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The Girl Below

Bucky Barnes x F(Reader)

A/N: AHH!! My first Bucky thing! I hope you enjoy this. The first part is story line, but then it gets SMUTTY so be warned!! The next part won’t be as smutty maybe, but who knows.

*and if read more is not there, I’m so very sorry, I’m on mobile and have no control of that right now.

You ran out of the busy diner, your curls moving with you as you clutched your purse. “Y/N!”

You didn’t want to turn around, everything in you wanted to keep walking about the Brooklyn lights, but you knew if you did, you would regret it more. You felt the rush of Bucky coming ahead of you, his stupid smirk on his face as he walked backwards, “I don’t want to talk James,” you scolded him, and used his first name. You only used his first name when you were mad, or in bed.

“Come on doll,” he reached for your hand but you pulled it away.

“No! Don’t ‘doll’ me! How could you not tell me you joined the war? We planned our future and you join the freaking war?!” You yelled at him, stopping to get your point across.

You had a few eyes look your way, but you didn’t care. Your date was supposed to be magical. You dressed in a white dress with red rose flower details on it. It was a respectable length, covering your chest, as your hair set in the easy curls almost every woman wore at the time. To top it off, you wore soft blush and read lipstick. Bucky took you to the movies, and then the diner to eat fries and talk. But little did you know your talking would lead to him telling you he left for the army in a week. A fucking week. You wanted to deck him in the face, that’s what you wanted todo.

“Doll,” he walked towards you, “you know i have to.”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes I do! Everyone I know has enlisted-”

“Not Steve,” you mutter, crossing your arms.

“Okay, Steve is different.” His eyes scanned over your body, “you can’t stand like that long baby, you know what it does to me.” You looked down to see your hands pressing your breasts together, and the hem of your skirt riding up.

You scoffed, “You’re disgusting James Buchanan Barnes.”

You darted past him, “oh come on.” You only flipped him off, not caring about the judgmental look from bystanders. Bucky only gave them his soft smile.

“Don’t ever come by my place again Bucky. I mean it!” You marched your way home, ignoring your mother who asked about your date and running to your room. Your tears welled in your eyes as you felt like you were left by the love of your life. He was gonna leave you and die. That’s how every girl in that city had their lives played out. No one made it back. Not like they said they would.

A knock on your door made you look up to your mother, “y/n? Oh baby.” She fell to the bed beside you and began to brush your hair, “what did he do. Did he break my baby’s heart? I’ll murder him, you know that.”

“No,” your tears fell onto her night gown, “he’s-he’s going into the war and didn’t tell me. He didn’t tell me and now he’s gonna die!”

She sighed, “shh baby girl, he is not worth this pain.”

But he really was. You knew him since you were a child, being he lived above you. He would climb down the fire escape and “hang out” with you. One time, you let him into your room and the teenage hormones led the way. It was like every make out session you had before. He unbuttoned the top of your dress, letting it pool at your waist, as you ran your fingers through his perfectly jelled hair, ruffling all the time he put into it.

“Bucky,” you moaned as his mouth latched on to your breast. You sat in his lap, legs crossed around his back as you hands locked on his shoulder and neck, pulling him into you. “Bucky,” that was when it turned into something more, “bucky I want you to fuck me.” Your words were not that of a ladies, but they got your point across.

He pulled away and furrowed his brows. “What?” He wasn’t displeased, just shocked.

You held his cheek in your hands, “I-I want you to be the first one to have me. The entirety of me.”

His eyes danced back and forth in your own, “you sure?” You nodded your head. Slow, but sure. “Okay,” his face seemed to be as scared as yours. Now he took his time, laying you on your back, his face lower down your body, he undid each button with care, allowing for your dress to be folded open.

He marveled at your body, as his fingers skillfully undid your garters from holding your stockings. You felt yourself blush as his eyes looked into yours, he rolled the material down your leg, kissing the exposed skin. “God your beautiful,” he muttered as he kissed his way to be level with your underwear. When he kissed the white, lacy material, he hooked his fingers in and lowered it down your legs. Exposing your sex to the cold brisk air created from the window he had climbed into.

You could see his eyes on your pussy, “Bucky,” you gripped his head, wiggling your hips, “do something?”

He laughed, “little Miss Impatient.” You only frowned and watched as he placed sweet kisses on the inner part of your thighs. His hands reaching to rest your legs above his shoulders. And, in a matter of seconds, his tongue ran up and down your mound leaving you heaving from the inside out, “god your soaking. Did I do this?”

You could feel his fingers slid in, the burn only made you feel more excited. “Bu-Buc, fuck,” you grunted as he pushed himself deeper into your cunt. His blue eyes looking up to you with the playboy shade they always wore. “Bucky, I think, I’m- oh god, I’m gonna come.”

“Come doll,” his words added vibration to your core and you felt like you were falling off a bridge into an endless pit of joy.

Your head pushed into your pillows, making your breasts stand at attention. He took that advantage and connect his mouth with your nipple. “Bucky-” his hand continued to rub your clit, overstimulated, you tried pushing his away, “Bucky it’s too much!”

You squirm under him, he released your nipple with a pop and grinned, “we haven’t even gotten started doll.”

