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ahshimashi·24 days agoText


he isn’t too much of a dog person

okay guys so tumblr just did an unepic oopsie and didn’t bother fully uploading this post to the dashboard. i think it’s because it’s a video and the entire tumblr HQ consists of a potato with a wire in it attached to a lightbulb so it had a stroke and fucking died trying to process it

if y’all can even see this reblog i’d be surprised with how much shit tumblr gives me 😤 so frustrating 😔 here you go though 😎

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ahshimashi·a month agoText

i just learned the hard way that external links will kill you immediately. my apologies. anyway,

miscelaneous post time baby!!!!!

buffy i tried to find your original post where you had the link and stuff but it got sent to the shadow realm or something so i’m making a new one 😳

okay so basically there’s this epic person named @goblucien who did some epic hacker things and got the files for the entire LM3 game. That means we got the models as well. The problem is that we need to rig them because they came b o n e l e s s, so we’re working on that 😎


and we’re letting everyone have them because we hope, by any chance, that someone will put them into a vocaloid video and/or make them do fortnite dances, but for now, if you would like to help rig just let us know 😌

@joomidiot has rigged some and is also working on some right now, and the only contribution i have made so far is rigging this stupid motherfucker:

if there’s problems with the rig:

1.) i do not give a shit

2.) pretend it’s ghost physics

3.) i might fix it in 3-5 business years

none of this would have been possible without lucien so thank you for that, brochacho 😌👊

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ahshimashi·2 months agoText
















what if

Ghostsonas valentine cards.




you read my mind huifas

I jumped the bandwagon

Amethyste’s valentine card!

I’ll make D-Mos’ card tomorrow!

I couldn’t help myself

imma do this instead of my hw ajhshshs


⚡so we doin thiz now⚡

⚡*laughz in aroace*⚡

I did it

D-Mos’ valentine card!

Happy valentines yall

ghostsona valentines?? heck yes!

remember how we used to make valentines boxes out of old containers in elementary, and people would give you cards and candy in your box? yeah, that was the shit.

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ahshimashi·2 months agoText


feral swamp creature (clem and fishook fusion) + your average redditor (steward and kruller fusion)

bro i have had this image sitting in my gallery ever since the second coming of christ. i was like “ok i’ll make a quick sketch :)” and then i was like “oh this does NOT look chaotic enough, let’s see how badly i can fuck this up” and slapped that shit into ibis paint


you inspired me. you made me have… a Thought

so i bring you

the world’s most dangerous elderly person, king macfrights and dr. potter fusion. together they will immediately stab you if you say that flowers aren’t cool

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ahshimashi·2 months agoPhoto

Soöry guys, but i hope you don’t mind an little bit of Captain Fishook 😔

I mean if you hate Captain Fishook i apologize

for the inconvenience of me 


and i don’t want to start any political discourse but damn i wish more people drew fishook 😔 they’re an epic character

anyways i just cranked this shit out at like 3 am a couple of weeks ago because my rabid brain was like “oh yeah this is such a fucking good idea draw immediately” and now you guys can look at it. pretty swag i guess

It took me a lot of convincing and scooby snacks to post just this, and this only, which i can explain better under the cut with incomprehensible rambling.

But the main topic for this ominous post is that i actually wanted to tell you guys that i gave birth to another account named ahshitmashit



which was inspired by an unfortunate typo i made on a discord server, which also is my other account where i can post some drawings/reblog slightly miscellaneous shit without disappointing my followers because they waited 5 years for a new post and it turns out i just reblogged an image of a crab eating a banana

just wanted to tell you guys this, so you don’t see a post from that account and go “wow did you actually change your tumblr name to that? is it crack? is that what you smoke? you smoke crack?”

if you enjoy me breathing and existing you can go ahead and follow the account for more Epic Funny Moments!!!

now its time to scream at the sun 

ok so basically i’m monky

okay so basically i want to feel like it’s okay to post my doodles of characters, even if they don’t include Every Character To Exist Ever In LM3.

