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Some quality time with a few animal friends! 
[Image ID: A watercolour fanart of Antonio Madrigal from Encanto. He is petting Chispi the capybara, in his other hand he is holding a hummingbird. Pico the toucan is sitting on his shoulder. End ID]
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Thank you so much, I'm so glad you (and she) like it!
I heard that Pondhopper wanted a picture, so I made a portrait of her (and her crows) with watercolors! The dragons are just so adorable- I mean tough and intimidating, and I love your comics so much!
Tumblr media
Omgggg I love this! Especially that little crow with an ENTIRE diamond fit into its mouth. And the candles are included too! This is 100% gonna sit on the very top of her hoard. Thank you so much for painting and sharing this!
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Tumblr media
"It's not symmetrical or perfect, but it's beautiful and it's mine"
[Image ID: A watercolour fanart of Isabela Madrigal from Encanto. She is wearing her blue dress with multicolour flowers and pollen on it. She is surrounded by plants and flower petals she has made. End ID]
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Hi there! You said you associate some songs with Carla. Well this is the song I associate with her. "Born without a heart" by Faouzia. I just feel like the song fits Carla so well, I don't know why.
Okay I just listened to it and yeah it does give me some Carla vibes as well. Maybe the overall somber yet defiant tone of the song? Or the acknowledgement that nurture rather than birth is a bigger factor in a person's sense of empathy and morality? There's a certain sense of regret and a slight hope of becoming better in the future that the song gives off that would fit with her too.
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Thank you for answering my ask about Carla! It ALWAYS bugged me the way Elena handled the Delgados. They weren’t threats anymore post “The Magic Within.” The entire reason Victor was turned to stone was because he ended dark persuits. Prisons exist to keep dangerous people safe from society. Victor and Carla were no longer threats post “The Magic Within.” The idea that they would’ve been kept there forever, despite a change of heart bothers me. I also love your idea with the dog!
Yeah it haunted me after The Magic Within. I mean okay I can see why Elena and the Grand Council would be hesitant to give them a second chance, they had betrayed their trust on multiple occasions beforehand and even almost killed them, so there was some justifiable fear there.
The problem was that this time it was pretty clear that Carla couldn't be lying about this. Her father really had been turned to stone and she really was sad and all alone. Even if Elena didn't believe what Carla said about Victor wanting to change she could have used her scepter power to see what he had said. Plus she'd already forgiven others like Vestia and Cruz for the things they'd done, so it was annoying that she hadn't even tried with them.
The dungeon itself has always unsettled me. The cells are small and dark and we've never seen any proper beds or wash areas in them. Not even a pillow or a bucket. Plus if you look closely in some scenes, there are large piles of ash on the floor from the torches which could end up being a health hazard if they aren't cleaned up. I don't think it was the creative team's intent to make the dungeon look as unethical as it appeared to be, but that's how the cookie crumbles.
As for whether they would have been kept there forever, well, I guess my personal headcanon is that Elena was probably planning on creating a final ruling for them only after they had caught Ash and Esteban, so she wasn't lying when she said “I'll deal with you later.” (Still not a good policy though considering that it could have taken years to catch them).
Yes, thank you! After TMW I was watching a bunch of scenes with the dungeon to see if Carla really would be alone and I was very happy when I realized she wouldn't be seeing that in “To Save a Sunbird” it actually shows that there is also a dog in the dungeon.
This was actually incredibly comforting to know because even in the best-case scenario where Carla actually does become friends with some of the guards and/or palace staff looking after her, it's not like they could give her any true unconditional love considering the circumstances and their own judgments of her. But the dog would, because dogs are loving and adorable and pure. (All right this is straying into headcanon territory but it's a comforting headcanon).
[Here's a screenshot from “To Save a Sunbird” of the dungeon. The first arrow I added points to a large pile of ash on the floor which really shouldn't be there. The second arrow points to the dog sleeping in the foreground.]
Tumblr media
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Carla from EoA and/or Grunkle Stan from GF for the character ask? :>
I already answered one for Carla here, so Mr.Mystery it is!
Spoilers will be written in atbash, because it's on theme.
Favorite thing about them: The fact that he can get away with so much hilarious crime on a kids show. (Also the fact that despite his gruff exterior and questionable morals, he has a heart of gold, and would do anything for his family).