You rested your forehead on his bare shoulder, “h-how did you learn to do that?” You felt the beads of sweat on your face.

He smiled, “I- you pick it up.” You rolled your eyes at him, but he just kissed into your neck, “Come here.”

He rolled into his back and picked you up with him. You were straddling his hips as his hands found their place on yours. He pushed himself up to kiss you passionately, until you leaned back and felt he was harder than you had ever be aware of. Granite, you only had make out seshes as frequent as you could, he always had one on by the end of it. It made you think of how he “handled” it. Your mind went to dirty places, thinking about him moaning your name as he tried pulling an orgasm out. God. The thought made you wetter.

He pulled away from you, and you felt yourself pout, “what? What is it?”

“I-I don’t have a condom.”

You stared at him, “what?”

“I don’t just caring them around with me.”

“Well you should!”

He laughed, “yes cause every girl I see is gonna want to jump on me.”

You rolled your eyes, “well, can you, or we could go upstairs to your room? You should have some there, right?” Now you were desperate.

His scratched his head, “yeah…yeah let’s go there.”

“K,” you hoped down from him, grabbing your dress from the side of the bed to wrap it around your naked body.

He didn’t care to grab his shirt, he only took your hand and kissed your hard, “you sure you want to do this.”

You bit your lip, nodding against him, “my mom won’t be home for another two hours.” He smiled and guided you to his room as you stepped on to the cold fire escape.

It wasn’t unfamiliar, the smell felt nice, and you couldn’t help but giggle at the amount of books stacked in his desk. He looked up at you, seeing where your gaze fell and smiled, “aye, don’t judge.”

He turned back to his room, shuffling through his desk and drawers.

“I just didn’t think you were a reader,” you took your time slipping off your dress and sitting on his bed.

You saw he picked up a container from his drawer, “well, when you-uu,” his eyes fell in your naked figure. The sun leaving gleaming spots on your skin, you couldn’t help but blush as he looked at you.

“Come on,” you reached for his free hand pulling him to the bed.

He kissed you as you head him undoing his pants, and felt the rough material against your skin as they slid down to the floor. You pulled at the waistband of his pants, making those come down to.

Finally you looked down to his yearning tip pressed against his stomach. Your eyes widened at the length, “Bucky,” you couldn’t tell if that was a moan or actual fear. Your eyes danced in his, “are you sure it will fit?”

He smiled kissing down at your neck, “doll, it’ll be okay.” You nodded against his reassurance. “I wanna watch you ride me, and make that pretty face moan.” You felt hot as his words slipped from his mouth. He never talked this dirty, but it felt warm. As you propped yourself up, he pulled a tan colored condom out, slipping it over himself. You watched with hungry eyes as he pumped himself a few times, then motioned for you to sit in him. “You’ll tell me if it hurts, right?” You nodded your head and felt as he aligned himself to your warm slit. He teased you, rubbing the top of his head against your clit until your whined.


He laughed, “Okay, you ready?” You nodded, your hands resting on his bare chest as you prepared yourself.

You could feel him slipping into you, “James,” your voice a soft moan.

“Does it hurt?” He stopped abruptly, and you felt the lack of motion between your demanding legs.

“No! No, please keep going.” It burned, but it was nice to feel his long cock stretching you out the way he did. Once he was fully in, you bounced off him lightly, still riding the pain out with his pleasured moans.

His hands dug into your hips with power, “fuck doll, you’ll make me come in two minutes if you moving like that… You’re so fucking tight!”

You felt one of his hands slip across your hip bone, and his thumb rub circles against your clit. “Bucky!”

You could almost see stars as he thrusted into your sweet spot, your pussy clenching around him.

“Fuck,” he let out a whispered moan as you began milking him of everything he had.

You leaned into his chest and kissed him hard, “I love you bucky.”

He smile against your lips, “you know I love you more.”

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vikingdrabbles·9 days agoText

Omg!! I cannot believe we passed 2,000 followers on here! That is truly something I never thought would happen. I can remember only having roughly 100 and freaking out when I passed 200!

I truly love you all, and am so glad you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy you all looking at it!

Tonight I’ll be posting my first Bucky thing! (Not the royal guard, still working on that don’t worry 😉 ) but this work I have put a lot of time into and hope to make it a series! It’s also a little lot smutty for me, so I hope you enjoy!!

Endless hugs and kisses to you all!! <3

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vikingdrabbles·21 days agoText


So, I may write something for Bucky Barnes in the MCU. I know I haven’t written in a while, but I feel as if I can switch up the people I write about, I may wish to write more.

I don’t know when I will release it, because I want to finish completely writing it before I go halfway and stop, but if it turns into a series, I will attempt to finish it before posting. It’s gonna be different, because it’s a different character, and I’m *trying* to maybe make it smuty. But basically it’s Bucky being the bodyguard of a royal princess.

