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hi !! im sorry i’ve been really inactive, but sometimes i do write osamu stuff and i wanted to post them
Tumblr media
1:45 AM
the kind kettle steaming in the kitchen next door— the crowded, small home you and osamu stayed. college life, was tiring and your worries and insecurities were catching up. The smell of boiling herbs in water, small cups and your round balcony with a city view. Cheap, cause it was small.
City life, was pretty foreign to Osamu miya. It wasn’t too new to you, though. Regardless, it held many concerns that worried your figure and many concerns that didn’t cross Miya’s mind at all.
Staying together in the same small cheap apartment was better for you and Miya, financially. it saved you more money and time, and you both were already comfortable.
2AM, and the highways are desolate. Off your bed, before stepping out the room you observe your desk. An organized disaster, or, at least you’d like to believe you knew your way around it.
Your pencils and erasers, cute color coordinated highlighters strewn over everything. Sticky notes with little messages from yourself, from Miya, and some to even him himself, though sometimes he couldn’t see them cause you’d be cooped up in your room.
College wasn’t a joke, more than thousands of dollars to pay for a Scholarship to chance at life was more than a dicey choice. But you knew you weren’t alone. Miya had introduced you to many friends, which many friends lead to more on your own with your own steps. You were glad his footing were the steps you were taking after him.
Out of your room, you notice Miya’s room lights are on. You already know he’s studying, possibly having a midnight snack at the same time. Although you also already knew that if he was having a snack, it would appear as an entire meal to you.
The door to the balcony was glass, pretty it made the entry to it cute. It was a little comforting, just a little while you hold your snort and giggle when you fully remember the plants Miya and you had been growing. Different plants, they were different and there were two, but you recall the day you got them with Miya. Both of you settled on getting one for eachother based on your personalities.
It made you hold back a very big smile, cheeks pink from remembering how atsumu had teased the both of you for appearing as a couple. Those feelings had stayed in your stomach for a while, but you never acted on it out of fear of the small cheap apartment with the pretty balcony, and your friends. Your children, aka the plants, the plants needed to be cared for, how could you run around and ruin the place you both had created for them?
The balcony floor was cold, and the railing wasn’t solid but it was nice to lean on, and the view was divine to gawk at. Your plants accompanied you, acknowledging your mind was in a completely different place. The world was spinning, and the scenery was constantly changing by your own eyes.
“Y/n?” Miya’s voice sounded from behind you. Quickly, your face reddens out of embarrassment and you turn around swiftly to greet him. “Yes? what’s up?” His eyes move from you to the view. You took that short time to notice his black t shirt, and the sweatpants. The socks, the same socks he had many pairs of. his hair was messy, out of order and his natural hair was growing in.
“why are ya out here?” He steps up and onto the balcony with you. It drives you crazy the balcony can take both of you standing on it, considering how tall Miya is. “Just wanted to take in the view ya know? needed a break for a minute.” You elaborate, pretending it isn’t anything else. and you continue to stare, at the world around you two that felt like it revolves around the two of you for half of a second. You think he noticed it, too. Cause he stopped and drilled holes into your head with a stare, to your clothing and then to your hand and digits. You tried to suppress a laugh, but evidently you couldn’t keep it in.
“What’s so funny?” He passed you a small smile, his eyebrows furrowing. You grinned back at him with a much louder smile, his eyebrows letting lose a little. “Ya keep staring.” Miya rolled his eyes and you laughed more. Eventually, the silence was comfortable.
You kept quiet, staring into the endless sky and the glowing pool of little stars trapped in its own waves. “Thanks, Miya.” He didn’t even question what you were thanking him for until the last name. “You’re still callin’ me Miya?”
He scoffed, his playful annoying demeanor making a laugh bubble in your throat. “Thanks, Osamu.” You corrected yourself, his smile got wider and he turned away from you to hide the blood rush to his face and he chuckled. “You’re a weird one, i’m telling ya L/n.” You gasped loudly, only making him laugh further. “I just called ya by your name and you— blasphemy!”
Osamu miya let out his laughter more. “That doesn’t make sense, Y/n.” You sighed, with clear audible relief in your voice. “There ya go, back to normal.” He looked back at you, his eyes boring into yours with an admirable look. You could feel him drilling holes in your head, but you looked at the city instead to avoid him, and the fact your face was flushing with the colors of a red bell pepper.
“We should go back inside before you catch a cold or something.” You retorted, gaining the confidence to look at him staring at you. He didn’t even bat an eye when you looked at him, but at the same time you can tell your swiftness caught him off guard. But Osamu smiled, and he moved away from the railing. “‘Least i gotcha to say Osamu today.” He grinned, and you grinned back. “Ha, what, you’re gonna make me call ya Samu next?”
His face reddened quickly but he didn’t let down his fight. “Ya just did, idiot.” You stopped, and realized, and let the shame sink in and you swallowed your pride. “You’re right.” Osamu chuckled, and walked towards his room. “Get some sleep, if ya need anything just wake me up alright?” You huffed. “Even if i’ll be pissed, i’ll help ya with whatever.” the laugh escaped your lips, and he raised his eyebrows tiredly.
“C’mere,” he opened his arms for a hug, as much as his ego was hurt letting down his arguement, even if it was a joke. you let yourself move towards and into his arms, laughing at his stiffness. You hit him on the back, making him grunt and letting himself get comfortable. It was way too short, but alas you let go and ran towards your room, screaming a goodnight and shutting the door to hide your hot face.
His laugh was audible through the wall, and you could tell he entertained himself with causing a reaction from you. But you had a feeling he might’ve done something similar if you didn’t. Still, you felt relieved. You turn to your desk, and your jaw drops. Your cute color coordinated highlighters were back in their places, your sticky notes with little messages had responses and the worksheets that you had out on your desk were organized into sections with notes. One big note though, said, “noticed your desk was a fuckin mess, fixed it for you. love, osamu miya”
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"how have u been”
bro i want to disappear forever without a single explanation
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Tumblr media
little childe with a big fishe
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Tumblr media
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XIAO X READER : almond joys
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
series CW: highschool AU, hu tao, tartaglia, cats, xiao, venti, halloween, sleepovers, ETC
ex: Y/N, their simple life with cats, and their friends. usually things like this wouldn't occur, but due to Hu tao's way of doing things, it did. And now? you're stuck seeing this arrogantly attractive person with golden eyes and pretty hair, who likes cats just as much as you, all the time.
part 2!
