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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·2 days agoText

Important Message:

AJ’s internet is currently turned off, so she may not be able to post or answer requests until it turns back on.

We will also be starting our 100 Follower Special soon, though there’s not really a time frame for that. We ended up doing the word generator route, the words and characters will be posted shortly.


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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·2 days agoAnswer
Hello yes I'd like to take up your scenario offer for Poly Julian, Muriel, and Male!Mc. Could I get one where it's when they discover Mc died from the plague? Thanks!

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this! I really did start it almost as soon as I got it, but I got pretty sick and haven’t been doing much of anything lately :( Also, the bullet points are being weird? Sorry ‘bout that.

However, I’m good now so bring on plangst (plague angst)!!!!


Poly Muriel, Julian, and M!MC Plangst

  • A pit of eternal despair is what we got going on here
  • Not actually going into what our boys are feeling here yet, after MC dies we know that Julian gets fed the plague beetle and gets quarantined as an ‘incentive’ for him to find a cure. Muriel was not a doctor working towards the plague and has never gotten infected. So, both of them are completely alone during the grieving process
  • After being force-fed a plague beetle, Julian is barred in his office. He hadn’t had a chance to talk with Muriel after MC had been shipped to the Lazaret. One minute he was researching the plague, next minute one of his lovers was dead
  • He throws himself into his work, more so than usual. The tears in his eyes aren’t just from the sickness. MC’s name repeats over and over and over again in his head
  • And Muriel’s, too
  • Maybe if I had been a better doctor, if I had found a cure, MC would be alive, and Muriel wouldn’t be left alone
  • Speaking of Muriel, he doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • Back in his hut, with no one save Innana, he thought these days were behind him
  • He thought he wouldn’t have to spend every second of every day lonely
  • And then he feels guilty
  • How could I worry about being alone when MC is dead? When Julian is dying? I really am a monster
  • The guilt eats away at him, and he goes back to the way things used to be
  • Going through the motions, surviving but not living
  • Innana is well taken care of, and so are the chickens, but if Innana didn’t make him, he probably wouldn’t eat
  • He tries to push all of the emotions away, and he nearly does, walking around hollow
  • But at night, laying in a bed of furs that he used to share…
  • He wakes up every morning with streaks of dried tears going down his face
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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·2 days agoAnswer
Hello yes I'd like to take up your scenario offer for Poly Julian, Muriel, and Male!Mc. Could I get one where it's when they discover Mc died from the plague? Thanks!

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this! I really did start it almost as soon as I got it, but I got pretty sick and haven’t been doing much of anything lately :( Also, the bullet points are being weird? Sorry ‘bout that.

However, I’m good now so bring on plangst (plague angst)!!!!


Poly Muriel, Julian, and M!MC Plangst

  • A pit of eternal despair is what we got going on here
  • Not actually going into what our boys are feeling here yet, after MC dies we know that Julian gets fed the plague beetle and gets quarantined as an ‘incentive’ for him to find a cure. Muriel was not a doctor working towards the plague and has never gotten infected. So, both of them are completely alone during the grieving process
  • After being force-fed a plague beetle, Julian is barred in his office. He hadn’t had a chance to talk with Muriel after MC had been shipped to the Lazaret. One minute he was researching the plague, next minute one of his lovers was dead
  • He throws himself into his work, more so than usual. The tears in his eyes aren’t just from the sickness. MC’s name repeats over and over and over again in his head
  • And Muriel’s, too
  • Maybe if I had been a better doctor, if I had found a cure, MC would be alive, and Muriel wouldn’t be left alone
  • Speaking of Muriel, he doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • Back in his hut, with no one save Innana, he thought these days were behind him
  • He thought he wouldn’t have to spend every second of every day lonely
  • And then he feels guilty
  • How could I worry about being alone when MC is dead? When Julian is dying? I really am a monster
  • The guilt eats away at him, and he goes back to the way things used to be
  • Going through the motions, surviving but not living
  • Innana is well taken care of, and so are the chickens, but if Innana didn’t make him, he probably wouldn’t eat
  • He tries to push all of the emotions away, and he nearly does, walking around hollow
  • But at night, laying in a bed of furs that he used to share…
  • He wakes up every morning with streaks of dried tears going down his face
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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·6 days agoAnswer
hi, I was wondering if you could do a sequel to the Edward Nygma/ x reader story!

So I’m actually happy that someone asked for a part 2 because I had some stuff I didn’t put in part 1. This will be the end of this little story line but I’m glad that I get to fit the rest in. 


You didn’t sleep at all the night of the incident. 

Every time you shut your eyes you would see the haunting image of Edward and the face filled with seething rage after you’d shoved him. If you said that you wanted to go into work the next day, you’d be lying. 

As you walked into the GCPD you kept an eye out for the riddle man. Anxiety filled your body and you held the strap of your bag tightly. You beeline for your office and prayed to every possible being that Edward wasn’t in there. 

You entered the office to happily find it empty, your tense state went away slightly and you set your bag on your desk. You sat down behind your desk and sat your forehead on it while trying to calm your heart. 

Your phone’s text tone sounded through the silent room causing you to jump; picking up the phone your read the text

Gordon: Can you bring the Petolik file I’m on my way to the precinct but I don’t have time to stop by and get it

You replied to his text and went to retrieve the file, every little sound was making you jump and even though you were in a police station you still didn’t feel completely safe.

Walking out of your office you felt the anxiety fill you again, outside of your office you felt vulnerable. You noticed that Jim had just walked in and was making his way to his desk, you walked over and met him there. 

As Gordon was thanking you for the file your blood ran cold at the voice that piped up

“Detective Gordon, I have the result from the test you had me do,” 

You breath caught in your throat and your chest tightened but you found yourself unable to look away from Edward. He looked like himself again, minus the white bandage wrapped around his head, and he didn’t even seem to notice you were standing there. 

Regret filled you when you saw the bandage, regret that you had hurt him; however, you glanced down at the dark marks left around your wrists and the regret lessened. 

When you glanced back up at Edward he was staring at you, his face showed no emotion but his eyes told a different story. 

“Thanks Ed-” Jim turned to Edward, “woah, what happened to you?” he asked

Edward broke eye contact with you and looked at Jim as he responded  “I wasn’t looking where I was going and I hit my head,” 

The only people who really knew what had happened were you and him. 

“What about you (Y/n), you look like shit,” Harvey asked 

Edward again made eye contact with you, almost taunting you to respond. You looked away from Edward, blinking like crazy and bidding the tight feeling in your chest to go away

“Couldn’t sleep,” you answered. 

Harvey nodded, you glanced at Ed one more time before heading back to your office. You tried to make it look normal but you knew that to the onlookers, especially Edward, you were in a hurry. 

You shut your office door louder than you’d meant to and hurried to your desk, you took a hair tie out of your bag and put it around your wrist. You grabbed it and pulled on it, letting it go to hit your wrist. 

That was a way that you coped with anxiety, the slight sting helped you focus on something other than whatever was bothering you. 

But it didn’t help when your office door was opened and Edward walked in. You stood next to your desk and stared at him as he walked closer to you. 


“Just…just listen to me,” he said. 

He took your silence as an invitation to continue and he started to talk

“About last night, I-”

“Edward it’s okay,” you tried to tell him. 

You just wanted him to leave you alone, you needed time to yourself

“I’ve been holding him in for so long, he promised that he would help, that he’d make you understand how we feel,” Edward explained, he stood in front of you, trapping you between his body and desk. 

As he continued to explain you lightly pushed him back causing him to step away. You busied yourself around your office, listening to Edward but trying to not freak out. 

After a few minutes you turned toward him and ran into his chest, you grabbed his shoulders, “Edward, it’s fine. Ok, look, I read your file I know I wasn’t supposed to but I did and I know that it wasn’t your fault.” you spoke rather harshly. 

“You…you read my file?” Edward asked, his demeanor taking a switch

“Yes and I-”

Edwards hand grabbed the front of your shirt and he shoved you back against a set of filing cabinets. That darkness from the night before filled his eyes once again

“You know you aren’t supposed to read that!” 

You grabbed his wrist, “I-I know, and I’m sorry for…I’m sorry for reading it,” you said.

Edward’s face contorted into a scowl and you searched for the right words

“Look, I’m not going to tell…I’m not…I’m not going to tell anyone, I promise,” you told him, hoping that he would trust you. 

Edward stared at you intently for a moment, enjoying the fearful look that filled your eye and brushed the back of his hand on your cheek which caused you to shiver, “Of course you won’t, you wouldn’t do that to me right?” he asked. 

You loosely shook your head and Edward chuckled at you, he let go of your shirt and grabbed both of your wrists, just above the bruises.

He pulled them up to where he could see them and smirked, “I suppose a little marking never hurt,” he muttered.

Even though what he said should have bothered you, you felt you face heat up at the comment. He brought your wrists to his lips, placing gentle kisses on the bruises. Your face burned even worse.

“You know, you’re very special to me (Y/n). So soft and sweet, none of those other men out there could ever take care of you. But I can,” Edward leaned in closer to you. 

“And you can’t tell me no, I’ve seen the way you blush at his actions and words and mine are no different. We can keep you safe from this city, this city filled with dangerous people who wouldn’t think twice about cutting your throat open,” he whispered. 

You felt your breath catch as you saw an image of some psycho trying to kill you, Edward noticed you tense up

“Don’t be scared,” he placed a small kiss on your nose, “we’ll protect you,” 

You felt so overloaded with so many different feelings that you had to try and get it to stop, you had to try and get him to stop, “E-Ed?” you mumbled under your breath.

Edward blinked a few times before letting your hands go and stepping away from you. Normal Edward was back. 

“So, you’re just letting him take control whenever now?” you asked quietly, hugging yourself protectively

“I’m sorry (Y/n), since I let him in last night it’s nearly impossible for me to keep him out. When he wants something he does what it takes to get it,” Edward said while fixing his glasses. 

You nodded, “Listen, what happened last night was between us and nobody else. And I think that we should talk about it, just you and me,” you recommended 

Edward opened his mouth but you continued talking

“Because I like you Edward, I do and I have for a while now,” you finished. 

Edward smiled slightly and mouthed a ‘you do’ but didn’t make any sound, the two of you could possibly be in a relationship but you had to talk about everything that had happened. Especially the Riddler. 

But the thing was, from what you’d learned from his file and the night before, there was no way you were going to not be in a relationship with him. So it was better to admit your feelings now and try to have a normal relationship. 