I’m writing “Your Highness” with Alfred, but I’m also on vaycay for a while. Just letting you all know, I missed you and writing, so we’re gonna get back to it hopefully :)

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Hvitserk in College

A/N Short and I wrote it a while ago meaning to make it longer but never did. I’m not tagging anyone, because I can’t be bothered to try and look at the list. <3 enjoy gif: dangerousvikings

You tapped your pen rapidly against the white lined paper. Your eyes scanning over the large book in front of you, in short, Women Hero’s of the Revolution, the thrilling tales of 20 different women who risked their own lives for the sake of their country. It was an amazing book, but you couldn’t deny feeling a hint of jealousy to see the sacrifices women made as you sit in your university library, with a ‘full-ride’ from your parents, if you got all A’s. The one problem with getting all A’s was the distraction that seemed to always sit at your feet. Your loving, amazing, so sweet and kind boyfriend, Hvitserk.

He was always with you though, and it seemed the library was the only place you could be free of him, so your thought.

As you neared the end of the story about Molly Pitcher, you jumped when a voice spoke into your left ear, “whatcha doing?”

Your eyes widened as you turned to see who stood behind your, “oh god!” Your eyes rested on the short hair of Hvitserk, “it’s you!”

He smiled, sitting in the empty seat across from you, “of course it’s me, I thought we were getting dinner?”

You frowned, “what time is it?”

He looked down at the sleek black watch, “6:00 o'clock.”

Your hands moved through your hair, and you let out a grumbling sound, “I’m sorry babe, I forgot. It’s just- this dumb project I have to do.”

He frowned, sliding the book away from you to read the front, “women in the American Revolution? what class is this for?”

You glared up at him, sliding the book back toward you, “history, but because I want an American history major, Professor Rollo wants us to center it around our majors, rather any piece in history.”

“When’s it due?”

You bit your cheek, “tomorrow?” Procrastination was another distraction that stood by your feet.

He frowned, “so you’re gonna sit in this boring library all night?” You didn’t answer, “Y/N come on, my uncles the professor,” his hand went to your knee under the table, “I’m sure I could get you another day.”

You crossed your legs, making his hand fall absent, “Hvitserk I’m not gonna cheat.”

“It’s not cheating! It’s using your resources,” he scooted to the seat next to you, rather across from you.

You glared at him, crossing your arms, “yeah, the resource of cheating.”

He smiled, his hand reaching for your thigh again. Though your skin was covered with your leggings, you could feel the warmth his hands carried, “Come on,” he pouted, “I could help.”

You rolled your eyes when you felt his hand creep further down to the inner part of your thigh. You sighed, “let’s go”

He smiled, knowing he won you over, “well come in Princess.”

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vikingdrabbles·3 months agoText



1.if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

2.have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

3.three songs that you connect with right now.

4.would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?

5.have you taken someones virginity? many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?

7.if you could, would you take back your last kiss?

8.who would you like to see in concert?

9.what was the last concert you saw?

10.would you ever want to swim with sharks? you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?

12.what was the last thing that made you laugh?

13.a song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?

14.have any pets? you want to have kids? How many? you have piercings? How many? you miss anyone from your past?

18.what are you craving right now?

19.have you ever broken someone’s heart?

20.have you ever been cheated on?

21.have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? you believe in true love?

23.favourite weather? you like the snow? you wanna get married? it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?

27.what’s an inner joke you have with your friends?

28.go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

29.what’s your favorite pasta dish?

30.what color do you really want to dye your hair?

31.what’s your favorite eye color? about your favorite bag, the one that’s been to hell and back with you and that you love to pieces.

33.are you a morning person?

34. what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever broken into?

35.what are the shoes you’ve had for forever and wear with every single outfit?

36.what is your opinion of socks? do you like wearing weird socks? do you sleep with socks? do you confine yourself to white sock hell? really, just talk about socks.

37.tell us a story of something that happened to you after 3AM when you were with friends. you have a favorite coffee shop? describe it!

39.who was the last person you gazed at the stars with?

40.what was your biggest fear as a kid? is it the same today? you like buying CDs and records? what was the last one you bought?

42.think of a person. what song do you associate with them?

43.what are your favorite memes of the year so far you like poetry? what are some of your faves?

45.what’s the stupidest gift you’ve ever given? the stupidest one you’ve ever received?

46.what are some of your worst habits?

47.describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.

48.tell us about your pets! there anything you should be doing right now but aren’t?

50.are you in the minion hateclub or fanclub?

51.what’s one of the cutest things someone has ever done for you?

52.describe one of your friend’s eyes using the most abstract imagery you can think of.

53.what’s some of your favorite album art?

54.are you planning on getting tattoos? which ones? you like concept albums? which ones?

56.what are some movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?

57.list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them.

58.if you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why?

59.what do you do when you’re sad?

60.what are some things you do when you can’t sleep?

61.what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had?

62.who is the last person you told a secret to?

63.what’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

64.what’s your favorite food?

65.what’s your secret dream?

66.three songs you were recently obsessed with.

67.three songs that remind you of the person who sends this one

68. three favourite old songs

69.three last songs you listened to

70.worst possible time to get horny:

71.have you ever had a friends with benefits? you believe in soulmates?

73.Is there anyone you would die for?

74.whowas the last person you cried in front of? you give out second chances too easily? it easier to forgive or forget? this year the best year of your life? you have trust issues?