Skies were a blue, a color greatly missed. The toothbrush they held almost slipped out from their hand onto the floor and their uniform seemed to be just right.
Skies were a blue, a color greatly missed. The toothbrush they held almost slipped out from their hand onto the floor and their uniform seemed to be just right.
Skies were a blue, a color greatly missed. The toothbrush they held almost slipped out from their hand onto the floor and their uniform seemed to be just right.
Cat bowls were full with handmade nutritious goodies and they cats overjoyed it. Y/N stood by, watched them and cooed to their feline family.
Their mixtures of brown, white, and blue eyes felt ethereal. Could such a beautiful cat be real?
They stayed up late studying, finishing homework, and more.
It was becoming more of a workload with Mom out of town.
Y/N kneeled down to touch Julianne who closed her eyes and rested against their hand.
"I might have to get you guys some baby sitters hm?"
The cat paid no attention, while the others were beginning to finish up.
Y/N sighed.
"I found this note in the pocket of my uniform this morning."
They took out the demolished note of paper.
The washing machine tore it to bits but they were big enough for it to recognizable as a note.
"Wonder who it's from. I certainly can't tell fuzzy hand writing now."
More cats began to surround drowsy Y/N.
"Oh yeah, before I forget,"
They got up from the floor and approached their book bag. Inside, they took out the familiar pink and useless object.
The cat licker.
Y/N thought it would've been no use to try it out, but it would be funny if they recorded the cat licker having no effect on their cats.
They took out their phone and then the car licker inside their hand and pet the cats.
To their shock the cats, indeed, leaned in the licker more than a regular pet.
"..." Y/N stayed silent.
They deleted the video, and they would never reveal this secret to anyone. Quietly, they placed the toy into a random cabinet.
Y/N ran for the hills, or to be precise, to the school. Today was going to be a half day because of an early Halloween event going on. The weekend was coming, which meant Halloween.
I didn't even realize, they thought.
Decided on a pretty solid statement; Hu tao would gain some popularity and have some event outside of school for the holiday.
No one really understood why Y/N went to school so early. To be fair, they didn't exactly why either.
Early bird catches the worm, yet they wake up so tiredly and lazy.
Soon enough slow steps were taken in the schools direction. In all honesty, Y/N's mother was just in the country side for some months to take care of their grandparents.
Y/N's father you say? Well, he's on a trip to Inazuma. Neither Y/N nor their mother know how he's going to get in but, they wish him safe travels.
The closer they got to the school, to more students they began to see. Consider the amount of students in total they saw was around 5 or less, though.
The school doors weren't opened yet but they would be in a few minutes so Y/N just had to stand around.
They glanced over to some benches but noticed the rain from yesterday had doused them head to toe. Or seat to legs?
Hu tao texted Y/N.
6:58 AM : October 29
who tao
HEEEYYYY IM GONNA BE LATE!!!! the nusery home grandmas sensed my intentions and threw hands!!!!!
Y/N laughed, but decided against scolding her.
Y/N poop face
alright, i'm probably gonna see childe so prepare yourself for his shit later
who tao
roger that!!!!!!
The doors opened.
And Y/N caught a jet black headed hair boy next to a familiar blue haired person with cyan braids.
And then it hit them. "Ohh that Venti guy whos one of the school student leaders!! Didn't they say they were going to be a bard?"
Again, social interaction by itself was not one of Y/N's talents. So they shrugged it off and went to the direction of their homeroom.
The cyan and black haired pair passed them while Y/N stood in the doorway of their homeroom just in case Childe was there to terrorize them.
They felt eyes burn into the back of their head so they turned around, and was met with amber eyes who had eyes similar to a cats.
"A cat...!?" Y/N's jaw dropped for a moment before looking at all of the persons features and recognized it was the boy from the rainy day.
They never noticed his eyes but they were surprisingly unique and beautiful.
"Hey! You're Y/N right? We've been buddies for more than a couple projects in our classes the last two years."
Y/N came back to reality.
"Oh! Yes! I am, I remember you. What's up?"
The cyan braids person questioned while Mr. angry kitty cat pants crossed his arms and huffed behind it and looked to the railing down to the cafeteria.
"Did you see my note?"
Y/N deadpanned.
"The note huh..."
They said the next few lines with a blank yet embarrassed face.
"My washing machine turned it into grains of rice..."
The future bard and Mr angry cat looked at them with two widely different expressions.
Venti bursted out laughing, holding their stomach.
"Man! That's funny, well I'll tell ya in person!"
They calmed their laughter.
"I wanted to tell you about this slumber party Hu tao's having this weekend before she tells you."
Y/N looked at Venti confused.
"Why'd you wanna tell me first?”
"Hu tao will probably go on and on about decorating her house and all of that you know?"
Y/N paused and thought.
"You do make a valid point... but I don't mind listening to her rant. She's gonna need someone to listen to her shenanigans anyway."
Venti nodded.
"Either it be the Counselor, or a dumbbell."
Both of them chuckled.
"Are you going?"
Venti asked, a widening smile of excitement on his face.
"I probably do. When is it being held?"
"It starts tonight, it's probably gonna be a party until 2am and then the people who were invited to sleep over stay for maybe 3 days until monday."
Y/N huffed and crossed their arms.
"I hope she doesn't hex us."
"Venti if I go missing and you survive take care of my cats will you? I don't trust Childe with them."
Venti chuckled nervously.
"A-Actually! My best friend right here loves cats! Right Xiao!?"
Xiao returned out of his spacing out session.
"Yeah! T-The... fluffy things."
Y/N chuckled.
"Are you allergic?"
Venti made an incomprehensible sound of fright.
"H-How'd you know!"
"It's painfully obvious! Well glad I know now, my rag dolls have more fur than hair on that Razor kid's head..."
Without either of them noticing, Xiao perked up at the mention of the rag doll breed of cats.
"You're going too, right?"
Venti nodded.
"Hu tao joked about this plus one system so I'm gonna bring a friend."
"In that case, I don't have a lot of friends."
Y/N laughed.
"Thanks for letting me know! Wanna exchange numbers just in case?"
"What an enthusiastic pair..." Xiao thought after glancing at the two a few times.
"Wow so much time went by... guess time goes quick when you're having fun with one of the student leaders and their best friend."
