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  • Light higher than i could ever feel or see it.
  • Protection comes to mind shield comes at fears.
  • God wanting me to appear.
  • At times when Lucifer strikes for his soul purpose.
  • Knowing i can evaporate evil in a flash.
  • Wanting to make the after life pure in its task.
  • Going forward can not announce my intenstions.
  • Having a mission for a purpose to be put at a test.
  • All in faith i will try my best.
  • It has to be a secret for my light sake.
  • Something is brewing for my lifes take.
  • Cant really get around the mystery.
  • Maybe my ancestor dealt with paranormal history.
  • Just pray on it with parts of confusion.
  • Some may ask why and feel doubt to proceed.
  • But at least they arent apart of that greed.
  • Just knowing of making another seed.
  • Is it in way deep in the cards for me.
  • I can ask but i cant read.
  • Even if i could the answers wont come.
  • It leaves that window open for it get shut.
  • Rest easy is now a Spirit calling in my soul.
  • It will soon get cold for someone soon.
  • Pray on thy soul first as it could be me.
  • I am not promised and have to pay my fee.
  • God is great for this on going mystery.
  • But the best part is not doing this alone.
  • He gave me a friend that understands in stone.
  • Shes at a near and she will soon learn the chrome.
  • Pray as she is currently on the dome.
  • Birthdays a week apart shes a Scorpio clone.
  • Turns the you into I and the us into we.
  • Her light to go up higher is up to her shes like me.
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I can’t wait! It’s gonna be hard not to jump ahead to watch the Germany and Brazil episodes first. But Netflix totally knows that, right? So I’m guessing they made the first episode especially great, to hook viewers right away and discourage skipping around. Which of course only gets me even more hyped to see it.

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Keroro ed i suoi model kit arricchiscono la mia collezione di babbaccetti con il bellissimo Musha Keroro della linea Kero Pla. La versione samurai del pavido sergente si fonde con alcuni dettagli di Gundam per dare vita ad un easy kit davvero divertente da costruire, vediamolo insieme. by L'Impero delle Tenebre

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[더비 TV] KT&G 상상마당 서포터즈 TheB 18기 워크샵!

[KT&G 상상마당 서포터즈 The B 18기 워크샵 in 춘천] 👉2019.11.29(금) ~ 2019.11.30(토) - 상상마당 서포터즈 더비들, 이번에는 워크샵을 다녀왔습니다:) 워크샵이 너무 재밌어서 또 가고싶은 저.. 정상인가요…? 그 재밌는 워크샵 분위기 영상으로 같이 즐겨요🥰 - 💟KT&G 상상마당 서포터즈 ‘The B'는 상상마당을 비롯한 문화예술의 흥미롭고 다채로운 이야기를 세상에 전파하며 소통하는 문화전파자들의 모임입니다.💟 - The B 18기의 춘천 워크샵 영상 대공개! #상상마당_더비TV 상상마당 서포터즈 THE B 시점으로 다양한 문화예술 소식을 전합니다:) / made by 상상마당 서포터즈THE B 18기 남영서


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