79.who/what was your last dream about?

80.would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

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vikingdrabbles·3 months agoText

Hello everyone!!

So I know I’ve been MIA for like, a couple months, so sorry, but I think I wanna update a few stories and maybe write a little. It’s my “Easter break” and I want to write a little before I’m done with school and in summer.

I have: (on my mind currently)

- Mafia Ivar

- forgetting Everyone Else

-your highness

PLEASE let me know if you guys want anymore updated things, this *maybe* be the only chance for like a month. I’ll maybe write some requests as well, so send em in!


And if you have any stories you recommend I read (because I missed out on months of amazing writing from the fellow ladies on here) tell me!

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vikingdrabbles·4 months agoAnswer
Hi love. Just dropped by to say hello and ask how you are. I know you went on a hiatus...But no matter with or without stories...just want to let you know you are missed. Hope you are well. Take care. Sending a hug.

ahhhh, my heart *it’s melting* I love you too!
I’m good, school is an ass, but I’m getting through it one day at a time. Writing and reading is tricky with all the papers my professors decide to give but I still have yet decided when I’ll be able to come back in the full swing of everything. Hopefully I can soon.
I’m sending an abundance of well-health and happiness <3 thanks for being so caring!

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Imagine Ivar with his children

A/n: I wrote this a while ago, but never posted it. It’s just a short little one, so enjoy! Gif by: heathenarmyimagines

    You stood in the hall, swaying your arms back and forth in attempt to ease the crying child within them. “Shh, come Erika, you’re okay,” you tried bouncing, but that only made her scream louder.

       But, a large crash interrupted your routine, “mother! Mother!” You looked to the small child who stood at your feet, “Mother, Tabbart cheated!”

       “What?” It wasn’t long before you saw the younger child appear in the door, “Is this true Tabby?” He moved his tiny fingers up and down the wood. You sighed, then looked to Ivar, “Can you please do something about them?”

       His attention was finally drawn to you, “Come here,” he motioned his boys to him. “Why must you bother your mother why she is working?”

        Vett tried to talk, “But she is not wo-”

       Ivar shushed him, “Shh,” he pointed to you as you tried resting the baby in your arms, “what is she doing?”

       “Holding Erika,” Tabbart blurted out, trying to be the first to answer.

       He nodded, “your sister. She is not only holding her, but loving her. Giving her what she needs to survive, like she did with both of you,” you saw their heads drupe, but he picked them up by the chins. “Allow your mother to work as hard as she did with both of you, do not pester her with your games.”

       Vett stood taller, “but he cheated!”

       “Eh, Vett, he is your little brother. If you believe he cheated, tell him. Real men sort their problems out themselves, rather tattletale.” Tabby stuck his tongue out at Vett, “Hey! That does not mean you may cheat,” he looked at them back and forth, “now go.” They ran away fast, before you could even tell them anything.

       You looked to Ivar and shook your head, “they really are your children,” you say, making your way to him.

      He rolled his eyes, “they are more you than me,” when you rested on the arm of his chair, he reached for the blanket, “let me see my girl.” You handed it to him as he carefully swayed, repeating your movements for earlier.

        Her eyes slowly as she drifted into sleep against his leather shirt, “how can you do that?” You asked in disbelief.

       He gave you a sly smile, “seems she likes me more.”

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Amen (Hvitserk)

A/N: This is kinda sad, so, um, … sorry gif: drogonstone

Summary: Hvitserk looses the reader, follows the song basically

And are those real angels in the magazines?

Oh, is there a heaven? You’d know now you’ve been

Are those real stars that hang in the sky?

Or are they man made? A trick of the light?

Hvitserk’s arm wrapped around your bare back. He liked you, more than the thralls he had been with, or the other slaves at his becking call. For some reason, he couldn’t ever leave your bed. The warmth of your skin, the steady breathes you took, the way your hair laid perfectly on his chest; he could never leave. Though you were a shield maiden, that didn’t mean you were different for him. He constantly told himself you were a one and done, nothing more, but every night, he found himself falling asleep with you tangled in his arms. If he could, he would have never left, the halo of dark hair around your head, the contrast of colors on your skin, even the way your fingers drew patterns on him, you were perfect, so perfect. He never let anyone else have you, you were his, even if you didn’t agree.

Amen, Amen


“Hvitserk,” his eyes looked distant this time, his fingers didn’t hold you as tightly after, and the way he had slipped in and out in a matter of seconds put a confusing spell over you, “what is the matter?” You tug on his hand for him to look at you, he was fumbling with the buckle of his pants when he looked at you. It was almost sadness on his face, “what is it?”

You sat up, allowing for you to be level with him. His eyes wondered your naked skin, the curves and dimples marked over them, he was getting sucked in once again, “I don’t want you to go to battle tomorrow.”

You scoffed, “what?”

His hand found your cheeks, forcing you to look him in the eyes, “don’t go to battle, please.” It was a statement more than a question.

“Hvitserk, you said we weren’t anything, why does it matter now?”

He frowned, “I don’t want to lose you.”

Your hand reached his, “Hvitserk,” you almost laughed a little, “why do you believe you will lose me?”