Least favorite thing about them: Sometimes he's a bit too gruff with people. (but hey he's going through some things!)
Favorite line (There are just so many): "Remember folks, we put the 'fun' in 'No Refunds!'"
BrOTP: Soos, Wendy, and the twins. Zmw srh yilgsvi lu xlfihv.
Random headcanon: He doesn't like Sci-Fi movies because of all the technobabble and weird science stuff they are filled with instead of action romance and comedy like other media is. Uliw zodzbh nzwv srn dzgxs gsvn dsvm gsvb dviv prwh zmw Hgzm zxgfzoob vmqlbvw nliv lu gsvn gszm sv dlfow vevi zwnrg. Nzbyv gszg xlmgiryfgvh gl srh zevihrlm gl gsvn.
Unpopular opinion: R'n urmv drgs sld uzhg sv ivtzrmvw srh nvnlib rm gsv urmzov. Dsvm R urihg dzgxsvw gsv vkrhlwv rg hfikirhvw nv, yfg R dzh zohl ivorvevw. Gsv vmwrmt dlfow szev yvvm z olg hzwwvi ru gszg szwm'g yvvm gsv xzhv.
Song I associate with them: My Mysterious Uncle by Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers - How It Ends by Norbert Leo Butz from Big Fish (for finale feels)
Favorite picture of them: The artistry of this one fills me with life. [Below is a picture of Stan teaching a bear how to drive. Yes it actually happened. (Though it's iffy whether it's technically canon or not)].
Tumblr media
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Mateo and Carla for the character ask?
(I have already answered this question for Mateo right here)
Carla Delgado
Favorite thing about them: She's a cute little crime smol filled with determination and sass, who really loves her family.
Least favorite thing about them: That she didn't get more screen time. (Also how her child model looks, but that's not her fault).
Favorite line: “Haha, burn.”
BrOTP: Well other than her father there isn’t anyone who she's friendly enough with on-screen to really qualify, so it's headcanon time! I've been thinking about this lately and I think it would be really cute if she became friends with some of the girls who she hasn't directly betrayed like Antonia or Tomiko. Not to say that she wouldn't eventually become friends with Elena and Naomi, I just think it would be nice to see her interact with someone who she doesn't have that kind of tension with.
Unpopular opinion: It's just really shocking to me how well put together she still was after being in prison for almost a year, all alone, considering how bleak her circumstances were. We know that she disliked being alone before, but after her mom's betrayal and her dad's petrification she was truly isolated. Maybe she just has unbreakable willpower? No, I feel like SOMETHING must have happened offscreen that helped keep her sane (and that something is the dog). Not that I would have wanted her to be a complete wreck, I just wish they would have spent some time explaining what it was like for her in the dungeon, maybe showing a few scenes of her interacting with someone leading up to The Lightning Warrior.
Song I associate with them: Pretty Lies from The Count of Monte Cristo Musical 2008 (for the angst) - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from The Phantom of the Opera (even more angst) - Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys (the vibes of it fit her so well)
Favorite picture of them:
Tumblr media
Her expression right there is what pure joy looks like.
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Elena and Gabe for the ask game, please?
(I have answered this ask for Gabe which you can find right here)
Princess Elena
Favorite thing about them: That she's fun and friendly but also willing to throw hands. Sure, I like sweet cute princesses as much as the next person but it just feels good for her to be able to fight back as well. Her kindness and diplomacy also balance this out really well. She'll be accommodating and try to see things from other people's perspectives, and oftentimes that'll be enough to solve the problem. But if they're being truly awful and unfair then she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and others.
Least favorite thing about them: Her political policies when it comes to incarcerating and/or punishing criminals.* (Except for Shuriki, that was self-defense and justified).
Favorite line: "I don't need to be one of the kings, because I'm going to be a QUEEN!"
BrOTP: Well the 3 amigos immediately come to mind but I also believe that her friendship with Skyler is something that really can't be overlooked. He's there for her whenever she needs to pursue bad guys or just go for a nice fly.