You remembered what Edward had said, “When he wants something he does what it takes to get it” and he was right. Because there you were, offering to try and make something work between you and Edward. 

The Riddler had you right where he wanted you, and he wasn’t going to let you go.


Yay! I did it! Hope you enjoyed. - AJ

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·7 days agoAnswer
Could I get one for a polyamorous triad with Mc, Julian, and Murial with a male Mc and all three dating eachother? Thanks!

I could write so much more about this honestly… so if you have a need for more of this shoot me a scenario lol 

Poly Julian, Muriel, and Male!MC

  • First of all, I’m gonna come out and say that cuddling with these two is heaven 
  • The only way you can get Julian to go to sleep is to have him in a Muriel and MC sandwich 
  • That’s not to say that Muriel and MC don’t get their time in the middle, though 
  • And when you’re in the middle? Play with these boys’ hair. Do it. They’ll love it so much and it’s an all around enjoyable experience (s o f t)
  • Also, their body temperatures are ideal for this. Muriel is a human furnace, and Julian feels like ice 99% of the time.
  • Ugh, can you imagine waking up to Muriel trying to teach Julian how to cook breakfast? The sweetness 
  • He swears up and down that Julian could burn water, but under Muriel’s guidance and gentle hand, the food isn’t bad it’s not well seasoned though
  • There’s definitely going to be long walks out in the woods. Y’all can collect various herbs and flowers together. Herbs to be sold at the shop, flowers to brighten up the clinic, supplies for charms and homemade salves, the possibilities are endless. You can make a day of it, bringing snacks and taking a dip in the river. 
  • It’s very hard to be taller than Julian, let alone Muriel. Chances are, you’re going to feel tiny 
  • But that’s okay–whatever thing you can’t reach, at least one of your boyfriends will be able to 
  • That being said, size can raise an issue. If the three of you decide to share a bed, it’s going to have to be LARGE 
  • Muriel is almost seven feet tall and very muscular, and Julian is 6’4” with long noodle limbs. No matter how small you are, your shop bed isn’t going to cut it for all three of you 
  • Speaking of sleep, prepare for nightmares. Unfortunately, you will probably wake up in the middle of the night to one of the boys’ nightmares sometimes. Fortunately, there’s two people to comfort the third who had had said nightmare. One puts on some tea while the other holds the third’s head against their chest and murmurs soft assurances and comforts.
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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·7 days agoText

Alright guys, we have a question to ask!

We are going to be doing a 100 Follower Special! (We aren’t there yet, but we are really close.)

We ask that you take a survey to tell us what you would like us to do. If you do not like either of the options on the survey, it is a text answer so you can leave a suggestion if you wish.

Take the survey here.

Thanks!!! :)

EDIT: The survey only has one question on it if you are concerned about the amount of time it takes.

- Rose and AJ

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·7 days agoText

Happy birthday Tom Hiddleston!!! 

For today I wrote a little Loki one shot in honor of Tom turning 39. So please enjoy.


“Hey guys, wait up for me and Loki,” you called ahead to Thor and the warriors three as you noticed that Loki was falling behind.

They glanced back at you, Volstagg let out a hearty laugh

“Bet Loki wanted to show off by teleporting and getting there first,” 

Confused you looked back where Loki had been walking only to see he was no longer there. You scanned the area for the prince and could only see his back as he disappeared around the side of the palace walls. 

You turned to the others “No he-” you stopped as you noticed that they were gone

Two options ran through your mind; you could go with Thor and his friends and leave Loki to be by himself, or you could go with the younger brother. 

You let out a sigh and pushed some hair out of your face, they always did this. They would all agree to run off and do something together and leave Loki behind. 

Well…not this time. 

You made your way quickly around the palace wall where Loki had vanished, hoping that you could catch him before you lost him. You asked some guards if they’d seen Loki, only to be pointed in two different directions. 

The only thing they seemed to agree on was the fact that Loki hadn’t gone inside the castle, so you assumed he wasn’t in the library. 

You wondered for a while around the outside of the palace in search of the black, green, and gold leather that Loki donned. You reached the garden of the palace and noticed the figure sitting on the ground next to the fountain. 

Loki sat with his long legs out, ankles crossed, and his back against the fountain. He sat tall and he held a book in front of him, his head was tilted down as he read causing a strand of black hair to escape from its natural slicked back state. 

“Loki!” you yelled in a cheerful tone

He glanced up at you in alarm, “There is no need to shout (Y/n),” he warned. 

You gave him an awkward smile, you hadn’t meant to yell

“Sorry,” you said before walking toward him. 

Loki watched you as you came closer, you stopped beside him and sat

“Reading anything interesting?” you asked while glancing at his book 

“What are you doing here? I thought you were going with the others to train,” Loki asked, avoiding your question all together. 

You shrugged, “That’s what I thought you were doing too,” you said

“What I do does not matter, why didn’t you go with them?” he closed his book, keeping his finger on the page he was at. 

“May I speak my mind?” you asked

Loki raised an eyebrow at you, seemingly confused as to why you would even think you have to ask him that but he nodded anyway. 

“I don’t want you to be left alone again. You get left out of their fun all the time and whether you’re okay with it or not…I’m not okay with it. I just,” you paused and took in the softened expression on Loki’s face, “I just do not think that you should have to be alone so often, so I’m here with you.” 

Loki’s mouth twitched up into a soft and genuine smile

“You really mean that?” he asked quietly. 

You smiled back at him, “Of course I do Loki, you’re my friend as much as Thor is, if anything I think you and I have more in common,” you replied

If you didn’t know any better, and you didn’t, you’d say that you saw Loki’s pale cheeks begin to burn. 

“And besides,” you poked Loki in the chest playfully, “I’m not the god of lies now am I, what use would I have in lying about how I feel?” 

Loki grabbed your wrist as you retracted it causing your breath to hitch in your throat, had you upset him by touching him without permission? 

Loki trailed his fingers quickly up your arm in a manner that tickled you, a giggle escaped your lips and Loki smiled widely while chuckling, “Not much I suppose,” he said. 

He let your wrist go and you fell sideways against the ground, your elbows were the only thing holding you up. You’d realized before that Loki was generally rather playful with you, as if he enjoyed being around you. 

Even when you had been younger it was always that way, when you would visit the palace with your mother and the queen would tell you and the princes to run off and play somewhere. 

You sat back up to see Loki reading his book again, but he was glancing up at you sideways. You subconsciously reached toward him to fix the strand of hair that had fallen, only to feel your hand get caught in a tangle. Then another, and another. 

“Loki, can you turn sideways so that I can do this?” you asked without a second thought

“Is there a problem?” he asked without looking up. 

You bit your lip, wondering how it would sound if you just flat out said ‘I want to play with your hair’ which you decided as weird. It would sound weird. 

“You have leaves in your hair,” you lied

You felt like you’d been punched, he wasn’t going to believe that. Loki nodded and turned his body sideways so that you could have access to all of his hair. 

You were so confused, had he actually believed you? 

“Do you mind if I read out loud to you my dear? I know how much you hate sitting in silence,” Loki asked

You felt some heat in your cheeks, Loki called everyone ‘my dear’ at one point or another but it always felt special when he said it to you. Even though it was casual. 

“Go ahead,” you told him

Loki began to read, it was poetry. You reached up and ran your fingers through Loki’s hair, pulling it from the clutches of whatever hair product he put in it. His hair was soft, a lot softer than it looked. 

“Your hair is so soft,” you gasped in shock

You dragged your finger through the tangles, your fingers ever so slightly massaging his scalp. You heard a low grumble come from Loki as he stopped reading for a moment. 

Freezing, you gave Loki a moment to speak if he had something to say, perhaps he was going to tell you to stop, but Loki pushed his head back into your hands. 

He liked it. 

You suppressed a giggle and continued to comb through his black locks, Loki would continuously start to read but stop to let out a small sound of what you could only describe as pleasure. 

After you got the tangles out you didn’t want to take your hands out of his hair. You wanted to play with his hair forever, but you knew that wasn’t possible, so you prolonged it as much as you could. 

You got lost in Loki’s voice as he read for you, it was like silk, like his hair…

You hadn’t realized anything that had happened until Loki’s voice piped up

“Why’d you stop?” he asked. 

You blinked and glanced at his hair, Loki’s hair was pulled into a loose fishtail braid and you almost wanted to blush at it. It looked cute in his hair. 

“I uh…” you started, you searched for words as you pulled a ribbon from your pocket and tied the bottom of the braid to keep it together. 

“I’m done, no-” you chuckled awkwardly, “no more, uh…no more leaves,” 

Loki chuckled and looked over his shoulder at you, you put your hands up to cover the red on your face.

“You are a very bad liar (Y/n),” he said

You looked around, anywhere but at him, knowing that if you looked at his taunting smirk you’d be overcome with some emotion. Loki turned his body and leaned back up against the fountain, closing the book and setting it on his lap. 

“I know,” you said before copying his movements

You sat side by side, almost not noticing how Loki had snaked his arm around your waist, or that you were slowly resting your head on his shoulder. You only noticed when Loki put his other arm across the front of you and squeezed you in a hug. 

“Thank you for making sure I wasn’t alone,” he whispered

You felt your heart speed up as you breathed in Loki’s scent, your face was kind of shoved into his chest. You turned your head so that you could breathe

“Anything for my best friend,” you mumbled, wrapping your arms around him. 

“I-…um, can I hold your hand (Y/n)?” Loki asked innocently 

Without hesitation, you grabbed his hand and locked your fingers around it. You brought his hand up to your lips and kissed the back of it. 

“Like you have to ask,”


Fluffy goodness. - AJ

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·8 days agoAnswer
Can I request this badass who Muriel has a crush on? She just a little new and foreign and different than what he's used to. She also finds him very sweet and attractive and let's him know it by flirting and things like that, I honestly think seeing him in a relationship like that would be so cute! ❤️

This was so much fun to write! Also I definitely want Muriel to bring me flowers now lol. Enjoy! 