And is there a God up there? ‘So, where does he hide?

‘Cause the devil is raging inside my mind

And is there a moment where it all makes sense?

When saying goodbye, doesn’t feel like the end?

“Where is Y/N?” Hvitserk marched towards Ivar, the battlefield between the shore and Kattegat was covered with bodies, the long braided hair of shield maidens, the tedious armer of warriors, it didn’t matter now, they all laid dead.

“How am I supposed to know? She lead the shield maidens down through the south part, to attack them from the inside.”

Hvitserk almost wanted to whine like a child, stomp his feet, throw his arms, he was right. “Did she report back?”

Ivar tightened the reigns of the horse attacked to his chariot, “Hvitserk, I’m sure they will find her,” he snakes them against the horse, drawing it foreword.

Amen, Amen


Hvitserk couldn’t find you, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find the warm glow of your skin, the darkness in your eyes, and the curls of your hair; he couldn’t find you. He sat in the great hall, the people laughing and cheering as Ivar entered. It was strange, the hall was his home, he described to you in detail how it was when it was full of people. Busy with laughter and drunken warriors. Now, everything he described to you felt wrong, like a lie he could never take back now.

Never. He left you with a lie, how? How could he have just lied blatantly to your face? The great hall was never as he described, yes it was full, but also empty; it was loud, but also so quiet the children fell asleep within their parents arms; the great hall was not a place for parties, but a place for ruling. How did he miss all that? He missed the most important parts of Kattegat whenever you would ask. It was him he didn’t listen.

Ivar sat down next to him, “stop staring at the table… drink.”

Sometimes I can’t help blaming you

For leaving me here, what am I supposed to do?

There’s plenty of women, there’s drink and there’s drugs

But we both know that won’t be enough

'Cause I see you in the daytime, and I hear you at night

There’s a pale imitation burnt in my eyes

I don’t want to be here, I don’t know what to do

Sometimes I’d rather be dead, at least then I’m with you

If you had listened, just listened to him, you would be the one dancing drunkenly in his lap, not the thrall whose skin looked like chocolate, coaxing him into her bed with the swift movement of her wide hips. He wished they were yours, your warm skin that graced over his fingers, making sure you were stable, your endless spiral of curls entrancing him. Ivar made sure he looked human, but on the inside he questioned himself. why you’d don’t listen!

He was 6 cups in on his mead when he had enough of the girl Ivar had placed in his lap, “go,” he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“What?” Her voice was soft, almost scared.

“Go!” She jumped off him as soon as he is voice rose. He knew Ivar would be mad, but he was too drunk and too confused by you to care.

“She wouldn’t have wanted to be pitied.” Hvitserk’s red ringed eyes looked up to the blue spheres of Ivars, “she hated being pitied.”

“She did not listen,” his voice seemed to be cracking in the warm air. He didn’t care, his hand slammed on the table, “she didn’t listen!”

Ivar nodded his head, “I know, I do. But she wouldn’t have wanted this, you like this.”

Hvitserk tried to hold his tears in, but drunk him didn’t seem to care, “I would give anything to have her here, I would swear on Odin to die if she would be brought back.”

Ivar grabbed Hvitserk’s jaw roughly, “shut up! She wouldn’t want this, and frankly, I don’t want k hear you say this. Do not swear on Odin, because she is not here! She feasts with the gods, be happy for her! Stop this nonsense and enjoy yourself!”

He let go of Hvitserk the same way he held him. Looking to see if anyone saw how he just manhandled his older brother, taking a breath to say something, but allowing for it to get caught in his throat. Hvitserk fell back in his chair, you didn’t listen.

Amen, Amen

Amen, Amen

Amen, Amen

Amen, Amen


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Mini Hiatus :(

Okay, so in the past month or two, I feel like I haven’t been able to write anything, and when I do, I don’t feel confidant in what I write. If you’re a writer, you know the feeling, and I can’t seem to get out of this whole. I don’t know if it’s because I’m burned out on vikings, and need to write something different, or need to just take a break from writing all together. But, I don’t even wish to get on tumblr at times, because I know I have requests, and people really want certain chapters out, but I can’t full fill those wishes.

I know you all mean in your best intentions, and I do love when you guys give love, it’s just me. I don’t like seeing all these requests, and not being able to full fill them in the ways I wish to.

That is why, I’m taking a brake from posting, and maybe writing altogether. I call it mini, because who knows, this spell could end in a week, and I could start writing again, but for now, I’m paused.

Idk how frequently I’ll post stories, or even get on tumblr, but do know I love all of you, and love how nice and caring you all have been towards my writing. This break has nothing todo with you guys or anything, it’s just me needing time to step back and be able to jump into my life again.

I love you all so much, and hope I can post here again soon. This really is hard for me, but I would rather you all know I’m taking a break, then to stop abruptly all together. Thanks <3

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Guys, I have to write a research paper for my writing class, and im already on page four.

It only has to be three pages, but I’m on the 3rd paragraph.

Someone please stop me.

I’ll keep y’ll updated, because I know you all just love hearing about my writing class!