Random headcanon: Elena has always loved horses, and ever since she was little she's always loved riding and brushing them. Another shock that came to her after liberating Avalor was the realization that all the horses that she'd had as a child 41 years ago were now all gone. She was devastated but nevertheless she would need to choose a new horse to be her personal one now that she was crown princess. When she went to the stables a certain horse immediately came up to Elena and started rubbing against her and tried to eat her hair flowers. Elena laugthed and told the horse that she couldn't have those flowers but she could give the horse some different ones. She brushed the horse's hair and decorated it with the new flowers which made the horse very happy. After that Elena knew that this was the horse for her and named her Canela.
Unpopular opinion: *I could rant all day about this, so I'll keep this brief. The palace dungeon looks like it is designed as a series of holding cells and doesn't seem fit to hold someone for any longer than a week. Also while it was never confirmed in the show one way or the other if they would have kept Victor petrified indefinitely if they didn't need him for a practical purpose, the very fact that that could be possible unnerves me. Now while it may not have not have been solely Elena's fault considering the bureaucracy, she never said anything against it either, which does not bode well for me. But this doesn't make me dislike her as a character or label her as a villain, if anything this just shows that even the best rulers can make mistakes.
Songs I associate with them: I Won't Let Go by Brothers Bright - Karma by AJR - The Whole World & You by Tally Hall
Favorite picture of them:
Tumblr media
Elena holding a baby butter frog, after saving it from falling, absolutely adorable! 🐸🦋
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You know, I always wondered how Victor and Ash met and began a relationship in the first place. Especially if Ash was still hellbent on tracking down Zopilote and on the path of gaining unlimited power. I think chances are zero to none of Carla dating a “good” evil person. I can’t even see her with Alonso. Dating a Royal guard that is dedicated to protecting Avalor and dating the Royal Wizard would imply just how much Carla has gravitated towards goodness and good magic.
In the end it's up to interpretation, personally I like to think that they met because of their mutual interest in doing shady things. Mabey they met while trying to steal the same thing and then decided to work as a team to steal stuff and then it just snowballed from there. But ultimately Ash’s thirst for power was stronger than the connection she had with Victor. 
I think the chances are 0 as well, I was just speaking hypothetically. I can see the merit in either of those ships and it's cool if you ship them, but personally I'm neutral about them.
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A pairing I have heard suggested for Carla is Alonso. I feel like I really have to say no to that one. Like you said in a couple of your posts, Carla saw firsthand what happened between her parents. And a big part of what happened was because of Ash’s self absorbed and egotistical nature. So I think Carla would be weary of someone with those traits. Also, I’d like to point out that post reformation Carla is a very sweet, kind, caring girl. So I don’t think she’d be attracted to someone like that
I think Carla wouldn't want to spend time with anyone who is that self-centered, pre or post reformation if she didn't already care about them. (Although pre-reformation she would've totally hung out with him if it was for a scheme and would have swindled him of all he had).
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before.
[Comic script: Panel 1: Tendi (as she pets lesser dog’s ever extending neck): Aww you're such a good guard dog! Yes you are! Panel 2: Boimler: Uhhh..do you think it's neck is supposed to do that? Mariner: Ehh, we've seen a dog do weirder.]
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mateo and gabe for the character ask please :D
Favorite thing about them: His dorky adorableness. He's always just so excited about learning new nerdy things about magic, it's so sweet.
Least favorite thing about them: That he didn't have more magic training scenes with Olivia.
Random headcanon: Not only does he not eat chocolate, but he also just doesn't like sweet foods very much in general. In social situations he'll sometimes eat them to be polite but he just prefers vegetables to fruit and bread cookies. Rafa didn't mind this and tried to only make him food that he would really enjoy, but it did become a bit of a problem once he moved into the palace and started getting Palace food. But they eventually sorted it out.
Unpopular opinion: Has anyone ever noticed that he sounds a lot like intern Carl from Phineas and Ferb?
Song I associate with them: It Has Begun by Starset and Karma by OR3O
Favorite thing about them: His caring and compassionate leadership skills. He's in the military but he doesn't give in to apathy or toxic coolness, he cares about the people he's protecting and the people who serve under him.
Least favorite thing about them: The fact that he rarely gets a chance to use his tactical knowledge to create the plans to help save the day. Oftentimes his okay plans end up falling through and his good plans end up getting ignored.
Random headcanon: Gabe and Migs often work together in joint training exercises for the Guards and the Guardians. They have created plenty of attack patterns and battle strategies so humans and jaquins can fight together as a team in case either of their kingdoms were attacked again.
