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abobhoe·a year agoAnswer
Hi can you do ikon's reaction to cock warming? (if you do reactions) Btw I really love your blog! Thanks!

I have like something similar to this…but that was a MTL, so forget what I said and here we go LOL. 

Gnani: I’d say he is a man of neutrality, doesn’t mind doing it but doesn’t get excited about it either. Kind of a ‘if you’re having fun that’s all that matters’ I guess. 

Yun: Yun seems like he would be soso for this, maybe erring on the ‘totally down to do it’ side. Mayhaps he would be more excited once he gets used to being inside. 

Jiwon: Ooh, now, Jiwon…you know as much as me he’s lowkey soft boi, probably would play it off and pretend like he’s flippant about the whole situation (really he’s thinking of ways not to cum immediately when he gets in ya).

Hanbin: Ah yes, the highkey soft boi. Bin would be way too enthusiastic about the idea of cock warming (he’s so touchy and just wants to be close to you) and would most likely cum in 0.2 seconds. 

Donghyuk: Another enthusiastic one! But knowing this dirty kid he would decide to make it difficult of the both of you, rubbing your clit, thrusting up into you until you end up failing and fucking. 

Junhoe: You really gonna make the whiny one do this? He’s not gonna last a minute and you know that LOL 

Chanwoo: A neutral like Gnani, would be a bit confused? About the whole the purpose of cock warming, but would be down because you seemed pretty excited for it. 

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abobhoe·a year agoAnswer
hii its member hearing jiwon have loud sex 😅😅

A/N: After a million years I’m finally replying to this LMAO 

“Yes! Fuck! Jiwon, yes!” Donghyuk rolls his eyes as he lays awake in bed, Jiwon would find someone that was just as loud as Junhoe and freaking fuck them at one AM. 

He groans as the two lovebirds let out another barrage of moans and curses, rolling over and attempting to cover (suffocate) himself with his pillow. He tries to close his eyes and will himself to sleep, tries to count sheep, tries to fucking sing twinkle twinkle little star nine hundred times. 

“Holy shit, holy shit baby.” Jiwon moans out, obviously close to cumming. 


Donghyuk rips open the door of his bedroom, throwing a shoe right at Jiwon’s door. 


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abobhoe·a year agoText


A/N: Another short (not really short) musing I had…not sure what happened with this one but enjoy nonetheless lol. 

16:21: Jiwonniie - Paaayyy attttenttttioooonnn tooooo meeee

You let out a sigh and look down at your phone in what feels like the hundredth time within the hour. You were busy slaving away at work and your boyfriend (a mister Kim Jiwon) was acting like the apocalypse was on the horizon all because you just won’t reply. 

16:25: Jiwonniie - baaaabbbbeeeee 

16:27: I’m at work Jiwon, knock it off! 

16:28: Jiwonniie - I just miss you babe 😢, it’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. 

Jiwon had a point, he had been overseas for the past two weeks, he had just returned last night and you were unfortunately out of town and got home too late. 

He was probably desperate at this point. And you had to admit, you were too. 

16:34: Be patient, I’ll be out in an hour, I’ll head straight there. 

You set your phone down, making sure the screen faces the table in order to concentrate on work. But that turns out to be useless as Jiwon sends you another barrage of texts, causing your phone to vibrate incessantly and bring stares towards your desk. 

You give an apologetic smile before picking it up to see what Jiwon has said now. 

You nearly drop your phone out of shock, ignoring what he has said to focus all your attention on the picture gracing your screen. 

Wet hair, wet skin, wet abs, a smirk, and a hand wrapped around a very hard dick. 

16:48: Jiwonniie - Ditch and come here now. 

Your mind’s blank, mouth dry, eyes not sure where to look.

You’re also getting wet and hot and just turning into a mess in general. 

16:50: Jiwonniie - Remember the last time we saw each other? You looked so good with my dick in your mouth. 

You swallow hard, remembering your guys’ last midnight meeting. Remembering how Jiwon groaned and cursed as you sucked him off, his hips jutting upwards to fuck your mouth. How he shivered as you raked your nails over his abs and thighs. 

You take a deep breath, trying to look normal and not like a horny mess. 

Buzz, buzz.


16:54: Jiwonniie - Or how I feel when I’m buried deep in you? God, you’re ass looked so good as I fucked you from behind. 

More memories pour in. You and him inside his dimly lit studio, your head pinned down to the couch, Jiwon slamming into you from behind. His cock hitting your sweet spot. 

The three orgasms you had just from his cock alone. 

The way his gravelly voice kept telling you how good you felt around him. 

16:58: Jiwonniie - You were so wet baby, so wet and tight. Your pussy was so greedy. 

You find yourself rubbing your thighs together, trying to do something in order to get some friction, trying to quell the heat. Your eyes dart towards the clock, just thirty more minutes, just thirty more and then you could go over and ride Jiwon to death, or get bent over a desk and fucked to death, or fucked to death in the shower. 

