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In your AU, what things change in the Madrigal Family dynamic?
I don't like posting text only, so here are AU's basic designs as a bonus!
Tumblr media
The main factor that defines how family dynamics in this AU differentiate from canon is that Alma and Pedro process their trauma in absolutely different ways. It comes from both the difference in their personalities (though I mostly made up Pedro's personality myself, I like how he turned out to be) and the difference in the experience itself. How was it different? Well, we'll find out...
Tumblr media
The main problem with Pedro is his guilt complex and how it makes him feel the constant need to redeem himself, to make up for what he had already failed once - protecting the loved ones. But could it be that while trying to protect, he ends up hurting?
Tumblr media
That while struggling with his burden of guilt, he taught his family the same unhealthy patterns?
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Random things I find hilarious/just like about Russian lyrics of We Don't Talk About Bruno (and other Encanto songs)
So, the main lyrics in Russian go like "Don't mention Bruno", however "no" in Russian means "but/yet" => accidentally (?) it became "Don't mention Bruno... and yet-", not just in Pepa's part but everywhere: so everything that goes after the chorus can technically be interpreted as "don't mention Bruno, BUT! here's something (I can tell you) about him"
In Russian Felix calls Pepa "my love", in Ukrainian he calls her "my joy/happiness"
apparently Pepa is pissed not because Bruno made her feel nervous and worried about the bad weather but because that bad weather ruined her look
also Pepa and Felix literally swore to never ever mention Bruno right after the wedding accident????? they ghosted him for what, 15+ years before he even left?
Dolores in her part isn't even trying to be subtle:
"Since the childhood they scare us:
Bruno is wandering somewhere in this house;
I can hear him whispering,
And it frightens me"
dear, WHO is scaring you by telling you about Bruno walking around?? your parents? "Dolores eat your dinner or Bruno will come and eat your soul" is that? are you scaring your own kids with their uncle as a boogeyman? when I was watching the movie with my young siblings, it is because of these lyrics they were quite sure mirabel is going to find Bruno(s corpse) somewhere in casita ("maybe he didn't left but just died in his room or somewhere in the house and no one noticed" damn kids whats wrong with you)
also I like the line about sand
"It's like sand is falling with every step he takes"
a nice metaphor about his light feet and sneaking around
"His burden is heavy, this gift is tormenting him"
her "do you understand" is the same yet the wording feels kinda more harsh, more like "don't you get it???/can you get it already???"
"a seven foot" (4 syllables) becoming "dwa" (1) => Camilo starts with his DwaAAaAah which I really like... idk why it just sounds so sassy
"He will call you,
And then disappear in the dark"
yep. confirmed cryptid. used as a boogeyman for kids for sure
"He's a midnight howl, he's your nightmare"
Bruno are you screeching at nights?
Spotify lyrics for this song have some mistakes but the funniest is that Mariano turned into Marianna so...yay gay rights?
"He told me to forget about the one I love
He is promised to another"
kinda sad but imagine Bruno saying it to the, idk, 10 yo Dolores' "yeah kid, you can forget about the one you love! he is promised to another" "who" "who what" "who I love? I don't even like anyone yet. who am I supposed to forget about"
why everyone are kinda more toxic in Russian dub? not only Dolores but Isabella is also somewhat more rude, like she's more directly telling Mirabel to shut up:
"Silence, sister!
You must know, I'm not kidding"
are you threatening her?
I think it just me but I'm losing it on "Isabela, your boyfriend's here - Time to eat!" cause for some reason it makes me think they're gonna eat Mariano
Waiting On A Miracle
this is the only song that hits me harder in Russian than in the original - I think it's both because of minor nuances in lyrics and the great performance of Regina Todorenko, it's just so strong and emotional! if you haven't heard it, please listen
the key difference is that "a miracle" in both the name and lyrics became "the magic" - it's more like she's not waiting for something to miraculously happen and give her a gift, but directly talking to the magic itself - hey, magical powers, I'm here, how much more I have to wait for you to notice and bless me with a gift as well? and you start asking yourself is she talking to the magic and the providence asking for a chance or just her grandmother who represents the magic? who is she really begging to notice and bless her?
"Do not regret, chase away this sorrow.
Shed no tears, you are not to bewail it"
damn girl I feel you
"I still belong to the family Madrigal,
So... what else could I possibly wish for?"
I don't know... love and acceptance maybe?
"Every night I see the same dream -
A dream where there's the magic inside me";
"I spend my nights restless
Always praying to heaven for my own door"
she really does have some sleep problems
"I can't put together the shards"
and then she goes and does it both to that broken vision tablet AND her family
"I would move the mountains,
I would make the whole world bloom -
If only somebody gave me a hint how could I obtain a gift of my own"
I love both the line about making the whole world bloom, as if "if I had this gift I would do huge, meaningful, world changing deeds" and how she's wishing for "her own" gift yet can only imagine having others' gifts not something unique of her own
"I am ready! See? I am ready!
