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#yuuri katsuki
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Things I have in common with Yuuri Katsuki

  • Dog dad
  • Glasses
  • Black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Asian
  • Thicc
  • History of binge eating
  • Figure skating
  • Used to take ballet
  • Used to live in Michigan
  • That scene when he’s not identifying with the story behind Eros??? That’s a whole mood
  • Same with not fitting into strict gender roles
  • 24 years old

I’m just saying…

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Title: Five Times Viktor And Yuri Eat Retirement Cake And One Time They Actually Retire
Rating: T
Zine Promo: Holidays!!! On Ice
Word Count: 4,007
Summary: After having a little more wedding cake left over than either of them really intended, Yuri and Viktor decide to do something more… unique… than to just save it until their first anniversary

Or: Yuri and Viktor decide to use their wedding cake leftovers as a means of deciding when to retire


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I Made a new post for my commissions due to making so much new art lately. I need money for bills and expenses and still have no job -_-

BUT!! I have a new laptop meaning I can produce art much faster and better quality! I have been experimenting with different techniques as shown above!

I take payment through cashapp. venmo, and paypal. Here are my handles.

cashapp: $perisaph

Venmo: @megan-navy 


If you’re interested please message me! I’ll draw literally anything if given proper reference and details to the piece. I’ll do any fandom, OCs, shipping art, nsfw art, furry art, literally anything as long as it isn’t pedo/incest/racist type content. 

Any questions feel free to message me!

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Title: Nothing Some Good Pot Can’t Fix
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,866
Summary: Yura and Otabek make some “special” brownies for Leo’s birthday, what they don’t expect is for Yuri to devour the entire pan during an anxiety-driven eating binge and get higher than a kite

If only it was the the nice mellow giggly type of high instead of the sobbing, screaming, “I’M GOING TO DIE ALONE” type of high


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