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20d-queen · 4 months ago
A scene I have in my dnd campaign that my players will never see cause no one has the time to play.
To preface, the party has been elected to go investigate abandoned towns that have appeared out of nowhere, along with citizen disappearances.
They had been given a Paladin and Cleric couple to assist them in their journey. They had both taken the Oath of Beloved, which means their power comes from their immense love for each other.
Before the campaign, they had a Session 0, which consisted of the party finding a skeleton covered in flowers in an empty field, a gem necklace around their neck. The characters don't remember Session 0, but were allowed to keep any items they received from it.
Anyway, here it goes:
The cleric has gone ahead, along with her Paladin. Hand in hand as always.
However, it's taking an awful long time to scout. So, the party decides to go forward without their input.
As they walk, the forest floor becomes greener and livelier. Flowers they had never seen before are coating every inch. They come to a clearing.
The field is wild in color, and the air is thick with the smells of flowers. Life and beauty is everywhere.
Then, they see it. The cleric, kneeling near the middle of the field. She's stuck her sword in the ground, using it as a balance as she leans to hold something.
She's gently stroking the cheek of a skull.
"He was always so brave," she says as the party approaches, "sometimes, it made him stupid."
"He would just, run into danger without a care in the world. He trusted me to take care of him." She then grabs something from her neck, which was previously under her armor. An amber colored gem necklace.
"But I failed. I took too long," her eyes welled up, her eyes skipped from the necklace, to the skeleton, and back. "I tried and tried until I couldn't."
She wipes her eyes and stands, placing her necklace back under her armor. She takes her sword from the earth, the ground reforming itself almost immediately, healing from the minor indent.
"But I can finally get him back." She turns to face the party, the look of love and care gone and replaced with a cold, empty stare. "I just need to take care of you first."
Roll for initiative.
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20d-queen · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
What a GREAT idea
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20d-queen · a year ago
Demon, Whiedreath
Tumblr media
“Irian Mungo” © deviantArt user Halcyon450, accessed at his gallery here
[Commissioned by @menaceomysterio​, as the last of their Phantom Tollbooth creatures. The Two-Faced Hypocrite is a demon of ignorance that only appears in the animated adaptation, as a replacement for the Triple Demons of Compromise. For those fellows, one of them is short and fat, the other is tall and thin, and the third looks exactly like the other two. Which is a great gag in writing, but, you know, physically impossible in a visual medium. I thank @menaceomysterio​ for not making me try and figure out how that would work statistically.]
Demon, Whiedreath CR 12 CE Outsider This creature has skin the color of a flayed corpse, with two snakelike necks and heads like a moray eel. It walks on all fours, its forepaws bearing vicious claws, and a long and prehensile tail stretches behind it.
Whiedreaths are also known as “hypocrisy demons”, as they are liars, flatterers and prevaricators of the highest order. They are created from the chaotic evil souls of those whose lies resulted in deaths and suffering, and they continue to practice their craft in their new form. Whiedreaths are adept at creating illusions and distractions. A favorite trick of theirs is to disguise themselves as a beast known for its benevolence, such as a sphinx, unicorn or lammassu. In this guise, they infiltrate the sanctums of the holy and parties of kindly adventurers, only to tear them apart from the inside.
A whiedreath usually prefers to separate, confuse or distract a group before turning to deadly violence, but the violence always comes sooner or later. Their bites are savagely strong, their claws can knock a foe on their back, and they can resist the sorts of enchantment and illusion magic they prefer if it is turned against them. A whiedreath can concentrate on a spell at the same time as it fights, and they most commonly use this to direct the actions of an illusion. Their tails are flexible and strong enough to wield weapons, but most whiedreaths use them instead as bludgeoning weapons or to wield and stow items such as potions, wands or staves. Few whiedreaths are dedicated enough to a cause to die for it, and they are quick to flee an encounter that turns against them.
In the affairs of the Abyss, whiedreaths are commonly found among other socially-minded demons, such as glabrezu, succubi and coloxuses. They often work with these species to reinforce their schemes and act as backup muscle in case something goes wrong. Some whiedreaths serve demon lords with the Charm or Trickery domains, such as Andrifkhu, Mestama or Socothbenoth. Others do their best to avoid the attention of creatures more powerful than they, setting up their own little fiefdoms in remote corners of the Abyss or the Material Plane.
A whiedreath stands about four feet high at the shoulder, and is twenty feet long from nose to tail.