Muriel With A Crush

  • Muriel didn’t go into town often, only to get a few essentials every now and then
  • So he didn’t even realize that the woman selling little charms and potions from a stall in the marketplace was new to Vesuvia at first 
  • He did notice, however, the flirting you threw his way
  • It might have been pretty mild, but this is Muri we’re talking about here–tell him he’s cute and he’s a blushy mess
  • It didn’t take long for Asra to notice that Muriel was coming around more often, and that someone else had a sachet of myrrh
  • So one day, as Muriel was walking away from the stall with a little smile on his face (you know the one I’m talking about–shy and cute) Asra asks him about it 
  • This man is going to deny it so HARD
  • !?!?!!?? what no I do not like them at all what are you even talking about
  • Then you walk by, a bright smile on your face “Hey Muriel!”
  • His face is bright red, but he manages a little greeting
  • If Asra had any doubts about Muriel liking you, he didn’t have any now
  • Believe it or not, Muriel does try to flirt back. Granted, it’s not pick-up lines or anything. He brings you wildflowers from the forest–bunches of black-eyed susans, a bouquet of baby’s-breath, dandelion chains, and if he knows your favorite flower you can expect a nice arrangement of them
  • He’ll make you protection charms, and brings you herbs you can use or sell. Rosemary, lavender, mint, sage, bay, myrrh… 
  • He’s good with his hands, we know he likes to carve so little wooden figures of various creatures might also make an appearance. And when it gets colder in Vesuvia?
  • He’ll knit a soft hat in a pretty olive green wool 
  • He might be doing all of this, but he’s probably not going to make the first move
  • Ask him out for something like lunch!  A picnic in the palace gardens perhaps?
  • Pack lemonade and sandwiches–don’t forget the sweets!! Little candies in pretty foil wrappers and boxes of cookies
  • It’s the most fun he’s had in years, and he definitely wants to do something like this again
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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·10 days agoText

Here’s my first Edward writing, I didn’t intend it to be this long but you know, it’s fine I’m proud of it. Some parts of this were very difficult to write, one being the interaction between Edward and the Riddler, since the Riddler is a personality of Edwards. 

tw//: non-con kissing and touching (it’s not that much but I figured it’s better to put a warning just in case some of you get bothered by that)


It was an early and quiet morning at the GCPD. Which is why you were surprised to enter your little office and find a cupcake on your desk. It was a deep red cake with white and red icing. Next to the cupcake was a small black card, it was a typed note for you. 

‘Dear (Y/n),

Never did I think I’d be writing this, working up any courage to do so. To me,

you seem like the type who might enjoy a present like this in the morning. A

generally sweet surprise in my opinion. I give this cupcake as a gift to reveal

my everlasting liking of you. You are sweet like the sugary treat I have left you.

Always stay the kind and happy person you are (Y/n).’

You felt your heart swell. No one had ever left you anything like that as a gift. The worst part was that it was left anonymous making you wonder who had left it. It could have been anyone in the GCPD, and that was a lot of people. 

It could have even been someone wandering in and out of the place. You decided that you would be spending your day trying to figure out who had left the note, and doing your job of course. 

But you couldn’t just go up to everyone and ask, whoever it was would likely not tell you if you asked them. You had to think strategically on this one. But you were going to figure it out, you swore to it. 


All day. 

You had been trying to figure it out all day. While you were arranging files the contents of the letter wouldn’t leave your mind. There was a knock at the door causing you to jump up from your seat. 

Edward walked in shortly after, you calmed down

“Oh, Ed, it’s you. You know you don’t have to knock right?” you said while walking around your desk to greet him. 

“It’s common courtesy to knock on someone’s door before entering,” Ed responded

You gave him a smile. He reached up and readjusted his glasses

“Can I help you with something?” you asked. 

“Oh, yes. I need the files on Mark DeLacey, I’m doing a forensic blood analysis on some things and I need it.” Edward explained

He knew he didn’t have to explain it to you, but he liked to talk to you. In an instant you were moving around the filing room, as you recovered the files that Edward needed you weren’t paying attention to him. 

You weren’t watching the way his eyes followed your every move, or the darkness in them. His mouth twitched into a small smile as he watched you, Edward adored you, but you didn’t know that. 

When you turned to bring the file to him his smile left, 

“Here you go, you know the rules just make sure it comes back when you’re done,” you said in that voice of yours that he loved. 

“I know,” Ed responded 

He noticed a figure behind you that was staring at you with a much more hungry look in his eye than he had. It was a person that you couldn’t see, even if you were to look. 

“So adorable aren’t they?” the man behind you asked Ed, Edward took a sharp inhale and took the file, thanking you, before promptly leaving. 

Edward hated it when the Riddler talked to him with other people around, especially you. 

You watched the man leave in a hurry, a bit concerned that you’d said something wrong. You brushed it off and went back to what you had previously been doing, trying to figure out who wrote that damn letter. 

You stared at it intently for another hour, then another. You would think of a GCPD worker, but then decide that you didn’t think it could be them. You decided to take your mind off of it for a few minutes and left your office. 

When you returned to your office you realized that the break had done the trick. There was only one person it could be. 

You took the letter with you and made your way down to the lab, Edward said he’d be there. You entered the lab to find it empty, at least of living creatures. You were confused, you could have sworn he said he was doing some blood analysis. 

You made your way back upstairs and looked around the main GCPD room, looking for the riddle man. You leaned against the railing up by the commissioner’s office and searched. 

“Looking for someone?” Jim asked from his desk causing Harvey to look up at you as well

“Have you seen Ed?” you asked.

“Not since he shoved me earlier as he was rushing out of your office. What’d you say to him?” Harvey piped up

“Nothing, I just gave him the file he asked for,” you answered.

Jim chuckled, “You two are cute,” 

Ignoring him you made your way back to your office, he’d have to come return the file later anyway, you’d just talk to him then. However, when you opened the door to your office you saw Edward standing next to a file cabinet, looking through it. 

“Edward, I was looking for you!” you cheered as you quickly walked over to him

He seemed startled at your yelling but he acknowledged you nonetheless. Ed stopped what he was doing and looked down at you, you held up the note

“Did you write this?” you asked. 

Edward squinted at the writing on the letter, “What makes you think that?”

“Well, I just realized, and I could be crazy but on each line of the note, the first letter spells out your last name.” you explained. 

You couldn’t tell but Edward’s entire body tensed, he knew you were smart but he honestly hadn’t expected you to figure it out. But it just made him feel even stronger for you.

“Fascinating,” the Riddler spoke from his spot atop one of the filing cabinets

Edward glanced up at him, causing you to look up but you didn’t see anyone. Of course you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t see him unless he wanted you to. And he would look just like Edward. 

Ed cleared his throat and you looked back to him, he fixed his glasses again; a nervous tick of his. 

“You got me.” he mumbled

You laughed loudly, “Of course it was you, I should have-” you sent a gentle hit to his arm, ”known!” 

He chuckled nervously. 

“Thank you Ed, that cupcake made my day. Even if I did spend that day trying to figure out who it was from, that was so nice of you,” you said

Edward smiled at you, he was waiting for you to acknowledge the contents of the note. The fact that he gave you plenty of hints to how he felt in it. 

But you didn’t. 

You walked around Edward and sat the letter on your desk

“Are you looking for something else, I can help you,” you said.

The Riddler hopped off of the filing cabinets and over to Edward who tried not to react

“Did they seriously just push it off like it was nothing, after we spent all that time? Are they really that oblivious to us?” he asked. 

Edward again didn’t respond to the personality

“No thanks (Y/n), I’ll be going now,” he said quickly before leaving, he left so fast that you didn’t even notice the suppressed rage in his eyes. 

Edward stormed to the men’s locker room, avoiding contact with anyone else and the Riddler was staying on his heels. 

Ed nearly fell to the ground in front of the sink, turning it on and splashing water in his face; he didn’t even take the time to take his glasses off. 

From the mirror the Riddler spoke to Edward, glancing at him tauntingly

“How does it feel? Knowing that I was right. I told you that they wouldn’t catch on, they’re oblivious,” he said. 

Edward took a step away from the sink and got paper towels, drying his face off

“Stop, maybe they just didn’t realize, they’re not stupid-”

“I didn’t say they were stupid, they figured out it was us and that was rather impressive.” the Riddler cut off Edward’s argument

Tossing the paper towel in the trash can Ed gripped the sides of the sink. His nails attempted to dig into the resin. 

Riddler was the reason Edward felt so angry, Riddler needed him to give in, he needed to push him over the edge, “They would be so perfect for us, imagine holding them in our arms…them staring up at us with those big (e/c) eyes, their adorable, trembling, flesh beneath our fingertips…” 

“I said stop!” Edward yelled, his hands coming up protectively near his head. 

“Come on now Eddie, I have the confidence that you don’t. Let me in, I’ll get them wrapped around our little finger,” the Riddler ignored Edwards protesting. 

“No, they wouldn’t like you, you’ll scare them,” Ed spoke up

Riddler let out a small growl, “Don’t you want them to know how we feel? We need a little fun in our life, and little romance wouldn’t hurt,” he asked.


“No! It’s time that we take them for ourselves Edward.” 

Edward wrapped his arms around himself, trying to shake away the personality, “No, no, we’re going to leave them alone,” he insisted.

“You try so hard to show them that you care and they push it away, but they can’t say no to us,” Riddler appeared beside out of the mirror and beside Edward now, “they can’t say no to me, you’ll do better with them if they’re a little scared of you, it’s time for us to take what’s ours!” he spoke only to convince. 


“Just let me in,” the Riddler suggested.

Edward started to hear ringing in his ears, he was starting to give in, it wouldn’t hurt to strike a little fear into them would it? The Riddler couldn’t help but smile when Edward gave a small and weak nod. 


Most people had left work already due to it being late, but you always had to stay behind later and file all the new stuff in. 

In a town like Gotham you had new stuff coming in everyday so you never really got to leave early. But once you finally had finished everything you grabbed your and slung it over your shoulder with the strap across your chest. 

You left your office and noticed that no one was in the precinct, it was empty. It wouldn’t be the first time that you had been the last one there, turning around you locked your office door and pocketed your keys. 

You turned to leave but were startled by the figure of a person that you thought had left. 

“Ah!” you put your arm against the wall and bent over with a hand to your chest, albeit dramatically. 

“Edward, you nearly gave me a heart attack, I didn’t know you were still here,” you said. 

Edward chuckled, “Sorry,” he spoke, “I was finishing up some work, took longer than expected,” he claimed.

You gave him a nod

“Well, I was heading out, if you’re staying longer can you lock up when you leave?” You asked. 

“Sure,” he responded, his voice was darker than normal

You furrowed your eyebrows at him. His hair wasn’t nicely kempt like it usually was, his hair was slung forward and draped over his forehead; that wasn’t everything that caught your eye.

