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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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I’m feeling somft tonight… ahhha

I wanna kiss him

s o  m u c h

I want him to fuck me SO INHUMANLY HARD!

Why not  B O T H

Walter Beckett? More like Walter Be-nd me over your desk amiRITE

Yep why not

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Things That Confuse Me:

  • My physics textbook
  • 18th century essays
  • The beginning of the universe
  • My straight friend who I used to have feelings for telling me that she’d date me if she was a guy
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I spent the whole day out with my friends but the second I got home I got really sad and started thinking everyone is upset with me.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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get to know me: 5 shows

1/5 → a series of unfortunate events

“if you are interested in stories with happy endings then you are better off somewhere else; in this story, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.”
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get to know me: 5 films

1/5 → captain america: civil war

“we try to save as many people as we can. sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but you don’t give up.”

Go and show some mf live to my mutual cus her edits are legit fired af

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* Marvel is developing alone side with Sony a new Spider-Man Movie which would give even more trauma to Peter Parker than any other Spider-Man movie. Also, the boy has been frame for murder and oh boi, he may be put into jail for it *

Peter Parker @ Sony & marvel

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How did Tony Stark spice up his sex life?

*grabs megaphone*

With a little bit of pepper bitch

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peter: *mentions he’s missing home once after starting college*

tony: hey MIT you’ve been begging me to lecture for years guess what bitch

MIT committee:

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Women are valid even if they don’t like men. Women are valid if they don’t want to get married. Women are valid if they don’t want kids. Women are also valid if they want some or all of those things.

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Love looks like an inconvenience. Love is messy and complicated and requires endless amounts of work from both parties. Love looks like long talks trying to work out a miscommunication. It looks like refusing to give up when everything feels more difficult than the start. Love looks downright painful because it’s choosing to put someone and their needs above your own.

Love isn’t easy. Love knows your greatest fears but refuses to use them against you. Love is confident. Love knows you and what you’re capable of. Love looks like choosing someone again and again and again.


Love is crazy difficult. Loving someone in any capacity requires you to give a piece of yourself to someone else and trust that they aren’t going to abuse that gift. 

Because you know what? We’re not perfect. We make endless mistakes as people. We say things we don’t mean. We hurt people that we love even if that wasn’t our intention. We cause real damage to people that we thought we would go to the ends of the Earth for.


Love should be patient. BUT Love doesn’t always look patient. Sometimes love looks like sighs and tapping foots and words of frustration.

Love should be kind. BUT it isn’t always. Love also looks like lost tempers and words you wish you could pull back and unsay. Love looks like our words running through someone else’s mind on repeat and them questioning if they were true. 

Love should not envy. YET we look at what others have and there is a sense of discontent that fills us. We think that if we had what they had our lives would be fulfilled and we miss out on the joy of our lives and what we do have because we’re too busy longing for what someone else has.

Love DOES not boast. Love is NOT proud. Love is not jealous. Boasting and pride points to ourselves. Love is choosing to focus on someone else. Love should never be about one upping someone else or bragging to make someone else feel bad about what they or their loved one doesn’t have. Who wins at that? No one.

Love does not demand it’s own way. We as people get trapped in wanting our own way. We want to do things our way or not at all. Love should not look like that. Love is open and accepting to what someone else wants or needs.

Love is not irritable and it keeps no record of wrongs. What’s the thing that you’re keeping in the back of your mind right now for just the right argument? Something like, “Remember three years ago when you told me you would take me to dinner for my birthday and you stayed late at work and we had to reschedule…” Love shouldn’t look like that, but sometimes it does.


Love does not rejoice in injustice but rejoices in the truth. Love NEVER gives up.

Love NEVER loses faith.

Love is ALWAYS hopeful.

Love ENDURES through EVER circumstance.

Love should look unshakable. It should look like seeing the best in someone and believing the best over that person even if they don’t believe it over themselves.

Love should look like stepping in the gap when someone is running on empty and standing in prayer for them and believing in faith for their miracle. 

Love should look like someone not giving up on someone else when life gets tough because if they are hard to love then chances are good it’s a struggle for them to love themselves too. 


So yeah…Love looks like an inconvenience, but I’d be willing to be inconvenienced by those I love any day because it lets them know that they are worth it. THEY matter. THEY ARE WANTED. What kind of message are you sending to those you love? Make sure it’s the right one.

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My dad just made me rewatch infinity war. I had to watch peter die again. I am sad. I cried a lot. And then my dad looked at me and said “well, peter turned to dust.” That made me cry even more




Adsolutely no



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taika waititi would not be afraid of using “toxic” by britney spears during a fight scene

oscar winner taika waititi would not be afraid of using “toxic” by britney spears during a fight scene

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