Album Review):

  1. I Forgot That You Existed - This album opener serves as a palate cleanser. She is stating here that she is now moving on from the past and is ready for a fresh start. The head bopping beat that the track opens with is so infectious it guarantees the track being embedded in your memory. The laugh after the bridge provides the song with a really adorable moment along with the ‘so yeah’ at the end. It’s a track you’d want to play on a drive during the summer. A strong and catchy start to the album.
  2. Cruel Summer - This follow up to the opener instantly grabs your attention with its interesting start which features a distorted repetition of ‘yeah’. Through the beat and Taylor’s vocals on the track you get a sense of urgency which mimics the feeling she gets from the relationship she’s in. The song is such an exhilarating track with its slick production and her vocals during the chorus are so beautiful. Not only that but the lyrical content of the track really captivates you and the growl moment where she sings ‘He looks so pretty like the devil’ at the end of the bridge provides the track with its most unexpected moment. 
  3. Lover - After the fast pace of the previous track, Taylor calms things down with this stunning self-written love song. The nostalgic throwback vibe you get through the production, the lyrics and the vocal combination provides you with a perfectly crafted love song. The cleverly put together lyrics on the bridge make it seem as though they are wedding vows. You can tell that Taylor is truly in love. This surely will become a favourite for couples to use as their wedding song.
  4. The Man - On this track Taylor sings about the double standards women face in comparison to their male counterparts. The tight production and the slick beat really hook your attention to the track. After hearing what the topic of the song was prior to its release, the way it turned wasn’t what was expected. It definitely exceeded expectations providing the album with a confident and powerful moment that makes a statement. On top of that the switch up for the outro provides for a smooth transition into the next track.
  5. The Archer - This track starts in a really intimate way with her voice being the focal point as the track kicks in gradually. There is this sense of vulnerability in both her vocals and lyrics. The beautiful lyrics on this track feature Taylor singing about being on both ends of the situation as a predator and the prey. The unexpected combination of the gentle vocal with the urgency in the beating drum on the beat works really well. The bridge features a reinterpretation of the Humpty Dumpty rhyme which is quite the interesting moment on the track.
  6. I Think He Knows - This song kickstarts with a finger clicking beat, where she sings about the guy knowing what she wants without the need for her to say it. The production is real slick and the upbeat track is infectious. The change up to a gentler moment on the bridge isn’t what you’d expect but it works, giving the track its most unique and beautiful quality. 
  7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince - The moment this track begins you are pulled in with its mysterious and dreamy feel. The storytelling through the lyrics captivate and hold your attention. On this song Taylor uses the high school as a metaphor to elude to the current political situation, but it can also be taken for its literal form. The lyrics make you think and try to figure out what Taylor is singing about. Again the production on the track is strong and she does draw some inspiration from Lana Del Rey with the feel of the track. The bridge features a cheerleader type chant and the twist in the lyrics at the end from ‘nobodies gonna win’ to ‘someday we’re gonna win’ brings the track to an end on a hopeful note. Taylor really showcases her talent as a songwriter and the clever ways in which she is able to put forward certain things without them feeling so heavy.
  8. Paper Rings - The is track takes you back in time to somewhere in the 80s with its production on the track and vocal, which is also what makes it seem as the most out of place moment on the album. On this track Taylor sings about memories from her relationship and her wanting him over anything else that is materialistic. It makes you think of Christina Aguilera’s music video for ‘Candyman’ as the videos aesthetic would work really well with this track.
  9. Cornelia Street - This stunning standout track showcases how far in love Taylor is and the pain their falling apart would cause her, as she swears she’ll never be able to return to the starting point of the relationship if they were to break-up. The production is stunning on this track particularly due to the echo like backing vocals taking it to another level and enhancing the feel of the track. You really get lost in its beauty and cosy feel.