Y/N smiled and Venti laughed, Xiao picked up on the subtle reference and attempt to appreciate his presence.
"I've gotta go to homeroom, I'll see you guys later today maybe."
Y/N waved away and entered the classroom.
Once again pencils danced and erasers assisted, and today things went slow again.
Hu tao's house was actually not too far from
Y/N's, although they would avoid it just in case they would see something gruesome or scary,
like a murder from the nursery homes.
Will soon the bell for lunch become what drives Y/N to the brink of their sanity?
We will never know.
Or maybe will, in a few months of school if they keep hearing it everyday.
Y/N's mind wandered, and many thoughts had come into place.
should I ask Venti to come with me to Hu tao's place? I don't want to deal with all the possible jump scares.
But considering how Venti is... wouldn't they also be scared?
Oh but they're bringing Xiao I think.
He seems pretty tough, maybe a scare from Hu tao wouldn't surprise him in the least.
I'll be sure to ask them!!
Y/N immediately escaped their thoughts and stood up. This time, the teacher wasn't giving off homework sheets.
So they took this chance to speed out the door, then slow down and head down to lunch.
Today they didn't exactly have anything planned.
Hu tao arrived late during class so Y/N couldn't talk to her and she'd probably take a little while to answer right now.
Neither Y/N and Hu tao have heard from Childe since yesterday, but they saw him having a conversation with Lumine near La Signora's class.
But, speak of the devil.
"Y/N! Hey!!"
Y/N glanced over to the direction they heard their direction.
Hu tao was running at sonic speeds and almost tackled Y/N. She erupted in laughter while Y/N smiled and chuckled.
"Hey I heard you've got some news for me?"
Hu tao let go and gave Y/N a confused look.
"Hehe... what news? I don't know any news?"
Y/N crossed their arms and struck a confidence posture.
"Oh? So there's no Halloween party and slumber party?"
Hu tao's eyes widened and laughed loudly.
"Halloween party!? Who told you!?"
They laughed, and then responded.
"Your dearest, Venti the Bard."
Hu tao seemed to grind her teeth.
"Ohoho they're gonna pay for revealing my surprise to you."
"Oh no~ Well I do have a question. Who's invited to the slumber party part?”
Hu tao paused and thought for a minute.
Who DID I invite? I can't even remember clearly, Hu tao thought.
"You and Venti for sure, I think the twins who moved here, maybe Childe??? But Venti's bringing his friend Xiao. But Xiao's a tiny jerk! I think I'm taller than him! You've seen em right!?"
Y/N thought back and laughed.
"Yeah yesterday when I was gonna walk him I offered him to walk with him home since he seemed nervous."
"Woah making moves are we?"
"No way, I think he might hate me."
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XIAO X READER : almond joys
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
series CW: highschool AU, hu tao, tartaglia, cats, xiao, venti, halloween, sleepovers, ETC
ex: Y/N, their simple life with cats, and their friends. usually things like this wouldn't occur, but due to Hu tao's way of doing things, it did. And now? you're stuck seeing this arrogantly attractive person with golden eyes and pretty hair, who likes cats just as much as you, all the time.
part 1! part 3!
“Alright move aside you abnormally tall dog!”
“Alright move aside you abnormally tall dog!”
“Alright move aside you abnormally tall dog!”
He moved just a tad which was enough for Hu tao to slip in a couple quarters and get her popsicle.
Y/N walked over and did the same but noticed Childe did nothing. So they bought a second.
He looked at it and grinned.
"Thank you, little Y/N."
Y/N scoffed and turned away to open theirs.
"So you're saying initial plan was to feed the ducks right??"
Hu tao asked, her popsicle already dripping down the stick. Childe nodded intently, Y/N only licked the popsicle and admired the rain.
"But how???? if it's raining."
"Ducks actually like the rain you know?"
Childe contorted.
"Don't go saying that like you knew that. I taught you, credits go to me."
Y/N glared at Childe who only raised his empty hand in defense.
Hu tao rumbled and flicked our foreheads.
"It's pouring! How the hell do we reach the ducks without getting soaked."
"I have an Umbrella!"
Y/N took out the umbrella from its bag that contained its wetness from the morning.
"I don't mind getting wet, I don't think Childe does either since he's probably been trained to fight in every weather known to humans."
"Heyy now, you make it sound extreme. It wasn't like that."
Hu tao beamed at the umbrella and ignored the heavy topic that was dawning upon the other two.
Y/N paused and chuckled for a moment.
"I probably am exaggerating it."
All three of them stood up from the ground infront of the Canteen, and stepped out from under the outdoor hallway onto the path in the garden to the pond.
Every step made a miniature splash that irritated Hu tao, but she had guessed the effort to feed the ducks would be worth it since they were cute .
Soon enough the ducks saw Childe amongst and approached them, possibly knowing the food Childe had from the last times he came there.
Childe and Y/N's school uniform started to soak, the only good news there was the fact Childe had a really good immune system and Y/N always had extra clothes in their bad just for situations like this.
"Ohh look! He's coming!"
Hu tao cheered and Childe snorted.
Childe took the pieces of rice from Y/N's hands, and tossed them in front of the ducks.
In their other hand they offered Hu tao a rice cake from their pocket they had made at home.
After a few minutes Hu tao squatted down to view them better. Slowly, Y/N and Childe did the same.
If any teacher were to go outside they would mistake these three for some kittens watching koi in the water.
The ducks paid no mind to the rain. Often Y/N wondered if the ducks and the rain were allies. If when they saw each other they would say, "Welcome back, my friend."
It was an old joke passed around when Y/N said it out loud accidentally in front of Childe and Hu tao
But sometimes it felt like it was true. The cloud's rain could have been a way to say hello to the ducks.
Feeding the ducks brought peace to all three of their minds. Harsh childhood, heavy grade expectations, and the death of a grandfather.
Maybe it was only like that in Y/N's head,
but the ducks seemed to be a way to bring them together, peacefully.
"This is kinda therapeutic, huh."
Childe commented after a few minutes of silence, as the ducks feasted on the rice.
"Yeah it's really peaceful, especially with the rain."
Y/N added.
"I'm sick of the rain already! let's go back inside."
Hu tao stood up and grunted, but turned with the umbrella and walked back towards the canteen.
Childe and Y/N stood up but looked at each other and laughed
"She really is an odd one."
"Not to mention the skeleton incident this morning."
"The skele- what?"
