The Tenant Of Wuthering Heights

XXII - english/literature student - pianist - non traditional - this is a side blog, so I can’t follow from it, sorry

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“I can be found within the ruins of the temple we built, nestled within a bath of roses, growing my thorns once again; beckoned by an angered Ares. The thorns, a rudimentary shield as brittle as bone, draws honey from our skin, and I banish myself within its amber nectar and solace. I am exiled within fragments of moonlight that we once claimed as our own; pomegranates have lost their blush and whispers of ancient stones only sing the melodies once sung by lovers left unrequited.”

— Nicolina // rosenaufsuden

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“I need language to live, like food—lexemes and morphemes and morsels of meaning nourish me with the knowledge that, yes, there is a word for this. Someone else has felt it before.”

— M.L. Rio, If We Were Villains

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wholesome student life things that we should collectively start romancizing

  • waking up and being genuinely thrilled to go to class because today is THAT CLASS you love so much you’d like it to never end
  • coffee breaks with friends, chatting and joking about this particularly hard essay and the prof’s mannerism
  • coffee breaks on your own, as you absent-mindedly watch the people around you, while thinking about what you’re working on
  • finding this book you’ve been dying to read for so long, and borrowing it from the library
  • the feeling of excitement that goes through you whenever you remember The Book is in your backpack
  • understanding everything during demanding classes and being genuinely interested in the subject
  • buying a New Special Pen and taking colorful notes that look super pretty
  • not being able to shut up about your school projects (no your friends dont really care about the intricate details of what you’re working on, they don’t even have the same major as you, but they’re happy to hear you rant with such a burning passion)
  • actually doing the extra reading and having your curiosity so piqued by what you’re reading that you go on and on and suddenly its 1am and what happened
  • printing the project you’ve spent so much time and energy on and feeling the paper’s warmth
  • actually submitting that project without feeling awful about it because you know you did your best and aren’t responsible for what happens next
  • when you finally finish this Super Hard And Important Essay at like 3am, open the window and feel the cold night air on your burning cheeks and everything is dark and quiet and you can see the moon and you’re at peace with everything for a few minutes
  • when this professor you admire says you did a great job and/or that you’re talented!!!!
  • realizing two concepts that seemed so far away from each other and that you discovered in wildly different contexts are actually interlinked, then Realizing™ things and linking concepts/works/articles to each other at the speed of light & being super excited about it
  • being so deeply immersed in your work that you didn’t realize two hours have passed
  • finding the Perfect Spot at the library
  • that Pure Joy moment when you FINALLY understand that super obscure sentence/text
  • when you feel anxious because you’re not done with your homework & the deadline is super tight & your friend tells you they aren’t done yet either
  • same but with an even more intense relief feeling when you realize you both haven’t even started yet
  • when the professor starts a new reasoning and you can predict what the next idea/the final conclusion will be
  • when the professor mention your favorite novel/author/fictional character in class and you feel like your internal screech of joy could shatter glass
  • the Academic Salt™ that has you like 👀👀
  • when the professor tears apart an author or scholar you hate and you’re like YES I WANT BLOOD GIVE ME BLOOD
  • when you learn that Cool New Fact that makes you reconsider your whole life
  • leaving the library after a long productive day and feeling like nothing is real but experiencing everything more intensely
  • leaving the library at night after a long study session and everybody has left already and its just you and the long neon-lit corridors then stepping outside and smelling the crisp night wind

feel free to add your own!!!

  • when you learned a thing that interessted you and two days later someone completly unrelated to your work will say “hey i wonder how this works?” and you’re so excited to explain it because you KNOW THAT
  • when you’re anxious af for a class and the professor is actually super friendly and you feel confident enough to ask questions
  • and suddently thank to this one professor EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE
  • understanding that One Difficult Point and suddently you feel like you UNDERSTAND THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE
  • sometimes you can feel like you have too much in your bag but then one friend has a problem and they are pleasently surprised when you have Just The Right Thing
  • Running half the campus because you’re so excited to see your friend and to eat with them !!!!!!!!

This is the light academia aesthetic I strive to embody

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The count’s eyes gleamed, and he said: ‘Listen to them- the children of the night. What music they make!’

Bram Stoker || Dracula

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living the dark academia life

  • messy handwriting and even messier notebooks, doodles of skulls with sunflowers dangling from their eyes
  • burning the corners of pages, an older look given to them, the smell of ancient given to your room
  • wearing the cheapest, largest brown sweaters and the most comfortable, softest cream skirts
  • classical music softly bouncing on each one of the walls in your room, a list of your favorite composers pinned to your wall
  • a black ring on your finger, your hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea
  • your eyes closing softly from spending too much time reading, a candle to keep you company
  • the wet tip of your finger, the turning of yet another page
  • soft brown on your eyelids, gloss on your lips
  • long studying session in the library, you’re curled up on your chair, seven academic books are sitting next to your side, three articles are waiting to be read
  • stains around the edges of your nails, your skin painted with ink
  • a book in your bag, a pen used as a bookmark to annotate everything that makes your hands shake
  • a leather belt around your waist, your old grandpa’s sweatshirt tucked in has not gone to waste
  • standing right in the centre of a museum, sketching the outline of a sculture, scribbling down everything there is to know about a painting – in this, your hands are still stained
  • letting the rain softly caress your hair, carrying an umbrella to match your velvet trousers
  • a smile on your face when writing an essay, a yawn from your mouth when you finally go to sleep – after your eyelids are closed, psychedelic, dark and soft dreams are reaching your mind
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I got these from various used/rare book sales on campus 🍂 (fun fact, i got a 4$ hardcover copy of the secret history at one of those sales, which is great bc my paperback is super annotated and worn out)

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“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.

Art: J. M. W. Turner, Steamer in a Snowstorm (1842).
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What they say: “That degree is useless.”

What they mean: “I personally wouldn’t know what to do with that degree so I’m trying to make you feel bad.”

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oh to be a long-dead critically acclaimed classical writer whose books are so filled with underlying homoeroticism that they spark endless theories that i was gay

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