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acotartogfan · 28 days ago
Can you write some elriel funny jealousy with the prompt 88??
88. "(Name)?" - "Yeah?" - "I'm gonna kiss you now" - "Okay" .
Butterfly Kisses and the Warmth of the Sun
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Elain?” - “Yeah?” - “I’m gonna kiss you now” - “Okay” 
Inspired by the song “Good Days” by SZA
“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Azriel asked, gently lacing his large hand with Elain’s slender one as they sat on the picnic blanket while birds chirped and a gentle breeze ruffled her dress. She tilted her head to the sky and closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of the warmth of the sun on her skin and the floaty feeling that accompanied it. The picnic date was Azriel’s idea, and their fourth one. They had started dating a few weeks ago when they met, completely by chance, at Elain’s favorite flower shop. After months of obsessively wondering if Azriel was single and weeks of pining over him, Elain had finally gathered her courage and took the initiative of asking him out on their first date. It was a major hit, and when the night ended, they agreed to see each other the next weekend. Since then, they had taken turns asking each other out, and Elain felt like she was on Cloud 9. Azriel was the one, she was sure of it. Only four dates in, but he made her stomach flip and her heart pound and made her practically vibrate with nervous energy when she went out to meet him. They hadn’t kissed yet─no, Azriel was too much of a gentleman to kiss her before he knew she truly wanted to kiss him─and the thought of it made her involuntarily smile. “What’re you smiling about?” Said male cracked a smile. Elain slowly opened her eyes with the realization and she collapsed onto the blanket in a fit of giggles. A blush crept onto her already-rosy cheeks as she tried to stifle her laughter, waiting for her giggles to subside. Azriel, horribly endeared with a soft smile on his face, tentatively stroked her hair as he gazed down at her. 
“Nothing,” she grinned back at him. 
His face turned contemplative. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, almost too quiet for her to hear. Elain’s stomach did flips and she giggled again quietly. They stayed in that position, Elain laying down on the blanket as Azriel surveyed her with very soft, very affectionate eyes. 
The spell was suddenly broken when he had asked her if she wanted a glass of sparkling fruit juice. “Please,” Elain replied as she hauled herself into a sitting position, adjusting her floral sun hat and dress accordingly. The pair sat in comfortable silence as butterflies floated above their heads and gorgeous rays of sunshine soaked them in light and warmth. “Az, could you pass me a napkin please?”
“Here, baby.” It was Azriel’s turn to flush pink now at the pet name that slipped out.
Elain’s heart soared. “Baby,” She echoed dreamily, “I like the sound of that.”
Azriel laughed, all tension from his expression melting away.  
A beat passed. “Y’know, I’ve been wanting to call you something─not baby, per se─but something similar to it for a while now,” Azriel said softly.
Elain’s heart leapt into her throat, holding her breath with anticipation. “And what is that?” She asked breathlessly. 
The light from the sun aligned like tiny stars in Azriel’s irises when he opened his mouth to answer. “Mine.” The pure joy in Elain’s heart was overwhelming. Heart soaring, she asked, “And if I kiss you now, will you be mine?” 
Azriel smiled softly, radiating happiness. “As long as you’ll have me.”
His hazel eyes lingered on hers, searching, yearning. Elain was so lost in his eyes and in the moment itself, she forgot how to speak, and all her previous inhibitions flew out the window, alongside her reasoning. 
She must have been staring because Azriel’s voice broke her from her trance. “Elain?” Her name sounded beautiful on his tongue.
“I’m gonna kiss you now.” 
Elain positively beamed. “Okay,” she whispered breathlessly.
Azriel closed the small space between them with a small shuffle of his knees and suddenly he was kissing her, her lips sliding against his soft ones. The kiss was slow and sensual and good, warmth spreading through Elain’s body and she curled her toes, trying to soak up every sensation, every touch. He licked against the seam of her lips and she let him in, making a soft noise at the back of her throat. At the sound, Azriel let out a hum of approval and Elain positively melted, turning to putty underneath his touch. As their breaths grow heavier, they pull apart and Azriel rests his head against hers, panting quietly. She breathed him in, slightly dazed, as if trying to imprint the memory of his kiss on her skin. Screw heaven. This was all she needed. 
Elain must have spoken aloud because Azriel barks out a joyous laugh as he breaks away. 
He smiles. “So you’ll be mine, then?”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Elain matches his smile with equal energy and leans forward to place a quick butterfly kiss on his lips. 
“Good,” Azriel sighs contentedly, crawling closer to her and letting her settle comfortably against his chest as they lay on the picnic blanket, hearts fluttering, watching the clouds drift serenely by.