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A/N: This took a while, but it is mainly centered around children this chapter. *not my gif* 
Warnings: child injury, reader becomes sick, breaking of bones (kinda detailed, but not really)

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A/N: This took a while, but it is mainly centered around children this chapter. *not my gif* 
Warnings: child injury, reader becomes sick, breaking of bones (kinda detailed, but not really)

Ase took your hand, “so! What will we do today?” You shuffled through the great hall, trying to leave as soon as you could.
Gull slipped ahead of you both, going to open the door, “Yeah! What are we doing?”
You looked down at them, a smile as they slipped onward in the cold, even if they hadn’t wore their cloaks. “Are you two not cold?”
“Mother said she was making cloaks,” Gull said, they had long sleeves, but you knew soon enough they would go cold. It hadn’t yet become winter, but the trees had shown a change in color, and the wind had picked up, blowing through your cloak even if you tried closing it.
“We can do whatever today, maybe play a game?”
“Ooo! May we? May we please?!”
You smiled as Ases fingers interlocked with yours, you let out a little laugh, “we shall see dear.”
It wasn’t long before more children came, they surrounded you as you began to braid one boy’s hair. It reminded you of Ake’s, deep brown, and full of little curls. He asked for you to braid it as though he was going into battle, and you couldn’t seem to find a reason to say no. “Y/N?” Your eyes shifted to the sudden weight on your knee, your fingers continuing to fold each piece of hair over the other.
“Can you tell us a story?”
You smiled, they always wished for something, even if you were already busy, “well, which one?”
You hair reached the bottom of the third braid, and tied it off with a string, “the one with Thor!” A different boy jumped forward. They all giggled at the thought of Thor dressing as a women.
In unison all the other children let out a little squeals. You laughed, “okay, but do you remember how it starts?”
“The giants!”
You smiled, “Yes, but more than that.” You rounded to the final end of the braid, tying it off with a string. The boy looked back to you with wide eyes, “a true warrior,” you smiled.
“Okay! Can I sit on your lap now?!” Brenna marching up to your legs.
“Come here,” you lifted her to face everyone else. “Okay, now are we ready?”
“Yes!” They all squealed with excitement.
You smiled, wrapping your cloak around Brenna, “one day, as the god of thunder slept, someone seemed to have taken his hammer when he awoke. When he realized of his loss, he grew angry with the thought of it missing, swearing to have vengeance again.” You could see there eyes grow with excitement, they heard the story a million times, but they always seemed to act like they had heard it for the first time that day. “Thor soon went to Loki, who said it had to be the giants whom took Mjolnir.” Though they had looked tired, they all sat up, knowing the next part of the story,, “Loki went to Freya, asking for a cloak to visit the land of the giants.”
“A-And the giant said he would only marry Freya for it!” The boy stood taller.
Everyone let out a giggle as you sighed, but nodded, “Yes, he did hear that, taking that news to Thor, whom told Freya.”
“And Frey’s refused! A noble women standing for what she believed.” A young girl glared at the boy from before.
You sighed, “Yes, Freya only denied. Why would a women marry a man she never met?”
“But they are gods!” The boy taunted, “it does not matter what they do!”
You spoke softly, “every little thing the gods do effect us. Say Thor never strikes his hammer down upon us? Or Odin himself never gave our warriors the promises of Valhalla? Anything the gods do, can break us, or strengthen us.” The other kids snickered as the boy pushed himself down, crossing his arms as his face turned red. You sighed, “I think we should pause the story, play a while, and then we will finish?” They groaned, “Come on, it will be fun.” You lifted Brenna onto the ground, standing to walk them towards the streets.
A girl grabbed your hand, “may you play tag with us then?” She pouted her lips.
You let out a small sigh, “Of course.”
“Yeah! Come on!” She tugged at your hand, making you be forced into the direction of the huddled children. For a small child, she had muscle on her.
“Okay, this is what we will do,” a boy stepped forward, “Y/N, pick someone to be it.”
You smiled, “oh that wouldn’t be fair.” They all groaned and looked to your annoyed, you only shook your head, “fine, umm,” you pointed to a red haired boy, “you will be it?”
Before the child could answer, the boy stepped foreword, “good, count to thirty, and we will all run somewhere, if you are tagged, you are it.” Everyone nodded their heads, “ready, set, go!”
They all scatter off, as the red haired boy covered his eyes and began to count, “Y/N! Come on!” Brenna let out rough grunts as she tugged you foreword, “we may hide in the fields!” It wasn’t long till your found yourself ducking behind the dead trees, Brenna peering out to see if anyone was heading your way. You sat against the wood, admiring the empty fields, knowing they would be full come summer. You pulled some grass from the ground and weaved them into each other, it was either stand over Brenna, and get yelled out for being out in the open, or sit and weave. You chose the second option.
Brenna let out a huff, falling down next to you, “this will take forever!”
You turned towards her, smiling, you placed the small woven pieces into her hair. Her head was small enough to create a crown from the short strands, “beautiful,” you whisper to her.
She smiled, getting up to sit in your lap and stare at your features. You leaned your head back agains the tree, watching as her hands traced your neck, the furs upon your shoulders, and your hair. It was long before she finally spoke, “when will you have children?”
“Children? You take care of us, but don’t have your own?”
You smiled, placing a piece of hair behind her ear, “I do not know the answer to that question love. It is the gods who you must ask of life, not I.”
She smiled, leaning into your chest, “I can be your child.”
You laughed, placing a hand around her to hug her, “I cannot take you from your parents.”