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20d-queen · a year ago
Tumblr media
Must we do this
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20d-queen · a year ago
Building an Embodiment of the Fairytale Princess in Dnd 5e
Tumblr media
No matter who you are, when someone mentions fairytales, we all think of the stock characters. You’ve got your beloved princess, your charming prince, and your tempting witch, with maybe a malicious dragon thrown in for flavor. And that’s what we’re looking to build today. Not any specific princess, but rather an amalgomation of every fairytale princess and princess trope in one character.
Tumblr media
For race, we’ll go with a human, or to be more specific a variant human. We were blessed by fairies since birth, and they gave us the gift of magic. The fairies gave you magical beauty and grace for +1 CHA and +1 DEX, as well as the gift of song for Performance for your fey-blessed skill. Their good wholesome magic left some residue of goodness magic, so we’ll pick up Magic Initiate and choose the Cleric for some good, wholesome spells. We’ll pick up the Spare the Dying and Word of Radiance cantrips and the spell Guiding Bolt.
For alignment, we’re practically a saint, so we’re lawful good.
And for background we’re a pretty obvious Noble for Persuasion and History.
Tumblr media
To be a classic fairytale princess, we’re going to need to be able to sing, summon critters to do our chores, and have a fairy godmother who watches over us. The best way to do all three is to be a Bard and an Archfey Warlock. However, in order to use the Bard to their full extent, the Bard has to reach level 18 to get all of their bardic secrets. Luckily, everything we need from the Warlock can be gotten in the first two levels. All we need from Warlock are the spells Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Armor of Agathys, Charm Person, and Unseen Servant. Then we get two eldritch invocations, we’ll pick up Beast Speech so we can talk to animals permanently and agonizing blast to make our eldritch blast a more effective cantrip.
For this build, Charisma is our top priority. We’ll want a good Constitution to maintain concentration spells, a good Dexterity since all we’re wearing is a set of clothes (fine), and a good Wisdom score primarily for the use of Animal Handling. Strength and Intelligence will get dumped. We’ll be sure to take up expertise with Animal Handling, Persuasion, Performance, and Religion, because you’re a good medieval girl who eats all her vegetables and goes to bed on time.
Fairytale-Based Spells
Basic Fairies
Dancing Lights: they’re called fairy lights for a reason. Faerie Fire: faerie lights that help you keep track of foes. Healing Spirit: a nature spirit with a fey appearance that heals your party. Spirit Guardians: They can take on a fey appearance, dealing radiant damage Conjure Woodland Beings: You summon fey creatures to help you fight. Conjure Fey: you summon a greater fey to help you fight
Snow White
Armor of Agathys: Surround yourself in a barrier of ice when injured. Reflavor as Snow White’s glass coffin.
True Polymorph: the fairygodmother turned mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage. Wish: everything the fairygodmother did was to make Cinderella’s wish come true.
Sleeping Beauty
Dawn: a loose connection, but one of sleeping beauty’s names is Aurora or Dawn. Dream: useful for when you’re asleep and need to call someone to save you. Wall of Thorns: to keep the princess safe, the fairies raised a ticket of thorns around the castle, which only parted for the handsome prince.
The Little Mermaid
Suggestion: Mermaids have hypnotic voices that lure men to their deaths. Tidal Wave: Mermaids control the tides and waves Mass Suggestion: How to brainwash an entire ship crew. Control Weather: Mermaids were blamed for violent sea storms. Tsunami: Like tidal wave, just bigger and more destructive.
Beauty and the Beast
Unseen Servant: In the original story, the beast’s servants were invisible. Tiny Servant: to bring a tiny object to life, like the Disney version. Animate Objects: make the room attack someone, like the Disney version. Charm Monster: beauty soothes the savage beast.
Rope Trick: You create a safe pocket dimension that can only be reached by climbing. Galder’s Tower: create a two story tower. Reminiscent of Rapunzel’s Tower.