Y/N only laughed before stepping away from the ducks and towards the direction of the canteen.
"I wonder if we've missed any classes."
"I couldn't care less! the ducks were more important than what history could give me anyway."
When they walked back they saw a Hu tao with crossed arms. She looked like she did get wet but only a smudge compared to Y/N and Childe who looked like they jumped into a pool with their clothes on.
"I gotta go to the bathroom to switch clothes. I'll see you guys after school while we walk home maybe?"
Childe paused for a moment while Hu tao waited.
"I have run to the convenience store to get some pudding for Tuecer and Tonia, and then to martial arts."
"Oh! Oh! That reminds me! I have to go to the nursing home to offer business cards from the family business. It's a little far away so I probably have to go running outside, I can't see you after school Y/N."
Hu tao pouted but Y/N squinted their eyes at her, while Childe's gleamed with excitement but then with dissatisfaction.
"What... the hell?"
"I think you'll scare them to death."
Hu tao laughed.
"I'll just give them some sprite. Business should be boomin' in a week!"
They turned away to the hallway and glanced at the entrance to the cafeteria. Childe smiled.
"I wish I could give them the sprite for you, but I do have to get that pudding.,."
"It's settled then!"
Y/N chuckled.
"We can meet up tomorrow in the morning before class for a little while."
They laughed, along with Childe and Hu tao.
"Well I'll see you guys then."
there it began, Y/N's notorious exit.
After many exhausting classes, it was time to head home. Y/N grabbed their bags, umbrella, homework, notes, everything they needed and headed out of the class slowly this time.
They turned on their heel, and ran towards the schools rear entrance and then in the direction to the bathroom for a switch of clothing.
After many exhausting classes, it was time to head home.
The rain started did not start clearing up as they previously thought it would.
Teachers went to get their belongings from other classes, students talked before switching their shoes.
Y/N did so quickly but decided to indulge in the rain once more before heading home.
One last time the rain always did it's job at it's best efforts. Everything in the perimeter of the sky was drenched in water, no exceptions.
The quiet taps of the rain were something to be grateful for.
It was so easy to slip away with them, run in between the droplets.
An opportunity to enjoy the rain should never be passed up. The sun's always gonna be there, anyway.
Someone whispered.
Y/N glanced over to who was having trouble. They noticed a jet black with greenish highlights look at the rack that was the schools place for bicycles and skateboards. He didn't seem to have an umbrella.
"Excuse me?"
Y/N whispered, approaching him.
He turned and glare at them but it had no effect, and as much as it irritated Y/N at first they decided to play it cool.
"Did you forget your bike?"
The black haired boy didn't answer. But what he did was look away when they said that, so they took that as a yes.
"If you don't like being alone without a bike I can accompany you home if you'd like."
"Mind your business."
And then he set off, in the rain. His hair started to get less scruffy and more damp by the seconds but he ignored it and continued his way.
"That asshole!!"
Was what Y/N wanted to say.
But they sighed and continued their way home too, but with an umbrella.
The walk was ruined for them because of that jerk who had to be rude for no reason.
The rain could've helped their irritation, but they refused to listen for the time being.
Walking alone in the crossover of Liyue and Mondstadt was a nightmare. There were neither Knights of Favo-whatever or the Millelith since neither of this area truly belonged one, and rather they shared it.
Just my luck, Y/N always said.
The door of their house was now in view. The pleasantly secured place with some plants filled Y/N with relief.
The door handle flipped to its side when the key was embed in more keyholes. It opened and immediately Y/N was met with quiet meows.
Ragdolls weren't known for being too loud.
"Hi Lucian, Pierre , Annalise. Where's Julian and Julianne?"
They seemed to beckon Y/N to follow them which they complied with, after switching to slippers.
When they approached their living room, they witnessed beginning of war between their cats.
Julian and Julianne were named similarly because of their appearances that made them look like siblings despite being from different liters.
These two fought A LOT.
Annalise was known to be a foodie, and not very social. Pierre was also chill but when it came to play time he'd go all out, no mercy for his non biological siblings. Lucian followed Y/N around the most, featuring Julian.
Y/N laughed at the sight of their cats hissing at each other, only to know they would slap each other once or twice and call it a day.
"I've been gone for a while huh? Let me play with you guys awhile and then reward you with treats,"
They leaned forward, Lucian and Pierre approaching, They head butted Y/N's hand
who smiled at their feline family.
"I'm sorry, tomorrow I have work after school."
They seemed to listen.
"I won't be able to feed you treats myself unless you all would like Hu tao to come?"
Annalise seemed to dislike that from the top of the cat tree, Julian was too interested in their arm and hand.
Y/N chuckled and softly scratched and pet him under his head.
"I'll try to make it here before work but I can't promise anything. Rest assured I'll take care right after though."
Julianne appeared from the kitchen, and meowed quietly for food. And soon, Annalise followed after.
"Alright alright, you like when I make homemade food. Understood!"
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XIAO X READER : almond joys
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
series CW: highschool AU, hu tao, tartaglia, cats, xiao, venti, halloween, sleepovers, ETC
ex: Y/N, their simple life with cats, and their friends. usually things like this wouldn’t occur, but due to Hu tao’s way of doing things, it did. And now? you’re stuck seeing this arrogantly attractive person with golden eyes and pretty hair, who likes cats just as much as you, all the time.
part 2!
Puddles splashed her shoes and she groaned but knew she was going to switch them anyway.
Puddles splashed her shoes and she groaned but knew she was going to switch them anyway.
Puddles splashed her shoes and she groaned but knew she was going to switch them anyway.
When she stood in front of the school gates. Hu Tao squealed, recognizing Y/N who stood under an umbrella who listened to the rain tap the floor.
How peaceful it was, watching the rain tickle the floor and their umbrella. Students rushed past to escape it and enter school despite how very early it was.
She wrapped Y/N in a hug despite both of them being in the pouring rain. Y/N dropped their umbrella on the path and laughed.
"Hands off, you're going to trip me."
Hu tao let go but still smiling and stood beside Y/N while they walked to the school's entrance.
Reaching the close end of October,
the days of fright will soon be upon us.
"Aiyaaa, why did it have to rain today of all days?"
Hu tao complained. Y/N removed their indoor shoes from the small cabinet and placed them on.
"It adds to the sadness of today, no?"
She scoffed not bothering to place her dripping wet outdoor shoes in the box evenly.