Or, or, or, or, it didn’t matter. Jiwon could come here to your workplace and fuck you in front of everyone you don’t care at this point. 

Buzz, buzz.

You break out of your thoughts to stare at the phone again, another media message. With shaky hands you unlock your phone. 

And you praised all the gods in the universe that you always kept your volume on silent when you were at work. 

Because Kim Jiwon has just sent you a video of him jacking off that glorious cock of his. 

“Hey, Lisa, I’m leaving a few minutes early…got an appointment.” 

17:06: On the way.

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abobhoe·a year agoText

“Oh shit, oh shit Jiwon.” You moan out as your hands clutch at the sheets. Jiwon continues to lap you up, licking up every drop coming out of your core. 

Your hips buck into his face as your orgasm comes at you hard and fast, a whimper emitting from your mouth as Jiwon cleans you up with his tongue. 

He sits up and smiles down at you, eyes dark with lust as he soaks in your blissed out face and your legs spread out. You reach to grab at his dick, only for him to let out a gravelly laugh and push you back down.

“You do that I’m gonna explode.” He pulls down his sweatpants just enough to free his hard dick, rubbing at your entrance as he spreads you wider. 

Your eyes close, ready for the mouth watering feeling of him stretching you out. 

Ring ring 

You let out a frustrated groan and open your eyes, the both of you staring at his phone. He brings a finger to his lips, shushing you before answering. 

“Oh hey man, what’s up?” He states cheerfully, continuing to rub at your entrance and ignore your whines. 

Jiwon enters you, stopping when the tip of his head is in. You buck your hips trying to force more of him into you only for him to place a hand on your stomach, effectively stopping you. 

He shoots you a smirk “oh wow really? I didn’t know he was back in town…yeah, yeah we should totally hang.” 

You let out a quiet huff, just loud enough for the both of you to hear which causes his smirk to grow wider. You try to entice him to bury his full length into you, rubbing your clit, squeezing your walls  around his tip, letting out soft whimpers. 

Jiwon gives you a pointed look, trying his best to keep his voice steady. You’re about to let out a whine, your impatience and neediness growing. 

The whine turns into a gasp as Jiwon pushes in with one rough thrust and a hand around your throat, two of his fingers pushing their way into your mouth. With the phone still at his ear, Jiwon slams roughly into you a few times, your moans muffled by his fingers. Eyes rolling back as he buries himself deeper and rolls his hips. 

“Sorry Bin, not tonight…I’m a bit tied up at the moment.”

A/N: Just a small musing that I was thinking about earlier lol. Sorry for being MIA there’s a lot going on in my life atm and my mental health isn’t well either. I’ll be back soon though, I promise <3 

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abobhoe·a year agoText


Paring: JiwonXReader

Genre: Soulmark AU/ Soulmate AU/ SMUT

Warnings: S M U T 

Summary: “God, if you’re up there. I just wanna see some anime tiddies.” AKA you have the worst soulmate ever. 

Words: 2K+

A/N: Happy 600+ Followers Celebration Bonanza whatever the hell I called it! This is the first place fic of the poll and after a thousand years I finally posted it! The other two fics will be coming soon! Shoutout to @boobykim​ as always for helping with editing! 

Soul marks, soul marks are a phenomenon that existed before even your great grandfather came into the world. No one knows how or why they happen, it’s just a thing people have learned to live with. Some of the old legends say that they were granted by the gods to find true love, some argue that your soulmate isn’t necessarily a lover, it could be a best friend, a relative. Either way, it’s open to interpretation. 

Everyone receives their mark at thirteen, it’s not a symbol or a birthmark but word or words. It’s imprinted somewhere on the body. Some get it on their legs others on their arms and unfortunately, on their faces. The words are not necessarily the first words your soulmate will utter to you, sometimes you’ll have known them for almost a decade and suddenly they say the word or sentence that you’ve been waiting to hear and you’ll say the words they’ve been waiting to hear. 

Not everyone has the pleasure of meeting their soulmates, some may pass away before the first meeting (such as the case was with your friend Seungyoon, the look on his face when the realization why his words disappeared will always be a painful memory). Some just never meet, paths never crossing. Some do and find out their soulmate is the biggest prick on earth. Some end up marrying, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. 

That doesn’t mean there’s no hope though, plenty of others have found love without meeting their soulmates (your sister and brother-in-law being the prime example for you, her words were in French and his said ‘can you make that a venti?’). 

Words are considered to be a sensitive topic, something not to be asked or discussed with strangers (and for some, even close friends). Some had profanity tattooed somewhere on their body (like Junhoe who had the word ‘dumbass’ tattooed on his neck) while others had some of the most exquisite sayings on them (your best friend Jennie had the statement ‘you are the real life Aphrodite’ emblazoned down her spine.) 