Tumblr media
Race: Variant Human Background: Noble Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Glamour Bard (18)             Archfey Warlock (2) Base Stats: Strength: 8 (-1) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 10 (0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 20 (+5) Saving Throws: Strength: -1 Dexterity: +8 Constitution: +3 Intelligence: 0 Wisdom: +2 Charisma: +11 Combat Stats: HP: 163 AC: 13 Speed: 30 Initiative: +2 Proficiency Bonus: +6 Passive Perception: 18 Dark Vision: 0 feet Proficiencies and Expertise:    Animal Handling    History    Perception    Performance    Persuasion    Religion Skills: Acrobatics: +5                Medicine: +5 Animal Handling: +14    Nature: +3 Arcana: +3                     Perception: +8 Athletics: +2                   Performance: +17 Deception: +8                Persuasion: +17 History: +6                     Religion: +12 Insight: +5                      Sleight of Hand: +5 Intimidation: +8              Stealth: +5 Investigation: +3            Survival: +5
Spell Slots
1st (6) 2nd (3) 3rd (3) 4th (3) 5th (3) 6th (1) 7th (1) 8th (1) 9th (1)
Fairytale Spellbook
Cantrips                                      3rd Level    Dancing Lights                            Conjure Animals    Eldritch Blast                               Mass Healing Word    Friends                                        Spirit Guardians    Light                                             Tiny Servant    Mage Hand                              4th Level    Mending                                       Charm Monster    Spare the Dying                           Conjure Woodland Beings    Word of Radiance                    5th Level 1st Level                                         Animate Objects    Armor of Agathys                         Dream    Charm Person                          6th Level    Command                                     Mass Suggestion    Faerie Fire                                    Wall of Thorns    Guiding Bolt                              7th Level    Healing Word                                Mord’s Magnificent Mansion    Speak with Animals*                 8th Level    Unseen Servant                             Glibness 2nd Level                                     9th Level     Animal Messenger                        True Polymorph     Enlarge/Reduce                            Wish     Enthrall     Healing Spirit     Suggestion
Countercharm. Creatures within 30 feet get advantage against being charmed or frightened following a performance check.
Bonus Actions:
Bardic Inspiration. Add 1d12 to an ally’s d20 roll 5 times per long rest.
Eldritch Invocations.    Agonizing Blast. Add your Charisma mod to your Eldritch Blast damage rolls.    Beast Speech. Cast Speak with Animals without using a spell slot. Enthralling Performance. Up to 5 creatures must make a DC 19 WIS saving throw or become charmed by you. Fey Presence. Creatures within 10 feet make a DC 19 WIS saving throw or become charmed or frightened by you until the end of your next turn. Font of Inspiration. Regain all uses of Bardic Inspiration on a rest. Jack of All Trades. Add +3 to skill checks you’re not proficient in. Magic Initiate. Choose two cantrips and a 1st level spell from the cleric spell list. Mantle of Inspiration. As a bonus action, give up to 5 creatures within 60 feet 14 temp HP points, and they can move without provoking an opportunity attack. Position of Privilege. You are welcome in high society, common folk go out of their way to accommodate you, and you can get an audience with other nobles. Song of Rest. Regain 1d12 extra HP on a short rest after singing. Unbreakable Majesty. Take on a majestic appearance for 1 minute, the first creature to target you each turn must succeed on a DC 19 Charisma saving throw or choose another target. If it succeeds, it has disadvantage on saving throws against your spell DC next turn. Use once per long rest.
Fairytale-Based Items
Tumblr media
Pumpkin Carriage (Cinderella)
Common Wondrous Item - Vehicle
Weight: 600
This vehicle ignores difficult terrain.
Tumblr media
Glass Slippers (Cinderella)
Rare Wondrous Item - Attunement Required
Your movement speed isn’t slowed by difficult terrain, and spells and other magical effects can’t reduce your speed. However, you cannot cross terrain that would harm you, such as lava. Because the shoes fit only one person in the entire kingdom, this item requires attunement.
Tumblr media
Golden Stair (Rapunzel)
Rare Wondrous Item - Attunement Required
Your long hair can be used as a Rope, Hempen and a Grappling Hook. It’s attached to your head, so it cannot be broken, stolen, lost, or used up. The hair can also be used like a lasso to bind and pull switches or objects weighing 10 lbs or less closer. It has a range of 60 feet. Because it is attached to your body, this item requires attunement.
Tumblr media
Sleeping Spindle (Sleeping Beauty)
Rare Weapon (Dagger)
This cursed spindle deals 1d4 piercing damage. When a creature is struck by this blade, they must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or fall into a magical sleep for 24 hours. The curse can be broken by the spell Remove Curse. Once the curse has been used, it cannot be used again until the dawn of the next day.
Tumblr media
Poison Apple (Snow White)
Common Weapon (light, thrown)
When this item is thrown, deal 1d4 bludgeoning damage to any creature it hits. When this item hits a creature or a solid surface, it explodes, creating a poisonous cloud within 5 feet centered on where it landed. Creatures inside the area of the cloud take 1d4 poison damage and make a Constitution saving throw against DC 10 + your INT mod or become poisoned. Crafting: requires fresh fruit, a poisoner’s kit, and knowing at least one spell. Crafting takes 10 minutes.