"What's so sad about today? Nothin' special."
"You don't know?"
Y/N grunted and stood back up.
"They're going to play a sad dog movie in Madame Ping's class during my free period."
Hu tao stared at them dead in the eyes.
"That's so... dumb.."
Y/N raised their voice.
"During our free periods we have to go around classes and become mini teachers and assistants. How irritating that's become,"
They held their head for a moment, sighed and smiled angrily.
"The one day I get a break you start attacking it.,,"
Hu tao put her hands on her hips and laughed.
. "Man~ I must be so lucky to have my free period right after lunch."
Y/N stepped forward to their homeroom.
Hu tao followed.
Her home room was a few classes forward of
Y/N's so neither of them ever minded taking the same route together.
For a moment Y/N watched as teachers and students decorated the walls with cute fake spiders and their designated spider webs. Fake Skeletons were passed around, wondering where they would be suitable to decorate.
"Actually Hu tao, where do you go when you have a free period anyway? I never see you anywhere—"
Hu tao picked one up from the floor that seemingly had been abandoned, and embraced it and hummed.
Y/N watched in horror and concern.
"I'm going to name her... Lucinda!"
"Yeah.... let's go to homeroom,..."
While walking there Hu tao got sidetracked when a teacher approached her about the skeleton in her arms.
She complained that Lucinda was an important member of her family. Soon after she was escorted to the principal's office and was recommended a councilor.
Y/N walks into their lively homeroom. They recognized the foolish Childe circling their seat in the back.
This was a common occurrence.
One day when they were freshmen Childe was told by a teacher that he should seek out support for his studies since he was mainly focused on exercise and sports.
His eyes first landed on Y/N who seemed like a smart student and when he approached them he saw the doodles all over the second page of the chemistry unit in their notebook.
Then it began, he got sidetracked from his initial plan (which he wasn't too interested in to begin with,) and confronted you about the stick figures with shockingly realistic heads.
He found Y/N to be a charming person, and soon enough they softened around him and he began to bring back trinkets like a crow.
Later on, he and Y/N looked back on their memories and realized they were childhood friends.
The Fatui had dragged away Childe when they were children.
But at the moment, it was safe to assume he had brought you something at the current moment.
"Heyyy Y/N!"
They squinted their eyes and furrowed their eyebrows at him, resulting in Childe's laughter.
"What's that look for!?"
"This isn't even your homeroom!”
Y/N huffed.
"Go back to La Signora's homeroom or Madame ping is going to scold you again."
He only laughed again before patting Y/N's shoulder.
"Awww don't say that! I'm gonna be here only for a few minutes calm down,"
He recomposed.
"I've brought ya this.. cat licking device."
Y/N deadpanned and Childe grinned.
He pulled the device out and just like he said, it was shaped similarly to a cat's tongue with plastic bristles on the other side.
How considerate, he thought it was.
It is mind boggling how this idiot thinks this is going to be any use to me, was what Y/N thought.
"I know you've got like, 20 cats at home—"
"5 cats, Childe."
"Yeah 5, anyway my point is this'll strengthen your bond with your cats."
Y/N scoffed, put down their bag on their seat and grabbed the mechanism.
It felt nothing like a cats tongue so they assumed Childe had never seen a cat in person,
and the bristles were thick so despite its efforts to feel like a cats tongue, it failed.
But Y/N knew if they were to downgrade Childe's gift he would sulk and possibly not bring back the useful cat treats he usually does.
"I... I love it! Thank you, Childe. I will cherish it."
He clapped and cheered. Y/N gently placed the gift into their school bag, and sat down.
"You should at least take a seat before the teacher scolds you to leave again."
"Sure~~ don't lose the gift!"
Stupidly, he sat down on the seat beside Y/N who did not even bat an eye at him and only blinked.
Mind you the seat was not his.
"By the way, you doing anything during lunch? I wanted to feed the ducks bread—"
"—feed the ducks rice, or peas."
"Right! Right, do you wanna join?"
Y/N thought for a minute. They recalled Hu tao mentioning asking to go get popsicles from the canteen during lunch. They could ask Childe to come with them and then head to the pond behind the school.
"Hmm.. I'm down for that but only if you come to the canteen with Hu tao and I."
"Then it's a deal!"
He smiled and stood up from the seat, seeing the student who it belonged to come in.
Childe pat Y/N's head and ruffled their hair.
"See ya at lunch~."
He took his leave.
Classes felt longer than usual, possibly because Childe would be accompanying you and Hu tao during lunch.
This wasn't new but the burning excitement it holds has never burned out despite it being 6 years.
The younger days where Hu tao would terrify the teachers by staying in the bathroom far longer than she should've.
Older days before Childe was forced to grow up so quickly. Play dates were canceled, and then martial art classes were set in time.
In the days where the sun's light never faded even while it rained, oh how Y/N missed it.
So slowly, the algebra streamed away, erasers and led pencils were laid to rest while their head and consciousness, too, slipped away.
Teachers spoke, classes' notes, all written down neatly to organize and remember.
Chemistry, Geometry, World literature, and more were drawn to date and paper.
Led pencils danced on sheets while Y/N, groggily, scribbled the last of the questions for future notice.
5(- 3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13...
Find the x intercept of the graph of the equation .
2x - 4y = 9...
Find a and b so that the rational function f(x) = (ax4 + bx3 + 3) / (x3 - 2) has an oblique asymptote given by y = 2x - 3 ...
Y/N's head shot up while the bell screamed. The teacher assigned homework at the door while kids packed up to head to lunch.
Soon enough the loud chatter of high school teenagers rumbled the halls. They stood up, grabbed their bag. Their feet sped up to the door.
"Here is the directions for the notes you took, Y/N."
Verr goldet passed the sheets of paper to Y/N, who bowed.
"Thank you again, miss."
Right after they turned on their heel, grabbed the doorway for support and sprinted down the hall to the stairs that lead to the lower level for lunch.
While they skipped a few steps they smiled as people glanced at this student going at a speed faster than a car on the school streets.
Hu tao came into view who stood near the lunch line. Seemingly eyes locked and Y/N approached her.
"That was quick! How'd you get here so fast?"
Y/N chuckled, out of breath.
"Never mind that, the bell rang not even two minutes ago. How did you teleport here?"
Hu tao put her hand on her hip and sighed with her eyes closed.
She got back into the original figure when they started walking outside through the doors, leaving the cafeteria.
