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just realized that if loki can hold mjolnir in the new solo the way it looks on the cover that means he and thor can like…play catch with it. ​thor and his shithead baby brother in central park tossin around the old mjolnir

loki can place the hammer on unworthy thor’s chest and keep him stuck on the ground as payback for every time it was done to him

But why hide this in the tags

[Image text: “#unfortunately this act makes loki also unworthy #now thor is permanently stuck until further notice” End text]

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I love how Loki was literally only villainous and constantly treated badly because the plot was reliant on it

#…with literally no other reason

#asgardians didn’t trust loki? why? oh uhh because he’s out for thor! yeah! pfft everyone knows he’s evil….

#basically if anyone asked him nicely about anything and understood what he was going through the plots just… wouldn’t have happened

#which is why loki is framed as a villain despite the non-villainous motives and actions the audience notices

#because if someone had asked loki why he suddenly didn’t want to bring thor back from Midgard he would’ve not acted the way he did

#loki is too chill and expressing his emotions would legit be enough to neutralise any threat he poses

#which is hilarious because when you pay attention you watch the movies dodge utilising loki as a power and knowledge source for.. no reason.

#no discernible reason at all

#thor in avengers 1 ignores the fact that loki was dead and has clearly been suffering and speaks for loki’s motive by labelling it ‘revenge’

#in thor 2 odin immediately sentences loki to prison… he’s not even asked on why he acted the way he did….

#he gets sent to prison so no one can gain knowledge on thanos and infinity stones from him

#except of course thor goes to him anyways BUT ignores the topic at hand anyways for no reason

#other than thor doesn’t want loki to know whats going on because he’s ‘evil’ and ‘not to be trusted’

#loki legit had the most knowledge on thanos and infinity stones and stuff (maybe second to thanos and his kids who somehow know stuff?)

#but he is so painfully underutilised its not even funny

#well actually it is

#because so many things could have been solved if the movies weren’t adamant on framing loki as intrinsically evil

#sure it didn’t work on the audience BUT in-universe loki’s been tortured imprisoned and constantly silenced for the sake of plot

#which is a testament to loki’s influence but also tragic since he COULD be better presented and retain the same impact

you need to  s t o p

N, no, don’t stop. This is excellent tea.

The way the narrative frames Loki is exactly the way someone who is scapegoated is framed in an abusive situation. They simply needed someone to shit on.

Oh who made this tea because it’s the best I’ve ever had

Look, there are two types of people.

If *I* was Loki I’d fuck off until people came to ask for my expertise. Just make a fucking tower on midgard and do magic. Maybe write a book about basic bitch magic/science and tell the scientists they’re gonna have to compensate me if they want more.

But Loki cares about interacting with his family too much. So he keeps trying to get they’re attention they keep insisting he’s not good enough. If I went through the effort to keep trying, I’d get pretty pissed too.

And of course Loki is going to try and gain his family’s approval, not only was he abandoned as a child in Jotunheim, but he was also a frost giant. He constantly had to prove himself to others for a good majority of his life before he knew what he was and he didnt know why.

Loki has EVERY reason to be so pissed. He’s spent his entire life just trying to gain the approval he never did anything to lose, and NOBODY ever bothered to acknowledge that maybe they were the assholes in this situation.

Like they’re all just so inherently against him since birth because he’s of Jotun heritage and he didnt even know that growing up. He just knew that everyone on Asgard did not trust him, even though he hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s like everyone on Asgard thinks that they can prevent him from being a ‘threat’ by constantly beating him down, and no one ever stopped to think “well he’s never actually been a problem before”

They just think his lineage = his future, and that he’s automatically going to fuck shit up because he’s Jotun. But if everyone would chill the fuck out for five seconds theyd remember that Asgard is all he’s ever known, it’s where he was raised and how he was influenced to be.

It’s just so much easier for Asgargians to blame everything on the only frostgiant in the room, and that was unfortunately Loki

Asgard made the monster they had been trying to avoid, for no other reason except their problems couldnt POSSIBLY be their own faults, it just had to be the fault of the only Jotun on site

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       powerful characters that hang around having fun 80% of the time and                                          manipulate people the other 20% 

                            Loki 🤝 Aaravos 🤝 Double Trouble

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Odin: you need to pick your battles

Loki: The Battle Of Hogwarts, May 1998




Loki : After everything, Snape dies without confronting Harry??? How disappointing. Rowling didn’t want to deal with him. Rather like you with me, Father.

Odin : …

Thor : I don’t understand. Did she fall into the Rowlingsleep?

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Thor: fear is not in my vocabulary!

Loki: well anything that has more than three letters is not in your vocabulary so I wouldn’t really be boasting about that if I were you

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