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Title: Reunion
Rating: T (Mainly just Remus cursing)
Summary: Remus is unexpectedly reunited with Deceit/“Dax” and Andy.

Notes: Set after “Broken” and immediately during Remus’s return home in “Treasure Hunt”. Remus basically sums up his half of Treasure Hunt so that story’s not a mandatory read.


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Kid Deceit: *Clinging to a stuffed snake happily*
Kid Virgil: *Sad emo time*
Kid Deceit: *Notices Virgil* ??? *Walks over and offers him the snake*
Kid Virgil: ... *ConfusionTM*
Kid Deceit: Mr. Snake always makes me happy; he wants to make you happy too.
Kid Virgil: *Stares before clinging to both the snake and Deceit*
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Gifre: Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never met me.
Brant: You’re literally just trading with a Minecraft villager.
Gifre: A Minecraft villager that just traded me a saddle. Gonna tame the horse that’s chillin’ in my house like he owns it.
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Andy and his counterparts from D2 and D3 would disappear into whatever Minecraft server they choose and just mine for days. Turn a cave system into a mapped out underground network. Everyone above wondering where they are until a hole appears in the ground and one of them pops up with diamond everything. And then they dive back underground before a Phantom can kill them.

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D1 - Gunther is low key fascinated with weapons from games like Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter. One day he plans to try and replicate one of the more simple ones like the Decoy Glove from R&C 1. Any testing would be safely performed in the Demon Realm.

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Roman: Come on, you should join us on one of our quests!
Pryce (Shorts Prince): You two do need to get out of the house more.
Virgil: *Crosses his arms* No.
Andy (Shorts Anxiety): *Looking at his phone* Hell no.
Roman: Well why not?
Virgil: Did you really just ask US why we won't go on some dangerous "quest"?
Roman: ...Please?
Virgil: No!
Roman: *Dramatic sigh* Pryce, you handle this.
Pryce: Hey Andy, if you come with us then you can run around as a warlock again.
Andy: ... *Puts his phone away* Okay, that's actually really tempting.
Virgil: *Deadpan* You can't be serious.
Andy: I'm in.
Virgil: *Facepalm*
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Not set in any of my AUs in particular; just a thought that came to mind.

Andy and Teal discovering the whole “it can run DOOM” thing on the internet. They make bets with each other over what the next thing could possibly be that runs the game. Eventually they start playing the classic DOOM games for themselves. Multiplayer game sessions between the two become a thing for them.

Just these two dorks bonding over some classic games.

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