Y/N took a quick moment to admire how beautifully built their school was. A huge indoor balcony in the middle was throughout all the floors above. At the bottom was the cafeteria, and one side of the school was not next to the path to the entrance.
They were going through the school's rear doors, where they had the garden and ponds where ducks liked to dwell.
"They took me too seriously about the Lucinda thing! I mean, I really do love Lucinda but they didn't have to send me to the counselor after my second period..."
Y/N laughed behind their hand.
"The counselor was like 'Hu tao, this is the third time something like this has happened...'"
Hu tao complained more about how they didn't understand her when they approached the vending machine they nicknamed the canteen because of its old looking appearance.
Nonetheless, it worked every time.
Y/N recalls the conversation with Hu tao deciding the original definition of a canteen.
Hu tao paused her complaints when she saw the foolish Childe stood beside it who was playing cat games on his phone.
"Oh ho ho~ look what we've got here!"
Hu tao pestered as Childe's attention were now on us.
"Why, if it isn't my favorite pair."
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Tumblr media
sunny when imposter
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mister Donut
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Gotta be serious with me here. Kazuha or Xiao?
um. oh. uh.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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AWWWHWH OMGODLFLFE i love reading this type of stuff of people reading the stuff i make this makes me so happy thank u!!!!! MUCH LOVE AWWHWHH <333
Hello I thought I'd try my luck with the event!
Can I request
🥥 prompt with Ayaka, Sucrose and Hu Tao combined with the 💌 prompt?
I love fluff involving these three characters so much!
ayaka, sucrose, hu tao + 🥥 + 💌
they propose to reader on a midnight walk ,,
🥥 + 💌
night walks with ayaka are actually really fun
she often isn’t allowed to leave home past 9 and seeing night skies with someone she likes is something she’s unprepared for
but after many of these midnight walks, she’ll start to get used to the fun feeling of going on them
especially with you
ayaka will talk about her day, things she wants to do with you
everything that comes to mind during the night that she usually doesnt say to anyone else
thoma maybe, ayato sometimes, but she’ll always go to you first
and one of these nights after so long she’s decided to be bold and bring a ring
you won’t be able to tell she’s nervous, she has definitely been practicing sneakiness
when the moons right she’ll kneel down even if it dirties her socks, and take out your ring
she does it really smoothly too!!
like she doesn’t take it out of nowhere while you guys are talking
somewhere in the conversation she found a gap to tell you
and she kneels down slowly, peacefully while being happy that she knows she’s ready for this and she hopes you are too
🥥 + 💌
oh lord
she’s very very very VERRYY nervous
it’ll take albedo’s advice, jean’s advice, lisa’s advice, everybody and their moms advice to convince this girl that you’re ready
honestly with the idea of proposing, normally she could come up with many ideas
but there’s shyness clouding her thought process
but with lots of encouragement, she’ll do it simply and ask you while you two are out walking
i definitely feel like she’d be a bit clueless !!
“there’s night every single, oh which to pick?”
it’ll probably be a night where she stayed studying for way to long and it’s time to go home
but while walking she’ll bravely say that she wants to continue walking tonight
sometime during the talking, sucrose will ask if she can ask a question
to be fair she’s not as smooth as ayaka, but that doesn’t matter because she way she spits it out all at once is very cute
maybe she’ll forget to kneel down, or she’ll be too shy to ask you to marry her coherently
but if you get what she means, she does mean it for life
hu tao
🥥 + 💌
oh oh oh
this girl has many tricks and ideas up her sleeve
some suitable some not, some are pranks and some are right out confusing
but what you wouldn’t guess is that she has this whole plan prepared
when she goes and asks someone to revise it like yanfei or xiangling, they’ll probably say do something else
but she believes in her plan !!!!!!!
so she starts planning it out in real life
when she asks you if you wanna go walking, it’ll be nothing out of the ordinary since you’ll see this girl out and about at like 3am
as usual she’ll make conversation!! make jokes to make you laugh
while this goes there’s little details on the path that she’ll point out and be like o what’s that
at the end, a huge sign jumpscarws you asking if you’ll marry me
and hu taos like tadaa infront
she loved the idea of putting in a prank but at the same time asking you to be her ride or die
it’s special she thinks, and it is. it’s loud and energetic, giggly just like hu tao
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Tumblr media
i trust u guys wont steal my art but here's that bread twins gif i mentioned
as always please reblog/like if you save this ^^; if you use either of them for a pfp or anything i just ask that you put credit somewhere on the image since i couldnt watermark it properly
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Tumblr media
call it a freak occurrence, an alignment of planets, or even mercury in retrograde, but osamu has no freaking idea how he ended up here.
or more specifically, here in 2012.
less than a minute ago, he was in his bed, ready to go to sleep next to you and all that, and now, well now, he’s definitely not where he’s supposed to be.
by the looks of it, or from what he can remember, he stands in front of the old inarizaki high school building, just a few steps away from the entrance gate.
how long has it been since he's last been here? maybe 5 or 6 years? he's lost count, or more accurately, he can't really remember.
osamu's confused. he's definitely dreaming, that's for sure. he can't remember getting out of bed or making plans of coming here, and even if he did, he would never come back here without you.
he shakes his head, "this is a weird dream."
osamu opts to look around the place, nothing much to do since it looks as deserted as it feels, but he takes one step too far to the right, and something crashes into him.
“sorry! i didn’t see where i was — samu?”
and it’s you — but then again it's not you. because the 'you' he knows is older, just as old as he is, a bit taller than the one standing in front of him, and definitely wouldn’t be here right now — it’s younger you.
“how’d you get here so fast?" you ask him, eyebrows knitting together as you take a step closer, "and what happened to your clothes?”
osamu swallows, unsure of what to say, of what to do, so he takes a step back, distancing himself away from your questioning tone.
you narrow your eyes, “what happened to you?”
he shakes his head again, “i’m not—"
“quit running from me!” an all too familiar voice interrupts him, yours and his attention coming to the source of the sound, and his eyes widen as much as yours does.
it's him — osamu miya, 17, ashy grey hair, in his inarizaki uniform, chasing his breath as his running comes to an abrupt stop in front of you — its younger him.
osamu's taller than his younger self, a whole lot taller that it makes a striking difference, his once grey hair now a stark black as he's let it grow out over time, and instead of an old uniform, he wears an onigiri miya shirt with a pair of black trousers.
he looks like himself but then again he doesn't.