And I'm begging you from the very bottom of my heart:
Please, discover that power of magical gifts in me,
Please, the magic, hear me!
Or maybe you've already made up your mind about me a long time ago?.."
The Family Madrigal
"- Hush, hush, just chill!
- Then why don't you just explain the way that won't make us stressed?!"
kids are hilarious
"Oh! And that's Julieta, my mommy"
🥺 she also calls Agustín "my daddy" and Abuela "granny" later in the song
"my whole life is a festival of magical miracles,
'cause I'm from the Madrigals as well!"
is it tho
"(two) friends fell in love with family Madrigals"
Agustín and Félix are friends and were friends even before becoming Madrigals? nice
once again I'm losing it because, well, they really struggled with the rhythm of the line about camilo and we don't have any adjectives or verbs meaning "to shapeshift" so they came up with calling him лицедей which long ago meant just "an actor", literally "the one who makes face (to look like someone else's)" BUT nowadays it is used in different sence which is... a hypocrite/pretender/two-faced person
"Aunt Pepa took after granny in regard of her character"
did she?
"And Luisa is so strong, so beautiful, smart and kind"
"My dad Agustín is the hero in many misfortunate stories, but he's a kind guy"
"My cousin Camilo sweetly and perkily makes people laugh"
she talks about her family so nicely 🥺
Surface Pressure
is called "Actually"/"In Fact"
"I'm calm like a rock, I never feel pain"
we don't have an idiom about the camel; so lyrics use that one about the cup:
"The cup is full
It takes only one drop of water
To make a wave,
A giant wave that would..."
and it goes SO well with the chorus
the chorus being:
"...crush you down, down, down
And the (sea) bottom is closer and closer
Down, down, down
And you are not meant to swim out of it"
also recommend to listen, Tais Urumidis (who's actually a jazz musician) has a great voice!
What else can I do
"Since the perfection is unachievable,
Why should we carry this burden?
I just wanna live my life -
And I could be..."
I also love the way lyrics are tied with chorus
the chorus going
"...blooming like a jacaranda,
I could be the vine among lianas"
oh how she compares herself to the different plants!!! so nice - if they are different, wild and free, why can't she be?
the metaphor continues:
"The air is thick with delightful scent of palms,
And I'm growing!
So, what can I do?"
just random parts about beauty:
"I'm tired of always living in the prison of (my) beauty"
"though the world will be imperfect, it will be beautiful"
"my strenghs are not just limited to my looks"
and then Mirabel returns to that metaphor!
"- Just like a sprout turns into a flower
You can rise up"
and now Isabela is sure:
"I am blooming like a jacaranda,
I am the vine among lianas"
"You opened my eyes, Mira,
I love you"
I'm literally sobbing
in the last line she answers her own question:
"I can do anything!"
All of You
is called "Our kinship"
"But the fate of stars is predetermined:
The fire burns them down"
i really like these lyrics, they sound so poetic in Russian. it's a lot about personal perception but all this post is my about personal perception of songs so. the word for "fire" is "пожар" which literally means "conflagration" and sometimes used to describe a wild,uncontrollable force, some events that evolve dramatically and get out of control; it may also feel like an entity or a state of being - "пожар в душе", " the wild fire in one's soul" when a person feels a lot of complicated and conflicted yet strong emotions that won't allow them to calm
that's why the star metaphor works so well - like it's about how when a star reaches its peak, burning brightly and strongly, after that short peak of beauty and glory it inevitably dies in its own flames. self destruction motifs man
am I reading in it too much? yes. sorry
Félix after Bruno explaining himself: "I knew that, bro!" - oh, he never believed in all this "he makes bad things happen by his predictions" crap? cool
"I have so much to apologize for"
"No, little brother, we are the ones to apologize to you"
townspeople singing:
"The candle can't be blown out,
(because) it burns inside us"
but let's return to the stars:
"The fate of stars is predetermined
For the millions of years ahead:
They bless everyone who came into this world
With their warmth and light"
I spent a half of this post talking about how poetic this is and now I'm laughing so hard again
this time? Mariano lines:
" - Hey, Mariano, why are you so gloomy? - There's a river full of love inside me..."
but the word for sad/gloomy is смурной which is kinda... old and rarely used nowadays and feels so stylistically weird here. as my friend said: "this is a word you might hear once in a decade from a random bum you meet at the bus stop"
in the end they all tell Mirabel "There's a fire inside your soul"... yet instead of пожар here they use another word, огонь, which is literally "fire"
and the difference is that if there's the fire (пожар) inside someone's soul they are tormented by strong uncontrollable emotions
but if theres a fire (огонь) inside someone's soul it's a good thing - it's about their passion, the inner strength and strong will
it's not burning them down from the inside
it keeps them warm, it gives them the energy to keep going
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Tumblr media
i just realised that this part is when dolores doesn’t whisper sing anymore, she sings in a more louder tone cause she doesn’t have her gift !!!1!
