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umbrellaacadnetflix·3 days agoAnswer

👻  I admire you from afar you probably don’t know I exist

uwu😊 if you met me I’d probably scare you off with my awkwardness

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🌹  I have a romantic crush on you

⭐️ I have a platonic crush on you

🌈  I’m gay for you

🤗  given the chance I would gladly hug you

💛 You are my best friend

💙 You are my closest friend

💚 You’re cute

🦄  you’re adorable

🎨  you’re artistically talented

💕  we have a lot in common

😑  you’re annoying

✖️  you’re mean

☄️ I wish we could talk

👽 you’re out of this world

🤙 you’re pretty cool

🔥 you’re hot

💋 I wanna make out with you

😊 Your blog makes me smile

😘 I’d date you

💍 I want to marry you

💓 I can’t stop thinking about you

💘 I love you so much 

🐶🐱 let’s get a dog/cat

👾 nerd

👻 I admire you from afar you probably don’t know I exist

🗑 You’re content is trash and i love you

😍 I aspire to be like you one day

🍀 I’m lucky to have met you

🤐 We don’t talk as much as we used to

🛫 You live far away and it sucks because I want to meet you

😩 I’m too shy to talk to you but I really love your blog

😇 You’re a sweet cinnamon bun

💎 Your blog is pretty

🐒 You’re funny

🎄 Wish to hang out over the holidays

⚔ I trust that you would have my back

👍 you are fun to be around

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umbrellaacadnetflix·4 days agoChat
Ben: Hey Klaus, what time is it?
Klaus: wait a second
Klaus: *takes his shoe off*
Ben: Wha-?
Klaus: *throws it on five*
Klaus: It's 3am in the morning
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Now that it’s been a year of TUA, let’s talk about it!

What was one of your favorite moments in the show?

Asking for your favorite (as in, just one) is unfair, because I can’t choose either. The answer can be a scene, a song, a character… Anything!

I’ll go first: That scene in EP10, where they’re all running down the bowling lanes in the order of their numbers and Saturday Night is playing? I love that with my entire heart.

Let’s look back to what made this show so wonderful in the first place <3

I have way too many favorite moments as well, but one I’m always recallinging and going back to for some reason is when Diego dropkicks Hazel in the middle of his conversation with Five and I lose my shit every time.

When hazel and Cha-Cha go after five in the store and don’t stop me now starts to play I get so fucking exited

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umbrellaacadnetflix·15 days agoAnswer
Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!!! 💖🌸💕🌷💗🌺💓

I’m NOT but thanks

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umbrellaacadnetflix·16 days agoChat
Vanya: Yes I will be dying alone, with no one beside me, in the darkness of my room, there's no help left for m-
Waiter: I asked "Will you be DINING alone"
Vanya: Oh
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Tagged by @koffinz

1. aliases: sam

2. birthday: jan, 20th 

3. zodiac: aquarius 

4. height: 4′11 ,,, please let me grow

5. hobbies: drawing, playing piano and watching horror movies :D

6. fav colour: green or light pink ! :o

7. favourite book: i really love A Series Of Unfortunate Events ! i love the whole entire series 

8. last song i listened to: whore by in this moment

9. last movie i saw: queen & slim ! it was lowkey really good , i recommend it :o

10. muse(s) or inspirations: im pretty inspired by anything, if a cutesy song comes on then im inspired by that or by outfits i see?? i dunno i get inspired by random things :’D

ill tag hmmm @miseryunplugged @thotfrnk @murdrscne (you dont have to do this but ! have fun)

omg i cant believe i didnt see this until now! thank you <3

  1. aliases: angie and christine
  2. birthday: nov 7
  3. zodiac: scorpio
  4. height: like 5′4″
  5. hobbies: right now, making costumes for concerts
  6. fav color: dark red, im a basic revenge whore
  7. favourite book: ngl, true lives of the fabulous killjoys lookin pretty sexy on my shelf rn
  8. last song i listened to: spotify says it was the sharpest lives
  9. last movie i saw: jennifer’s body lol
  10. muse(s) or inspirations: elton john’s outrageous costumes, disco era fashion, gerard has had some pretty good looks too, and the physical world around me honestly

tags! @gahd-its-ron @ohimtherebabey @demolition-platonic-buddies @aqua-is-an-alien @hellcins @katesattic

  1. aliases: cindy or cin
  2. birthday: jan 28
  3. zodiac: aquarius
  4. height: like 5′4″
  5. hobbies: electric guitar, reading, writing
  6. fav color: black
  7. favourite book: god too many okay i cannot decide
  8. last song i listened to: house of wolves by my chem
  9. last movie i saw: stardust
  10. muse(s) or inspirations: gerard way is my absolute hero, he inspires me every day whether that’s in a personal way or artistically… but there are some others, he’s just my main inspo tho

thanks for tagging me @miseryunplugged !!! xxx

i’m tagging: @damntheirwarnings, @wcrmboy, @pitchcraft & @darkbluemysweet !

thanks a bunch for tagging me @hellcins!!