To some words are nothing, just a thing they have. To others, words were important - almost a part of their identity. 

And you? Where do you stand? You want to say you would be fine never meeting your soulmate like how some people were. You want to say that you’re part of the first half, that your words are simply just words. But in reality…you only hope to have the fairytale ending your grandparents had when they realized they were each other’s soulmates, you had been dreaming about it ever since you had learned the concept of a soul mark. In reality, your words were part of your identity as much as you hate to admit it. You felt that they defined you. 

And by the gods…did you have quite the identity…and quite the soulmate to go with it. 

‘God if you’re up there, I just wanna see some anime tiddies’ was immortalized on you, traveling from your right hip to your pelvis. You’re not sure what to make of the statement (hell does anyone really?) But if there’s one thing you’re sure of…your soulmate was a fucking moron. 

Not a lot of people were aware of your words, only a select people knew. The ones in your family were: your mother (who groaned when you asked her what ‘tiddies’ were), your father (who had burst out laughing when he saw your words), and your sister (who was charged with explaining to you what ‘tiddies’ were). Amongst your friends? Only your best friend Jennie, whose eyebrow immediately cocked up when she first read it (“____, what are tiddies?”). 

As one would expect, you don’t like the thought of bringing up your words. Yeah sure they were unique, they were something but it’s hard to explain to other (extremely nosey) people on why your soulmate would say such a thing. So you hide it from the world, telling them that you’re not comfortable talking about it (and if they’re so persistent, telling them to “fuck off”). 

And the reaction of the ones who do get to see them? Just a simple raise of the eyebrow. A look of shock that’s quickly shooed away. A simple nod and an uneasy smile. 

It’s been a couple of years since you’ve received your words, you’re now in university and still have no clues on who your soulmate is. 

You thought it was Kim Hanbin, a shy boy who you’ve met in your freshman year, an anime fan who seemed to be the most likely candidate to utter those words. But no, in the end he was actually Jennie’s (he made a shy confession and it turned out to be her words. His were apparently ‘Hanbin?’). 

At this point, you can’t help but think you just weren’t meant to meet your soulmate. 

“Ugh, Jiwon, fuck off. I’m not in the mood today.” You grumble, swatting away Jiwon’s hand so he doesn’t flick you again. 

He gives you an apologetic smile “sorry, but we need to finish the report, so let’s go.” 

You’ve known Kim Jiwon since high school, you two weren’t friends but shared some mutuals. He was a year ahead, played soccer in the spring and shot hoops during the winter; overall a really sweet guy who teased you occasionally. It wasn’t until college you two actually got closer. Much to your shock he shared the same major as you, history, he was planning to teach while you wanted to go into historical anthropology. 

You two were assigned together for a project your freshman year and well, the rest is history. 

You’re not going to deny it, you developed the biggest crush on him when you two started to work together. He was good looking, mostly a gentleman sometimes a twat, had the stupidest jokes ever with the stupidest laugh to go with it. 

He was also an excellent kisser…don’t ask (it involved a frat party, a keg, a closet, and the both of you being very drunk). 

Always sweet, bringing you coffee and snacks without being prompted, remembering your favorites after telling him the first time. Always on time whenever you two had study “dates”, always down to help you. 

He was just perfect, absolutely perfect. 

You entertained the idea that he was ‘the one’, hoping and praying he was until Kim Hanbin came along with his anime fanboyness. And of course, that ended well. 

“You’re not going to type up?” 

“No, I finished last night, just waiting on you.” You nod your head at his answer, cracking your fingers before beginning to type. 

As a few minutes pass you take note of the excessive clicking coming from Jiwon’s side of the room. You turn around trying to get a good look at his screen, unfortunately his back blocks your view. 

“What are you doing that necessitates you to click like a madman?” 

He jumps in his seat, turning to face you. A hand travels up to rub the back of his neck, a nervous smile on his face “sorry, Bin recommended me this game and I uh, I’m getting into it.” 

You let out a snort, returning your attention back to your screen.


Your eyes avert to the clock, the numbers eleven fifty-two staring back at you. You’ve been working for about five hours now and you were finally finishing up. Jiwon was still seated on the other side of the classroom, clicking away at the computer, eyes staring intensely at it. 

You slump down in your chair, trying to figure out how to finish the conclusion of your report. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

“God, if you’re up there, I just wanna see some anime tiddies.” 

You swear you almost fall out of your chair due to shock. 

You blink once and find yourself stumbling out of your seat, taking large strides towards Jiwon. It was just a mumble, you’re not even sure if you even heard him correctly. 

You grab his chair spinning it around. On the screen of his computer there was a puzzle game open, two moves left and a scantily clad anime girl with milk jugs bigger than her head. 

Jiwon stares at you in shock, his hands scurrying to cover his…ahem. 