“But I want you to be my mother,” she pulled away from you, “you are alone.”
You could feel your face sag, but your forced a smile, twirling her dark hair within your fingers, “Brenna, I am never alone, not when the gods dance with me everyday.” You could see her frown, “let us go back to the town? This game is taking long.”
She smiled, “okay!”
You held her hand as she guided you back to the center of town, but to your surprise, there were a few children sitting by the fire, as confused as you. “We do not know where they went.”
“You have not seen the other boys?”
They shook their heads, and almost as though in that moment, Thor struck his hammer onto your world. “Y/N! Y/N!” You turned to see the same red haired boy who was supposed to be it.
His face was red, and he had fear across it. You walked towards him, kneeling down to his level, “what is it?”
And in a click tears appeared in his eyes, “B-Buirn, h-he was in the trees, a-and w-when I went to tag him, h-he fell, a-and-”
“Where?” You instinct to over, “where was he?”
He turned to the trees, “o-over there.” His small finger pointing in the direction he came from.
You immediately got up, picking up the ends of your skirt to rush through the small pathway. You could hear crying, more like screaming, and when you noticed a small group of children standing in a circle, you broke last them.
A small boy sat bawled up, his hand clutching at the exposed bone on his arm. It took everything in your not to throw up, you had seen injuries, but this was only a child. You knelt down to him, swiftly picking up his legs to carry him back. His tears wet your skin, and his blood stained at your furs; but, you only pushed his head into your shoulder, “shh, I know, it will be okay,” you tried making your voice steady as the children watched you, “go run ahead, get the healer and tell them we need them.” They stared at you, “go!”
You watched them run off, and you began to speed-walk the boy back, “y-y/n, it hurts!” He screamed with every shift you took through the rough forest ground.
“I know,” you tried rubbing his back, holding him close to you, but every time you looking down, you could see the flesh being ripped from its place, “I know.”
When you reached the break from forest, to the city, a group of people flocked around you. Mainly children, wishing to see what happened that could be so bad, but you pushed through them, determined to reach the healers shelter before your legs gave out.
You didn’t even attempt to knock, rather pushing the door open with your foot, which startled the old man. “I have a child, he-he, uh, broke his bone, in his uh, arm.” You laid him down on a bed of furs, biting your thumb as you watched the healer approach him.
“What happened?” He lifted his arm, making the boy cry in pain.
Your hands ran through your hair, “I-I do not know exactly. Just, we-we were playing a game, an-and a boy came to tell me he was hurt.”
You turned as you heard someone come through the door, “my boy!” A dark haired women almost fell to the side of his bed, “oh my baby Erik,” her hands brushing his hair, “what happened?” She first looked for he healer, then her eyes landed on you.
The healer lifted himself off the ground, “do not ask the girl,” he glanced at your shaking hands, “she does not know.”
He turned his back to you both, beginning to mix a series of different liquids, and mud, “are you going to fix him?!”
The man did not turn back around, he only kept his head down, “we will need to set the bone back.” His slow movements made you wanna push him forward. He dipped his thumb in some red powder, “look at me boy,” the boys watery eyes slowly lifted to the cloak man, “the gods,” his hand shook as he lifted it to the boy’s forehead, “will bless you from pain,” he created a red cross on his skin, “so do not cry, because they know you are stronger. Understand?” The boy nodded his head, “good. Give me your arm.” You watched as the man’s wrinkled hands touch the skin of a young child. He took a moment, looking up towards the ceiling, before you could hear the bone shift.
The boy screamed, and you could feel the acid coming up. You tried to surpass it, but when your hand reached to cover your mouth, you ran outside. The mother looked towards the door, “do not mind her, she is not our concern.”
The burn created from your vomit left the stinging pain that reside all day. You were hunched over, your hands resting on your knees as you wiped your mouth. You realized your hands had dried blood under them, making you want to scrub them till they turned red.
This was horrible. How could a child be subject to this? He did nothing, yet the gods punish him. Another round of vomiting came when you heard him scream again. Everyone from the town watched from afar, they had fear of their faces when they saw you. This was not just.
“It is the king!” You could hear people shouting behind you, but your mind went into tunnel vision. You could’ve cared less than two shits that Ivar came, he was probably only sad no one was left in the center of town for him to play with. Never mind that. You turned your head slightly to see his two nieces as his side, guiding him over to you.
It would have been fine if you had been covered in blood, but not vomit. Your mouth burned with the taste, and the small patch of grass you used as you haven smelled. He stopped in front of you, cocking his head to the side, letting a little smirk release from his lips, “we meet again.”
You glared up at him, “seems we do,” your voice rough.
He looked past your, and towards the healers home, “what has happened?”
Your face looked back down as you closed your eyes, “one of the boys broke his arm, the, uh, bone, was sticking out.”
He turned his head to the sound of the boys cries, “whom is taking care of him?”
“The healers.”
“Which one?”
“I don’t know Ivar.”
He thought for a moment, “bring him to the hall, have him treated by my people.”
“Ivar, they can not afford-”
“It will be free, if you promise to come along. I wish to get you new clothes, and have you bathed.”
“I am fine.”
He clicked his tongue, “seems a small price to pay to help a child?” He knew he won you over when you glared up at him. He turned back to his chariot, “they do know how to fix a broken bone or two.”