“Hey Ed, w-where are your glasses?” You asked, Edward wanted to smile at the sound of your voice, it was already starting to waver under fear. 

“Oh you know, headache, I took them off,” this wasn’t normal for Edward

You knew Edward and he was never like this. He never spoke so clearly or calmly, the man was almost always speaking a riddle or using ‘smarty pants lingo’ (as Harvey had called it). 

Reaching up toward Edward’s face, your fingers brushed against his hair

“Are you okay? You look all sweaty,” you tried to breathe and calm yourself down. 

It didn’t help calm your nerves at all when Edward snatched your wrist in his hand tightly, he pushed you back until you hit the wall, he held your wrist against the wall by your shoulder, and he held your other arm down by your side. 

Your breath hitched in your throat, but you tried to remain calm. 


He chuckled darkly, he was loving this. The shaking in your voice, the feeling of your body shivering in fear. 

“You know, we try so hard to show you how we feel (Y/n). We drop hints, flirt the best we can and you still don’t realize,” Edward spoke quietly

He didn’t need to be loud, he was almost touching noses with you. His hands tightened around your wrist

“How can you be so oblivious? So clueless…”

His voice caused a cold sensation to wash over your body. You were in awe, all those flirtations from Edward had been real? You had just thought that he was playing with you, the way most people do when they flirt with you. 

You tried to pull your arms free from him but he tightened his hands again. It felt like if he tightened them anymore he’d crush your bone. Ed glared into your eyes with a dark glaze in them. 

“Ed…l-let me go, please,” you muttered

To your surprise, he let go of your wrists and put his hands against the wall by your head. You pulled your hands to your chest protectively, grabbing your bag’s strap. 

“I just need you to realize how much I love you,” Edward growled, he leaned down toward your face, “you’re perfect to me, the perfect companion,” 

You were shaking like crazy with fear. 

“Don’t you understand?” Ed moved down by your neck and placed a small kiss in your jawline, you pushed his chest and he took a step back. 

He gave you a taunting look, “Oh come on now (Y/n), don’t be like that,” when he came forward again you felt something in you snap. 

You lifted your knee with as much force as you could muster and hit him between the legs. He stopped and bent over slightly, you took it as your chance and shoved him back by his chest, harder this time. 

Edward tumbled backwards and hit his forehead against one of the officer’s desks. He laid on the floor in pain, attempting to stand up, clearly he needed to show more control, he needed to induce more fear in you. 

“Oh, Edward I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he looked up at you, his face filled with rage and a deep growl came from his throat, if not for the look he gave you, you might have helped him up. 

You ran toward the door of the precinct and out to your car, with no second thought you left. You spent the rest of your night being haunted by the image of Edward. His face contorted in anger, the blood trickling down his forehead, the shape of his mouth as he clenched his jaw. 

You knew that wasn’t Edward, that was the Riddler. 

And work tomorrow was going to be a bitch.


Whew! And scene. 

Ok so I really hope that the thing I did with the letter works, cause on my end it looks the way I want it but I don’t know what it will look like for mobile. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed as always. 

Upcoming writing: Crowley (SPN) and Loki - AJ

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Prompt: You get sick, how do they act

Warning: sickness, some mentions of vomit



  • Let’s get one thing clear, Scout loves you no matter what
  • But the moment he realizes that you’re sick, he’s gone, out of the room, away from the sickness
  • When Scout was growing up in Boston, sickness was almost year round because if one of his siblings got sick, everyone in his house got sick
  • Scout had walked into the bedroom to wake you up because it was nearly 3 in the afternoon and you were still laying in bed
  • You were laying under the blankets on your side and Scout couldn’t really see you
  • He hopped onto the bed and shook you by your shoulder, you grumbled, which caused you to start coughing 
  • When Scout saw your face he realized that you were sick, your nose was all red and your face was slightly clammy
  • That’s when Scout ran from the room
  • You soon realized that Scout wasn’t trying to avoid you or anything, he came back 25 minutes later with a grocery bag full of everything you could possibly need
  • You just had a common cold so it wasn’t too serious
  • But Scout had bought everything, cough syrup, tissues, vapor rub, cough drops, soup, soup, and more soup
  • He got one of those little masks to put on so that he didn’t get sick
  • Other than his initial worry, Scout spent the next week taking care of you
  • But don’t expect him to cuddle with you, you’re a living infection while you’re sick


  • You had mono
  • Which led you to think that maybe Spy had it, since it was the “kissing” illness
  • You had just barely been able to sneak out of the base without anyone noticing so that you could go to the doctor (at least you thought you had)
  • You didn’t want to get checked out by Medic, you didn’t trust him
  • The doctor gave you a written list of things you could do to help yourself get better, mainly including drinking water and resting
  • And he strictly ordered you to not kiss anyone
  • When you walked out of the clinic you noticed the familiar face of Scout walking toward you, but it took you mere seconds to realize that it was Spy disguised as Scout
  • “You want to tell me why you just went to the walk in clinic? Is something wrong mon cher?” In short, he was worried
  • You explained to him that you’d contracted mono, you didn’t know how, and that he probably shouldn’t get too close
  • Instincts kicked in and Spy dragged you back to base quickly, ordering you to go take a nap like an overbearing mother might
  • You might want to just do what he says
  • Spy brings you food and water so that you don’t have to do it yourself
  • You think he’s gonna let you stay sick
  • Any sickness keeping him from kissing you isn’t welcome (no sickness is welcome for that matter)
  • Spy sleeps in his study so that you can have the bed to yourself
  • God forbid Spy catches you trying to leave the bedroom while your sick, you’ll get quite a lecture
  • To sum it up, that’s the only time you see that side of him, he’s never like that unless you’re sick
  • He only wants you to get better so don’t be upset at his attitude or actions, give him a break


  • Ok this man knows how to take care of sickness, since he was used to travelling alone and having to take care of himself
  • Mundy knew that you were sick before you knew
  • He had noticed the pain on your face when you swallowed food, and the pallor on your face 
  • The fever confirmed his suspicions
  • You had strep throat
  • Mundy isn’t scared of getting sick, he just wants his favorite person to get better
  • He takes you to the doctor and they prescribe you medicine, to which Mundy makes sure you take
  • If you think he’s gonna let you refuse to take the medicine, you need to think again
  • You can’t refuse the face that he gives you
  • But he knows that he doesn’t need to badger you (like Spy or Scout)
  • Mundy doesn’t drop everything to force you to get better, he knows that it will take a little time 
  • And he trusts you
  • If you need something, Mundy is more than happy to acquire it for you
  • Since he still has to leave for missions, he leaves his hat with you 
  • He comes home to see you curled up on the bed with his hat over your face
  • He does have this thing about cleaning everything you eat or drink with and anything that you touch while you’re sick
  • If he knows anything about sickness it’s that he needs to prevent it from coming back, or getting him


  • You didn’t know how you’d gotten it; but you got food poisoning 
  • It hit you all at once so Medic found out and it was pretty spontaneous
  • You had merely been walking through his lab to get something and bam!
  • Luckily he had a trash can
  • You grabbed the trash can quickly and threw up…
  • A lot
  • It had actually scared Medic, when you started vomiting he looked up from what he was doing and yelled “Scheisse” 
  • He notices the sweat dripping from your face and the non stop shaking
  • He might be psychotic and all but when it comes to you, he’s going to actually attempt to help you
  • But Medic does have a job to do, so he can’t just stop working to help you
  • Your new home until you get better is the bathroom in Medic’s office
  • Don’t try telling him otherwise
  • It makes it easy for him to check on you and still work
  • Besides, you’re too weak to try and walk to your room, and he’s not going to help you
  • Any free time he gets he’s in the bathroom with you, holding a rag to your head and making you drink water
  • Unlike the others, if you refuse to drink or eat, he’ll leave you alone with that decision
  • If you don’t want to get better then why is he trying to help
  • It’s better if you just comply with his wishes, it’s better for the both of you, he does kind of understand if you don’t want to eat but when you refuse fluids he gets a bit angry
  • “Come now schatz, you need to get better zo zhat I can shower you vith affection again,” 
  • He’ll get you to comply with the promise of affection
  • Yep, you’re that gullible


I was sick most of the week last week so I decided to write this. I hope you liked it, a couple of things in this

Mon cher - my dear

Scheisse - shit

Schatz - sweetheart (adorable person)

- AJ

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So here’s part 2 of my previous Loki Body Swap idea. I felt that there needed to be a part 2. Also, I’m switching this to 3rd person because I just find it easier to write, and it’s less cringy. 

Part 1 Here


Loki paced back and forth in front of the cell while Claire stood and tapped her foot impatiently. Neither of them knew how it had happened. That thought bugged Loki more than it did Claire. 

“So?” Claire asked putting a pause in Loki’s pacing

“Well, it’s a rather odd occurrence, but I believe I know how to reverse it,” Loki responded.

“You ‘believe’ you know how?” Claire said with a voice that could have been a little more polite, especially toward the one person who could possibly fix the situation. Loki seemed to think the same

“I would not speak to me that way if I were you. I appear to be the only shot you have at fixing this-” Loki glanced back at the control panels, “And, I also appear to be the only one capable of letting you out of that little cell. I could leave you here, and I could get you into so much trouble.” 

Claire didn’t even want to begin to imagine what kind of chaos Loki could go cause. Instantly she was leaning into the glass 

“No!” her voice was breathy. 

Loki chuckled at her as she spoke, “Please let me out of here, Loki, please,” 

He had to admit that it was weird to hear his own voice begging, his mind subconsciously wandered to what it would sound like if it was Claire’s voice. 

Those thought were shaken away by Claire continuing to beg him to let her out, normally Loki would think nothing of the begging but when he noticed the tears in his eyes he changed his mind. 

He couldn’t believe that she actually thought he was going to let them stay trapped in each others bodies, how gullible?

“Alright, I’ll let you out, but you better show me some respect,” Loki said

Claire nodded quickly. Loki went over to the control panel and pressed his hand (Claire’s hand?) on it. The glass door slid open end Claire took a shaky step out, she still wasn’t sure how to walk in Loki’s body. 

She didn’t know how much force was needed to take a step, but when she tried to use more force then normal she would almost fall to the ground. She couldn’t wait to get her body back. Claire didn’t understand how Loki was already so calibrated with her body. 

Loki listed off a lot of random ingredients that they needed to make a brew that would switch them back, surprisingly all things that could be found in the Hellicarrier’s kitchen. 

