studying arts and drinking water.

18 // Vegan // Fitblr and studyblr!! // SW: around 98 kg // CW: 66'2 kg.

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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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the hard things haven’t killed you before, and they won’t kill you now. you have the capacity to change, adapt, and adjust.

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  • Read both units for my lit test the 24th + homework.
  • Finish my history notes.
  • Take a look to my cuau slides.
  • Take pictures for my photography assignment and start organizing them.
  • Homework for my 2nd language lit class.

So far, I only want to do my photography assignment but yeah, I guess I’ll study a bit so I don’t end up failing, kjdsfksdhf.

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Thanks to our photography assignment I may be getting into it but I don’t like going out to take pictures and I don’t have a camera so yeah…

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I don’t want to go to school, it’s tiring, but well, yeah, I’m still gonna go because tests are starting this Thursday and I mainly study by paying attention in class, I don’t like studying home, lol.

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I'mma say this one time…

You can be full of love and light and still have bad days.

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for everyone who feels sad and alone about not having a partner or best friend: there is someone out there for you. you do belong somewhere. you don’t know how many people would love to meet someone like you. keep looking. ♡

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Yooo, I’m back with my weekly updates (I didn’t do it last week kjdfkdhg).

So, for starters, I got a 10/10 on my philosophy assignement! It’s still not enough to keep the same grade I got for the last trimester but hey, at least is just one point less (I think I’m going to get an 8). Next week we’re having two tests and then… Boom. 4 tests and a photography assignement I’ve barely started for February’s last week. I’m already starting to study so I don’t get really stressed about it and I do have some pics but fjdkgdkfg photography isn’t really my thing and I have a bad camera so it’s not as good as it could be.

Anyways, today I weighed in at 66 kg! Last week when I checked I went from 66.2 (two weeks ago) to +67 and I was really confused??? I decided not to look too much into it and wait another week to see if it was just a one day thing and I guess it must have been that. It doesn’t matter, tho!!! I had some progress and that’s what’s really important.

This past week was kinda slow because over half of our class were on a school trip but we still had to go to class and I missed my seatmates, but at least I got to leave early or go to school later for the hours we didn’t have any teachers! That meant I hanged out with some of my classmates! I didn’t talk much but it wasn’t horrible so that’s cool. uwu

I’ve been feeling better this past weeks but I’ve been kinda moody since yesterday. :( I don’t like getting mad but people bother me really easily sometimes. I don’t let it ruin my day, though. I try to convince myself about how it’s not that important and focus on myself. Fortunately, it’s been getting easier to do it. :)

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dream job?

i simply do not dream of labor

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Some rando: You should think about stopping your prescription

Me: My pills make me not want to die tho

They: You shouldn’t want to die, that’s not normal

Me: Yeah that’s why I’m taking my pills

Again: But you aren’t the *real* you when you’re on your pills

Me: I’m the alive version of me

An actual doctor, once: “Relying On A Chemical Crutch For A Hormonal Imbalance Denies The Fortitude Of The Human Soul”

Me: Cool so like I’m agnostic

They: “But you might be on pills the rest of your life!”

Me: “So?”

Good! That means that I have a “rest of” my life to continue living!

Thanks to the pills.

Meanwhile, no person ever: “You should think about giving up your insulin/antiretrovirals/beta blockers/anti-rejection drugs/prosthetic legs/daily multivitamin, because using those your whole life is bad for some reason”

Oh no, they do that too.

I have a kidney transplant. A woman once told me she didn’t believe in organ transplants and that people should just die when they’re meant to. 

Sounds like a great set-up for a murder

People who are fully healthy, fit and neurotypical seem to think they are that way because they’re doing something right that the rest of us haven’t thought of, and not just because they got lucky

This is a point of view deliberately fostered by our society in order to demonize the sick. If your medical problems are the result of a personal failing then it means they can let the sick suffer and die without guilt.

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first time i saw this on the tl i scrolled uncomfortably like uh oh this is somebodys work being shared w/o permission this is wrong but i just now actually read it and LMFAOFOAO

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I fucking hate my art history teacher, wdym it’s okay I can’t give you my assignment tomorrow if you just suddenly ask for it with no due date? She’s such a horrible teacher.

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FIRST! The inner flap:

oh dear indeed… 

some people crayons are jerks.



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :’’’’) :’’’’’’’’)))))))))))

i just have a lot of feelings about this book and think everyone should own it

i lovethis so much

trans… trans crayon?


Reblog if you’re a trans crayon, love trans crayons, or you thought this book was friggin adorable

I don’t know why I’m crying over a crayon but I am

Going to buy this book for my kid ASAP

Trans crayon! Oh my gosh I am sobbing over a crayon, I need this book

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Last week of February’s full of tests so I’m going to start getting ready: now. (Specially for my literature tests, I REALLY want to get a higher grade).

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