“what the hell." you say aloud, being the first to speak after a very long minute.
younger osamu takes a step closer to you, eyeing the stranger in front of him with a glance that's almost threatening to be a glare, "who's the scrub?"
"he's..." you don't know what to say, "i don't know."
osamu, the original one as he likes to name himself, feels very much like the villain here, and to that, he scoffs.
how is he the villain here?
yeah, he gets how a grown man approaching a bunch of kids in a school campus is sketchy, but hey! he didn't ask to be here. he doesn't even know why he's here. heck, how can he even be sketchy one of the kids in question is literally a younger version of himself?
osamu takes a deep breath, already peeved and ready for this dream to be over, but no matter how much he tries to pinch or will himself awake, it seems like he's stuck here for the time being.
so he looks at you, you and your confused look matched with his younger self's unrelenting glare, and he takes the time to explain what he thinks might be going on here.
( the only sane conclusion, omitting the fact that he's probably just dreaming all of this, time travel! )
“i don’t trust him.” his younger version tells you, although by the way he keeps his annoying gaze on him, osamu has a feeling that he wanted him to hear it as well.
you pull on younger osamu's arm, “i kinda do.”
and he turns to you, “he’s a stranger!”
“technically, i'm you.” osamu interrupts, shrugging, and this earns him another glare from the younger version of him.
he rolls his eyes, “alright, where's tsumu? i'm gonna kill him for pulling such a stupid prank.”
“tsumu should be in the gym with kita right now.” osamu looks back to the campus, then he turns his head to look at you, and then back to his younger self.
he finishes, "he stayed behind on purpose."
“yeah...” there's a slight dash of pink on his younger version's ears, “how'd ya know that?”
and osamu grins, thought it’s too small to actually tell, “i remember today.”
that's why this place feels so familiar.
it isn't just the place or the weather. it’s this specific day.
he remembers asking atsumu to stay behind so he can walk with you alone, he remembers making jokes and chasing each other around the empty streets, and he remembers how it felt to kiss you before running home.
he remembers today.
osamu looks at you, “i kissed ya for the first time here.”
he says it so casually, like he's kissed you a hundred times over to even be ashamed or embarrassed about it.
you snap your head to the boy next to you, “you were gonna kiss me!”
and he yells, defensive, “what — no!”
osamu turns to you, now an amused smile on his face, “and you punched me in the gut.”
“you punched me after i kissed you?!”
“must be because you were so bad at it!”
it goes on like this for another second or two, just two flushed and flustered kids bickering and yelling, and osamu almost feels too old to be involved in it.
you look at him again, “so — uhm — if there’s a samu in the future, is there a me?”
and for the first time today, osamu smiles, one that you easily recognize, “there is.”
“do we stay friends?” this time it's the younger version of him who asks this, standing next to you tightly as if he's almost embarrassed to ask the question.
osamu takes a second to pause, “no.”
the minute feels longer again.
osamu's stirring awake, he knows this because he feels it, something like a yawn coming up in the back of his throat or a hug coming around his chest to pull him away from his sleep.
he's waking up soon, but this — the school, the memory, you and the younger version of him — it still feels way too real and vivid.
“i have to go.” he tells you specifically.
and all you do is nod, unsure of what to say.
“don’t screw things up.” he looks directly at his younger self this time, “if i wake up, and i'm not married anymore, i'm gonna come back just to kill ya.”
he takes one last look at you standing next to younger him, both a bit flushed after you both seemed to have spotted the gold band he wears on his ring finger.
and he blinks, and he's gone — just as fast as he got there, he's back to where he started.
cold comforters, sunlight peeking through his hooded eyes, and the gentle stroking of fingers tangled in his messy morning hair.
he opens his eyes to the bright sun, a cluttered apartment bedroom with socks and shirts on the floor, college books stacked on a study table, and an apron dangling on one of the door hooks.
he turns to his side, finally seeing you after a cruel amount of time, and the first thing he does is pull you into a quick kiss.
“hello.” you smile, pulling away from him, “you were talking in your sleep.”
osamu stirs, disturbing the heavy comforter as he does, and he yawns before blinking away the last of his drowsiness.
“i say anything interesting?” he looks at you, turning on the cold pillows.
you nod, laughing lightly, “i punched you in the gut apparently.”
he quirks a brow, “oh, is that why my stomach hurts?”
and you smile, “ah well you know me, i've got a strong punch.”
for a second, his hand greets yours, him gently lifting up your fingers to see the matching ring he has with you, and he smiles timidly once he sees it there.
“something wrong?” you ask, and osamu pulls your hand closer to his face to kiss on the back of your fingers.
and all he tells you is, with a gentle smile on his face, “i'm just checking.”
Tumblr media
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adrikazu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
osamu miya is hiding something.
he denies that he is, he denies everything that you’ve tried to insinuate, but ever since this morning — ever since you’ve made that offhand comment about moving in together — he’s been all shifty-eyed and panicky.
you initially made that comment as a joke. something to lighten the mood seeing as he’s been so awkward around you recently, but when he acted the way he did, something tells you he definitely received it the wrong way.
its just about seven in the evening, almost closing time for the infamous onigiri miya, and you sit comfortably on one of the tables close to the cashier, laptop in front of you as you prefer working closely to your boyfriend.
it’s almost always been like this — you with your laptop out, typing away whatever you need to be typed, and osamu walking by every thirty minutes with a glass of water or tea or whatever excuse he’s come up with to mingle with you.
but today — the lame excuses for the mingling has stopped.
osamu has barely said anything to you all day, aside from the “hey, you,” and the “ya want anything?”, he’s been completely silent.
“you almost done?” you look up from your laptop screen, calling to him as he’s taken the first time all day to walk to your table.
“hm.” he hums, tired and all, “busy day.”
osamu slumps down on the seat in front of you, the restaurant having been cleared of all the satisfied customers for today, and for the first time, taking his short moments with you.
he looks at you, face propped up with his right hand as he stares.
you look back at him, and he immediately looks away — osamu, pinkish in the face.
this is weird. your boyfriend is acting like a teenager pining for you right now, and whilst that’s not really out of the usual — it’s weird that he’s being so fidgety about it.
“samu,” you push your laptop aside, “is something wrong?”
and he blinks, “ya think something’s wrong?”
considering that he’s been avoiding you all day, has been falling into whispers when he talks to atsumu on the phone, and strategically staring at you when he thinks you aren’t looking — yes. you think something is very wrong.
