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#yuri on ice
  • Le Festin (ratatouille song)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle Theme (but the version with strings, not just piano)
  • Gravity Falls Theme
  • Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA
  • Good Omens Opening Theme
  • Patchwork Staccato by toa
  • What’s New Pussycat
  • Oh, Hello on Broadway (the entire netflix special at 4am)
  • Yuri on ICE 
  • Funkytown
  • Connor Main Theme (from Detroit Become Human)
  • Yekatit by Mulatu Astatke

This isn’t all of them, but probably some of my top songs for funky sad times

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Hello! I read a fic ages ago that was a soul mate fic where you knew your soul mate by seeing them/ an animal that represented them in a dream. I just remember Viktor thinking yuuri was too good for him and telling him they weren't soul mates cuz he felt like he didn't deserve yuuri. I've looked for it for ages so tbh I'm semi doubtful it even still exists but if so would love to find it! :) thanks!

Hi anon, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with this fic so I hope my lovely followers can help you.

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Does Leon remind anyone else of Viktor Nikiforov???


Lovable dumbasses who are probably really smart

Absolute best at what they do

Undefeated Champions

The same thing they love has pretty much shaped their identity, since they’ve been the best at it since a very young age.

Their bf’s really want to beat them at the thing they’re the best at to be the best, or just because they’ve been chasing after them for so long.

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since you mentioned yoi, who do you think would get along with who?

oh Yurio , Minami , Asuna , Kirito and the rest of the young kids would be best friends for sure. i think Yurio would have a bit of a rivalry with Kirito tbh

Leo , Phichit , Guang-Hong Ji  ,Yuri and Higa , sweet cinnamon roll boys !!!

Kikuoka and Viktor would get along too, they are both have that handsome man aura and they are both very talkative and mysterious ( Viktor in a good way )

Seung-gil Lee and Kayaba , i think would be good friends mostly because they are both smart and introverted .

Rinko , JJs wife Isabella and Yuko ! , I think those 3 would hang out together a lot and talk about their husbands/boyfriends a lot haha

thats all i got hehe

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Quick Theory

So in Otabek’s free skate at the Grand Prix Final he is addressing someone (we don’t know who) telling them to live their dreams etc. I think that he may be addressing Yurio. He has confidence in Yurio, admires him greatly and wants him to be able to achieve his dream, even if it means that Yurio wins gold not him . This is backed up by the fact that they keep showing shots of Yurio during the program, especially at the end of the program when Otabek says “now is your time” and it does a full-body shot of Yurio watching him perform.

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