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#zendaya coleman

MJ: You know, sometimes I admit I don’t feel super pretty

Peter: I-

MJ: *shoves a cookie in his mouth* Easy bucko

Peter: *mffmf*

MJ: But then I realize I may be basing my definition of pretty on idealized western body standards for cishet white women due to our society and culture

MJ: While more steps are being taken to be inclusive in people outside those specifications, I still feel left out sometimes as a gangly unfit tall black girl with poor social skills

MJ: *notices Peter is almost done eating the cookie and sighs seeing how fast he’s swallowing* You can’t even let me get to my point?

Peter: MMF-sorry I just-I just-okay I’ll shut up, go on 🥺

MJ: … thanks, dork.

MJ: But I know I’m still worthy of love, respect and fear because I’m a human being. The last part, okay, fear isn’t a universal right. But hey, I want to be feared, okay?

MJ: *sighs* So anyway I’m content even though sometimes I don’t feel “pretty.”


MJ: Thank you for listening. Proceed.

Peter: Lemme just say there is NO universe where you aren’t the prettiest queen in the universe, you are literally my favorite person and the love of my life and you-you-MJ I just love you okay? I wanna help you get out how you feel but you’re always gonna get a tidal wave of love from me afterwards because I want you to be happy 🥺❤️

MJ: … *sighs, and uses her hands to pull Peter’s face in to smooch him*

MJ: I love you too, loser. Thank you.

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