Claire knew her way around the aircraft, so she took it upon herself to lead Loki to the kitchen and grab what they needed. She managed to get them close before she made her mistake. 

Assuming no one was in the lab that they’d set up for Banner, she led Loki through there as a shortcut. 

Bad idea. 

There were at least 7 agents in the room, she froze as they all looked toward her. She gave them a nervous smile before they all attacked her, through her panic she laid on the floor and held her hands over her head. 

She was yelling for Loki but when she glanced up at him, he was just standing behind the agents and watching. He even chuckled, “I think it’s funny,” 

“You do realize that it’s your body their damaging right?!” Claire yelled. 

Something snapped in Loki, he pushed passed the agents and ordered them to stop, coming up with some stupid story about how ‘she’ was taking Loki with ‘her’ to the kitchen to get food. 

Claire hadn’t expected the agents to actually believe him. They all nodded and left the room, she could put that on her list for one of the weirdest S.H.I.E.L.D agent encounters ever. 

Once the two safely got the ingredients they went to Claire’s room on the Hellicarrier. They were safe there, no one would bother them. Claire just had to hope that no one looked at the camera’s or decided to visit Loki’s cell. 

They sat on the floor in the back corner of the room and Loki began to mix stuff in bowl, Claire figured that she could starts a conversation. 

“Hey Loki?” she asked, a bit nervous about what she was about to ask him

“Yes.” Loki stated bluntly

Claire took in a deep breath. 

“How are you so…comfortable with this? I mean, I still am not used to your body but you got used to mine so quickly,” she whispered

Loki noticed her fidgeting with her hands as she said this, along with speaking near inaudible. “Well, I am used to transforming into other creatures. It’s a talent,” Loki responded while glancing at her

“Wait,” Claire held her hand up, “Is all that stuff real, you actually turn into other people and creatures?” she asked.

Noting her sudden fascination Loki couldn’t help but let a small smile creep up

“Yes,” he answered. 

Claire thought for a second, “Did…did you actually give birth to horse?” she asked

Loki stopped stirring the mixture and rolled his eyes

“Why is that the only story you humans know about me? And yes, I did,” he spoke. 

Claire chuckled

“It’s not the only one, I think it’s just the one that people find the most interesting,” she explained while fiddling with the leather jacket. 

The two sat in silence for a minute, the only sound coming from the fork hitting the sides of the bowl. Claire wasn’t sure what to say, she honestly wanted to talk to Loki, maybe get to understand him better, but she wasn’t sure that Loki wanted that. 

“Oh!” Claire yelled suddenly, causing Loki to jump slightly, “you know, my favorite story about you was the one where, there was a giant or maybe, maybe it was an ogre-you know I’m not sure, but I remember,” she started. 

Claire started to laugh while she was talking and had to take deep breaths and repeat things, but the one thing that was running through Loki’s head was ‘I wonder if it’s cute when she laughs’ considering that he was listening to his own voice. 

“But instead of you making it easy and just transforming into her and “marrying” him, you let Thor dress up as the bride and you transformed into a bride-” she laughed again, “a bridesmaid,” Claire rolled backwards on the floor and held her stomach as she laughed. 

Loki tried to hide his smile, tried his best to not show that he was enjoying it. He’d never thought that interaction with a human, let alone Claire, could be something that he liked. 

“Well you have to admit, Thor in a wedding dress sounds hysterical does it not?” Loki asked

Claire nodded and the two smiled at each other. For the first time since they’d met, they actually smiled at each other. 

Loki cleared his throat and took the fork out of the bowl, setting it on the floor beside it. 

“The next part is up to you,” Loki started

Claire felt her body tense up, she started to stumble over words, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it.

Loki grabbed Claire by her shoulders and held her still, “It’s okay! Just listen to every little thing I say and you’ll be able to do it, it’s not the easiest of spells but it’s not too difficult either,” he said. 

Claire grabbed Loki’s wrist and let out a heavy sigh, and so they began. 

For 25 minutes Loki told Claire what to do but no matter how hard she focused, she couldn’t do it. Her hands would glow green for a few seconds but then she would be overcome with fatigue and it would stop. 

She could tell that Loki was getting irritated

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Loki,” she apologized.

“You’re focusing too hard, I need you to relax. Close your eyes and relax. Think about the magic leaving your fingers, the tingling sensation that overcomes your body as your energy is transferred into the cure.” 

As the words left Loki, Claire took a deep breath and followed his orders. She could feel her hands and fingers tingling, the green light left her fingertips and filled the bowl. After a few moments it stopped and Claire opened her eyes. 

“You did it!” Loki cheered slightly

Claire smiled and awaited Loki’s next orders. Loki lifted the bowl up and put it to his lips, he chugged about half of it and handed the bowl to Claire. Claire took the hint and drank the remaining ‘potion’ as one might call it. 

“Now what do we do, do we have to sleep again?” Claire asked

“Well that’s one way to do it-”

“Is there a faster way? Because no offense Loki but I don’t want to inhabit your body any longer than I have to,” she interrupted. 

“There’s one faster way but I do not know how much you will appreciate it,” Loki said

Claire grew confused, Loki was trying to make sure that she was okay with whatever needed to be done before he did it. A day before the man would have snapped her neck as soon as he got the chance. 

“Well what is it?” Claire leaned sat up taller on her knees

Loki sighed and bit the inside of his cheek

“This is going to be very odd,” Loki said. 

Claire tilted her head but Loki grabbed her face gently and smashed his lips to hers, luckily since Loki knew what he was doing he had avoided hitting their teeth together. 

Both people sat still while holding the kiss, it was super meta that each of them were kissing themselves. Loki and Claire both felt the feeling of ice shoot through their bodies as they both got dizzy. 

The spells was acting and they were swapping back, Claire opened her eyes to see that Loki still had his shut and she noted the blush on his cheeks. She pulled back and Loki opened his eyes

“It worked!” Claire yelled, she touched her shoulders and her waist, her hips and legs as a way to make sure that she was really back in her body. “My body, I’m back in my own body!” she threw her arms up in the air in victory but fell backwards and hit her head on the wall. 

Loki reached out to grab her but stopped, assuming that she wouldn’t want his help. Claire sat back up, “I am okay!” she told him. 

Loki nodded and rested back on the floor, happy to be back in his body as well and as he was trying to process the new pain that he felt (he had let some agents beat his body up earlier) he wasn’t focused on Claire. 

Which was a bad idea, Claire giggled a “Thank you,” and threw herself at Loki, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He toppled backwards on his back and let out a scared squeal as she hugged him. 

“C-Claire?” Loki muttered

Claire pulled her face out of the crook in Loki’s neck where she had been resting it and made eye contact with him. She mumbled “Sorry,” and quickly got up, helping Loki get to his feet. 

They stood in silence for a second, Loki was repeatedly sneaking glances at Claire while she stared at her shoes. Loki put his hand on Claire’s shoulder and she looked at him

“You’re welcome,”


I hope you enjoyed! My wifi has been kinda shit recently so I might not be able to make any posts for a little bit. But I have a few things in the works.

The upcoming writings from me are Edward Nygma (Gotham), Loki, TF2 HCs (Scout, Spy, Sniper, and Medic), and Crowley (SPN). I’m gonna try to start letting you guys know what I have in the works when and if I have anything. 

Until then, stay healthy guys cause sickness is really going around and I love all of you too much. - AJ

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Warning: mob

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.


Once you changed your clothes into something better for the job (black skinny jeans, a navy blue long sleeved shirt, and a black jacket, you also put a pair of boots on) you made sure to stay in your bathroom as long as possible. 

You contemplated calling the police and seeing if they could protect you from the mob, but you knew that they could try and Loki would still send someone to kill you. You really had no option but to work for him…or kill yourself. 

But you weren’t going to do that, you figured that you could manage working with the mob to pay off something your parents had done.

Your parents. The thought of them angered you greatly, you hadn’t even known them that well, why did you have to pay off their debt? 

You splashed some water on your face from your bathroom sink and dried it with a towel, there was a knock on the door. 

“Are you done? We gotta go,” James asked

You took a deep breath in and opened the door, meeting James outside the bathroom. You grabbed your keys and your phone, then you left the apartment. 

“Our target is Kylie Cocoa, the patron who wants her dead paid extra to get it done today,” James explained

You were walking beside him down the sidewalk and nodding in understanding 

“Since this is your first one, and you literally joined yesterday, I want you to just come along and watch what I do. If I tell you to do something you do it,” he said. 

Again you nodded, you picked at the sleeve of your jacket nervously; you hoped it was reasonable that you were scared. 

“So, you guys are like mercenaries?” you asked

James chuckled, “We’re kinda all over the place, some of us are mercenaries, others work with weapons, launder money, and Loki has some people working as hackers. It’s different than what some people expect but that’s just how we are,” he answered.

You thought, and Loki couldn’t have made me a hacker? That would have been a lot easier.

The two of you found Kylie easily and followed her around town, James explained that he had to find the opportunity to take her out. As uncomfortable as you were with the thought of being an accessory to murder you just followed James’ orders. 

Only…you hadn’t expected what happened to happen. 

James had trapped Kylie in an alleyway but she fought him back because she saw his gun, you didn’t think that you were going to have to throw the gun to him and when you picked it up and the only thing you heard was James yelling at you, you froze. 

You stood there with the gun in your hands and stared at it, you were scared. If you gave him the gun then he would kill a person, someone who to your knowledge had done nothing wrong. 

As you stood frozen, James took care of the problem and snapped her neck. 

You thought that James was going to be mad at you, but instead he took the gun and led you back to the mob house, explaining that it was okay since it was the first time and that he understood your fear. 


That wasn’t the only time. 

Your fear had frozen you on more than one mission and it was starting to piss him off. The more it happened the more angry he was on the way back to the house. He had been keeping it from Loki that you were doing awful at your job but he couldn’t handle it. 

After the fourth mission ending badly, James stormed up the steps to Loki’s office and you followed behind. You felt your stomach drop as you shut the door to his office. 

“I can’t do this anymore!” James yelled

“Excuse me, do you want to try that again?” Loki shot back with a voice like knives.

“I’m sorry boss, but I literally can’t work with them. I-I have never had such a problem doing hits. I can’t watch them and do my job. It’s like I’m babysitting and trying to do the job I’m supposed to do,” James said.

You protectively crossed one arm over your chest and held onto your other one, glancing at the wall and avoiding Loki and James. 