“You.” You state in disbelief, watching as his face changes from confusion to recognition. “Jiwon, you. What did you just say?” 

“…god, if you’re up there, I just wanna see some anime tiddies?”

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. 


A beat passes, Jiwon doesn’t say anything else, instead he gets up and removes his shirt. 

“Uh…Jiwon, what are you do-”

He reaches towards his jeans, tugging down on the bit of his boxers that are exposed. Right there, on his left hip, laid the word you had basically ambushed him with a minute ago.


Your hand reaches out, fingers grazing over his word. He grabs your waist, pulling you in closer. Leaning down, his lips press a light kiss to your forehead before they ghost over your lips. 

“Always had a feeling it would be you.” He whispers before closing the space between you two. 

And much like that first time, the kiss is absolutely explosive. 

DoDo by Zion.T plays in the background

You nearly fall on your ass as you and Jiwon burst through the door of his apartment. Lips locked in battle and hands exploring each other. He pushes you up against a wall, picking you up and grinding into your core. Your mouth opens to let out a gasp and he takes the advantage to shove his tongue in it. His hands grabbing at your clothed chest, massaging your breasts. 

You begin to getting dizzy from the excitement, heat building up in the pit of your stomach. 

It all happens fast, shirts are stripped and your bra is basically ripped apart. His hands are rough on the skin of your stomach, mouth hot around your nipple. 

He stops momentarily to make eye contact. Breaths heavy as his hands travel down to the waist of your jeans, playing with the button. He raises an eyebrow, a silent ask for consent. 

As soon as you nod, he has your pants down in 0.2 seconds. 

You let out the breath you were holding as you feel his fingers glide over your words, hands treading into his hair as he presses a kiss onto them before giving attention to your soaking core. With no hesitation Jiwon pushes the crotch of your panties out of the way, one finger rubbing your clit as his tongue finds its place inside you. 

“Fuuuccckkkk.” You let out, one hand gripping his hair tightly while the other smacks against the wall, searching for something to keep you standing as Jiwon laps you up, acting like a man dying of thirst. 

Your back arches as you feel the heat reach a crescendo, a moan leaving you as Jiwon continues to suck and lick. 

He supports you against the wall as you come down from your high, peppering your face with kisses. You snake hand between your bodies, entering his jeans and underwear to stroke his hard cock. He takes a sharp breath at your actions, thrusting into your hand. 

“You okay there?” 

“I’m more than okay…can we move to the bed, or the couch, or a table. I don’t think I can stand any longer.” You whisper, earning a laugh from him. 

“Whatever you want princess.” He scoops you up, carrying you to the nearest surface: his kitchen table. He bends you over, ripping away the rest of your clothes. Your back arches as you feel his fingers tease at your entrance before they’re replaced by the tip of his dick. 

Your excitement builds upon feeling his tip prod at your entrance, you back up a bit trying to force the rest of him in you, but he stops you with a hand to your lower back. 

“Behave.” You turn your head towards him and stick out your tongue only for you to slam your head into the table as he pushes in all the way. 

“Holy shit, Jiwon.” You moan out. You feel your eyes roll back as Jiwon starts off on a rough pace, his hips slamming into yours, his cock filling you up perfectly. 

Curses, groans, and dirty words fall out of his mouth. His hand is tangled in your hair, pulling to make your back arch and driving himself deeper into you - making the fire in the pit of your stomach unbearable. 

“Jesus ____, you’re so fucking wet.” He growls as he pins your head onto the table. His body envelopes you, one of his hands reaching to rub your clit roughly “you like it like that huh?” 

You don’t bother responding, considering your brain has turned into fucking mush. 

“Don’t stop, don’t stop” you wail, Jiwon lets up, grabbing your hips and going harder now to bring you to your end “holy shit, holy shit I’m cumming Jiwon.” 

Jiwon lets out a moan as your walls close around him, your hair being pulled roughly again as thrusts hard filling you with cum. 

You continue to bend over the table as you come down from your high, dazed from the intense orgasm. 

Jiwon grabs your face gently, pressing a sweet kiss onto your lips that you return eagerly. As you two break apart, a smile appears on both your faces.

*Insert whatever song you want here LMAO*

“Something’s different.” Jennie states before sipping at her coffee, her eyes study intensely, making you nervous “did something happen over the weekend?” 

You try not to smile like a fool “oh nothing much, just homework, regular work, bullshit…anime tiddies.” 

Jennie almost drops her cup, looking at you with wide eyes “…who? Who was it?” 

At the mere lift of your eyebrows it hits her. 

“Holy fucking shit! Jiwon?” You don’t say anything, instead just smiling brightly at her.

“I knew it! I knew it would be him! HA! Lisa owes me twenty bucks now!” 

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abobhoe·a year agoText

So some special announcements!!