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Vikings Fandom Ask Mes!

Ragnar: Do you consider yourself greedy?

Floki: Are you jealous?

Rollo: What country would you move faaaar away to?

Gisla: What are your passions?

Athelstan: What is your religion?

Lagertha: Do you believe in forgiveness?

Torstein: Would you ever be polyamorous?

Leif: Should one be sacrificed for many?

Arne: Are you a peeper?

Aslaug: Do you drink?

Gyda: Are you a homebody?

Björn: What is your ideal partner?

Erlendur: Are you vengeful?

Ubbe: Have you ever married? Divorced?

Hvitserk: What is your favourite snack? Or snacks!

Sigurd: Do you have a filter?

Ivar: How do you categorize your temper? Passive aggressive? Aggressive? Door mat?

Margrethe: How would you spoil yourself?

Freydis: Do you ever want children?

Thora: How honest are you?

Siggy: Is life worth living when you’ve lost so much?

Haraldsson: Are some secrets worth keeping from others?

Siggy Björnsdottir: Are you a water person or a land person?

Porunn: Ever regretted dating someone?

Torvi: With love, do you believe age is just a number?

Jarl Borg: If you could fly like a bird, would you?

Gunnhild: Are you a leader or a follower?

Helga: How loyal are you?

Harbard: What is your favourite Norse story?

Harald: Have you ever been in love?

Halfdan: What does it mean to be alive?

Astrid: Men or women?

Ecbert: Are you religious?

Aethelwulf: Are you physically active? Or more into mind games?

Judith: Do you have favourites?

Aethelred: What is your weakness?

Alfred: What is your dream?

Aelswith: Ever had a dirty little secret?

Kwenthrith: How many lovers have you had?

Heahmund: Could you fall into a forbidden love?

Magnus: Do you have any role models?

Almost All of Floki’s settlement: Do you keep grudges?

Aud: Worst instance of feeling surrounded by idiots?

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Forgetting Everyone Else Masterlist


Summary: the reader, whom is young and married has caught the attention of Ivar the boneless, king of Kattegat. Being married won’t stop Ivars conquest of the reader, it only makes him work harder.

Warnings: (light, very light) ‘inappropriate’ thingy and some swearing. But fluffity fluff of Ivar.


















Aesthetic Boards

(I don’t own any pictures, just the collage.)

Okay, I know I have been MIA, but, the next chapter for Forgetting Everyone Else, will be posted sometime tomorrow!!

Sorry it took so long.

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For any of you who are stuck in the cold within the Midwest in the USA, stay warm!! Bundle up, and don’t go outside!! And check on those around you to make sure they are safe and well taken care for!

Also, may sure any of your animals that do their business outside make it back inside at a decent amount of time. My little pupper gets a sweater😂 though, who knows how well that works?

Hope you all have a safe place to stay in, as it seems the whole Midwest is getting frozen over for a day or two.

Stay warm <3

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Spoiler for story:

I hope this will become smutty towards the end, that’s the goal. But, it will be psoted sometime this week, and I’ll have a hvitty thing, along with Mafia!Ivar (and maybe Forgetting Everyone Else)

What Gods Do:

You stepped on the wooden docks of Kattegat, the people watched as your two ‘bodyguards’ stood next to you, helping you across the wooden panels till you stepped in the marshy lands. Their eyes fell onto you with a foreign look, but you continued on. “They do not like us.”

You looked to your left, scanning over the people who stopped their work to watch you. You raised your brow, “they do not know us.” You locked eyes with a women, who turned frightened, making you laugh, “besides, we are here to help them Guntar.”

As the large doors of the great hall opened, you were presented with the large flags downing Ivars symbols. Your eyes peered across the room, to a small women who sat on a large throne, a cup in her hand. You walked in, the people sitting at their tables eyes shifted to your body, watching as it moved with elegance through the estrange seats and messes of mead staining the wood.

As you approached, her eyes shifted from the corner to your body, her brows creating a crease between them, “who are you?” Her words slurred as they came from her mouth.

You rose your head, and Guntar leaned over to unclasp your heavy, rich red cloak off your form, the hood coming off as well. He rested it on his arms as he returned to his place to your right. “I am Y/N,” her eyes scanned the two men in disgust almost, “I am here to see the king, Ivar the Bonless.”

Her eyes widened, “the king?” Pouting her lip, her arm flung from resting nicely against the wood, to pointing toward you, in the process of shifting it, she spilled some ale along the skirt of her dress, “what do you want with the king?” You opened your mouth to talk, but before you could, a dark haired man appeared from the back, shifting the leathers as he moved foreword. His eyes looked at the two men next to you before they fell into you, they didn’t faulter as he made his way to his throne.

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