Trying my hand again at fluff! Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
Also: Thank you for the ask-- I took the prompt and ran with it but completely forgot about the jealousy part! Sorry about that!
Find more prompts here
Taglist: (let me know if you would like to be added!)
@sjm-things @nessian4life @bookstantrash @hellasblessed @rowaelinismyotp
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acotartogfan · a month ago
NESSIAN 24 24 24 24
I love them so much
All the Words We Never Said
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”
This one was really fun to write ;)
Thank you for the prompt and stay safe!
I recommend listening to Out of Love by Alessia Cara while reading :) 
The day was cold and gloomy. Ice-cold wind whistled ruthlessly around Cassian, and he shivered, pulling his already thin jacket tighter around him. Fitting, he thought. It was almost like the weather could read his emotions. 
Alone, he stood on the doorstep of Nesta’s house, knocking twice before letting himself in. The door swung open effortlessly and dead silence greeted him. The apartment was dark and empty, the curtains drawn and living room lightless. Sighing, Cassian shook off his boots and coat and stepped onto the plush rug. He began picking the clothes strewn carelessly about the house, a hoodie on the couch, a pair of sweatpants hanging off the dining table chairs. Quietly, he wandered around the house, picking up various items of clothing. After separating them into his and Nesta’s, he folded them and mutely placed them on the coffee table next to the day-old mug of drained coffee. Cassian carefully gathered his stack of clothes and taking one last survey around the kitchen and living room, headed upstairs to pack the last of his things. 
They had agreed (well, more like fought over,) that Cassian was to keep the vacuum cleaner while Nesta took the blender and toaster. He could have the car, houseplants, and decor, so long as she could keep the house and its sizable furniture. Most of his stuff was already packed, waiting in his hastily-rented apartment, as he packed the last, and admittedly, the items he had procrastinated packing. His clothes. 
Packing his clothes meant he had to enter the bedroom─their shared bedroom. The place where so many firsts had happened. First kiss, first sleep-over, the first time he had asked her to be his girlfriend, first─
He shot down his thoughts before they could go any further. Quietly padding up the stairs and stopping at the door, he sighed yet again. There was nothing melodramatic about this. Kicking up a big fuss would not solve anything. It was best to get it over and done with. 
Taking a deep breath, he rapped loudly on the door. 
A small voice answered from inside the room. “Yes?”
Cassian was not expecting her to be here. “It’s Cassian,” he answered after a beat.
Everything went silent again. He took it as a sign to enter. 
The room was dark, save for the sliver of light rebelliously peeking out of the curtains. The bed sat right in the middle of the room, exactly in the same place as he remembered it. A human-sized lump lay under the covers. So this is where she’d been the last few weeks. Cassian tip-toed in. 
“Nesta?” He whispered, careful not to wake her.
A soft voice peeked out from underneath the bed sheets. “Cassian?” 
“Yeah. I announced myself after I knocked. Like you always asked.”
“Oh. Okay.” 
Nesta’s voice was unusually small. And hoarse. Guilt dropped like a stone in his belly. He shook it off almost as quickly as it came. 
A minute passed. “Why are you here?”
“I’m leaving.”  Cassian spoke at a normal noise level now. 
“Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do,” she conceded quietly. There was no venom coating her words, no sharp edge to her voice. How uncharacteristic of her. 
Minutes passed, and the only sound in the bedroom was the soft clicking of plastic hangers as Cassian removed his clothes from their shared closet. The clock ticked softly on the wall. Silence reigned ruthlessly. 
After a beat, Cassian asked, “Do you want me to leave?”
Strained silence. Then a whispered, “No.”An honest confession. The hurt in her words was unmistakable. 
Emboldened, Cassian tried to coax another response out of her. He needed something, something, at least, to hold on to, a reason to tell him why they didn’t work out. She had ended it abruptly, not giving him anything, not even an explanation as to why she ended it. Nesta had simply left. He sighed for the umpteenth time that day. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”
He knew Nesta couldn’t bring herself to say it. They both knew. Somehow, Cassian knew she didn’t need to say the words to know she meant them, and ones she wouldn’t say were the loudest of them all, the words unspoken were left hanging in the air. All cards were laid on the table as deafening silence clanged around the two. 
Cassian tried again. “Is that all?” 
“Okay.” she echoed tonelessly. “What are you doing?” She added softly.
 “Packing up my things. You’ve suffered enough,” he whispered, zipping up his bags and stepping out of the darkened room. The door snicked softly behind him. 
They knew each other well enough at this point; the countless number of years they had spent together proved well enough that when Cassian left, he could sense Nesta’s heart─the one they had worked so hard together to repair─shatter into pieces. He didn’t have to hear it to know. 