I’m going to be overseas starting today until November 7th! I am almost done with the first story for the poll and I will try to post once I land and get some WiFi! I will be closing the inbox for now but I will try to post some inbox stuff but I have no guarantees on that. I will try to post other finished stories but most of those are in the editing stage and I have no clue if I’ll be able to edit. Anywhoo, stay safe everyone! See you all in November ❤️

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abobhoe·a year agoText

Poll Results!

I have to say, this was probably the closest poll I had, at one point Chanwoo was first until I got a huge amount of votes for the top three we see here. I didn’t specify this but because I liked a lot of the concepts I chose for this poll so I will be doing stories for the second and third place also (but first place takes priority).

Thank you everyone for voting! Uhm I want to say that Jiwon’s story may come out in a week or two? I’m having some planning stuff going on because I’m going overseas from Oct.-Nov.

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abobhoe·a year agoText

POLL IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Results will be shown tomorrow! Thank you everyone for voting! 

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abobhoe·a year agoText

Wow it’s just going wild in the poll rn

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abobhoe·a year agoText


- 13. 


Pairing: JiwonXReader

Genre: Just plain smut with a drop of a plot

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut

Summary: You’ve been in love with Kim Jiwon since you were thirteen. 

Words: 2K

A/N: I just want to say a big ole happy happy birthday to my dear sweet @boobykim​, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday (sobs) I only wish for the best for you and for you to be happy and safe, love you this one’s for you! ❤️

“Why hello there pretty lady.” 

“Why, why Jiwon? Why can’t you come in through the door? Like a normal person?” You ask exasperated, you nearly jumped out of your towel upon the sight of Kim Jiwon in your bedroom. Your heart speeding up and cheeks turning warm. 

Keep reading

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abobhoe·a year agoText


- 13. 


Pairing: JiwonXReader

Genre: Just plain smut with a drop of a plot

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut

Summary: You’ve been in love with Kim Jiwon since you were thirteen. 

Words: 2K

A/N: I just want to say a big ole happy happy birthday to my dear sweet @boobykim​, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday (sobs) I only wish for the best for you and for you to be happy and safe, love you this one’s for you! ❤️

“Why hello there pretty lady.” 

“Why, why Jiwon? Why can’t you come in through the door? Like a normal person?” You ask exasperated, you nearly jumped out of your towel upon the sight of Kim Jiwon in your bedroom. Your heart speeding up and cheeks turning warm. 

Keep reading

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abobhoe·a year agoText

Alright! So followers choose the next story won the poll, here are your choices:

Jinhwan: Childhood friends AU

  • The Wild Night Out: You just got dumped and are busy wallowing in your sorrows, good thing your best friend knows exactly how to cheer you up. 

Yunhyeong: Soulmate AU

  • Fated: Sometimes it works out the first time around, sometimes it only works out after a lot of mistakes. Either way, there’s a red string involved. 

Jiwon: Soulmark AU

  • Imprinted: “God, if you’re up there, I just wanna see some anime tiddies.” AKA you have the worst soulmate ever. 

Hanbin: Fake Dating AU

  • Something Borrowed: Kim Hanbin got dumped three years ago, Kim Hanbin lied about having a girlfriend when he met his ex-girlfriend again, Kim Hanbin has somehow got invited to ex-girlfriend’s wedding, Kim Hanbin wants to save face and that’s where you come in. 

Donghyuk: Sugar Daddy AU

  • Pretty Baby: You’re a college student who can’t afford your tuition, you’re desperate, and you’ve got a best friend who’s just a never ending fountain of good ideas. 

Junhoe: Hanahaki Disease AU

  • Fever: You got a sickness of the heart, you have no idea how to cure it and it’s all because of Koo Junhoe. 

Chanwoo: Secret Admirer AU

  • Once Upon A Time: You’ve got a secret admirer, Chanwoo has a crush and now a vendetta. Cue the most absurd fairytale ever. 

I made things simple and just made them all smut, each story of course will have elements of angst and fluff thrown in them though. Choose one and just pray it wins lol. Y’all have until Monday to vote! Happy voting! 


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abobhoe·a year agoText

- 13. 


Pairing: JiwonXReader

Genre: Just plain smut with a drop of a plot

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut

Summary: You’ve been in love with Kim Jiwon since you were thirteen. 

Words: 2K

A/N: I just want to say a big ole happy happy birthday to my dear sweet @boobykim​, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday (sobs) I only wish for the best for you and for you to be happy and safe, love you this one’s for you! ❤️

“Why hello there pretty lady.” 

“Why, why Jiwon? Why can’t you come in through the door? Like a normal person?” You ask exasperated, you nearly jumped out of your towel upon the sight of Kim Jiwon in your bedroom. Your heart speeding up and cheeks turning warm. 

“Because I’ve been climbing in through yo window since we were like thirteen, so why stop?” He states, relaxing against your pillows, smiling at you. 

