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(Reunited brothers)Starkercest au:

When Tony Stark was born he was quickly adopted only a month later. Five years later his birth mother gave birth to Peter, but she decided to keep Peter. Tony grew up in wealth, where as Peter grew up in an apartment with a struggling single mother. Tony had meals, and not just three day, but Peter was happy to get whatever his mom can sneak back from her waitress job. Both brothers live completely different lives and when Tony began his senior year of college (went in early) he dedicates himself to finding his birth mother and his younger brother only to find out that his birth mother doesn’t want him, but his brother does. Peter and Tony get along right away, Pete forgets he’s poor and Tony just loves being around him. Tony’s the brother Peter never had and now does and oddly enough he starts to having feelings for him he knows are wrong, but he can’t help them. Tony doesn’t make it any better by making Peter feel the way he does.

“I cant be around you!”

“Peter, did I do something wrong?”

“No–yes–no! I-I dont know! You’re confusing me!”

“I’m sorry. What’s wrong?”

“You’re what’s wrong! What’s wrong is that I love you!”

“Peter, what’s wrong with that? We’re brothers. I love you–”

“No, not like that.”


“I don’t just love you. I’m in love with you.”

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For a brief moment, Tony was afraid that he was back to the beginning that Steve had fallen apart once again. Sand from the punch-bag fell on the floor. The captain’s hands, clenched into fists, were already turning blue with bruises. The golden hair needed cut. Beard again covered half his face. Only a clean navy blue sweater allowed Tony to believe that it wasn’t all that bad.

“Sorry, I’m late,” he muttered.

Steve shuddered at the sound of his voice. He lifted his head and looked at Tony with bloodshot eyes. But before Tony could think it was even worse than he assumed, Rogers beamed and laughed as if he had regained hope for the future. Not even a good one. Just any future.

“I was getting worried that something had happened.”

Damn it. Damn it all. No. Why did he do this? Why did Steve have to stare at him with such pitiful longing?

“Stop it. Don’t think about such things,” Tony mumbled at the exact same time Steve was crossing the distance between them to finally grab Stark in his arms.

Tony was breathless. He froze, having no idea what to do with his arms. Rogers apparently didn’t have such problems. He just pulled him tighter and inhaled deeply with his scent, as if he missed even that. Shivering, he gently stroked Tony’s back.

“I should be the one to apologize,” he whispered in Tony’s ear. “I know you’re under a lot of pressure. I shouldn’t have pressed you even harder.”

“You did nothing wrong. I just panicked and…”

“If you think such idiotic pretending that I’m alright is nothing wrong, then you should probably talk to Peggy again.”

“Was she mad at you?”

The room quaked and it took Tony a moment to understand that it was just Steve who was laughing. Locked in his arms he could forget about the whole world and it would not bother him at all. He wouldn’t have to worry about Uncle Obi. He’d miss Rhodey and Jarvis a little. Aunt Peggy probably wouldn’t let him forget about her anyway. But the rest could just cease to exist right now.

“Will you believe if I say it was a terrible misunderstanding?”

“You will probably need more words for that.”

“I never meant to push you away. I just wanted to leave this place at last. I just wanted to be useful for you instead of just being a burden.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Tony moved slightly away from Rogers and looked up at him. Now that they were standing right next to each other, the difference in height was not so striking. “You’re not a burden. Don’t even try to tell yourself that.”

Rogers tilted his head. How was it possible that such an amazing shade of gold appeared in nature, blindingly bright and infinitely deep? Tony barely fought the urge to run his fingers through Steve’s hair. He knew that they would be soft, delicate and wonderful to the touch. That once he put his fingers in them, nothing could convince him to give it up.

“I thought I had no one but Peggy,” Steve whispered, leaning slightly over Tony as if some invisible force was drawing them toward each other. “That everyone I cared about was dead. That locked up I can at most wait for death. And then you appeared.”

He took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, shook his head. Several times he tried to continue, and Tony just waited in hesitation for another word. He wanted them, needed more than water, more desperately than oxygen.

“You have no idea how hard it was for me to come to terms with the fact that life went on without me. That I had no influence on what happened… when I was away. That I can’t do anything to help anyone. But now, Tony, I can help you.” His eyes sparkled blue as deep as the ocean, impenetrable as the sky. Looking at them meant doom, but Tony had already accepted that he perished.

“You shouldn’t have told me such things,” Stark muttered, his voice trembling with nervous laughter. “I attach damn fast to people who are nice to me, even if they do so only by courtesy.”

“Peggy promised to gut me if you’re disappointed in me ever again,” Steve stated. He said it deadly serious, but Tony knew him well enough to be aware that for the first time he was completely calm and even a little joyful. The fear that told him to tear the punching bag apart was now gone. “Apparently, the bar is set extremely high. But that should only convince you that I’m not going to make empty promises.”