Tumblr media
she gets to sing a little more loudly, talk a little more loudly and shes so happy and i just love her sm
Tumblr media
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Julieta and Pepa decide to redo their 50th birthday with Bruno because it's a huge milestone and they also want to make up for the birthdays Bruno missed :)
Bruno is only hoping for a small family gathering, but the townspeople show up not long after with a surprise village party.
Bruno doesn't know whether he wants to hide or cry tears of joy.
- - -
*the family singing to the triplets* 🎵HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOUUUU!!!🎵
*the triplets smile at each other, clasping hands*
Bruno: *takes a deep breath* On three?
*Julieta and Pepa nod. All three whisper their words*
Julieta: One.
Pepa: Two.
Bruno: Three.
*they lean down and blow out their candles. The whole family cheers and claps*
Bruno: *smirks and dabs his finger a little in the icing before smearing it on Pepa's nose*
Pepa: Hey!
Bruno: *grins* It suits you.
Pepa: *smirks and retaliates by dabbing some icing down Bruno's forehead and nose*
*The Triplets clutch each other and laugh while the rest of the family just look at them fondly*
Inspired by https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML8yfTFc/
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Pepa: What, you wanted me to say no?
Pepa: How can you say no to that face?
Pepa: Look. *Holds Bruno in front of her*
Pepa: Try saying no to that face.
Bruno: :)
Julieta, genuinely trying: …
Pepa: That's what I thought.
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More Madrigal Triplets Headcannons
I would love to see someone draw some of these. Just tag me if you do.
The triplets can feel some of the effects of each other’s powers. When Pepa’s raining or snowing her siblings feel a little cold. When Julieta’s food heals someone her siblings feel warm. When Bruno has a vision his siblings feel pressure right behind their eyes.
When it hails, Pepa is extremely happy. No one knows why hail is the effect but she loves it.
Whenever Julieta and Pepa would argue when they were young it would stress Bruno out. He’d have visions just to make sure they were gonna make up. He’d try to speed up the process of them healing but never connected that he was “changing” the future in a sense by helping them get along.
Pepa became interested in make-up first. She practiced a lot on her siblings. It always relaxed Bruno the most to have her put it on him. It became a big way for them to bond when they were teens.
Julieta learned how to do her make-up but she still asks Pepa to do it for her if she misses her and they haven’t had the chance to catch up in a while. Their children have seen how serene it is for them and usually don’t interrupt. Sometimes Julieta tells Pepa her hands are too tired to do it herself.
Bruno has always liked to hold hands with the people he loves. He likes to give Julieta hand massages when she’s been in the kitchen for too long.
The triplets used to all three get sick if Pepa was having a bad week. They’d all curl up under her rain cloud to comfort her. Julieta would heal them each night before bed but the next day they’d end up feeling sick again from all falling asleep in Pepa’s room.
Alma taught them all how to sew. Bruno insisted he learn too. She didn’t argue since he was so willing. He’s not very good at it but he knows how it works. His hands just won’t do what his brain tells him is right.
Sometimes Bruno likes to tease his sisters by saying he doesn’t want to be in the middle anymore. It never works because he always ends up giggling at their expressions when he protests.
Julieta and Bruno figured out early on that when Pepa’s lip quivers she’s about to cry and then rain. Julieta offers a hand on her shoulder and Bruno will hold her hand and they both squeeze.
After Bruno comes back they all set aside time each day just for the three of them. It gives Julieta a break from the kitchen, Pepa has time to express her emotions, and Bruno gets to feel all the affection he missed over the last ten years.
Pepa walks faster than her siblings because she’s the tallest. When she gets too far ahead she stops in the middle of the walkway and holds her hands out. Her siblings run up and grab her hands. This may or may not have almost gotten her trampled by a horse.
One time Pepa and Julieta got into a fight and then a shoving match. Julieta refused to heal the scrape on Pepa’s arm because she was still upset. Pepa kept tossing snowballs at Julieta. Bruno stayed out of that one. The fight had been over the last cup of coffee and he ended up drinking it while they argued. (You can decide if they’re young when this happens or if they’re 50. It’s funnier if they’re 50.)
When Pepa sees her siblings cry she cries. She often needs help calming down after comforting her siblings. She feels things very deeply and she’s an empath. She can’t just switch from an extreme feeling to contentment without a little help.
The triplets will always cover for each other. Pepa had a hickey once and Julieta instantly made food to heal it so Alma wouldn’t see. It was the middle of the night but she did it anyway.
Sometimes Pepa wakes up swinging. She says it because she fought so much with her siblings in the womb. Clearly she won since she’s the tallest.
