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thetomhardyparty·2 days agoText

When stanning a great and versatile actor like Tom Hardy it can be hard to answer the truly important questions.

Questions like: Just what sort of nymph is he?

As nymphs are nature spirits known for their nurturing and playful ways, it is clear he is one, but is he a

Dryad (forest)


Hydriad (water)


Leimoniad (meadow)


Oceanid (sea)


Naiad (river)



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thetomhardyparty·6 days agoText

Tom Hardy should have played James Potter!

Okay: Bear with me here for a minute. I am about to rant.

One of the (many, many) things that I didn’t like about the Harry Potter films was the way they cast a 40-something actors as Harry’s parents in all the flashbacks.

Lily and James were both 21 when they died.

You know who else was 21 when the first movie came out?


Just look at him, and share my indignation at how we were collectively robbed of the Prongs we deserved.

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thetomhardyparty·18 days agoText


My take on why nobody can draw Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is an incubus that can subtly change his appearance to accommodate people’s greatest desires. Artists are simply drawing Mr Hardy as they see him in their own minds, causing widespread confusion with their honorable yet futile attempts to capture the unfathomable supernatural and express it in the form of tentacle porn

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thetomhardyparty·23 days agoText

Me and a fifth of scotch were just celebrating another night short on sleep but long on dark memories when he breezed into my office like the wind before a summer thunderstorm, cool, but with a hint of the danger and electricity that followed him…

…. sorry. I saw this picture and was forced to start a bad noir detective novel. I think I am better now.

He was average height, but that was the only thing average about him. His powerful build and the confidence in his stance all but screamed that he knew his way around a fight, but it clashed hard with the vulnerability written all across his face. Taking in that look combined with his full lips, as soft and pink as cherry blossoms, and those green/blue eyes that radiated enough intensity to light this whole dismal town, I knew immediately that I was already in over my head…

…. er- maybe I should go lay down until the noir goes away. :”)

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thetomhardyparty·a month agoText

So, if you spend too long googling Tom Hardy pictures (looks guilty), eventually you find the Hardy Tree.

Supposedly, when the Victorian poet Thomas Hardy was a young man he was tasked with the job of moving dead bodies for a railway line and chose to arrange the displaced gravestones around an ash tree.

Which has nothing to do with Tom Hardy, but is still wicked entertaining to me. :”)

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