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Soph, 21, UK, artist (...I think), IQ: unknown, asexual biromantic and a bit of a tomboy, anxiety and too many ideas, draws and watches youtube on productive days, sleeps on unproductive days. Check out my art in #magpie sketches.

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certain coping strategies become necessary when your social media following reaches a certain size, and it’s always slightly painful seeing folk who haven’t learned them yet. for those with growing audiences, here’s some tips:

1.    don’t stress about unanswered asks. your inbox will gradually become unmanageable. it’s cool/flattering that people want to talk, but you don’t owe anyone responses.

2.    turning anon off lets you answer asks quickly and privately.

3.    people will not read your FAQ, or your Before You Ask rules. instead of replying in annoyance, just quickly delete these messages and move on.

4.    turn off direct messaging for non-mutuals.

5.    turn off submissions (unless you REALLY enjoy them).

6.    block block block block. one strike you’re out. don’t bother speaking to harassers - giving them unfettered access to your inbox is a form of self harm.

7.    at some point if you’re an lgbt+ ally you’ll receive messages disagreeing with your support of a sexuality/gender (trans/nonbinary/ace/bi/queer support is what mostly gets folk angry). DO NOT reply privately, they will 100% screenshot you and post it out of context. either ignore/block or put enough thought into your words that you’re willing to have them broadcasted.

8.    becoming publicly angry with someone will result in harassment being sent their way, so either message the person privately to resolve the issue, or move on. don’t be shitty.

9.    people will be outrageously vile to you. people will threaten you. when this happens, disengage from the online world. talk to friends, hug a dog, eat your favourite snack, and protect your mental health.

10.    people will treat you as an authority on subjects you’re not qualified to discuss. you are NOT an authority. like it or not, you now have the power to widely spread misinformation – either boost the voices of experts instead, or put careful research into your words. if you’re wrong, boost the correction.

11.    you’ll make mistakes, learn roughly, and accumulate trauma. take your weariness seriously, and make sure the fun outweighs the bad.

Reblog now.

I’ve experienced a good amount of these oof.

This is good to remember for people who don’t have big audiences too. A peek behind the curtain, if you will, and a reminder that Popular People in the online world are still human

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Also this.

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I think about this all the time when I contemplate how terrible and self-centered nerd culture can be yet how much of their media furthers messages of self-sacrifice, cooperation and inclusion

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honestly the harry potter fandom is so wild like we’ve all collectively refused to accept cursed child as canon but some college kids tell us hufflepuffs are particularly good finders and we don’t even question it

I didn’t truly get the whole “death of the author” paradigm until I watched the harry potter fandom collectively divorce JKR

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Incidentally, this is a great example of why it is absolutely vital to defend human rights in all cases; the instant people work out which categories are publicly viewed as indefensible, they start figuring out how to fold other types of undesirables into those category.

Eg. Pornography criminalized? Great, information about birth control, sexual education, and writing by feminists and LGBTQ people are all pornography now.

Terrorism? Literally all activists are terrorists if you put a good enough spin on it! Easy.

And, of course, “sex offenders” includes teenagers who take nude selfies, sex workers of basically all kinds, LGB people in jurisdictions that criminalize gay sex, often trans people in ones that criminalize crossdressing…

“The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

Counter terrorism police tried to include Extinction Rebellion as an extremist group just last week. They’re backpeddling now, but they tried it.

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why do we collectively share the idea of freddie mercury watching over us from heaven. like all of us independently came to the conclusion that this is just the way it is

Fun answer: Orion is Brian’s favorite constellation. Take a look at him, noting the line of the shoulders and the belt and the knees:

He’s celestial and don’t you dare doubt it

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A level of empathy that screams out that you have to fight to make things better even if it doesn’t benefit you.


Freshman year of college I was in a philosophy class and I was giving some sort of group presentation. The prof asked my group “what do you think is your purpose in life?” And none of them really had an answer while I just said “to make the world a better place for those who come after us” because in my mind that’s just the obvious answer. The prof looked kind of taken aback that I just had an answer on the ready and was like “Why? What’s your motivation?”

In that moment I realized I was in front of a lecture hall of privileged students. I was surrounded by people who didn’t know poverty or desperation like I had. I clawed my way here on scholarships while they were legacy kids or trust fund babies. In that moment it clicked in my head that there’s this level of empathy that you can only gain when you have absolutely nothing to lose. A level of empathy that only the impoverished have. A level of empathy that screams out that you have to fight to make things better even if it doesn’t benefit you. It’s a concept that you can only really grasp when you have nothing to lose and the kids before me hadn’t known that pain. They hadn’t developed that kind of empathy.

My only answer that I could give the prof was “Why wouldn’t I?”

all the angry rich people in the notes:

also to all the people who are arguing that class privilege has nothing to do with empathy, studies show that richer people have less empathy

i know u dont like to listen to us commoners but… lmao

oh this one of them good posts where the basic message is “treat people better” and this causes the most controversy

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In recent days, there have been a number of posts on tumblr about third party apps that host AO3 fic on them. A lot of people are worried and even more people are pissed.

There is no need to send in emails to AO3 Support or to the Policy and Abuse team. They are fully aware of the situation and are probably drowning in emails right now. 

Here’s what I know and what you can do about it.

Fluff app / Fanfiction Pocket Archive Library app / Archive Track Reader app:

These apps work as a sort of skin for the AO3 site itself. They don’t download works and redistribute them. They provide an access point to AO3.

The developers of these apps are making money from the app itself (through tips and subscriptions - both voluntary), which wouldn’t exist without the free content created by AO3 authors. Since people post their work to AO3 because it is free to access and hosted without ads, authors are understandably angered by this.

Because these apps are basically just a portal to the site, a DMCA notice will not apply in this case. All works currently hosted on AO3 will show up on these apps, because these apps are simply letting you view AO3 through their interface.

Woodsign company apps (including MCU, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Creepypasta, and more):

These apps seem to curate  some fic from the various fandoms and rehost it. They allow users to read offline, so it’s possible they are redistributing it. In this case, a DMCA takedown might be effective.

This app developer is also making money by hosting fanfic that was written and posted for free on AO3. They have put up a paywall so that you can only access the complete fic if you pay for it or rate the app in the App store. 

If you want to post a negative review, consider saying things like:

* these fanworks are free already at archiveofourown.org
* you can kudos, comment, bookmark, subscribe, and mark to read for later for free with an archiveofourown.org account
* you can also download fics to read later in various file formats - both pdf and formats that are usable by ereaders
* archiveofourown.org is a website with full mobile browser accessibility. Anything you can do in this app, you can do on the site - for free, and without ads
* the Archive is a fully-licensed non-profit organization run by volunteers, unlike this for-profit app

There is no official AO3 app. The website is mobile friendly and if you want to have quick button access to it, you can Add to Homescreen on your phone and you can click in just like you would on an app. None of these third party apps can provide you with AO3 support. Only AO3 can do that. The best version of the site will always, always be the site itself.

If you’ve read this far, please signal boost so that AO3 Support can get fewer tickets. And if you love AO3, consider donating to them. They accept donations year round, not just during their pledge drives. 

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