  1. aliases: cal or cat
  2. birthday: may 30
  3. zodiac: gemini
  4. height: 5″2 i think?
  5. hobbies: mainly painting or whatever i decided to try and learn that week
  6. fav color: green
  7. favourite book:  the perks of being a wallflower… dont judge me lol
  8. last song i listened to: demolition lovers by em cee are
  9. last movie i saw: something studio ghibli i think
  10. muse(s) or inspirations: I get extremely obsessed with a lot of different things, which i then fully immerse myself in. I’m a very visual person so everything thats got a strong, very specific aesthetic just sends me. also ths is gonna sound weird but light? like the way it falls and the mood it creates

im tagging @damntheirwarnings @demolition-platonic-buddies @potdreadsfrank @hello-sad-im-dad  & @jackett-slut bc i always see you all in my notes and i lov u for it (you dont have to do it though!)

thank you for tagging me @pitchcraft !!

  1. aliases: zoe and eliza
  2. birthday: november 17
  3. zodiac: scorpio 🖤
  4. height: 5’4”
  5. hobbies: piano, digital art, writing, editing :)
  6. fav color: black, lavender, red, sky blue
  7. favourite book: i don’t read many books anymore but honestly? my fav is hitchhikers guide to the galaxy HAHA
  8. last song i listened to: desert song by mcr
  9. last movie i saw: bohemian rhapsody!!
  10. muse(s) or inspirations: both gerard way and lynz way inspire me every single day in so many ways, both personally and artistically. i find inspiration in a lot of things, so movies, tv shows, and characters inspire me all the time (most recently the good place, agents of shield, and bo rhap). outer space, various friends that i look up to, and the danger days verse also inspire me!!

i’m tagging @eyriedescent @tastyrav @potdreadsfrank @purple-hamburger18 @greendays & @para-whore (you don’t have to do it though!! have fun :))

thanks for the tag!

1. Aliases: Just my name (Portia)

2. Birthday: sept 5th

3: Zodiac: virgo

4: Height: 5′9

5: Hobbies: guitar, drawing, just vibing is cool too

6: Fav color: purple and dark blue

7: Fav book: idk probably The Umbrella Academy 

8: Last song i listened to: The Sharpest Lives by My Chem

9: Last movie I saw: Joker

10: muse(s) or inspirations: Gerards art is super inspiring. Other than him, music and podcasts (mainly wtnv) also are awesome. Instagram artist virtuevalentine is one of my biggest artistic inspos, and u should totally follow them

tagging: @umbrellaacadnetflix @just-shower-thoughts @planetarygo-away @emosnek and anyone else who wants to join​

1. Aliases: Aiden or massacre

2. Birthday: February 15 (same day that tua season 1 came out)

3: Zodiac: Aquarius

4: Height: 5′6?

5: Hobbies: drawing, netflix, soccer

6: Fav color: dark blue and black?

7: Fav book: the umbrella academy comics and harry potter

8: Last song i listened to: Helena by mcr

9: Last movie I saw: Beetlejuice

10: muse(s) or inspirations: Gerard Way definitely, Robert Sheehan and Aidan Gallagher

@bad-puns-n-finger-guns @silverquackson

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umbrellaacadnetflix·23 days agoText

I’m really bored so if ever you people and aliens want to talk or need to rant about something don’t be shy I want to hear what you have to say.❤💖💕💣🔪✂⚔🗡⛓🖤💀💖

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umbrellaacadnetflix·a month agoChat
Klaus: Can I pet your hamster, I'll be careful, I won't drop it I promise, please just let me. Please please please please ple-
Five: Klaus
Five: This is a muffin
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I’m starting a reblog-and-tag game

Make yourself with this picrew (made by the awesome @sangled) and tag up to 8 people! I’ll start