“I suggest you take a moment and think about your next words carefully Barnes,” Loki said

James slammed his hands down on Loki’s desk, “You need to have someone else babysit them because I can’t do it!” he argued.

Loki stood quickly from his seat causing it to slide back a little bit at the force, you hadn’t yet seen Loki so angry

“Take a walk!” he ordered fuming with rage, his eyebrows knitted together showing his frustration, his nose slightly crinkled. You jumped in your spot at the sound of his voice and tensed up

James opened his mouth to argue back but Loki leaned on his desk slightly.

“I said take. A. Walk.” Loki ordered again

This time James let out a growl of frustration and stormed out of the office. You weren’t sure what to do so you looked at the floor. 

“It’s not my fault I don’t know what I’m doing,” you muttered to yourself

“You understand that I gave you two options, die or work for me and when you chose to work for me that didn’t mean that you could just sit on the sidelines and do nothing,” Loki said. 

You glanced up at him, a little offended that he thought you weren’t at least trying to do your job. 


“No, you don’t get to speak. If you can’t do your job then I’m going to kill you,” Loki spoke.

You felt a shiver run through your body, “Please, just listen to me,” you begged quietly

You were honestly too afraid to speak above a mumble. 

“What?” Loki asked

“I-I just don’t know how to do this job, it’s not that I’m not trying,” you responded. 

Loki looked at you for a second, glancing up and down, you looked like a leaf the way you were shaking. That was the reason Loki had been referencing baby animals when he talked about you, you were scared and meek. 

He reached under his desk and grabbed the cane that he had attached to the top, bringing it up he used the gold handle and jabbed you in the chest. You looked up at him a little confused but he continued, he hit your arms lightly with the cane. 

“Please stop,” you said

Loki took a step around his desk and hit you again, with a little more force this time. What the hell?

“Quit,” you told him

Loki roughly hit your arm this time and you smacked it away.

“I’m serious,” 

Loki never faltered, he continued to smack you with the handle over and over, until you snapped, you growled in rage and grabbed the cane. You yanked the cane toward you bringing Loki forward as well, “Stop it!” you ordered through gritted teeth.

While staring into Loki’s eyes you felt like something inside of you snapped, those green eyes that terrified people were so calm. As realization hit you about what you’d just done you let go of the cane and promptly apologized. 

Your hands went up defensively to cover your mouth, they also served to block your blush, Loki took a step back. 

“Is that the problem?” he asked, seeming unfazed at your outburst

What problem? What was he talking about? Why was he hitting you? 

He hit your chest with the cane again and you took a large step back, the cycle started again, Loki hit you and you told him to stop, but this time Loki had backed you to the wall. 

“Stop hitting me,” you told him as you pushed the cane back, causing the other end to hit him in the rib cage.

Loki threw the cane to the side and hit his fist against the wall on either side of your shoulders, you felt your knees buckle together

“I’m sorry,” your voice came out as a squeak. 

He towered over you and you had to crane your neck to look up at him, his black hair slid from its position and fell around his face

“Are you scared?” he asked, just barely above a whisper.

You involuntarily gave a whimper and nodded, he dropped one hand from the wall so that you weren’t trapped anymore. 

“That’s your problem, you let your fear control your actions. You let your anger get quickly burned out by your conscious, you apologize too much. You really don’t know what you’re doing, do you?” he said

Your silence answered his question. 

“I suppose I expected more from you, considering who your parents were, you’re just…soft,” Loki backed away from you and picked his cane up. You suddenly felt like you could breathe again.

He had expected you to be a great mob member because your parents had been that way? Well, it’s hard to take after your parents when you almost never saw them. 

“Tell Barnes that your training starts now,” Loki ordered as he sat back at his desk and straightened out his suit jacket

You were still standing with your back plastered against the wall, Loki leaned back in his chair and chuckled.

“I hope he doesn’t beat all of that shyness out of you,” he mumbled

He hadn’t expected you to hear him but you had, and you blushed because of it. What the hell did he mean but that? Quickly, you made your way to the door and left the room. 

James was waiting in the hall, leaning against the wall across from the door; James was staring at you with a little bit of irritation. He was clearly mad about your inability to help out on hits. 

“What’d he say?” James asked

“He said…to tell you that my training starts now,” you answered. 

James chuckled and walked over to you and began to lead you down the hall, from in front of you James asked, “Did he say who he wanted training you?”

“No, all he said was to tell you that my training starts now,” you repeated. 

James stopped walking, causing you to walk into his back, he turned around

“Well I guess I’m not going on hits for a few weeks,” he said. 

You raised an eyebrow at him and rubbed your arms where Loki had repeatedly hit you. Your arms were slightly tender to the feeling of you rubbing the fabric of your jacket into them, there were going to be light bruises. 

“If he didn’t give you a name for a trainer that means that he wants me to do it,” James explained

Your mouth formed a small ‘o’ shape in understanding. 

You winced as you rubbed your arms and James noticed, “What’s wrong with you?” he asked

You weren’t sure what to say. ‘Oh nothing Loki just hit me with his cane a few times’ 

“Wait-Did the boss hurt you?” 

You gave a little shrug, it wasn’t that bad.

“Did he use his cane?” 

You nodded

“Well, consider yourself special,” James said. 

He turned and began to walk away again, when you finally snapped back to reality, you had to jog to catch up with him

“What does that mean?” you asked

James laughed, “He only gets that cane out if it’s important, he uses that cane when he wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt someone too much. He doesn’t use it very often,”

You were a little shocked. Loki had used the cane to stop himself from hurting you too much. Why? You were working for him now, if he wanted to beat you he could. Not that you would enjoy it but what was the point in him restraining himself. 

James led you to a room that you hadn’t yet seen, it was spacious and it resembled a dojo. James explained that you would meet him there everyday for training, he was just going to teach you some basic fighting techniques and weapon use. 

He then apologized for the way he acted in Loki’s office. 

“I understand that you’ve never done something like this, I should have realized that you’d freeze up easily,” he said

You explained that he had a good reason for being upset. It seemed that you two were on the same page, both of you were to blame for the way things had been. You were happy that you could at least get along with James, Loki was a whole other story. 

“I’m gonna let you go home for today but training starts tomorrow,” he said and when you opened your mouth to object he stopped you, “I don’t care what Loki says, I’m training you it’s my decision,” 

James gave you a little wink. You chuckled

“Come tomorrow ready to work, and make sure you wear something comfortable,” he said. 

You left the house and walked home alone, but you were okay with that because it gave you time to think. You thought to yourself the things you were too scared to talk to others about. What had your life become in the last few weeks? 

Just a few weeks ago you were working your job at the movie theater, doing just fine on your own. You had an apartment, you foster parents were proud, everything was going great.

You couldn’t control the thoughts as they invaded your mind. What would your few friends think if they found out? What about your family…well your foster family. While your foster sister had gone to the FBI academy here you were working for the mob. 

At least the people in the mob had been nice to you since you’d started working with them. The only one who seemed to be a problem was Loki, but he was the boss, you couldn’t expect much. People would argue that he had a reputation for a reason, but before you’d been dragged into his office you hadn’t even known that he existed. 

When you’d told James that he’d been shocked and asked if your parents had ever talked about Loki or his father. And you had to explain to James that you didn’t really know your parents, the first time you’d met them was at your 7th birthday party and they’d left halfway through. 

Loki wasn’t the only one who assumed you would be like them, James, Elise, and Scott also expected it, just to name a few. 

You showered and laid in bed, worried about how your first day of training would go, would James go easy on you? You passed out around 10 seeing as you had to be at the house by 8 am.


Let me know if you’d like to see a part 4. - AJ

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·a month agoAnswer
Hey, I read your tf2 post and it was so good! and I wanted to request some more of tf2. (with scout, medic, sniper and spy) and I just want to see them being jealous that their girlfriend is not giving attention to them but to a cat instead.

I’m gonna be honest, this request caught me off guard. It was a bit odd for me to write, but regardless, I will do it because I love all of you and will provide for you.

So I wrote these in the form of headcanons, I hope that okay! Please Enjoy!!


  • A friend of yours had found a litter of kittens under her house and needed to get rid of them, so being the loving person you are, you took one in
  • Scout has a few choice words about how he feels
  • Honestly, Scout didn’t even realize that there was a kitten living in the base until he walked into the bedroom and saw you making faces at it
  • His main thoughts are “What?” and “Why?”
  • What does this kitten have that he doesn’t?
  • His main attitude toward the situation is confusion and jealousy
  • Scout lays on your stomach and when you ask why he’s doing it his response is “The cat lays on you why can’t I?” to which you respond “Well, the cat doesn’t weigh 124 pounds and doesn’t lay on my lungs!”
  • You could tell from the beginning that he was jealous, it was written all over his face and through his actions
  • Scout picks the kitten up and squints at it, “What does this kitten have that I don’t? Huh? Fur, you like a guy with fur?” he asks
  • You respond “Well considering it’s a female kitten…” straight faced
  • It doesn’t take long for him to realize that it’s a bit of an overreaction to be jealous over a kitten, but that doesn’t stop him glaring at her when you leave the room


  • You could tell that Medic was jealous but you didn’t think it was anything to be too worried about
  • Until you walked into his little office and saw that he was on the verge of euthanizing the fuCKING cat. 
  • Needless to say that jealousy wasn’t a good look for him
  • His biggest emotion on the subject was anger along with the jealousy
  • “You never cuddle me like that,” “I can lick your face,” “I’ll let you pet me if you want to,” are some of his go to arguments
  • Medic doesn’t seem to understand that the cat helps would when you’re stressed or anxious because sometimes it’s hard to talk to people, even him
  • He didn’t understand why you would be showing all your affection for a creature that licked itself to get clean
  • After making sure he didn’t kill your cat you took one of his gloves off and gently sat his hand on the cat’s back
  • The widening of his eyes at the feeling of petting the cat was something you’d never forget
  • After getting him used to the cat and promising to cuddle with him you’d managed to almost completely 180 his attitude


  • French boi is irritated
  • He tries to hide the fact that he’s jealous and honestly he does for the longest time
  • When he walks into the room and see you cooing the cat like a baby he tries to ignore it, when he sees you asleep and the cat perching on your chest he just holds in the anger
  • But you start to realize that something’s wrong when he barely ever leaves his study to find you, you were so used to him searching for you to spend time with you but that became scarce
  • It’s not until one night when he slips up that you realize
  • You were sleeping with Spy and the cat was on your arm, tucked between your arm and chest
  • Spy woke up to the cat licking his face, and when he growled in frustration you woke up 
  • “Does that thing have to sleep with us?” 
  • Something in you snaps and you realize, he’s actually jealous of a cat
  • …a cat
  • After some talking, Spy decides that there’s no reason to be jealous; he knows that you love him and you make sure to show him that
  • However you do spend quite a few minutes laughing at him for his childish jealousy


  • Concerned Aussi Assassin Activated
  • He walked into the camper and saw you holding a cat, what was odd was the way he reacted
  • He jumped backwards and slammed into the door
  • Over the next few days he didn’t speak to you, but you noticed him reaching for you sometimes but pulling away when he glanced at the cat
  • The issue was…he was worried that the cat was replacing him
  • Poor Mundy was scared that you were going to stop caring for him and care for the cat instead
  • But to be fair, you were paying more attention to the cat recently
  • By the time you made the decision to ask him if he was fine he’d resorted back to his silent sniper form - silent treatment mode
  • So you pulled him to the couch and sat him down to talk through it
  • Mundy explains that not only was he scared of you not loving him anymore but he was scared of the cat itself
  • And so you resort to trying to get him away from that fear, you get him to realize that the cat is kind of like him
  • It just wants attention


Scout is c h i l d i s h. 

