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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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MJ: *pulls out four plates covered by napkins*

Peter: What’s this?

MJ: *takes the napkin off one plate to reveal a slice of pumpkin pie* This is pumpkin pie.

Peter: Oh yum!

MJ: *reveals a slice of cherry pie on another plate* This is cherry pie.

Peter: Nice!!

MJ: *reveals the third slice - it’s apple pie* This is apple pie.

Peter: Ooh! What’s the fourth one?

MJ: ……

Peter: ?

MJ: Sorry, I’m just.. nervous a little okay sorry *clears throat, then looks away as she pulls the napkin off the fourth plate*

*the plate has a printed out picture of Peter on it*

Peter: Huh? Why is my face on this-

MJ: *quickly* ‘cause you’re a… cutie pie *mumbling*

Peter: I-

Peter: 🥺💘💘💘

Peter: .. you’re a cutie pie too 💘💘😍😍

MJ: I-I am?

Peter: Yeah

*silence as they stare into each other’s eyes, unable to say how they feel*

*MJ sweating*

*Peter gushing*

This is for @spiderman-homecomeme ❤️

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As we thought that they were Spider-man and MJ are going to be last. But the actual people who are playing the characters are dating but they were friends before they get the chance to know one of each others in person. So let’s start off Zendaya because she is very private person when it came down to dating because we all know that she has snapchat and instagram stories which shows Tom Holland in her videos. But I thought that they were just friends because she says they are friends. Although people are sighting of them being together in L.A and N.Y etc..


Now the time to came to this because we all know they liking each other pictures and comment each other pictures but last year there’s picture surface around the media that Tom Holland went to seem like festival with his brother and some blond lady which she is very flirty with Tom Holland as we know there’s camera hidden. These picture will eventually surface all over the internet which includes media and those who will see it includes Zendaya. We all know that they stop liking pictures and commenting which we all know they are together for 2 years. Zendaya has move on this Aussie actor is now link to her co-star Jacob Elordi even though we see the pictures that they travel together as Greece and Australia, N.Y. We saw the pictures that surface all over social media which they become so quiet on their social media network. More pictures has came up.


We want to know how Tom Holland is doing for past year will that he seem doing just fine and spending time with his brothers. Mingle with some girls and doing his job which is filming. I guess that we saw all over the internet and we have to wait to see that Tom got himself a lady by his side which is not Zendaya although Zendaya is with Jacob.


This pretty comfirm about their relationship because they like walking around N.Y city and she doesn’t bother there’s camera are hiding or showing up in the area that they were at.

This is my opinion even thought you don’t agree but some you thought would agree that they were item and she move on too fast to another actor which a co-star. But as long they were happy without each other to find someone who are connected to same level and balance each other schedule. Then I’m happy for them which is my opinion. 

XO midnightrose

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So for some reason, people keep putting words in my mouth or think they know where I stand regarding this tomdaya mess so instead of listening to anons, you can just ask me directly and I will give you an honest answer

  1. Don’t ask me dumb ass questions, I will ignore it
  2. Idc if you don’t like my answer or think I’m a hater, etc. If you don’t like me unfollow
  3. I don’t know anymore than the rest of y'all so keep that in mind
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This is The Greatest Show!

from The Greatest Showman, drawings inspired on the songs: Never Enough, Rewrite the Stars, The Greatest Show, and A Million Dreams.

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