“I don’t know if I’m comforted.” Tony found himself clenching his fingers on Rogers’ sweater and rolling his thumbs round and round to awaken the fire slumbering in Captain’s body. “What you insinuate still sounds dangerously good.”

“Tony,” Steve whispered, smiling shyly. Fuck, every time he said his name, he did it like he was purring with pleasure. Stark tried to convince himself that it was only his loose imagination, that it could not be true, but once again his strong will was put to the test. And everything seemed to indicate that he was going to lose. “Do you have any idea what meeting you means to me?”

“That you will have to deal with an egocentric, forgetful, ignorant and narcissistic asshole?”

“It means that I have someone who will be waiting for me. A family I can always return to.”

For a short moment, Tony hesitated, if he shouldn’t say that Steve didn’t need him. That he had Peggy Carter who would have welcomed him if he just let her. But before these words could get through Stork’s throat, Steve Rogers leaned forward again and embraced him. His burning lips brushed Tony’s temple.

Who knows, maybe they were both already lost?

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That’s not what he expected. He was hoping for a high-security hospital room similar to those they passed by the way. Whereas, they found themselves in an exclusive, minimalist apartment, with screens imitating windows with breathtaking views. Easels and paints. A punching bag in the corner. What else to wish for?

Apparently, however, the man who lived there had a slightly different opinion on this subject. Beard covered half his face, and his greasy hair hid his eyes. The loose sweater and pants were so sweaty that Tony thought they could only be thrown away. He sat on the edge of the bed and stared blindly through the false window.

“Captain?” Fury repeated.

That was enough for the missing cog to snap into place and for Tony’s brain to start working at the speed of light.

If he was anyone else, he would never have thought of it. But it so happened that he was the son of Howard Stark, and as a kid, he loved to dig through his father’s old photographs, the more secret, the better. That’s why the image of Captain America in his memory differed so much from what most kids had imagined about the hero from World War Two. He had the incredible privilege of seeing him when he was unshaven, dirty and bloody. When he was tired and wounded. When he was starving and mourning.

And now he also seemed defeated.

Natasha claimed that he needed time. Carter didn’t want Tony here. And Fury thought he had tricked and trapped them all.

What’s the use of Captain America who was broken, just staring at the wall?

“Captain Rogers, I don’t know if you remember, but we talked about Howard Stark recently.”

No reaction. Fury took a deep breath and tried again.

“His testament clearly suggested that you should be treated as a family member.”

Still nothing.

“His will also states…”

“I don’t care what you settle with the lawyers.”

A hoarse and aching voice dispelled Tony’s doubts. This human wreck was really Captain America. Or rather what’s left of him. All that remained after years, when in suspicious circumstances, one by one, died those he cared about. He was all alone, except for Peggy Carter, who probably more than anyone else had made him realize how much he had lost.

When did they find him? And, above all, why did they need him so desperately?

“I withdraw,” Tony muttered before fully understanding all the consequences of his decision.

Fury and Coulson looked at him as if they were disappointed. They weren’t first and definitely they won’t be last. It didn’t matter.

“You didn’t even let us…”

“Who is this?”

Everyone’s eyes focused again on Rogers, who seemed to wake up from his trance. Now he was looking at Tony and slowly getting up from the bed. Damn it, he was huge. No wonder no one was able to stop him when he was tempted to look at the city from the roof.

“Anthony Edward Stark, Howard’s son,” Coulson introduced Tony, apparently sensing his chance in Rogers’ sudden interest.

Clint and Natasha didn’t seem to share his opinion, because they prepared to shoot the Captain as soon as he could try to do something disturbing.

“You haven’t told me he had a son.”

“Your therapist stated that we should gradually provide information about…”

“I’d rather you told me everything.” His face twisted in fury. Another argument for running as far away as he could.

“Everything this more than you could work through, Captain,” Coulson remarked patiently as if he was talking to a child. Well, the Captain didn’t seem to like it because he frowned and asked through clenched teeth:

“Is there anyone else?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I said I withdraw,” Tony snapped.

He didn’t want to be here. And it wasn’t that Steve Rogers was looking at everyone as if he was trying to kill someone. No, it was absolutely more complicated. This broken man was scooping out the memories that Tony had overflowed with tears and alcohol. He worked hard on it. Too hard to just now, without any warning, have to deal with the echoes of sleepless nights filled with the voices of his parents, Aunt Peggy, soldiers who had the honor to support Captain America in the war against Hydra.

Once, he only dreamed of getting them out of his house and his life. Now he would give anything to keep them back even if for a while.

Fury was right. Tony Stark was arrogant, self-centered and irresponsible. No power would stop him from using the Captain to satisfy his own childish desires. And probably he could even convince them both that it was alright, that it was necessary. He would scramble his own and Steve’s wounds like a stubborn madman, and eventually one of them would bleed out to death.