Unpopular opinion: Even though "The Gecko's Tale" was a fairly forgettable episode (because it had no song), I do wish that his fear of geckos had come up again at some point in the series. As well as his love adventuring and exploring. (It's sort of implied by the fact that he is a royal guard always protecting the kingdom and searching for bad guys, but it would have been interesting to see that pop up again in a more specific way, I mean I guess there was the time where he wanted to go to Norberg because he's never been there before...).
Song I associate with them: The Royal Guard by Sabaton
(Decided it would be easier to just do both of them at once so) Favorite pictures of them:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↑ The three different moods they have when they're with each other.
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The Secret Of Magic Addressed
It's just a regular magical training session for the royal guards until a certain someone explains the "true secret" to being powerful at magic.
[I’m still working some long fics but I just wanted to get this short one off my chest. I hope you enjoy it!]
“Remember, you have to concentrate when you're casting Ximocu, or else the shield will instantly break, and then you'll get hit in the face.” Explained Mateo for probably the third time that day as he paced back and forth in front of the five guards.
“I am! But the shield keeps breaking no matter what I try to do.” Rico exclaimed as he picked pieces of fruit out of his hair.
“We want to learn it sir, but it just isn't working!” Felipe added.
“What do you think we should do Mateo?” Asked Gabe as he wiped some juice off his face.
“Well at this point the best thing to do is-”
He was cut off by a sudden flash of pink in front of his vision, then the high pitched and very excited voice which exclaimed “Hi guys, whatcha you doing!?”
Mateo waved at her “Hello Flo, we're just having a magic lesson.”
“And trying not to get hit with fruit.” added Rico.
“What's magical about getting hit with fruit?” she asked.
“Nothing, but we're supposed to block projectiles with magic. So we take turns throwing them at each other and then we either block them or get hit. But we mostly get hit.”
Her ears perked up “Oh oh that sounds super duper fun can I watch?!”
Mateo nodded “Sure you can, as long as you stay on the side out of the way, we wouldn't want you getting splattered.”
“YAY!” she shouted as she happily hopped to a safe distance away.
Mateo turned back to his class and continued: “As I was saying, the best thing I can recommend for all of you is to practice more. Right now you are all at a beginner's level, but your magic will become stronger as you practice. That's why we're here today isn't it?
Gabe sighed “Yes you're right, it's still annoying though.”
“OH OH OH I know how you can get really strong really fast at magic! I know all the secrets about magic! Ask me! Please, please, please pretty pleeease?” Flo was rolling around on the ground in her excitement.
The royal wizard smiled and decided to humour her “All right Flo, what's the secret of magic?”
Flo squealed in delight as she jumped up on top of a bush and straightened up, ready to speak to the crowd. “There are three important things to being super strong at magic. Number one is you need to have some kind of magical sparkly stick or potion to make the magic effects happen!”
“I see, well we do have tamboritas so that one's checked off.” said Antonia.
“Next you have to know how to say the magic words and do the magical movements! All the words sound like nonsense and the movements that look like a really funny dance, but when you do them the right way cool stuff happens!”
“Oh he's made sure we’ve rehearsed the flap and clap until we can do it in our sleep, so that won't be the issue.” laughed Rico.
“Now you guys have all that stuff, but you're missing the most important thing of all!”
“And what could that be?” asked Mateo.
“The thing that makes a magic person truly powerful is...wearing a pretty dress!”
“Wait what!?” they all exclaimed.
“I can't believe I'm the only one who's figured this out! Look at how Mateo always wears his pretty red dress whenever he's doing wizard stuff!”
The wizard looked shocked “But i-it's not a-”
“And Elena has the most beautiful dress covered in sparkly sparkles, so she doesn't even need to say magic words all the time anymore because it's soooo amazing!”
Gabe put his hand on his chin “She did get a lot stronger after the dress got bejeweled....”
“Well I should know I wouldn't exist without it! And Olivia has her snuggly red dress on whenever she's here for classes. And Victor was complaining the other day about how his magic doesn't seem to be as strong as it was when he was a malvago, but that's because he's wearing his suit all the time now instead of that pretty purple dress with the bugs on it! Carla always wears nice dresses and she hasn't been complaining about her magic!