  10. Death By A Thousand Cuts - This track inspired by the movie ‘Someone Great’ showcases Taylor’s amazing ability to look through someone else’s prospective when writing. The intriguing opening to the track with the repetition of the word ‘my’ and what seems like piano keys being played in a frantic manner captivate you. The production and her vocal delivery in way give you a sense of anxiety. Her vocals really enable you to feel the emotions she wants you to feel. The wordy bridge gives you a sense of urgency through the vocal delivery. 
  11. London Boy - The track starts with voice recording of Idris Elba’s interview from James Corden’s talk show, it’s a fun track revolving around her adventures around London with her lover. It is a lighthearted track that you can vibe to with its upbeat production.
  12. Soon You’ll Get Better (Ft. Dixie Chicks) - This song is a beautiful stripped back track that draws out all your emotions leaving you on the verge of tears. A heartfelt track both due to its lyrical content and the instrumentation on the track. You can feel the sadness in her voice here. This song serves as a dedication to her mother and holds a universal message. Although the Dixie Chicks are credited as features they don’t have an allocated verse on the track, instead they provide with the harmonies on the track. Due to the nature and how personal the track is the features allow Taylor to remain as the main focus throughout, thus not distracting from the topic. 
  13. False God - This track coming in right after the previous one is an odd placement on the tracklist. As you come from a heartbreakingly sad song to one that is sensual. The trumpet opening grabs your attention and the transition from that to the beat of the track is nice. The smooth and sensual vibe gets you lost in the track. An expected moment on the album, but one that after hearing it you feel that it was needed.
  14. You Need To Calm Down - This track brings you out of the lost state the previous track leaves you in with its upbeat production. A sassy track with lyrics that take aim at the haters, social media trolls and those that seem to always have something negative to say. The vocal echo on certain moments really elevates the track. The message that people shouldn’t be comparing artists as all of them are equally as great as the other during the bridge is much needed. On top of that the background vocals during the final chorus are the highlight moments on the track, particularly when she sings ‘You’re being too loud’.
  15. Afterglow - The drums kick-start this stellar track. On this track Taylor takes ownership over her actions and is standing up to say that she is aware that she is the cause of the downfall of this relationship. The vocals during the pre-chorus and chorus give the track this feeling of vastness. The feel of this track makes it perfectly suited for a live performance in a big stadium/arena setting and that experience is surely going to be magical. The tracks production is on point and when you listen to this using headphones you feel as though you are encapsulated by the track. A magical moment on the album.
  16. ME! (Ft. Brendon Urie) - The lead single of the album that didn’t really give anything away in regards to what the rest of the album was going to sound like or its lyrical content. The track is a carefree and fun track. The verses really provide the track with its strongest moments and when it was first released the opening verse was a promising start to an okay track, the chorus is enjoyable and the bridge from which ‘kids spelling is fun’ has now been removed made the track seem as if it was catering to a very young audience. I was unsure about how Brendon’s vocal would work with Taylor’s at first but after hearing the track it was a pleasant combo.
  17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend - This track is a really nice dedication to a friend and the value friendship has. The layout of the track is completely different to the usual way a song is constructed. As the track doesn’t really have a chorus, neither does it have a bridge. Although the saxophone moment you could say substitutes as the bridge. The song samples a track created by a musical school in Toronto. The tropical feel of the track makes you envision yourself laying in a sun chair on a sunny day lost deep in your thoughts. The lyrics really layout a picture for you and the way she puts forward the lyrics vocally adds to the storytelling.
  18. Daylight - This final track provides the album with such a beautiful ending. In which she sings about coming into the daylight after meeting her lover. You can tell she’s found what she was always been looking for and she is certain she doesn’t want anyone else but him. The track has such a dreamy nature in which no matter what time you listen to it, it feels like you are basking in daylight. Again as always with Taylor her songwriting always shines so bright and this song is a perfect example. Her vocals on the track are magical and the production is stellar. The reference to her album ‘Red’ with the line ‘I once believed that love would be burning red’ is a full circle moment. The ending in which there is a voice recording of Taylor in which she shares such a universal message brings the track to a thought provoking close.
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