No, that man needed someone who would be the absolute opposite of Tony Stark.

“You said he could leave at any moment,” Tasha added, intuitively separating Tony from Coulson and Fury.

“I’m so sorry.”

Tony involuntarily glanced back at Rogers, who now looked like an abandoned dog.

“Not your fault,” Tony muttered. “They are playing…”

“If only I…” The captain closed his eyes and shook his head. “I should’ve been there. Be with them and not let anything happen to them.”

He should hear that no one can predict accidents. That’s the case with accidents. Hear that misfortunes happen. Sometimes one after another. Sometimes to the same people. But that’s the way it is because life is a filthy bitch. He should also know that Tony has long since grown out of waiting for the great Captain America to appear one day in his life and, with a snap of his fingers solving all problems. The world just didn’t work that way. Villains were swarming everywhere, but heroes were only humans.

He should have told him everything was going to be fine.

Instead, he spat out like an asshole:

“It doesn’t matter. I want to go back home.”

“Let it be so,” Fury agreed with such indifference that Tony snuffed a trick. “Coulson will make sure you get back safely. And if you ever wanted to visit…”

“I will consult with Aunt Peggy,” Tony cut off and headed for the door, nodding discreetly to Natasha and Clint. He had no idea what role they were playing in all of this, but they might have saved him from becoming Fury’s puppet and they deserved some thanks for that.

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Teen!Starker || Introvert!Peter au:

Peter hates parties. He would rather stay at home watching another episode of his favorite childhood shows, but instead he’s being dragged to a party and watching people have fun while he suffers in the corner. So to hide from it he decides to hide in a room, who’s he doesn’t know. While hiding away and listening to music he ends up sitting on something only to realize it’s a human. At first he freaks out thinking this person is dead until they open their eyes.

“Hey, stop yelling!”

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were dead!”

“Well, I’m not. What are you doing in my room?”

“Hiding from the party.”

“Hiding, huh. Me too, my friends threw this party. I just wanted a small get together.”

“Oh well, I didnt want to come here in the first place. I’d rather be at home watching Hey Arnold or even some other old cartoon.”

“Well, today’s your lucky day. I have a TV and abundance of old cartoons.”

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So I just thought of this so bare with me.

Cat date au:

An au in which Tony owns a cat and his cat sneaks put one night and ends up being hoe. Peter has a cat too and Tony’s cat gets Peter’s cat pregnant. To make up for it Tony starts to put cat food on Peter’s door step. Peter at first declines but being broke bitch decides to take it. Soon Tony and Peter get to know each other and they start to set up dates for their cats.

“I thought it would be appropriate to help out. After all it is my cat’s kittens.’

"Oh. So like child support.”

“Yes, kitten support.”

“Oh my god.”

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A Suit of Armor Around the World” // Yandere! Tony Stark Headcanons


• Tony first encountered you at a Christmas party he was hosting at the Stark Tower and he accidentally ran into you, causing you to drop your glass and break it. As you apologized profusely, although it wasn’t your fault, you looked up at Tony. That is when his interest began blooming.

• Tony is extremely possessive and controlling, manipulative and — in his eyes — for the best of reasons.

• He would honestly send Jarvis to give him hourly updates on you to see if you exceed his expectations, to make sure you haven’t left him.

• He would even send drones via EDITH to destroy any potential threat towards you, but that’s beside the point.

• If he weren’t okay with something particular, he will adjust it to his liking.

• Whenever you are in public, he will shield you from the photographers because, knowing you feel uncomfortable around them, by occasionally wrapping his arms around your waist but most times you will hide behind him as he holds your hand.

• He knows you’re more than just a pretty face. He loves everything about you. Your personality, intelligence, stubbornness, you name it.

• Tony is one to spoil you. I mean, the dude is a billionaire — expect the best presents coming from this man. Whatever you want. A new pet? Food? Chocolates? Flowers? A stuffed teddy bear?

• He would use this, along with dinner dates — unbeknownst to you of course, to ease you into falling in love with him.

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First Love || Soft!Peter x Jock!Tony au:

Peter Parker, a sophomore has always had a crush on Tony Stark, a senior and football player. The only issue was he was far too shy to say anything until the day Tony approached him and asked him out, of course Peter said yes after stuttering. The first date was amazing, they went out to eat at a new place the just opened up and then the next few dates were just as magical even when they just sat in a cramped booth with their friends ordering the same fries to share. Soon Peter found himself sneaking Tony through his bedroom window and wishing Tony could stay every time he watched him leave (Aunt May always knew). Slowly Peter realized he’s in love and he’s wandering if Tony feels the same.

“Do you think when you leave high school you’ll miss me?”

“Of course I will, Petey.”

“Oh, cause I’ll miss you. You’ll call, right?”


“I–” Love you. “I wish I could go with you.”

“Me too.”

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