The house was dark and silent as he left; its windows closed, the curtains drawn. 
Just the way he had found it. 
Cassian murmured a soft ‘goodbye’ and then he was gone, the scent of him vanishing on the howling wind.
Felt like writing a really quiet but angsty fic since this week has been super draining for me but I’m finally back on Tumblr after 5 months I think?? 
Hope you enjoyed! Leave a like/comment as that encourages me to write and produce more fics from the vast crevasses of my (weird) brain o.0
Taglist: (let me know if you’d like to be added!)
@sjm-things @nessian4life @hizqueen4life @ladywitchling @bookstantrash 
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acotartogfan · a month ago
Just a Heads Up!
I have a fic that I just finished but I’m still editing it so I’m planning on releasing it this week! Stay tuned for updates :0
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acotartogfan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A quick drawing of Bryce Quinlan from Sarah J Maas’ Crescent City series which I’m reading atm! 😁
Still not sure if the pose ended up how I wanted it to 🙈 but there you go
Those are meant to be Athalar’s feathers by the way 😄 . . . #brycequinlan #crescentcity #houseofearthandblood #fae #elf #digitalpainting #sarahjmaas
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acotartogfan · 2 months ago
its been 5 months since I last posted whoops... I’m so sorry for the drought omg 😭 
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acotartogfan · 2 months ago
Hurt/comfort writers see a character and be like “I want to see them fall so far but I also want them to land on something soft”
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
OKAY hello my peeps,
just some things:
i swear i will get to my inbox—my first few weeks back from winter break have been HECTIC so as soon as everything settles down, i’ll start writing
prepare for some poorly written angst bc i definitely spent all my angst creative allowance on that toxiC (with a capital C) elriel fic so forgive me if my angst isn’t as painful as it usually is :,)
see y’all in a few weeks(??) 😭
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
me, a fanfic writer: *touches my new fav character’s face* *whispers* I’m gonna get you laid
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
so many songs to listen to. so many books to read. so many things to watch. so much stuff to write. i think i will sit here and decompose
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
writing is either
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there is nothing in between.
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
Prompt-based fandom events are when you really learn everyone’s colors like you’ll find the people who take the prompt “death” and come up with some smarmy ship-art of character A and character B walking over dead leaves while wearing scarves and drinking hot cider and then you’ll find the people who take the prompt “sunshine” and write how a bright glint of sunshine reflected off the barrel of a gun is the absolute last thing character A sees before taking a bullet to the chest
you can lead a content creator to water but you sure as fuck can’t make him drink
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
Send a ship and #!
New year, new prompt list!
Since I getting bored of the first one, I made an entirely new one with new prompts.
Some Things to Note: [Read]
pick a prompt(s) and a ship*and send it to my ask box and i will write a drabble for you!
*i specialize in Nessian (angst) from A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I write for Throne of Glass too)
Links in case you need them: Askbox | Prompt List #1 (fluffier prompts)
If you like my work, send me more prompts! It inspires and encourages me to keep writing, and it gets the creativity juices flowing as well :)
1. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
2. “We could have had a future together.”
3. “Absolutely not. That is way too dangerous.” - “Come on, it’ll be fun!”
4. “Calm down.” - “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!”
5. "you're not broken"
6. “You’ve changed.”
7.  “I’m leaving.” “Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do.”
8.  “But it’s my fault right?”
9. “I don’t want to feel this. I want to be numb again.”
10. “You’re lying to me again. Why can’t you just tell me the truth for once?” 
11. “I can’t lose you.” - “You already did.”
12. “Did it mean anything to you? Did I mean anything to you?”
13. “Maybe they were right, you never did change.” 
14. “How was I such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?”
15. “What gives you the right to just waltz back into my life after all the pain you’ve caused.”
16. “Don’t you dare walk away from this!”
17. “Any other lies left to tell me?”
18. “Let me go.”
19. “I would’ve done anything for you.”
20. “I loved you. I loved you so so much but you hurt me.”
21. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”
22. “Leave.”
23. “I can’t keep playing pretend.”
24. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”
25. “It’s pouring rain why are you here?”
26. “I love you.” “You shouldn’t.”
27. “Where were you when I needed you?”
28. “Take my hand. Just trust me.”
29. “You’re safe now, I’m here.”
30. “You made me a better person. Thank you.” 
31. “I’m pretty sure (you’re/she’s/he’s/they’re) my soulmate”
32. “You are my family.”
33. “Kiss me.”
34. “Can we take this home?”
35. “You look happy.” 
36. “I didn’t know where else to go.”
37. "What are you smiling about?"
38. "Do you even care anymore?"