Bruno had a good two years of being taller than Pepa until she hit a growth spurt and he just never caught up.
Pepa used to have insecurities about being the tallest until Bruno kept telling her how cool it was. She got really confident in her height when she met Felix and he never noticed her height as being a problem.
Sometimes Pepa trips over Bruno.
Julieta: How’d you trip over him?
Pepa: He’s really small.
Bruno: In her defense I was laying on the floor.
Waking Pepa up is always a dangerous game. You never know what you’re gonna be facing. Could be a small cloud over her. It could be some thunder from her annoyance. She could even create some snow and hit you with a snowball.
Sometimes Pepa’s rain leaves puddles of water and Julieta slips on them the most. She’s never paying attention to the ground when she’s working. Casita usually stops her from falling.
Alma taught them how to play guitar. She picked it up from Pedro when they were young. Pepa is more drawn to the guitar than her siblings. Julieta loves piano because of Augustin. Bruno would rather rap with his rats.
Julieta and Pepa have walked in on Bruno having and hosting rap battles with his rats on more than one occasion.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
that’s what you bring to the team, mirabel - management skills!
remembered this scene from the spongebob musical after rewatching encanto and here we are
[image description: a five-panel comic of isabela, mirabel, and luisa madrigal based on dialogue from “spongebob squarepants: the broadway musical”. mirabel is trying to persuade a skeptical isbaela to help her and luisa save the miracle.]
Transcript: Mirabel: (to Isabela) We have a miracle to save! And we need you on the team! Mirabel: (reluctantly gesturing to Isabela) Brains… Mirabel: (excitedly pointing to a flexing Luisa) Brawn! Mirabel: And - though I don’t have a special skill to bring to the table- Mirabel: (happily pointing to herself) I’m coming too! (On either side of Mirabel, Isabela facepalms, and Luisa grins anxiously.)
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Mirabel: How do I passive-aggressively say 'fuck you' in flower?
Isabela: So you'd need a bouquet of geraniums (stupidity), foxglove (insincerity), meadowsweet (uselessness), yellow carnations (you have disappointed me), and orange lilies (hatred). It would be quite striking! And full of loathing.
Camilo: I think just foxglove would work.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Surface Pressure, Camilo's 10 minute version.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
On their birthday…
Kind of a follow up to my previous pieces, Julieta and Pepa miss their brother 😭
[ID: Digital drawing of Julieta and Pepa from Encanto, sitting on the stairs leading to Bruno’s door, which is unlit. They are looking up at the door and Julieta is holding a green candle. There are four speech bubble saying:
Julieta: Wherever you are, Bruno,
Pepa : I hope you have cake.
Julieta: I hope you’re happy.
Pepa: Happy birthday, hermanito.
The other two images are details of the first.]
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think the triplets’ 50th birthday was a particularly hard one… Bruno watches his sisters blow their candles from his peephole in the walls, and his only companion on his birthday is a rat 😭
[ID: Two digital paintings of Encanto characters. In the first, the whole family except Bruno is gathered around a table, watching Pepa and Julieta blow candles that say “50″ on a birthday cake. Mirabel is a little to the side, with her arms crossed, looking unhappy. We can see that this is viewed through the planks in the wall. In the second drawing, Bruno is sitting at his little table just on the other side of the wall, holding a candle, looking down, and a rat is sitting on the table.]
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Posting it here for posterity’s sake.
This is a localization I made for the threads on snowchan.org
Link to original source in Japanese:
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I made a funny
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Encanto but it’s just the Madrigals T-posing/arms outstretched
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Did anybody notice Pepa doing the “mischievous grin” as she’s singing about Bruno doing it? (Literally half a millisecond before Félix goes “tHUNDERRR”) IT’S SO CUTE HONESTLY
Tumblr media
Also look at these two.
Tumblr media
Look how dramatic they are.
And then when Pepa scolds him for stealing her thunder (heh get it bc he literally stole her “thunder”)...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TALK ABOUT A MISCHIEVOUS GRIN this man knows exactly what he’s doing.
And then Pepa’s just like “Ugh I can’t even stay mad at you.”
Tumblr media
And then her expression shifts to vindictive
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And she’s just like “Mhm. Thank you, I will go on.”
Gosh I love these two.
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Isabela: Family, me and Y/N are dating
Everyone: *gasp*
Isabela: Y/N, why are you surprised??
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What if....
At Mirabel’s 5th birthday all of her family died at mysterious circumstances, and she was taken in orphanage.
~10 years later, she goes to celebrate Day of the Dead and accidentally falls in one of the fresh pits and gets in the world of dead, where she finds who are Madrigals, how they died and
why she is the only one who is still alive...?
Their age + looks same as in the movie, except Mirabel, since, you know, she never knew Madrigals, so her clothes are simple
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