Jiwon’s been your best friend since basically birth. Sharing the same birthday, same birth time, rooms right next door to each other in the hospital. 

You’ve spent your whole life with him: playing with him, teasing him, learning with him, growing up with him…falling in love with him. 

It wasn’t hard too fall for Kim Jiwon. Easy on the eyes with his plump lips, lean figure, and sweet smile. Athletic, musically inclined, a sweetheart with a mischievous streak, an undercover fuckboy who was also the most loyal boyfriend when it came down to it. 

The same boy who knew what your favorite ice cream was, how you liked your burritos, your favorite Seinfeld episodes. Same boy who knew you only ate green m&m’s and sucked ass at algebra. He reads you like a book whose spine has been cracked, it’s pages worn. A book that’s been well cherished. 

How could you not fall in love with him?  

Of course after the multitude of girls he began to date when you two entered high school (the execption being Jang Hanna, that relationship actually lasted a year) and an incident in where someone (coughcoughJunhoecoughcough) questioned your twos’ relationship which resulted in Jiwon answering with a stern “what the fuck, no.” You came to the harsh realization that you’re just the little sister, just the best friend. 

Always just going to be the best friend. 

You tried to crush on others, tried to date others. But you’re horribly shy and can never bring yourself to actually put yourself out there and you were pretty much invisible to everyone else. 

So, you just gave up, just decided to live with it. 

Until tonight, that is. 

“So where you going, pretty lady? Girls night out?” 

You sit yourself at your make up table, taking care of your skin before applying make up and doing your hair “no, I have a date.” 

“…a date?” 

“Yes, a date.”  You were actually going to go on your first date, a nice guy from one of your classes had asked you out to a club. You catch Jiwon’s reflection in the mirror, his demeanor changing from playful to unreadable. You turn to face him fully “why?” 

“Just…shocked a bit. It’s your first date.” 

“Yeah it is. And no, you cannot tag along, Jiwon.” 

“Who’s the guy?” 


“What the hell he didn’t say anything to me!” Jackson was Jiwon’s teammate on his soccer team, they were pretty good friends too. 

“Well now you know, so chill. It’ll be fine. Plus, you neglected to tell me you were going out with Rosé.” You remark, trying not to sound bitter. Rosé was a classmate of yours that quickly became one of your closest friends, much like everyone else she wasn’t aware of your feelings for Jiwon. She had gone out with Jiwon about a month ago. 

“That was only one date, ____. We’re not dating anymore.” 

You get up walking towards your closet, trying to ignore the conflicting feelings of joy and hurt “okay, okay. Still can’t tag along. Now get out you fiend, I need to get dressed.” 


The date was actually successful, Jackson was nothing but a gentleman, the club was fun and you even did some dancing, did a little drinking. After bidding goodbye you stumble up to your bedroom, making as much noise as you wanted to since your parents were out of town. 

As you get into your room you kick off your heels, sighing in relief after hours of moving. You begin the process of removing your jewelry, dropping them into your jewelry box on your make up table. 

“So how was it?” You let out a shriek, spinning around to find Kim Jiwon still in your bed. 

“Jesus christ Jiwon! Have you been there this whole time?!” 

“Just wanted to make sure you got home safe.” 

“Well I’m safe and the date went well.” Your heart begins to race as Jiwon gets up from your bed and approaches you, backing you up into the table. 

He places his hands on either side of you, his body so close you can feel his heat. His eyes scan you “I like what you’re wearing.” He whispers, voice taking on that low, raspiness he uses when flirting with other girls. 

One of his hands fingers the hem of the dress, fingers ghosting over your thighs “t-thanks.” The dress is the shade of wine, short and tight barely covering your ass and hugging your curves. It dips low in the back and gives a peek of cleavage in the front. It can make anyone look like sin. 

It definitely makes you feel like sin with the way Jiwon’s looking at you. 

“…did Jackson ask you out on a second date?” 

Why in the world does he want to know that? “No, it wasn’t mentioned.”

“If he does, say ‘no’.” 


“Say no.”

“B-but, wh-” 

“Say no, because I love you, ____.” You swear your heart has stopped, words trapped in your throat. You knew you probably looked like the ugliest thing on the planet at the moment with your mouth opening and closing. 

“Ji-jiwon, you what? You love me?” 

He turns red, turns shy. He nibbles on his bottom lip, his nervous habit “…I always did…probably since we were thirteen if I was to be honest.” 

Thirteen? Jesus, that was the same time you started falling for him too. 

“…how come you never said anything?” 

Jiwon shrugs his shoulders, fingers playing with a lock of your hair before pushing it behind your ear. His fingers trace an invisible trail from your jaw, to your neck, down you breast, your stomach, ending at your thigh.

“You never really…y’know gave off any vibes, always seemed grossed out when people even threw the idea of us dating.” 

“…why do you love me?” 