Medic is i n s a n e. 

Spy is e g o t i s t i c a l. 

And Mundy is s o f t. (Also it is now a headcanon of mine that Mundy is afraid of cats and no one can chance my mind)

- AJ 

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·a month agoText

Prompt: Sam and Dean left you in charge of watching Crowley while they go on a hunt, Crowley is going thought human blood withdrawal. 

Trigger warning: mentions of vomit


“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Dean said 

For the third time in the 20 minutes that you’d been in the bunker Sam let out a deep sigh. 

“Dean, we have to go check out this case, Agent Walters called for help-” Sam started

“You mean Augusta, your girlfriend called you,” Dean interrupted

“Yes Dean, but she needs our help, (Y/n) can watch him, right?” Sam asked, both him and Dean turned to look at you. 

You pulled your jacket closed around your torso and hugged yourself, you weren’t exactly sure if you could or not. 

“I don’t know, I can try,” you answered

Dean scowled and Sam gave a nervous chuckle. Maybe they shouldn’t have kept someone prisoner if they weren’t going to watch him, it was like telling a relative that you’ll babysit and then just letting the kid loose. 

It wasn’t a good idea. 

“Just, don’t go in there unless you really think something’s wrong, don’t let him trick you,” Sam said 

You nodded and Dean grabbed your shoulder, “If anything happens, anything at all you call us and one of us will get back here as soon as possible. You know that he’ll do anything to get free,” he explained.

“I know,” you responded

Dean patted your shoulder and grabbed his duffel bag from the couch. The boys headed up the stairs of the bunker and wished you luck as they left. It couldn’t be that hard, you could just sit in Sam or Deans room and listen for any problems. 

You honestly couldn’t believe that Sam had called you to babysit Crowley. Sam had claimed that the human blood was wearing off and working its way out of the demon’s system. Sam decided that since it was making Crowley feisty it would be better to not leave him locked up in the bunker alone. 

You decided against going into one of the boys’ rooms in case they found out and got mad. Sitting down at a table in the bunker library you started to read a book, something about changelings and how they kill. 

You weren’t really a hunter per say; you knew how to fight off certain things and you knew what to look for, but you were merely a friend of the Winchester boys and if they needed your help then you were there. 

Thinking you heard a sound you set your book on the table and listened, silence. 

You shrugged and went back to reading, but again the sound radiated quietly in your ears and you looked around for a source. You were alone, and it didn’t sound like Crowley. 

But the third time you heard it you had to stand up and search. You headed toward where Crowley was, the closer you got to the movable shelf the louder the sound got. It was coughing. 

You peeked through a crack at him, chained to the chair and in a devil’s trap. Crowley was coughing really bad and you weren’t sure what to do. You didn’t want to acknowledge him since Sam had said not to go in unless it was bad. 

His face had dried blood on it and you could see a few dark stains on his suit, probably also from blood. 

It couldn’t hurt to check on him could it? 

You pulled at the shelf and opened it, you didn’t walk in but stood in the little entryway; Crowley looked at you, his eyes were bloodshot. 

“Are you okay?” you asked in a small voice

Crowley’s coughing continued for a second before he was able to wind down, “Do I sound okay?” he responded angrily. 

You wrapped your arms around yourself in a protective manner, you had just asked a question. Crowley noticed your uncomfortable look

“Why don’t you ask the over sized lumberjack if I’m okay?” Crowley asked. 

You looked down slightly, not thinking about what kind of clue that was to Crowley, he lifted a brow at you tauntingly

“Oh, they’re not here,” he said. 

You avoided his eyes and stayed quiet, you knew that you’d messed up when you let him have control of the situation. 

“And they put you in charge of me? What are you 12?” Crowley laughed

You felt your face get warm and your turned to leave, there was no point in being there if he was going to insult you. His coughing fit started up again, you would have thought it was fake but you knew that it was because he laughed. 

When he laughed it triggered more coughing, you looked back at him and watched as blood flew out of his mouth. In a worried panic you walked over to him, not even hesitating to cross the paint line, and cupped his face while trying to wipe the blood up. 

Crowley tried to pull his head away but you held it in place, once his coughing relaxed he chuckled very subtly, “One thing I definitely don’t miss from being human is being sick,”

You didn’t react, only continued to wipe his face. You were very aware of his eyes as they were on you, his eyes looked at every section of your face as you cleaned him. 

“You have a very delicate touch,” Crowley commented

You pulled your hands away from him and looked at his outfit. 

“You know, it would be nice if I could change out of these filthy clothes,” Crowley smiled at you, “Why don’t you be a doll and let me out?” 

You laughed, literally in his face. 

“I’m not that naive, I’m not letting you out,” you said

Crowley growled in frustration. He pulled against his restraints as if he was trying to lunge at you

You stumbled back slightly in fear. Crowley was acting psychotic, you assumed that it was just the transition from part human back into full demon. 

You pressed the back of your hand to Crowley’s forehead, no wonder he was acting that way, he was burning up. He must have been delusional from sickness

“Crowley, you’re sick and-”

“No! I hadn’t realized,” Crowley spoke sarcastically. 

“And I want to help you, I-”

“Don’t put your pity on me,” 

“If you interrupt me one more time mister, I will leave this room!” you snapped. 

You blushed soon after, realizing that you had used the ‘mom’ voice on him. Then you understood why Sam had called you, you were the only person that could handle Crowley. 

Crowley looked insulted but stopped talking

“We have to get you out of these clothes and somewhere you can rest, you’re part human right now and sitting here chained up while your running a fever isn’t good for you,” you said. 

You took a deep breath, trying to figure out the best line of action; you reached for the chains that bound him to the chair and began to undo them. Crowley stared at you confused but he didn’t move. 

Once you finished unchaining him you stepped back, “Stand up,” you told him

Crowley used the arms of the chair and pushed himself up, but when he put his weight on his legs he fell forward and clutched onto you. You grabbed a hold of him and held him up. 

After a second, Crowley pushed off of you and tried to stand but fell backwards, reaching forward quickly you grabbed his tie and pulled him back to you. 

It seemed to you that since he was sick he was weak and couldn’t keep his balance; throwing one of his arms over your shoulder you headed to the edge of the devil’s trap. 

You stopped directly beside the paint line and took in a deep breath, if Sam and Dean found out about this, they would be so mad. You glanced over at Crowley, it was a good thing you were strong enough to lift him because he wasn’t giving you any support. 

“Crowley, listen, can you just…promise me? Promise me that you won’t leave or run?” you asked

You heard a low grumble from Crowley, a suppressed chuckle, “promise,” he responded. 

You sighed and shifted your grip on him

“Do you even know what a promise is?” you asked 

Crowley glanced down at you, “Of course I do-”

“Then I need you to actually promise me this. I…I want to help you Crowley I really do, but I just don’t trust you, please,” you tried to stop your voice from sounding like begging. 

Crowley was silent as he thought, eventually he rolled his eyes a little playfully, “Ok,” he locked eyes with you, “I promise,” 

You let out a heavy sigh. 

“And if I break that promise, I’ll owe you more than an apology,” Crowley said

You felt a little bit more relieved but you were still 99% sure that he was going to teleport away as soon as you opened the circle. But in the case of Crowley keeping his promise, at least you could help him. 

Using the toe of your boot you scraped the paint off of the floor to open the trap. You waited a second for a wave of his hand or a snap of his fingers but nothing happened. 

You helped Crowley down the hallway, there had to be an extra room that he could rest in, you settled on the room that Castiel would stay in when he was at the bunker. You sat Crowley down on the bed and made him lie down. 

He must have thought he was falling because he gripped your shirt and pulled you on top of him. Your knee was between his legs and on his stomach, you had one elbow beside his head and your other hand on the bed above his head. 

“Sorry!” you quickly said

You stood up straight and ran a hand through your hair nervously. You began listing off things that you needed, out loud but not on purpose, “I need a bowl of water, a rag, clean clothes for Crowley, something for him to eat,” 

Crowley waved his hand and the items from your list appeared on the dresser. You gave him a warning glance

“My powers aren’t only used for teleportation you know?” he asked. 

You ignored his question and walked over to the bowl of water, you got the rag wet and twisted it to drain some of the water from it. The clothes on the dresser were black silk pjs, it was better if you cleaned his face cuts and bruises first. 

You silently climbed onto the bed beside Crowley who was now sitting on the bed and leaning against the headboard. You gently cleaned Crowley’s face with the rag, not speaking mainly because you didn’t know what to say. 

At one point Crowley reached up and snatched your wrist in his hand, you froze 

“P-problem?” you asked

Crowley stared at you for a second before he shook his head slightly. He let your wrist go and you got off of the bed. 

“You’ll need to change out of those clothes, I can fix them for you while you get some sleep,” you said

“I don’t need sleep,” Crowley interjected

“You’re technically part human for the moment so yes, you do need sleep,” you told him. 

He gave you a slightly pouty look before he waved his hand again, this time his clothes changed. The ripped ones were in your arms and he was wearing the silk pjs. 

