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#zylo writes stuff
Gifre: *Flops down against Andy; subtlety clinging to him*
Andy: What’s wrong?
Gifre: That’s the problem - I don’t know. I just...need to be around someone right now, I guess.
Andy: *Runs his hand through Gifre’s hair* I’ll be here for as long as you want then.
Gifre: ... *Closes his eyes and snuggles closer* Thanks man.
Andy: Any time.
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A tiny sneak peak of chapter 2 of Rescue before I go to sleep, involving Dark Mendax (D3 Deceit).

Mendax growled and put his hand up to cover his organic eye from the bright lights of the fighting ring. He could hear cheering as the announcer went about hyping the audience up for what was to come. Once the lights dimmed, he was able to take a good look around. Bars came up from the sides of the ring and met at the top, forming a sturdy dome, safely separating the crowd from the forthcoming action.

A caged match,’ Mendax thought to himself. ’Just my luck…

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Title: Rescue

Rating: T (May change)

Summary: What should have been a simple request for help turned into a much bigger issue. With the others captured by an unknown enemy, it’s up to Thomas and a few capable friends left behind to mount a rescue mission before things go from bad to worse.

After an extended break, the newest entry is finally here. :D

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Ian: Is my motivation for creating science experiments just to see what happens? Yes.
Ian: Have I made some mistakes? *Looks at a hole in the wall caused by an explosion* Also yes.
Ian: Do I regret it? Sometimes.
Gunther: Good thing Jackal isn’t here to see his office right now.
Jackal: *In the background* What the hell?!
Ian: ...And this is one of those times.
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Gunther: What’re you building?
Ian: A life-sized replica of that flying machine from Once Upon A Forest.
Gunther: I’d ask why but I already know what your answer would be.
Both: For science.
Ian: ...Granted some things were changed. *Holds up a controller* I plan on testing its flight capabilities with some crash test dummies as the occupants.
Gunther: ...Five bucks says it won’t have lift off.
Ian: You’re on.
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Remus: Deedee!
Deceit: *Groans* Tone down the yelling; I have a headache.
Remus: Want me to stomp on your foot? :3
Deceit: What?! No, why would I want that?!
Remus: Because if your foot hurts then it’ll distract you from your headache! :D
Deceit: ... *Pats him on the back* At least you didn’t offer to stab me this time.
Remus: I can if you want me to, Snakey~
Deceit: *Sighs* No Remus, no.
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Virgil: I demand an answer!
Andy: To what?
Virgil: Do you keep siding with Deceit just to annoy me?!
Andy: Nah, that’s just a bonus. I side with him during your little arguments because you keep looking to start them over the pettiest shit.
Virgil: They’re not petty!
Andy: *Sarcastically* And you’re not a gremlin.
Virgil: *Annoyed* But we’re both anx-!
Andy: If you think I’m gonna side with you just because we represent the same trait then you got another thing coming. I don’t blindly follow people like you blindly follow “Morality”.
Virgil: *Growls* I don’t-! He has-! ...Don’t drag him into this!
Andy: Uh huh. I’d say we’re done here, “Anxiety”.
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Deceit: *Clings to Thomas*
Thomas: Uh...???
Deceit: I'm cold and you're warm.
Thomas: Wouldn't a blanket be warmer, bud?
Deceit: You're the reason why I'm part snake. Now you're the reason why I'll be warm. >:3c
Thomas: *Sighs and pats him on the back* Well that's definitely a new excuse to cling to me, that's for sure.
Deceit: You can't lie to me; you enjoy it.
Thomas: *Shakes his head and smiles* Yeah, you got me there.
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Andy: *Answers his phone* Pryce?
Pryce: So I /might/ have gotten arrested again.
Andy: What the hell have I told you about stealing horses after last time?
Pryce: It wasn’t a horse this time! ...It was an alpaca.
Andy: *Sighs* I’ll come bail you out. *Ends the call* Stupid prince...
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Thomas: So Deceit, what can you do with all those arms? Besides the...err, “stretchiness” all of you do. *Grimaces at the thought*
Deceit: I can show you but I need your explicit permission.
Thomas: ??? Okay, you have my permission then.
Deceit: *Suddenly clings to Thomas, wrapping all his arms around in a hug* >:3
Thomas: *Blinks* actually really nice. *Hugs Deceit as best he can*
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Virgil: *Chilling in his room*
Dee: *Pops up next to him* Viiirgiiil~
Virgil: *Rolls his eyes and smirks* I’m right here you know.
Dee: Oh, that was just the signal.~
Virgil: *Sits up* What sig-? *Gets pounced on by Gifre* ?!
Gifre (Greed): Dog pile!
Andy + Remy: *Follow Gifre’s lead*
Dee: *Watches them all tumble to the floor and sits down next to them* Happy birthday, Virgil. It was their idea. *Pats Virgil on the head*
Virgil: *Swats at him, trying and failing to look annoyed* What is this? A birthday cuddle pile?
Remy: Damn right babe.
Andy: Like you’d really expect us to do anything “normal”.
Virgil: *Shakes his head, smiling* Thanks guys.
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Ian: *Shapeshifts into a cat and jumps onto Gunther’s lap*
Gunther: *Blinks* Did you really just...?
Cat Ian: My, how the tables have turned. 😼 *Sits down* Cat rule.
Gunther: *Shakes his head and pets Ian* You’re just so proud of yourself.
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Thomas: *Suddenly hugs Deceit*
Deceit: *Confusion.snek has occurred*
Thomas: You’re a snake and it’s cold out, you need to be warm.
Deceit: We’re inside with the heat cranked up though.
Thomas: ...Okay, so maybe I just wanted to hug you.
Deceit: *Makes a surprised happy blep at that*
Thomas: Aw, that’s adorable. <3
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