Jiwon licks his lips, his hand taking yours and squeezing it “I love you because you’re you. I love how your smile lights up your whole face, how dorky your laugh is, how no matter how many times you fell you always got back up.” 

You’re at a loss for words, mind and emotions going into overdrive as you try to comprehend the information just given to you. 

“I love how you spend hours on hours trying to teach me history. Love that you go out of your way to drive across town to buy me boba and that’s quite something because you detest driving. I love that…I’m not afraid to be real with you or cry or be weird in front of you and you’ll always be real with me.”

“…then what about all those other girls?” 

“Tried to move on…they don’t compare to you though…I know that…you only see me as your best friend.” The smile Jiwon gives you is bittersweet, his hands drop away from you. He begins to back up. 

You reach out and grab one of his hands, playing with his fingers, much like how you did when you were little and nervous. 

You take a deep breath, “I…I only acted grossed out because well, you always seemed so intent on correcting them that we weren’t, hell you almost threw a chair at Junhoe when he kept teasing us…” You let out a soft laugh, heart beating hard as you try to regain your composure “I love you too, Jiwon. I’ve always loved you.” 

There’s no answer, only a kiss. A kiss so sweet, so tender. A kiss that makes you melt into his arms. Your lips and tongues move against each other, nipping and wrestling. 

You two break apart for air, heavy breathing filling the silence. 

“Why did you say yes to Jackson?” He whispers, lips brushing against your ear. 

“Same reason you asked all those girls out.” You pull him back towards you, attacking his lips. 

Jiwon holds you closer to him, picking you up and placing you on top of the table. You can feel his growing hard on press against your thigh, a heat begins to form in the lower pit of your stomach, your underwear getting wetter. 

“Take me tonight?” You can feel Jiwon’s hesitation, you’re a virgin he’s not. You bite down on his neck, sucking to leave a mark.

“A-are you sure?…it’s your first time…I don’t even have a condom.” 

“This is fine with me, take it, I’m on birth control anyway.” 

His lips go back to yours, hands traveling up to pull down your dress and get rid of your bra. He thumbs and pinches your nipples, making them stand before placing his mouth over them. Your fingers tangle themselves in his hair, you whine and whimper, egging him on. Basically begging him to do anything to take care of the burn you’re feeling down there. 

“Jiwon please, please.” 

His mouth is back to your ear “please what? Tell me, baby.” 

“Please, I need you down there.” 

Jiwon drops to his knees, prying your legs apart and planting kisses on your inner thigh. He stops right at your covered core, giving it a lick “right here?” 

Your patience has ran out “yes, Jiwon, fuck, right there.” 

You let out a moan as he shifts the crotch of your panties out of the way, tongue diving right in. He switches between exploring you and sucking on your clit, causing you to nearly scream his name and has you seeing white. He stops momentarily to strip your underwear away, spreading you out more. As you meet your peak you grind into his face, nearly ripping out his hair as a shiver courses through you. 

Jiwon returns to your face, smiling as he kisses you. As you two break apart you look down to see his hard dick straining against his pants, you reach down and free him, stroking him. He bucks into your hand, a groan escaping him before pushing your hand away. 

“Tonight’s about you.” He says, placing his cock at your entrance, rubbing himself against it and covering himself in your juices “stop me if it’s too much.” 

Jiwon tries his best to move into you slowly, making sure to get you used to the feeling him stretch you out. You take a sharp breath, trying your best to relax. You bury your face into his neck as he bottoms out. 

“I’ve fantasized about this.” He whispers before kissing you, his hips beginning to move.

“Holy shit, Jiwon.” You let out the breath you forgot you were even holding, your nails dig into his shoulders and your back arches as his picks up speed. 

Your moans are driving him insane, he begins to move rougher and harder to hear more, to hear you scream his name. He’s not sure where to put his eyes: should it be on your lust drunk face? Your bouncing tits? Or your pussy where his dick was busy sliding in and out of you? 

“You like that? You like that _____?” 

“Fuck, fuck I like it. I like it, Jiwon.” You nearly choke on his name when his thumb finds your clit, rubbing rough circles into it making your hips buck. He begins to slam harder, his cock hitting that special spot in you and making you see stars. 

“I know you want to cum, so cum. I wanna feel you cum.” You’d rather die than admit it, but his dirty words are more than enough to push you over the edge, the rubber band in your lower stomach snapping as your walls close around him. 

You let out a soft whimper as Jiwon continues to thrust, almost giving you another orgasm with how hard was going. He fills you up with his cum, a low growl coming from his mouth as he does so.

He rests his forehead against yours, staring into your eyes as the both of you return to Earth. He smiles down at you, so effervescent and sweet that you can’t help but giggle and return it back. 

You pull him in for a kiss, soft and gentle “so…since thirteen huh?” 

“…yup, since thirteen.” 

“Me too.”

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Poll Results!