Tumblr media
Ring of Teleportation (Beauty and the Beast)
Epic Ring - Attunement Required
Choose up to three locations you have been to before and know well. Once per day, turn the ring three times and you and any creature touching you will be teleported to whichever location you desired. You can change your three saved locations at any time, but you must be at the location to save it to the ring. The ring resets at dawn following its last use. Because the ring can only take you to places you’ve been before, the ring needs to be attuned to you.
Tumblr media
Magic Mirror (Beauty and the Beast/Snow White)
Legendary Wondrous Item
Once per day, choose one of the following:
Cast Scrying without using a spell slot. The mirror will show you what you ask to see.
Cast Legend Lore without using a spell slot. Ask the mirror a question and it will answer truthfully to the best of its ability.
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20d-queen · a year ago
You can't oneshot a miniboss
Context: We were playing a homebrew d20 RPG with me as the DM. The party was fighting a giant toothsaber and the (melee/magic) wizard jumped on top and stab it with his sword.
DM (me): Roll to attack
W: OK *hits*
Me: you stab it in the top of his leg, he’s immobilized
W: I use Thunderbolt to my sword to electrify the sabertooth by inside
Me: (with a surprise face) Ok roll then
Bard OOC: You can’t oneshot a miniboss
W: *Rolls nat 20*
Me, even more surprised: The sword conducts the thunderbolt inside the flesh of the beast, roasting it by inside
W OOC: *Laughs*
Bard OOC: Ok you can
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Can I offer you a soft red tiefling mom in these trying times? ❤
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Yearshinate has officially launched!
That's right, folks! Yearshinate now has it's own blog! Check it out at https://yearshinate.wordpress.com/ !
Please, please, please, spread the word!!
Again, to check out the blog, go to
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
When the DM suddenly throws an undead encounter at you:
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
When someone in the party finally hits after everyone’s been rolling like shit since rolling initiative:
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
"I don't come into town and steal children like some kind of musical Krampus!"
A player’s traveling bard after a series of misunderstandings about another player’s child character.
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Being excited for ur next d&d game like
Tumblr media
Being excited and impatient like
Tumblr media
Just downright wishing you could beat time into submission and make it game day
Tumblr media
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
hot tip if you wanna play a warlock or another high charisma character but have an irl charisma of like 10:
there’s more than one kind of charisma. the default always seems to be “suave ladykiller/casanova who can and will knowingly manipulate people and do it with a sly smile”, but that’s not the only kind.
i play a 20 charisma warlock who is… none of those things. she’s kind of shy and easily flustered but she IS extremely good-hearted and kind, and she radiates a certain kind of aura that just makes people want to like her and trust her because they can tell she’s a good person.
don’t feel boxed in by traditional portrayals of charisma and let it scare you away from playing classes you’re interested in.
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20d-queen · 2 years ago
Druids and Cats
So, little back story. We just started a new campaign, in our DMs home brew continent and we’re about to head out for our first quest, which is a bounty for someone who is murdering house cats in Sakash (the major city we were all at.) now, I play a Tabaxi Monk, so our main plan was to basically strip me naked in a forest where we tracked this person down to and let him kidnap me. Let’s just say my guy didn’t like the plan, but he’s all for taking his clothes off. This is after waiting 2 hours in game time.
Me: okay why is it taking so long is this guy really not interested in me? I mean I’m a cat, I’m naked, I should be everything he’s wanted.
Yuan-Ti Druid: I don’t know, maybe I should scout ahead (Ooc) can I roll for stealth?
Dm: go for it
Druid rolls and got an 18 I think.
Druid OOC: oh wait! I’ll make it even better and beast shape, gotta be more stealthy. I’m gonna transform into a cat.
Everyone at our table just sighed, because of course, we have a beast shaping Druid who could have been a cat this entire time, but let’s make the 6 foot cat person be the bait. None of our characters however knew he was a Druid, just that he could cast some minor nature magic. We also forgot he could do such to begin with.
Me: Wait you could have been a cat this entire time?! I’m literally naked in the woods right now!
Druid: I mean yeah, but I don’t want to be bait, that’s scary, this guy kills cats dude.
I ended up punching our current cat Druid so hard he went out of his beast shape, and we couldn’t find the culprit. (We ended up catching them in town)
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