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Scarlett I want to give you this *gives her a trainers kit with 6 pokeballs, a keystone and a mega stone* its a trainers kit with six Pokemon at your command

Pokemon number 1: Ekans (as the saying goes a snake in the grass)

Pokemon number 2: Beheeyem (its has a high cerebral intelligence)

Pokemon number 3: Clawitzer (shiny) (it looks like a giant water bazooka)

Pokemon number 4: Genesect (shiny) (it can be used as a weapon)

Pokemon number 5: Mawile (its is known to be a deceiver and this mega stone will allow it to mega evolve)

Pokemon number 6: Zoroark (it can deceive anyone with an illusion)

Scarlett: “I think these pokemon are good, although I would have preferred if there were more smart pokemon”

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First up on my Pokemon human (thing I totally didn’t forget) is Zoroark! I used a random Pokémon generator and got this lovely Pokémon! I thought the mask of a shiny would be cool cause sometimes zoroark’s disguise can look shiny but the zoroark itself isn’t shiny haha! Anyways hope you guys enjoy!

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wei wuxian as zoroark!!

sorry for the short radio silence! unfortunately, i got grounded and couldn’t draw anything, but now i’m back, and can hopefully churn out the ideas i got over the abrupt “break” 😤😤

anyway, i got into mdzs around the end of december and you can see my descent into madness on my twitter LMAO

i saw a thread of the characters as pokemon and as soon as i saw wwx my hands slipped,,,

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