All right voting is over! And the results are (cues Jiwon to start the drumroll)

Followers pick the next story!

Alright so tomorrow I’ll be posting the poll for the story concepts! You guys will have until Monday to vote for the next story!

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“Long time no see

How are you doing during this period of time

You have waited for a long time

I won’t be going anywhere now

Baby don’t worry” — iKON - Long Time No See

we happy a lot together, we laugh a lot together, we smile a lot together, we sad a lot together, we cry a lot together and we also fight a lot together. just remember that all of you matter to us, the 7 of you matter to us. and no meter whut we will always by your side ♡ iKON FOREVER OT7 ♡

Happy 4th Anniversary iKON! ♡

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ikon reaction to little things their s/o do that turns them on

A/N: I’m going off the assumption that s/o is doing this on purpose (but if it isn’t then I’m sorry, I’m also a little tipsy as I type this) 

Binnie: confused, like baby boy would just be turned on but confused (esp. if this was all taking place in public), not sure if he should make a move or not. 

Gnani: immediately get’s turned on, he would approach them and hold them close to him whispering how he’s going to “punish them” doesn’t matter if this was in public, or private, or in front of their grandmother he would make a move. 

Yunhyeong: I feel he would also be confused, but maybe just a tad bit more confident in making a move or not compared to Bin. 

Jiwon: amused, he would get that damned smirk on his face and just be amused by your actions. He definitely wouldn’t make a move in public but in private? OOOFFF. 

Dongie: Dongie…Dongie’s a bit of a dark horse in my opinion. Like I think he would be shy (not confused but shy) but like at the same time I think he would just be a little shithead and such. Either way someone’s gonna get dicked down. 

Junhoe: confused, turned on, is gonna make a move nonetheless; there’s a certain shamelessness when it comes to Koo Junhoe. 

Chanwoo: ah, another dark horse but with this one I think he would be also amused but wouldn’t react and just let his s/o continue to turn him on until they get fed up and make the first move. 

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bobby smut - trying to fuck while the kids are sleeping please???

“We’re supposed to be doing the laundry Jiwon, the laundry.”

Jiwon chuckles, pulling your hips closer to his from behind, kissing your neck “mm, we got time. Kids are asleep, the house is mostly clean…the laundry can wait until tomorrow.” 

You let out a huff, but out of habit you turn your head, allowing him more access to your neck. You can feel your resolve starting to break down as his hands move from your hips to your thighs, playing with the hem of your dress. 


“I’ll let you sleep in tomorrow, and I’ll get the kids up, and I’ll do the laundry too. How’s that baby?” He whispers, nearly growing as he grinds his erection into your ass. 

Your eyes flutter close and you let out a moan as his fingers press up against the crotch of your panties. His other hand travels to your chest, cupping a breast and kneading it. 

“How does that sound, baby?” He questions again, pressing you up against the washing machine. His fingers travel inside your panties, sliding over your lips. 

“That sounds perfectly fucking peachy.” You gasp as two fingers begin to pump.

Your panties are stripped off in about two seconds and you’re bent over over the washing machine in another two. Jiwon kicks your legs apart as his fingers continue to pump in and out of you. 

You take sharp breath when you feel the tip of his head at your entrance, one of his hands clamps around your mouth “can’t have you waking the kids up now.” He whispers as he enters in one hard thrust. 

You whimper and moan into Jiwon’s hand as he starts off on a brutal pace, the head of his cock slamming right into your sweet spot. He groans from behind you, profanities spilling out of his mouth.

That’s when you hear it, hear a creak. 

You both pause, trying to keep quiet as possible. Jiwon removes his hand from your mouth.

“…kids?” You call out softly, listening intently for even more footsteps. 

Your head slams back down onto the machine when Jiwon’s hand begins to rub your clit, a gasp leaving your mouth as presses down on it “I think it’s just the house settling in…nothing to worry about.” 

He resumes his thrusts, one hand still in between your legs while the other grabs your hair. His hips move harder, faster, and deeper. Your legs begin to shake, only seeing white. The coil in your lower stomach growing stronger. Your hands grip the sides of the washing machine, biting your lip to keep quiet. 

“Fuck, fuck Jiwon. Don’t stop, I’m right there, I’m right there.” 

Jiwon’s hand returns to your mouth, his thrusts getting messier and faster. Your orgasm hits you hard, Jiwon’s name escaping from your mouth in a garbled mess while you’re seeing stars. He cums shortly after you. 

Your guys’ heavy breathing fills the laundry room, Jiwon presses a soft kiss into your shoulder, nuzzling his face into your neck.

“That was way too good.” You can’t help but laugh, you turn slightly to kiss him. 

“…have fun tomorrow morning.”

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are you open to write drabbles or just mtl/reactionss

I am open to writing drabbles (I need to change my bio) but I’m not as active at the moment due to work and school obligations so don’t expect an immediate response from me 😅

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