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Illustrator for Rainbow Crate book box. I love to many book characters. Very LGBTQA+. Warning: NOT spoiler-free. Commissions: CLOSED ♠ My Goodreads ♠ Redbubble.

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ace-artemis-fanartist·18 days agoPhoto

If you’ve been following me for awhile you might have noticed I’m a huge Jordan L Hawk fan. 

So I’m excited to announce I was commissioned by Omniverse Press to do the profiles for the Widdershins RPG game! Its Kickstarter.

Above we have the two main characters of the Whyborne & Griffin series ;  Percival Endicott Whyborne and his husband Griffin Flaherty.

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ace-artemis-fanartist·2 months agoAnswer

I've been following u for a while, and I just got my rainbowcrate this month and your art is in it and I recognized it immediately and got SO happy to see it and to own a piece of yours and I just wanted to let you know :)!!!

AAAAHHHHH! Thank youuuuuuu 😭😍

I love working for Rainbow Crate and August’s art was just so fun.

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ace-artemis-fanartist·2 months agoAnswer

hi!! I just wanna say how much I LOVE your art for the tarot sequence!! especially the Lady Death one omg STUNNING! I've only just discover the series and I'm obsessed. I didn't expect there would be fanart for them. you're so talented thank you so much for making and sharing your work!! <33

Thank you! 

Yes, I’m hoping to draw Lady Death again soon.  There actually is a fandom building for the Tarot Sequence pretty quickly, and we have a big discord filled with a ton of sweet people, if you want to gush about the book with others here is the invite link:

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ace-artemis-fanartist·2 months agoPhoto

Kahlil from The Rifter series.

I read the first book years ago, but it confused me to much, and I never picked it back up until years later.

And OMG I’m so glad I did, the first 4 books are only 70 pages, and yes the beginning confused me, but everything makes sense the more you read, and I still have a lot of feelings about these characters.

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ace-artemis-fanartist·2 months agoAnswer

I've never heard of half the books you reference (unfortunately) but I've been spamming you with likes bc all your art is ridiculously perfect & cute!

Thank you!

Lol, I feel like that is pretty much what my followers think too. I like a lot of random books so liking/reblogging even if you don’t know them means a ton. 

And if you are able to find a great book thanks to my art, I’m excited for you!


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