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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·9 minutes agoAnswer

i think my cat might be an albino maine coon but idk??? please diagnose my cats genetics

okay, so I’ve explained this a few times but don’t mind doing it again :) see the black eyes + fur? that’s melanin. albinism (inability to produce melanin) is caused by mutations at the C locus in cats, and leucism (reduced ability to produce melanin) is caused by mutations at the W locus, so even though there’s white areas this cat would be ‘leucistic’ rather than ‘part albino’. the full colouration is actually called ‘tuxedo’, or ‘black with white’ (if you’re feeling fancy).

and no, if you don’t know the direct ancestry of your cat it’s highly unlikely to have any Maine Coon in it. cats without breeds are called Moggies in the UK or domestic short/medium/longhairs in North America, so to put it all together:

I’d call this cat a ‘black with white’ domestic shorthair (or mediumhair? can’t see the tail). hope that helps!

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·12 minutes agoText





My town is still doing trick or treat 🙃

it’s supposed to pour rain and be below 40 degrees F all day 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Y’all I know you’re trying to be kind and responsible but leaving a bowl of candy out on the porch and staying inside only protects YOU. That’s still a bowl full of food kids are sticking their hands into, gathering at your house to access, etc. it’s still a covid spread point.

The actual responsible thing is to fully remove your household from trick or treat. Don’t participate at all.

I know it sucks and it’s a huge bummer, but a bigger bummer will be seeing numbers in schools and adults with children skyrocketing in a week.

Y’all I appreciate all the fun, cool ideas you have for handing out candy to individual kids, but the fact is that no matter how you do it, if you’re giving out candy, you’re encouraging children to gather in your neighborhood to collect that candy. Many trick-or-treaters aren’t supervised by parents, and many parents wouldn’t enforce social distancing even if they were there.

I KNOW how desperate we all are to feel any semblance of peace and happiness right now. I get the intention, and I know it’s good.

But we are in a pandemic. Cases are on the rise once again in much of the world. My county, which had sustained less than 50 cases for almost the entire pandemic, has just gotten into the hundreds for the first time since this began, because people are getting fatigued, and that makes us careless.

It doesn’t matter if it’s outside. It doesn’t matter if you use individual candy baggies, or throw chocolate bars to one kid at a time, etc.

Trick-or-treating taking place in any form is encouraging large groups of people, mostly children who can’t understand or won’t participate in safety guidelines, to gather together in concentrated areas during a deadly pandemic.

There’s no truly safe way to do it. I know you have a good heart, and I really do respect and love that about you, but if you’re planning to participate in trick-or-treat, please reconsider.

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forget writer’s block. let’s talk about reader’s block. you’re sitting there scrolling through your marked for later, scrolling through your favourite tags, scrolling through your bookmarks, scrolling through your favourite authors’ profiles and no matter what you do you can’t find anything you want to read

even though you are surrounded by things you would love if you could only frickin’ start

I see this and I raise you: writer and reader’s block.

You’re sitting in front of your laptop. 7 different ao3 tabs are glaring right at you. Three WIPs are open in the background, just in case. You haven’t read a word. You haven’t written a word. You’re just scrolling through frog pics on Tumblr—

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·15 minutes agoPhoto


You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people. You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!


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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·17 minutes agoText

lsdkjfasldk ; no offense but when y’all bend aave to make it sound britishy (eg: whole arse) you sound dumb af like stop just say it a different way lmao

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·2 hours agoText


I wonder which things I’ve experienced are all part of being human, and which are things that shouldn’t have ever happened to me. I wonder which things I should share and which things I should put in a diary or keep in memories so abstract they never become thoughts at all.

I wonder how many memories I can hold and whether I’ll burst and at what point of growing up did so much of thinking become finding places to store what I can’t speak but which I can’t swallow.

When I was 8 I swallowed a loose tooth in my sleep. A story I can tell. 13 and using a flat iron on my hair at a slumber party. 17 and laughing so hard in class I got sent to stand in the hallway.

All hung out on a clothesline where the neighbors can see, drying in the soft and steady breeze of gentle retellings, of “remember that time?”