Miguel shrugged “Actually I think scorpions are arachnids, but you do have a point…”
“But my outfit is not a dress, it's a robe!” exclaimed Mateo, finally catching his breath.
Flo tilted her head to the side “What's the difference?”
“Well it's... it's... they're different because... actually I don't know….” he admitted. “But the point is I don't think that has anything to do with-”
Rico pumped his fist in the air “It's settled then, we all need to go and find some pretty dresses to wear!”
“Yeah!” Felipe exclaimed.
“That sounds great!” agreed Miguel.
“There's some extra dresses in the tailoring room in the palace.” Said Antonia with excitement “If none of them work I know this really cute dress store in town!” she paused and turned towards Gabe. “As long as it's okay with you, General.”
Gabe shrugged “Sounds a lot more fun than getting another fruit in the face.” He turned to Mateo “I think that's enough of a lesson for today. I certainly learned a lot.” He said with a smile “We’ll pick up where we left off next week?”
Mateo was speechless, he just nodded
Gabe grinned “All right then, let’s go.”
Mateo and Flo watched as the guards left towards the palace.
The alpacamundi hopped down from the bush “I wonder what they'll choose! I hope they get sparkly ones! What do you think?”
Mateo furrowed his brow “Flo, I….I don't think that anyone's outfit actually has an effect on their magic except for MAYBE in rare cases like Elena's. But even then it’s unlikely. I mean correlation and causation are two different things.”
Flo looked up at him “But it's at least worth a shot, right?”
Mateo was quiet for a moment but then a grin slowly appeared on his face. “Well now that you mention it, it's definitely something that we can adDRESS later!” Then he burst into laughter.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are some bat plushies I made earlier this year! The light pink one with the rose wings was the first one I made. After that I made the Pinkie Pie bat. These are the first plushies I've made using fleece fabric and I think they turned out really well.
Pattern created by Beezeeart: https://beezeeart.com/collections/patterns/products/stuffed-animal-bat-sewing-pattern-plush-toy-pattern-pdf
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Hiya Blue! Love your fics, and the ones for these prompts have all been amazing! How about the Delgados wizard training with Mateo with the prompt "Whatever you do, do not turn around."
Thank you! Okay this was a little hard but here it goes:
"I just learned something new about Delgados." The door slammed into a wall and closed themselves back, as Mateo bursted into her office. He collapsed heavily on a chair opposite to hers and pressed the ice patch to his head. "Pro-tip, whatever you do, do not turn around when one of them holds a tamborita and you can't see the other."
Naomi rised her brows at him weighing in her mind if she should yell at him for barging so unceremoniously in, pulling her away from her work, or ask about what lead him to this conclusion. Eventually her curiosity won.
"I suppose there's some story behind this thought?"
Mateo groaned, putting the compress over his eyes.
"Let's just say undergoing a resocialization process doesn't stop them from engaging in the prank war. And they have Flo on their side."
Mischievious sparks glinted in Naomi's eyes as she shoved away some document she'd been working on and leaned across the table, propping her chin on her hand, a wide cat-like grin stretching across her face.
"Oh you have to tell me the details."
Mateo sighed and folded his arms.
"It's a long story." Mateo frowned a little, thinking about his destroyed perfect afternoon. "But basically, you know that I have a few potted plants in my workshop, right? I think they really add to the interior, you know, make it more lively and help with circulation of the air, I prefer to be able to breathe comfortably in the room I spend most of my days in and-" Mateo stopped seeing Naomi's fake yawn. He pierced Naomi with a glare but when he realized it didn't have any effect on her, he cleared his throat and continued.
"Anyway, I haven't noticed anything at first, we just went on with the class everything was fine. Except that somehow my workshop kept changing. And I mean not in any significant way, but something was off, you know? Well, it took me over an hour but I finally figured out what it was."
Naomi leaned in a little closer, feeling the story was reaching it's climax. Mateo hid his proud smile at that view.
"You remember my plants? Well - they kept changing it's places." Mateo threw his hands around as if to add more dramaturgy to his finale. "Every time I looked at Carla, who messed something up - I'm now sure she were doing this on purpose - Victor would change their places, and Evey time Victor would mix the malvago spells with the wizard ones, Carla would change their place again."