@yume-fanfare @apocalypse–enthusiast @eva-arikuri @zayria @transboyklug @caoomi @arya-art + anyone who is in the mood!

i opened picrew to make this and then spent two hours making my ocs,,,,

tag: @heron-iles @momoka-kaede @miss-cactus @overlordofships @0l-yumiyu-l0 and uh, anyone who feels like it,,,,

Did main OC because I didn’t know what character to make

@lovedrivengalaxies @my-lazy-genius @daddys-little-kinkshamer @cest-la-vie-ma-copine @finnwolfhardismyspiritanimal @lilshinypotato @animemakesmehappy + anyone who feels like it

This is so cute i’m-

@anime-music-ships @captdrobvious @pastelvineyard hhhh

@setsuna-no-ai @pitch-cat @supermaronda64 @tv-kidd @indigo-1008 @emerald-heart12 @natsatsuki77 @diabolik-trash-heap

@indigo-1008 @narekashi @cosmicallycutenagi @perpetualmood @sapphicdeathnote @miwa-himitsu @shining–live @utaprifickingdom @missrockstars77 @sakurapyon22

@sevaniel @he-needs-more-whiskey @loftwingsuarus @percilout @chiquirita @arwencuar @yourlocalnotafuckgiver

Uuhhh @mihaelkeehl @smagata @eboylestat @sketch-elf @sketch-wolf @jewishmatsuda @aroace-steve-rogers @fantomn

@tex-studmister @albertmasonry @arthurmorgansgf @marshaltrahearne @famicom

@albertmasonry @arthurmorgansgf @mary-gillis @antonymmouse @chonkyarthur @hackeraxe @gentle-outlaw @my-funky-little-cowboy

I was tagged by @tex-studmister

I’ll tag: @prairiemule @kriiwolf @mypastelsky @my-funky-little-cowboy @nyoom-bum @arthurmorgansgf @galadrieljones @moonstone-reverie @nerisson-leaf @romeo-and-antoinette @nohrimormon

thank you for the tag, @gentle-outlaw!!

@thevikingwoman @bearly-tolerable @a-shakespearean-in-paris @littleblue-eyedbird @idrelle-miocovani @wrenbee @morgan-arthur <3 <3 <3


@lady–of–greenwood @xxxbladeangelxxx @seerya @zesuda @rinhkitty 

I’m not angry or embarrassed, that’s just my face and the closest I could get to my skin condition (which looks cute like this, not gonna lie)

@elven-child @erichan8 @ugh-my-back @whitnium

Thanks for the tag hon!! I’m tagging (if you want to ofc) @xriia, @pendragoth, @svogliata-mente, @kat-anni and @aduckwithears!

@yyoonseokiee, @gguksbby, @thepotatopeel, @sopeposts, @420coups, @so-ver-saucy

!!! so fun!!

@kaitovsheiji look, it me as a manga character!

@theoceanismyinkwell @baloobird @thesoundofnat @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars @miduwuriya @tnystrk-exe

@baloobird @riseuplikeglitterandgold @darkwarf @wordscorrupt @abyssal-glory @iron-damn @irondadofficial @letthembehappymcu 💖💖💖

@iron-father-spider-son @spidermanstrash @spideys-sad-and-so-am-i @downeysexual @freakofandoms @soph-the-sad-lad @viviixen @aar-is-not-a-pirate

@spidermanstrash @mag-and-mac @shiskabubble @god-i-needa-new-username @mynightfuryblr @mysterio-is-a-little-bitch @wattyisamess

@treacherous-egg @viviixen @writtenwxrks @spidermanstrash @chickenie-strips

@spidermanstrash @floup-doodles @hyruleknight271 @writtenwxrks @treacherous-egg @iron-dad-is-my-new-kink @dmitried @allduckshavelegs

Close enough lol

@snail-anon @hraewordsmith @evan-charity-kumar @alwayslateneedingtea @all-hail-mono-onion @10th-no-name-person

god @hyruleknight271​ this has been in my drafts forEVER im sorry

I’m not tagged but since I was in the mood…

@delightfullyshamelessdinosar @olivia1863fde @diamond-lightningx @kerosene–angel @my-dark-happy-place @i-dont-vibe-with-gender Please don’t hate me for tagging you I just think you’re neat-

Thanks for the tag:3

I’m tagging anyone who wants to join:)


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