( atsumu visited the restaurant earlier today, a big smile on his face as he slapped osamu harshly on the back, yelling something about “finally doing something right for once in his life!” and saying “take numerous pictures or yer dead meat.”
but the second they both saw you walk in the room, not only did their faces drop, but you’re also pretty sure osamu stepped on atsumu’s foot once or twice too.
you asked them what they were doing, but all atsumu told you was - in close tears, as he hugs you - “we’re having a brother bonding moment right now. please leave.”
and that was it. )
so yeah, something is very wrong with osamu miya.
“you’re just,” and you smile at him, “acting weird.”
“i am so not!” he scoffs, his own smile coming through as he looks back at you, “you’re the one who’s being weird.”
now, it’s your turn to scoff, crossing your arms over your chest as you shake your head, “do not call me weird, i sat here all day watching you be the weirdest person on the planet.”
“well, why were ya watching all day?” he leans forward, “that’s weird behavior if ya ask me.”
you smile, rolling your eyes, “you are twelve years old.”
and osamu leans back, a smile on his face that prides himself of his tone, “that’s what twelve year olds tell each other when they’ve got nothing else to say.”
and you laugh, “this is a very mature conversation we’re having.”
osamu smiles wider, his shoulders slightly raising as a little bit of a laugh escapes his lips, and for a second, he just looks at you, a glint in his eye.
he slides your laptop over to the side, leaning in over the table to be closer to you, and you do the same, following suit with a trail of laughter.
osamu smiles, “i can do something to make it more mature.”
“hm?” you indulge him, shaking your head as you let him put his hand on the base of your face.
he laughs, “hm.”
and he pulls you close — the way he’s been wanting to all day, the way he wanted to all those times he made up stupid excuses to come by your table — and with a smile, he kisses you.
the two of you have been together for a little over a year now, but he’s not gonna lie when he tells you that he’s been in love with you for longer.
the restaurant is empty, the sun has set, and he kisses you, slow and smiley and everything he’s always wanted.
osamu miya is in love with you, and for him, it’s a miracle that you love him too.
he pulls away for a second, voice above a whisper as his nose touches yours, “sorry i was weird all day.”
“yeah,” you smile, “be sorry.”
and he laughs, and he kisses you again, his hand on your face pulling you closer, repositioning his head every now and then to get a new angle close to you.
when he pulls away for the last time, he still doesn’t lean back in his seat, expectant for more of your kisses until you’re ready to go home.
“do you wanna have dinner?” your nose touches his as you ask.
and osamu, still smiling, tells you bluntly, “no.”
you blink, and you make the first move to sit back against your chair, moving away from him as you laugh.
you tilt your head, “no?”
and he tells you, amused, “no.”
only osamu miya would spend two minutes straight kissing you only to reject you for dinner not even thirty seconds later.
“okay, what is going on with you?” you cross your arms over your chest, laughter bubbling in your throat.
he leans back.
you put your elbows on the table, “ever since i dropped that comment on moving in together this morning, you’ve been all dodge-y.”
he watches you with an amused smile.
“and i get it, cause if you don’t want to move in together with me or my crappy house habits, now is the time to tell me.”
you probably sounded a bit more invested in moving-in than you probably were, but you spent the whole day thinking about it — what it meant if osamu was really so bothered with living with you — that you probably did sound as invested as you seemed.
“idiot.” osamu shakes his head, his smile as calm as ever, “i wanna move in with you, and your crappy house habits.”
you raise a brow, “really?”
and he smiles again, leaning forward to kiss you gently on the side of your head, “i promise.”
your eyes crinkle, “then you wanna go have dinner with me?”
and osamu mirrors your expression, “still no.”
“oh, come on!” you groan, shaking your head rather harshly as you slam your fist on the table as a joke, “why not!”
osamu smiles again, kissing you one more time before he says, “i can’t tell you why.”
“yes, you can.” you argue.
he shakes his head, kissing you again.
you pull away, “tell me.”
he says no, and he kisses you again.
“osamu, why the hell not?”
he doesn’t reply, but he does kiss you again.
“okay enough — samu!” at this point, you push him off, leaning him back against his chair as you try not to laugh.
he frowns, and he tries to lean closer to you again for another kiss but you shake your head.
“no kissing until you tell me why you can’t have dinner with me.” you cross your arms, and you watch as his expression immediately falls.
“no kissing?” he repeats back to you, offended.
and you nod, “no kissing.” having fun.
it all came down to two choices — either he tells you what’s been up with him all day, or he doesn’t get to make out with you all night — and really, he’s walking the fine line between doing the former just to avoid the latter.
“i can’t tell you.” osamu says, his smile failing him.
and you say, firmly, “then no kissing.”
osamu’s head falls on the table, his face smooshing against the glass as he groans, a long drag of “noooo” escaping his lips as he whines.
you lean your face against your hand, “this hurts me more than it hurts you.”
and osamu scoffs, “no, it doesn’t.”
and you smile, “i know.”
there’s a reason why osamu has been acting weird and standoffish all day — a reason why he’s been dodgey ever since you made that comment about living together.
and that’s because even though he did say he’d want to move in with you, that’s not what he wants to do at all.
it’s the same reason as to why he can’t have dinner with you tonight. the same reason why he’s got plans with atsumu when he’d rather be sharing the evening with you.
but he supposes, one night of ring shopping can be made up for with numerous more nights after it.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chibi itto ♡
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🍧 for kazuha and 🥥 for hu tao please? sorry I didn't know if we were supposed to comment or ask so i ended up doing both, congrats on 100 followers!
kazuha + 🍧
kazuha comforting anxious reader,,
hu tao + 🥥
he noticed immediately
and immediately picked you up and physically took you out of the situation
when he put you down, he was very patient and hugged you close to himself
the immense emotion he felt seeing you that way pushed him to get you out of there as quick as possible
he’ll wait for you and rub your back, run circles with his thumb on your hand and allow you to rest your head in his shoulder or chest
he’ll stay quiet, too
until you wanna talk about it he’ll stay there
even if you don’t wanna talk about it, he’ll be patient with you and keep you company
brings things you like, small snacks or games
little things that he has on him for you
cares so much for you, and he’s always waiting for you whenever you’ll need it
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Tumblr media
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