Mateo took the ice compress from his face to see how big of an effect his story had on Naomi. But Naomi just stared at him, brows raised highly and her grin fallen into a single line.
"That's it?" She asked after a long moment of silence. "They just changed places of a few plants in your workshop? There's no real magic involved there, just simple sleight of hand, you know, something Victor Delgado is actually known for?"
Mateo turned his head away from her, making a stereotypical offended face.
"Well I'm sorry I can't tell if the same way to happened, I suppose you'd just have to be there."
"Well, then what even happened that you had to go to the medic?" Naomi finally pointed at the compress he was pressing to his head. Mateo's first answer was a frown.
"let's just say that Victor's levaluq and five flower pots, going right above my head were not a good combination."
Silence fell onto them again, before Naomi bursted out laughing. She was laughing so hard, she had to lean back from her chair. When she finally calmed down a little, she stood up and came to Mateo to put her hands on his shoulder.
"Your student messed up a spell and thrown and actual pot on your head? It's the best story I've heard all week."
I suppose that's it! This was actually quite hard to come up with for me, but I hoped you still enjoyed it. Thank you for your request!
Prompt list #1
Prompt list #2
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What gave you the idea on Victor and Ixlan becoming friends?
Hi Anon, months ago when The Lightning Warrior came out I was really pleased and inspired by it (I still love that episode, it's probably my favorite). So then I started thinking about how, in a way, their current situations were kind of similar. Both of them had been magically sealed away and out of the loop for quite a while (relatively speaking) before they were both added to team Elena. And afterwards I feel like both of them would have some difficulty adjusting to it, so they would have that in common.
Even though they were reformed, people would still probably be pretty wary of Victor and Carla since they were wanted criminals for so long, so it would probably take quite a while for most people to warm up to them. But Ixlan wouldn't have that problem, the first time she met them they both saved her from imprisonment and then saved her again from a giant monster. (Also I like to think that after the battle with the Moyacu they finally had lunch, and even though the food was kind of cold by then, Ixlan really enjoyed it. And she probably drank it straight out of a pot without a spoon after they had gotten their own bowls because why not? It's faster that way.).
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Can you do Isa and Rebecca for the character asked
Favorite thing about them: She tries to be cautious and find logical solutions to her problems. And sometimes her anxiety can overwhelm her but in the end she still carries on and succeeds.
Least favorite thing about them: The pink and yellow dress she wears as a formal dress in some of the earlier episodes, some people like it but for me the colours just really seemed to clash with each other on it.
BrOTP: Her friend group and her sister. Also Catarina.
Random headcanon: After the coronation day she starts a part time music band with Christina, Amara, Quique, and Olivia. She sings lead vocals and plays lead guitar(dion). Everyone just expected that it would be a cute little band that plays really happy songs but they surprised everyone when they instead played intense emotional ballads of angst. They were a huge hit. (Her family is concerned about this, but then she pointed out that it's her way of letting off steam as a teenager instead of doing something like overthrowing the kingdom or obsessive revenge. Esteban and Elena felt very called out but also couldn't disagree with her).
Unpopular opinion: Not so much about her personally but I believe that her first invention for moving the rocks in Class Act up the mountain (the crane) was a much better idea than just launching them at the top of the mountain. If there are any workers on top of the mountain while they are launching rocks then people could get seriously hurt, not to mention the shrapnel from the rocks splitting apart. And if they miss the shot at the top of the mountain then the rocks are going to end up flying off to who-knows-where including the town.
Song I associate with them: Let Me Try by NateWantsToBattle
Favorite picture of them: [Isabel offers to join your party, will you accept?]
Tumblr media
Favorite thing about them: She's very determined and is also a bit of a perfectionist. (Which I can relate to)
Least favorite thing about them: That she didn't have more screen time.
BrOTP: Her brother and the other princesses. (Especially Chloe)
Random headcanon: One of her main hobbies is sailing and she's so good at it that she often steers the ship when her family goes out on the ocean. (She and Naomi would become fast friends if they met).
Song I associate with them: I don’t have a specific song, but if I did it would probably be a clarinet song since she can play it.
Favorite picture of them: I was looking for my screenshots of the finale and I don't know, something about this one just really stands out to me.
Tumblr media
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