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ace-culture-is · an hour ago
Ace culture is almost getting discouraged from working out??? I’m an artist so I don’t get to be very active most of the time so my general exercise pre pandemic was that I walked EVERYWHERE because I didn’t have a car. My therapist told me ages ago that I should simulate a commute to sort of trick myself into getting ready for my day so that I don’t just wallow and it really helped me! I walk like an hour or so in the morning and I have alarms that force me to stop working and move around more. And I definitely needed to go out in the sun for a few minutes a day. But lately, I guess it’s that my workout is more stationary than before (I mean I have to do like squats or something and I can’t just rely on walking all day), my body is changing and I’ve been getting more objectifying comments from ppl who think it’s a compliment and it just makes me almost want to stop even though Ik it’s helping my mental health. I just don’t wanna be perceived sexually and it’s frustrating.
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ace-culture-is · 5 hours ago
Ace culture is everyone in the discord server asking you to pass out some non-horny so they can focus on the raid😂😂😂
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ace-culture-is · 7 hours ago
Ace culture is thinking that the song Cake by the Ocean is actually about eating cake on the beach for *years* and then realizing that it is, in fact, not about that
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ace-culture-is · 10 hours ago
Ace culture is not understanding fictional crushes and why people have them and why they exist
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ace-culture-is · 12 hours ago
(sex indifferent) ace culture is listening to very sexually explicit songs without being flustered at all 'cause you like the tune
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ace-culture-is · 14 hours ago
Ace culture is wanting to get a black ring but only able to find giant ones for guys that would fit my brother not me (also I’m not the worlds biggest online shopping fan so that makes it hard)
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ace-culture-is · 16 hours ago
hey so i was wondering if there were any like specifics to the ace rings? like i have a ring i made and have repurposed for that use that is like black and gold twisted wire, does that count? or should it be just black? or plastic? or silicon?
Honestly I don’t know, but I’d personally say it doesn’t really matter that much. I think as long as it’s like... predominately black it’s pretty good 
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ace-culture-is · 18 hours ago
touch repulsed demiro-ace culture is (very specific ik) being uncomfortable with the slightest bit of skin touching yours but being clingy to the one you truly love
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ace-culture-is · 20 hours ago
asexual culture is getting EXTREMELY uncomfortable when a song mentions 'sex' and then having to debate whether it's worth it, continuing to listen to the song
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ace-culture-is · 23 hours ago
Closeted ace culture is seeing people wear black rings and wondering if they are ace too or if it's just aesthetic for them, but being unable to ask outright
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
sex-averse grey ace culture is looking at that weird undefinable blob of Attraction you’ve experienced and wondering ‘what is the point of this’
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Ace culture is thinking the most unrealistic part of any mythology is how fast the people in here fall in love and marry.
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Aspec culture is knowing you're somewhere on the ace-spectrum but not actually knowing where and deciding to just refer to yourself as ace rather going with any micro label since you know trying to figure out an exact label would just stress you out and just saying ace feels more comfortable anyway even if it doesn't necessarily fit (metaphorically) word for word.  
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
This is the anon with that one long ass explanation lol. It's actually probably a good thing you deleted it because it was not well put together, at all.
The gist was just that I wanted them to know that they can be both Ace and Bi and/or any combination thereof. I wanted to type it out because I too had an "Oh shi-" moment and was also panicky at all of the new revelations I had of not just Sexuality but other identity as well. It can turn your perception of yourself upside down and backwards and makes you reevaluate everything you might have ever thought of yourself. I went from just Ace/Aro to discovering I am also Trans which switched me from hetero to homo and knocked Aro to Polyamorous for good measure. That's switching from thinking I'm zero for zero on romance to realizing I was still associating romance with sex and finding out that I have a deeply romantic side that I had never explored before. And that's just self-growth.
It can also be difficult to find where you fit in because many people put a lot of emphasis on all of these labels we use. They exist for the people who like to pinpoint certain aspects of themselves to a particular T. It's easier, sometimes, to cope with yourself when you have words for what your feeling. On the other hand, some people just use the umbrella term LGBTQA and are satisfied knowing that this is where they belong. It's also normal to shift and change these labels as you grow more familiar with yourself as I did.
Anyways, thank you for the Soap Box. I guess Concise is not one of my labels lol. But I hate for people to be afraid of discovering themselves. Think of it like a puberty of preference. Growth and change are all a part of the normal process.
Couldn’t have said it better myself
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
ace culture is…… not necessarily aro all the time? just trying to find some clarity because i’m grey all day but am feeling a liiiiiiiittle like ace culture is full time aro. halp plz.
This would probably be better directed towards @aro-culture-is for further ref, but since I’m aro and ace I will gladly help out!
You don’t have to be aro to be ace and vice versa. 
It’s not uncommon for aroaces to submit to this blog, and sometimes their submissions are more aro than ace. 
But it’s not uncommon for aces to be allo as well (as in bi and ace, gay and ace, straight and ace, etc.)
Hopefully that helps
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
puts on the 1987 teenage mutant ninja turtles and headbangs to the theme song while I go through ace culture asks
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Definition of gleichaeus (from @mogaicemetery): “a term to describe nonhumans who are attracted to other nonhumanss”
× this blog is ran by two mods, who are both extranths, gleichaeus, and dating. respect that. please remember to prefix your asks properly so we know if something is a general ask or a culture ask.
× mod 🍷 / aries uses she/ae pronouns and is a sheep + canine demon.
× mod 👑 / tea uses he/prin pronouns and is a piglin / cow!
Tumblr media
byf + dni
× byf please know that one of us is an endo system, we are both “problematic” lesbians, and are radically inclusive. this blog will also talk about “problematic” topics, dont apply human morality.
× anti endo, pro-ship (yes even if you’re “neutral”), nsfw, a yandere(core) blog, an exclusionist in any form (includes system & queer issues), anti-mogai, anti-queer, hate on the blue-green turian flag.
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