When I was 12 I noticed grown men looking at me for the first time. I was walking home in my school uniform, and I looked young for my age.

I don’t know where that goes.

I bury it in a pile of dirty laundry, old blouses and a pleated skirt.

My room has always been the messiest in the house.

When I was 7 I cried so hard I threw up. I told my parents I was just sad and didn’t know why.

I put that under the bed with my summer clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I never learned how to sort things out,

I don’t know how to choose what to keep and what to give away.

The fire when I was 16, and the 9 PM September sky glowing red, but I couldn’t run the two blocks to see it, to know exactly what it looked like when my childhood evaporated into the sky like so much smoke.

I don’t think I have room for that.

I don’t know if I can split it up to fit into different spaces.

The house.

The fire.

My Dad, still inside.

Sock drawers and makeup bags and backpacks and the back corner of the bottom shelf of my least-browsed bookcase.

Can someone else make space for it?

Should I tell someone? Could they help me carry it, keep it?

My friends’ childhood bedrooms were always so clean growing up.

Maybe they have room for something of mine.

Can I give it away?

Will they take it?

Where do they put it all?

I think everyone else must’ve learned something I missed.

I’m only 27, and I’m already out of space.

Where do we put it all?

The years pile up.

Where do we put it all.

–a small experimental poem on unpacking and processing trauma & grief
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Several states have ruled that, even if they’re postmarked by election day, they won’t count votes that come in afterward

(yes, this is voter suppression.   No, we don’t have time fight it by election day)


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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·2 hours agoAnswer

my cat likes to drag clothes and toys into his litterbox, especially anything soft. do you have any idea why he might be doing this?? he does it even when he has plenty of litter

I don’t know, animals are so small and dumb and we can’t talk to them :( tell your boy to go out & get a degree if he has that much spare time

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·2 hours agoAnswer

i dont think youve reblogged the ask thing but if you choose to I would be interested in knowing your answers for: the office and the drarry show (hp)

i did not, but i’m still glad you asked OKAY for the office first 

  • Push off a cliff

Gotta be Ryan Howard but like s4 on Ryan Howard

  • Frick frack

maybe Pam? Karen is also very attractive and so is Kelly but I feel like they’d make fun of me bc they’re both kinda mean :(

  • Marry

Definitely Pam like of all the people on the show, she seems like she’d be the best partner

  • Set on fire

Dwight mostly bc i feel like he knows how to put himself out quickly but also a little bit bc he deserves it

  • Wrap a blanket around

Erin, the poor lamb

  • Be roommates with

Imma steal your answer and say Oscar bc he seems quiet and like he wouldn’t eat your food but WOULD gossip w you

and for the HP let’s say it’s Moonrise verse just bc HP runs over so much time and there are so many characters this just simplifies things so we know it’s post Hogwarts, post war and we don’t have like. Tom the barman or 25 death eaters in contention lmao

  • Push off a cliff

Narcissa bc fuck her

  • Frick frack

uhhh they’re all adults but still too young for me so no thanks oooh maybe Healer Baer she sounds hot (but she’s an oc haha)

  • Marry

see above but i think Harry would be the nicest to be married to because he’s just such a love 

  • Set on fire

let’s dig ol Lucius up n set him on fire

  • Wrap a blanket around

Draco ;~;

  • Be roommates with

Hermione! she’s responsible and she’d let me have as many cats as I want and she spends a lot of time sleeping over at Ron’s, so I’d often have the place to myself

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·2 hours agoText


your kids should feel safe disagreeing with you. they should feel able to express a dissenting viewpoint knowing that their feelings will be heard & acknowledged. if your kids don’t tell you things, about their thoughts or actions, because they don’t feel safe–that’s on you. it’s not dishonesty, it’s self-preservation. you’ve taught them that honesty will get them punished.

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a-liddle-bit-of-tenda·3 hours agoText


no offense but if you open a conversation with someone and they politely respond that they disagree with your position, you feeling humiliated by that is like. your issue. and you shouldn’t expect other people to accommodate that issue by never telling you they think you’re wrong. that is unreasonable and unhealthy. it’s something to work on overcoming, not something that you should demand other people appease. 

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