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Me as a kid: Poison Ivy tried to kill those billionaires just because they wouldn’t protect the environment. What an evil lady.

Me today:

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I’m so thankful I had a childhood before social media took over

I know some may make fun of this post, but given how much of an utter radioactive septic tank social media has become, I’m thankful for this, too.

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one of Tove Johnson’s lovely self portraits with her moomins and friends

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i think the worst kids cartoon trope is “boy loves a girl, she rejects him again and again and he keep trying and doesn’t get the no”. what a terrible message for children, telling them that if a girl says no they should ignore it and try again and again, that her no means nothing. i hate this

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there are many young merfolk out there, so i felt the desire to create a badass elder for mermay :) she’s as much derived from as she is dedicated to the vuvalini of MMFR– i also sincerely hope she brings joy to my mutuals older than me who always delight and inspire me, and to all older women in fandom, really, who i continuously thought of while working on her

i hope it’s obvious but just in case: she’s beluga / inuit. and yes, a name and backstory eventually developed! haha

oh y’all this is my first non-fanart piece to break 1k notes and i’m SO excited it’s enthusiasm for this design in particular! thank you; i’m so relieved and encouraged by the warm responses 🙏🏻💙

this is so amazing oh my god she looks so wise and powerful i’ve never seen anything like it op i’m screaming

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The stereotype that all feminists are hairy, fat, ugly man-hating lesbians is so offensive.

What about us hairy, ugly and man-hating lesbians who aren’t fat???

Don’t we deserve to be feminists too???

What is this exclusionary gatekeeping

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God said “i love lgbt jewish people n muslims” because the first day of pride is both laylat al-qadr and shabbat can i get a mashallah

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me watching ppl getting into heated discourse over issues that dont exist outside this website

Since people are reaching all over about what this post about, I just wanna post a reminder

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so i’m watching episode 22 of moomins when moomin comes out of hibernation early and literally the first thing he does as soon as he’s woken up properly is start pining for snufkin i’m.

fellas i really can’t make this shit up and let me tell you it only gets MORE romantic with context


this gay bitch really worked himself into such a state desperately pining for snufkin’s return that he actually caught a FEVER like some 19th century romance novel protagonist longing forlornly for her absent lover until it makes her physically ill. this is, and i really cannot stress this enough, excruciating to watch right now.

Moomin’s overdramatic ass pretending to be a dying Victorian child because he’s gay & has NO chill:

fellas is it gay to wake up and immediately imagine your bro walking in a field of flowers and then get ill from missing him

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sometimes i remember that hebrew was literally a dead language. dead!! for two thousand years!!!! until this one guy in the 1880′s was like hey fuck german and russian and spanish and french We Are Jews we should speak The Language Of The Jews!! and everyone was like dude tf hebrew is DEAD it’s OLD it’s missing too many words, we can’t use it. so he was like ok. i’ll make up new ones. checkmate, atheists and he fuckninh did he stood up by his little desk (?) and invented so many new words and wrote a whole dictionary and then he had a child and only spoke hebrew to him and that child was the first person who’s first language was hebrew in two thousand years and…………………………… i’m sorry i’m so emotional over my man, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. he singe-handedly revived a dead language. what a man

This is so quintessentially Jewish. I’ve heard us called “the eternally dying people”, because we always seem to be on the brink of extinction, but like the stubborn fucks we are, we never actually die. It’s fitting that you can’t keep our language down forever either.

blessed addition, thank you

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