“Now for food, I’m gonna go to the kitchen and make you some soup and while that’s cooking I’ll fix your clothes. I want you to get some rest while I do that,” you explained

“I’m not tired,” he whined

“Wow, I wonder what Hell would think if they saw that their king was a whiny baby when he’s sick? I know I find it funny, it plays a large part in ruining your reputation,” you spoke

“What’s the point in having a reputation if you can’t ruin it from time to time,” Crowley asked.

“How egotistical of you, you’re going to get some sleep,” you ordered

He huffed and rolled over on the bed, you let out a little chuckle, it was actually kind of cute to watch him act like a little kid. 

You walked out and shut the door only to hear the bed creak a second later, you leaned close to the door, “Crowley, please don’t teleport away, if I lose you Sam and Dean will hate me,” you waited a second for a response. 

“Please,” you begged

“Oh alright,” you heard Crowley’s groggy voice from the room. 

You went down the hall to the kitchen and set yourself to work. Stitching up Crowley’s ripped suit and making him soup.


You’d taken care of Crowley for two days and he was starting to look more like himself, the worst part of his human blood withdrawal hit the first night. You had ran to Crowley’s room for the eighth time because you’d heard him yelling for you. 

Crowley had mentioned feeling sick, and he was. He threw up on you which made you throw up as well. But you worked up the courage to fix it and the both of you didn’t speak of the vomit. 

Now you were sitting in the room with the King as he ate, he surprisingly hadn’t been too difficult. You’d even managed to get him to shower! You were surprised that you’d managed to get along with Crowley whenever he was awake enough to have a conversation. 

You were laughing at something he’d said when your phone rang, it was Sam! You shushed Crowley and answered it

“Hey Sam,” you did your best to sound casual.

“Hey, we just got back in town we’re on our way back to the bunker-” Sam said

Panic set in. 

“Oh, that’s…that’s great Sam. Uh, do you guys think you could stop and get something to eat before you get back?” you asked

You got up quickly and started trying to clean up the room, you used your shoulder and held the phone up to your ear. Crowley started chuckling but you made a motion with your hand over your neck to try and make him stop. 

“Sounds like a plan, got anything in mind?” Dean asked

You were on speaker. 

“No, just anything really,” you responded 

You grabbed Crowley’s wrists and pulled him from the bed. You had maybe 20 minutes to get him chained back up and get everything cleaned. 

Crowley followed you to the kitchen and you threw his suit at him, you mouthed the words ‘put that on’ and listened as Dean talked about different things he felt like eating. Sam and Dean talked about possible places and you merely tried to stay quiet. 

Crowley snapped his fingers and his suit was on, the silk pjs disappeared. 

“What was that?” Sam asked

You stuttered through your words, “That was me,” you snapped your fingers a few times, “I’m just trying to remember something you know, jog my memory. Look I was in the middle of something when you called, I gotta go,”

Crowley smirked at you. 

“Is everything oka-”

“Everything’s fine, just stop and get something to eat,” you said

“See you soon, bye!” you hung up the phone.

You hit Crowley on the arm as he started to laugh

“Come on I have to chain you back up,” you spoke

“Kinky,” Crowley commented

“This is serious!” you argued. 

You pulled Crowley back to the room and pushed him down in the chair

“Well (Y/n) look at you, using force against me you’re so ready to chain me up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in such a blind panic,” Crowley teased. 

You stopped what you were doing and looked at him, blushing; the chains dangling from your hands. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just, if Sam and Dean see that I let you out, who knows what they’ll do,” you expressed

Crowley shrugged, “Chain me up then,” he said. 

You began to wrap the chains around one of his wrists, with the other one he grabbed your shirt and pulled your down into his lap. In shock, your body went slightly limp and Crowley pulled you exactly where he wanted. 

Your lips crashed against his and instead of fighting away from him you melted into the kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut while Crowley’s free hand found its way to the back of your neck and held you in place. 

When Crowley let you go you pulled away and your face burned such a deep shade that someone would have thought you’d painted your face red. Without a word you went back to chaining Crowley to the chair while he stared at you with a shit-eating grin. 

Crowley had loved every second of that, he knew how to make you feel flustered, how to crack you. When you finished with the chains, you grabbed some paint and painted over the hole in the trap. 

You put the paint back and went to leave, grabbing the shelf to push it back in place but Crowley stopped you

“I had a fun time with you (Y/n), let’s do it again sometime shall we love?” 

You stuttered out a quiet response but it was one that he heard and surely would not forget. You pushed the shelf back in place and ran to clean up the bunker. 

Crowley sat in the dimly lit room and thought. For the first time since he’d put it back on he looked at his suit, everything was stitched up, but a little bit of bright gold string stuck out to him. 

On the breast pocket of his suit jacket there was a little word sewn in…‘Crowley’ is what it said. 

The King of Hell thought about you, nothing but a human who wanted to help. You weren’t so bad. Perhaps you were someone that he could keep around, someone that might be worth letting live.


Ooh…that was long! That was fun to write, I didn’t mean to make it that long but by the time I finished writing it I noticed that it was 9 pages long on google docs. - AJ

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wewritesoyoucanenjoy·a month agoText

Who We Write For

This is a list of who we (Rose and AJ) write for. Each character’s name will be listed and next to their name will be the writer(s) that is willing to take requests for them. This list is likely to change, and if you see a character not on the list that you want us to write for, ask (we might have forgot them).

Onto the list!


Loki - AJ, Rose
Natasha Romanoff - AJ, Rose
Wanda Maximoff - AJ, Rose
Pietro Maximoff - AJ
Thor - AJ, Rose
Bucky - AJ, Rose
Clint Barton - AJ
Tony Stark - Rose
Steve Rogers - Rose

Oswald Cobblepot - AJ
Edward Nygma - AJ
Bruce Wayne - AJ

Crowley - AJ, Rose
Dean - AJ, Rose
Gabriel - AJ, Rose
Sam - AJ, Rose
Charlie - Rose
Castiel - Rose

The Arcana: 
Lucio - AJ, Rose
Asra - AJ, Rose
Julian - AJ, Rose
Muriel - Rose
Portia - Rose
Nadia - Rose
The Courtiers - Rose
*Rose will probably do any Arcana character if you request it

Penny Dreadful:
John Clare/Caliban/The Creature- Rose 
Ethan Chandler - Rose
Dorian Gray - Rose
Vanessa Ives - Rose
Victor Frankenstein - Rose

Leatherface (Thomas and Bubba) - Rose
Brahms Heelshire - Rose
Pennywise - AJ

Remus Sanders - AJ
Ryan Bergara - AJ
Shane Madej - AJ
Dan Avidan - AJ
Steve Harrington - AJ 
Erik (The Phantom of the Opera) - AJ
Darkiplier - AJ
Wilford Warfstache - AJ
Draco Malfoy - AJ

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I was wondering if I could request a Muriel prompt from Rose? I saw it earlier "You deserve so much better than me" "Stop lying"

Ohohohohoho angst is both really fun and really sad



Muriel was having a rough day. He had woken up to a nightmare, alone in his hut. Inanna had done her best to comfort him, but nothing helped. 

Memories kept resurfacing. The coliseum, the killings, the blood on his hands.  

He could almost feel it, the warm sticky substance clinging to his fingers. 

Muriel stumbled over to the bucket of cold water in the corner, scrubbing at his hands. His breathing was ragged, it won’t come off, it won’t come off, it won’t come off, it won’t–

A noise sounded through the hut. Muriel flinched instinctively, ripping his hands from the water. 

His washing of them had taken a toll–the irritated skin pink and stinging.

The noise continued. It took Muriel a long moment to realize it was knocking. Someone was at the door. 

“Muriel?” a familiar voice called out. “Are you home?” 

Y/N, he recognized the voice as. He didn’t want them to see him like this. He didn’t want them to see him at all. He was a monster. He killed all those people. Y/N was in danger if they stayed with him. 

“Muriel?” Y/N asked again, their voice filled with worry. “Are you alright? Is everything okay?”

Those words of concern opened something in him. A choked sob escaped his lips. 

Y/N must’ve heard. “Muriel honey, can I come in?” 

He opened his mouth to tell them no, to say they couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come out. 

“I’m opening the door now, okay?” they said. After a moment of no response, the door very slowly creaked open. 

What Y/N saw broke their heart. There, kneeling on the floor was a puffy-eyed Muriel, his hands out in front of him. He was hunched over, as if trying to curl in on himself. There was a painful emotion on his face. Shame. 

They took a few small steps forward. 

Muriel wasn’t looking at them, staring at his hands.

Another step forward. They wanted him to know of their approach. Wanted to give him the option of telling them no. 

Muriel’s head lifted a tad, not looking away from his hands. “Why did you come here?” he asked, voice rough. 

“I wanted to see you,” Y/N responded quietly, not wanting to be too loud. 

“You shouldn’t, you deserve so much better than me.” His shoulders hunched more. 

Y/N kneeled down inching forward. “Muriel.” 

His eyes closed, preparing for what was to come. They were going to leave, tell him he was right, that they needed someone else in their life. 

“Muriel, look at me,” they said softly. 

He swallowed, his mouth dry. Eyes red with crying fluttered open, he looked at them, though he avoided their eyes. He pressed his lips together in an effort to stop their trembling. 

Their hands slid forward on the floor. Slowly, so he knew they intended to touch him. He didn’t stop them from touching his hands. 

The shame cut deep. Y/N’s hands, so small compared to his own, hadn’t done harm. They hadn’t killed, maimed, or injured. Their hands picked herbs, knitted soft scarves, and baked bread. 

Their thumbs brushed over his scarred knuckles. “Muriel, I love you, and I’m not going to leave. You deserve to have people care about you.” 

He shook his head. “Stop lying.” 

Their grip on his hands tightened a little. “Look me in the eyes,” their voice was soft and gentle as they spoke.

He managed to meet their gaze. 

“You deserve to have people care about you, you deserve to feel safe, you deserve to feel loved. I love you, and I don’t intend on leaving anytime soon,” their voice was firm and determined, leaving no room for argument. 

Tears welled up in Muriel’s eyes. “You aren’t lying,” he whispered in disbelief, his voice cracking. 

“I’m not,” Y/N affirmed, rubbing his hands. 

They ran their hands up his hands and arms, coaxing away tension. One of their hands made it to his face, cupping his cheek. 

His eyes fluttered closed, leaning into Y/N’s touch. 

They pulled him into a hug, and he reciprocated–wrapping his arms around their middle, burying his face into their shoulder. One of Y/N’s hands were on the back of his head, the other moving up and down his back. 

He needed this.

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