39. “Are you ok? You sound like you’ve been gargling glass.”
40. “She/he/they was nothing to you, was she/he/they? Then prove it.”
41. “He’s the only person left! He’s the only thing I’ve got, the last good thing in my life!”
42. “I had it under control! I had a plan!”
43. “So none of it was real? You didn’t mean any of it?”
44. “I could kiss you right now!” - “You’re very welcome to do it.”
45. "Whoa. Easy, easy. I've got you."
46. “what about us?”
47. “And that makes it okay?”
48.  “How is this my fault?” 
49. “Let go of me.” 
50. “Your eyes are really pretty now that I’ve gotten a closer look.” 
51. “Can you just make a decision? Please?”
52. “Don’t look at me! I’m a mess!”
53. “If you want to leave, we can leave.”
54. “Stars pale in comparison to you.”
55. “I would give up everything for the chance to see your laugh again.”
56. “Everything about you is amazing to me.” 
57. “are you sure this is legal?”
58. “You're supposed to be washing my hair, but this feels more like a massage.”
59. "I trusted you."
60. "You're dead to me."
61. “Sleep is for the weak.”
62. “Need a ride?”
63. “You can have Manhattan. I’ll go somewhere else?”
64. “That’s a terrible book,” - “What are you talking about? It’s my favorite!”
65. “Running doesn’t matter. I’ll hunt you down if I have to.”
66. “Are you going to stop me?”
67. “Did the power just cut so?” - “I think so. Help me look for the candles?”
68. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
69. “Do you really need all that candy?”
70. “Why are you here?”
71. “I can’t keep doing this anymore.”
72. “We're falling apart and you don't even care!”
73. “Do not call your child a raisin!”
74. “I’ll choose her happiness over mine every time.” 
75. “Kind of a pretty boy, isn’t he?” 
76. “What is that?” - “A cake, obviously.” - “Does it taste like cake?” “...No.”
77. “Can we take it home?” - “It looks more like a rat than anything.” - “Please?”
78. “You and me against the world, remember?”
79. “I can braid your hair for you…if you’d like.”
80. “I will always choose you.”
81. “You can’t have her and it’s killing you inside.”
82. “Just a few…more…lines…” - “You’ve been at it all night. Take a break.”
83. “He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.”
84. “You have yourself wrapped in thorns, and then you hate everyone who tries to touch you.”
85. “You loved her…that’s not a weakness, that’s a virtue.”
86. “Being like this, it’s torture. Sometimes I wish I could just turn it off. Turn it all off.”
87. “You don’t have to carry the weight of the world all by yourself, you know?”
88. “(Name)?” - “Yeah?” - “I’m gonna kiss you now.” - “Okay.”
89. “We’re a mess, you and I.”
90. “Just stay. We can figure everything else out later. Right now, just stay.”
91. “I prefer the view from up there.”
92. “Away you three inch fool.”
93.  “Tell me a lie.” - “I love you.”
94. “Please, I am begging you. No more lies.”
95.  “You’ve suffered through enough.”
96. “You think you gave me some sort of gift? You took a messed up girl and turned her into a broken woman.”
97. “I’m eating because I’m very uncomfortable.”
98. “Here, let me hold that for you.”
99. “It’s over. They’re not going to hurt you again.”
100. “___, please come. I’m sick.” “You’re what? I can’t hear you.” - “I said I’m sick!”
Send these into my askbox and I’d be more than happy to answer them!
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
An Update
Time won't permit me to write another fic before 2021, but I revised "Goodbye, My Love" (the angsty Elriel fic) so if you read it again, there may be some changes. Essentially, I made it more painful ;]
Find it here 
Anyways, instead of a new fic, I'm currently working on a second prompt list since my ask box is empty and inspiration is nowhere to be found. Also, I'm getting bored of my current prompt list so I decided it was time to create a new one.
Stay tuned!
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
very sexy indeed
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
no wait this is so true
Tumblr media
Don’t know what I would’ve done without fanfiction this year.
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acotartogfan · 3 months ago
Happy holidays to everyone whose holiday isn’t what they want it to be. whether it is illness, poverty, distance from loved ones or something else that’s making things tough for you this year, i hope that you can find peace and warmth. i hope that your year will end and start on a brighter note
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acotartogfan · 4 months ago
Is it just me or are in home libraries like the dreamiest thing? A little cozy room lined with shelves, full of books of all shape and color that you’ve collected over the years, with a big round window in an alcove where you can sit and sip some tea and thumb through your favorite novel and listen to the rain pattering against the glass. Thats the life
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acotartogfan · 4 months ago
me: *accidentally isolates myself from my friends and disconnects from online communities*
me: whered all my besties go
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