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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Yuuri: Hah, it’s crazy how everyone thinks Yurio is so tough, while he named his cat “Missy”

Viktor, thinking about how Yurio named his cat “Missile Launcher”, but Yakov threatened to take the cat away unless he changed it: Yeah, insane.

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@magicofmuses​ liked your post “um…. like this for a spicy meatball…”

A bit too quiet to break the silence with his needs.  Still, Yuuri was right there,and his body was demanding attention… Yuuri’s attention, so Souji picked up the man’s hand, slipping a finger in his mouth.  Such a lovely taste… texture… everything about him was perfect.  His face dusted pink, he lost himself in it a moment, trying to get a rise out of the skater.

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In an ABO universe, what dynamic do you see Yuuri and Kara being?

//I can honestly see them in any dynamic. Although with Kara I lean more towards him being either a beta or omega. But Yuuri I can see him as either alpha/beta/omega.

At least with Yuuri I’ve done him as an alpha and omega in a few rps.

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