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a-n-o-n-ymous·2 months agoText


❝kiss or miss❞

☾pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x smol!reader; bokuto koutarou x smol!reader; tsukishima kei x smol!reader; ushijima wakatoshi x smol!reader;

☾genre: fluff

☾word count: [207 ; 300 ; 217 ; 260] 984 words

☾request: “…reader wants to kiss them but ends up kissing their neck/chest because they’re too short and they actually liked it.” - @voids-universe

☾note: i’m also part of the smol community, five-foot tall (more or less). i’m… not sure if i’d be able to write angst today. earlier i was set to write that three angsts, four if you’ll include oikawa’s…but after writing this? i freaking want to write more fluff. send requests!

☾currently playing on repeat: ikaw lang by nobita

❀ sakusa kiyoomi ❀

Kiyoomi’s arms were wrapped around your shoulders while the two of spend his rest day on his bed. You couldn’t help, but appreciate your boyfriend’s beauty. You could clearly see his long eyelashes and his pointed nose from his chest. You wanted to touch his face, but Sakusa would tighten his grip on you every single time you try to move.

You huffed, and you knew he heard it. Especially when he looked down at you with his lazy eyes. “You’re pretty,” you whispered with a smile before moving closer to him. But Sakusa, being slightly playful around you, turned his head away.

Blush crept on your face as soon as your lips made contact with his neck instead of kissing his soft lips. Instead of moving away from him, you buried your nose on the crook of his neck. You could feel the vibration from his upper body. “Not a word, Omi.”

“Maybe if you moved faster, you could’ve kiss my lips,” he replied playfully. You glanced up at him, your eyes squinting at his face. Then, he smiled before pulling you close to him. His lips inch away from yours. “This is how you do it,” he whispered against your lips before kissing you gently.

❀ bokuto koutaro ❀

It happened during one of the Fukurodani Academy Volleyball Club’s gathering. He was sitting next to you while happily chatting with his former clubmates. Akinori and Yamato were both teasing him, earning funny reactions from Koutaro who—from time to time—kisses the top of your hair while rubbing your shoulder.

You immediately hid yourself on your boyfriend’s side as soon as you noticed the smile lingering on Keiji’s face while looking at the two of you. It’s been awhile since you and Bo started dating and this wasn’t even the first time you’ve caught Keiji looking at you two lowkey cuddling in public, but you still feel embarrassed every single time.

Kou turned to you, confused with your sudden actions. “Is there something wrong, Y/N?” he asked, eyes filled with pure curiosity. You shook your head before nuzzling your face against his side. You felt another feather light kiss on your head before he answers one of the questions from his friends.

You shyly look up at your boyfriend’s face. Enthusiasm and pure joy could be seen on his face. He was like a star that brightly shines whenever he’s surrounded by the people he treasures. You didn’t even noticed yourself moving towards his face.

What happened next didn’t just surprised you. Almost every person in the room—those who witnessed you and Bokuto unintentionally kissing each other’s lips—gasped before they whistled and laughed at your flushed face. You pulled away before hiding your face on your hands.

“Don’t tease Y/N like that,” he told everyone before holding your hands. He cupped your cheeks to make you look at him. “Would it be better if they all closed their eyes while we kiss?”

Your eyes widened. You felt your face and ears becoming hotter every passing second. “Bo!”

❀ tsukishima kei ❀

Tsukishima Kei is adorable. No, actually, adorable is an understatement for the face he’s making while sitting at the bar stool during one of Jackal’s afterparty. Earlier that day, you told him that you wouldn’t be able to make it to his former teammate’s match. Spewing strings of excuses, only to show up to the same—ten minutes after it began.

“Come on, Tsuki. I wasn’t sure if I could actually make it,” you told him while tugging the hem of his sweater. “Listen to me…” you whined. He glanced at you, frowning. “Come closer. I’ll whisper it to you,” you added.

He sighed exasperatedly before rolling his eyes.

“Fine. I’ll listen to your excuse, but I’ll think about it whether I’ll forgive you or not,” he said, earning an eager nod from you. You wanted to cup his face just to make sure that he wouldn’t pull away, but you don’t want to appear as a wanton woman in front of his former teammates and his former teammate’s teammate.

But just when you’re about to kiss his pinkish lips…


Kei immediately turned to Hinata’s direction. Your lips placed against his soft jaw.

With an arrogant smirk, he turned to your beet red face. “Are… what are you doing, Y/N?”

❀ ushijima wakatoshi ❀

It happened during one of his rest days. One of those rare days when he doesn’t have to spend his free time at Adlers’ gym. You two were sitting on your couch, binge watching one of your favorite TV series after spending quality time. You were wearing his shirt, one he refused to wear after accidentally ripping the white shirt you were wearing.

You were leaning on his shoulder when you decided to look at him. His eyes were still on the screen, too focused as if he was in one of their matches. You smiled, before looking back at the screen. Only to glance back at your husband’s face. “Toshi,” you called.

He turned to you, his lips almost made it’s way to your swollen lips. Almost. Until you both heard gunshots coming from the screen. He immediately looked at the monitor while your lips… accidentally kissed his jaw.

Embarrassed, you bury your face in the curve of his neck. You were silently hoping he didn’t notice the slight fail in your attempt to kiss his lips.

Oh, but he did.

“Is that where you really wanted to kiss me?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed. You shook your head, still nuzzling your face against his shoulder. “Y/N, look at me.”

And you did… while biting your lower lip. He lightly touched your lips, which instantly parted as soon as it made contact with his thumb. Um… let’s just say that the series you were watching didn’t drown any of your moans that night.

☾taglist: @haikyuu-ink ; @kenchiko ; @agaassi ; @benvo ; @sadsugarplumm ; @yams046 ; @ ; tba (send an ask or dm if you’d like to be added/removed!)

that music suggestion tho! 😌✨ ty for making me discover a new opm song, luv

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a-n-o-n-ymous·2 months agoText


I wanna write an among us fic where the imposters are obsessed with gaining your love,,,,,,,, mayhaps black, pink and cyan,,,,,,,,,,,

hi, yes. pls do it 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

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a-n-o-n-ymous·3 months agoText


not me creating a pinterest board, a playlist and dedicating a part of my journal for a draco x reader fic 💀💀💀


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a-n-o-n-ymous·3 months agoText


I just lost 10 followers on tiktok after i started posting stuff that’s anti trump. Like okay??? I ain’t gonna miss y’all. Byeeee! 😍

queen shit ❤️✨

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Trust’s Note: can somebody please send me more mileven gifs.

dedicated to : @sedna246810


- ok so eleven doesn’t know what to do

- like at all

- she’s literally like immune to being sick. she’s never even had a cold before

- let alone chicken pox

- ( which makes for bad news with max gets the chicken pox )

- anyway

- mike and eleven were spending time together at the cabin, waiting for you to come, when they got a call from your house

- “ what do you mean you’re SICK? “

- “ mike what the fuck do you think i mean by ‘i’m sick’ “

- “ what do you have? malaria? influenza? the plague? “

- “ … a fever… “

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why you know about my vicks like that 😳

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