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toffee-arts·2 months agoPhoto


If you are interested, please send me an email at 

 with the title, “YourName_Commissions”. 

 We’ll discuss everything from there.

Only 3 slots! 

Commissions are OPEN!!
2/3 Slots Open

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toffee-arts·3 months agoAnswer
do you ever plan to stream when doing your art?

I do stream occasionally.. i post it on twitter if I’m going to do one

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toffee-arts·3 months agoAnswer
is this a side blog or a main blog? do u have any other blogs?

This is a “side” art blog I guess.. since its tied to my personal one(that I seldom use anymore ) 

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toffee-arts·3 months agoAnswer
HNNNGGG!! AHHH I found your art on twitter and I just,,,,, hNNGG IT'S SO FRICKING GOOD AND AMAZING AND AHHHH!!! Man, dude, your art just makes me all 💕💕💕 inside niefonifoe eeeee!! Sorry for rambling but urggg!! It's really, really amazing!!

TToTT  Thank you!! ahh <33

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toffee-arts·3 months agoAnswer
I look forward to every post you make! I love your art so much. Your art ascetic is what i aspire to achieve with my own art/photography. Its so classy and smooth. I love it 💙💙💙💙💙

Thank you so much !! 💕💕💕

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toffee-arts·3 months agoAnswer
zel!! i’m looking for some good giomis artists/fics? can u rec some ?? nsfw or sfw is fine 💖 I actually… haven’t read much giomis fics… but!here’s some fics that a giomis shipper friend of mine highly recommends!! 

Your lips give a few of my favourite things.  -  Crowette

Take Me Outlittlesneezes

Senza FinePetronia

Gold with EnvySaveMista

Polarissex-chan (ultraviolets)

out of all I’ve only read Senza Fine.. but these are def in my to read list as well!

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toffee-arts·3 months agoPhoto

(Tiz x Squalo ) 

“My cheek brushes against his 

Smooth on stubble for a moment 

And then it’s gone 

He walks along the platforms into the dream 

Every fiber in me wants to shout and scream 


To run across to him, to take him in my arms 

To tell him 'I love you!-’

But instead I stand still, heart cracking

those little curls at the back of his head bouncing,

as he steps out of my life, forever. “

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toffee-arts·4 months agoAnswer
Ah alright! Thank you for the response anyway uvu I look forward to more art you create, and just, all that stuff. You're a huge inspiration and probably will continue to be one??

waaah thank you for understanding anon ; w ;

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