Like i just want to post whatever the hell i draw in a day even if it’s just focused on one character. I’m avoiding doing this like the plague because i feel like the CEO of LM3 is going to fucking materialize from the shadows and beat me to death with their bare fists because i didn’t draw a specific someone.

I hope you guys understand, i don’t want to bore people with my posts, especially since there’s people who think nintendo Slaps as much as i think they do, but they would rather see more drawings of Luigi, for example.

It is absolutely a stupid thing to worry about, but i would like to post more frequently (and freely) because holy shit i create so much stress for myself 😔👊 

That’s why i’ve been making less comics lately, and more of the little mini baby scenarios i’ve been making in my doodles. Same amount of Sarah Tonin 😍 less stress on my peepee brain. 

At least i can rest easy knowing that i probably drew someone’s favorite character. Just kidding i will always stay up until 3 am every night and pass away the next morning but that’s on me, sis :)

I am just a simple organism who likes to draw. I cannot change this. Thank you for listening brochachos

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ahshimashi·2 months agoText

*Shakes box, producing an awful sloshing noise*

*dumps box out*

@itsamemicke @solarwreathe @skygge101 @ranze-the-zoroark @syrcaltime @anamakara @creepychippy @tigereye105 @your-favorite-slinky @asteriskshane

i made this piss colored dumbass as a joke and although they were drawn anyway, people seemed to get the idea that they had one brain cell or at least shared a brain cell with someone else and i appreciate that. i appreciate you guys.

also sorry i’ve been dead but school has taken me by the legs and swung me headfirst into a brick wall so i’m posting this right now because i haven’t posted in 6.73 billion years

like, theres so many epic swag people I want to draw stuff for but i’ll pass those over messages. it’ll just be an unpleasant surprise :)


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ahshimashi·2 months agoText



I think I’ve finally managed to set it up properly-

For those who didn’t follow what I’ve been doing for the past hour or so, I’ve set up a new Luigis Mansion server! For the fandom here on Tumblr! And of course from other places too if people wanna join

So feel free to share this too

join or i will hit your kneecap with a hammer and make your leg bounce like they do in those reflex tests

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ahshimashi·2 months agoPhoto

bro… 😔 they’re just an. little bit cürious…

alright now that the literate people are gone, real talk (THIS IS SO LONG I AM WARNING YOU LMAOO)

I fucking love drawing Luigi’s Mansion stuff.  I just love actually drawing something… different! Something challenging. This is like the first time I have truly enjoyed drawing in a good couple of years. I used to just draw weird animal hybrids during school to entertain myself in the slightest, but that got so boring 😤so now, drawing these…. human(?)oid(?) characters is really the bees knees and I have no idea why.

There’s probably like two people in my life that know this already, including a piece of lint, but I have ADHD. Just 3 different letters of the alphabet is all it takes to make drawing the best experience ever, or the absolute fucking worst. You see, I have two modes:

1.) Draw for 32 days straight no food or water, god himself would not be able to pry me from my tablet

2.) Draw for 5 minutes. Okay I am hungry. Get up. Forget you are hungry. “Oh! I have an idea!” Proceed to walk around in room in circles for 20-30 minutes while THINKING about your idea and having absolutely no clue that you’re even doing this until your mom comes in and asks if you smoke crack. Sit back down. Pick up pencil. Make one (1) dot. “Oh I have an idea! WAIT I CAN’T HAVE MORE IDEAS IM ALREADY DRAWING SOMETHING WAIT NO DON’T LOSE INTEREST FINISH THE DRAWING !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Repeat this entire process until you pass away

I kid you not, for every moment I decide not to draw, I get up and walk like some sort of npc trying to lead a player to a specific place in a village but then my AI gets screwed up in the process. I also get pretty sore because of standing up too much.

But basically my true essence is just my brain going batshit crazy rapidfire juggling 5 million ideas at one time because that’s just how it do baby. And, I like drawing out the ideas because god damn. the Sarah Tonin 😍

This is stupid, sorry. Fun fact I have to write my captions in notepad because I will forget about them later and they will NEVER come back to me. Only people (and even then, only some) with ADHD will read this and go, “Wow, that is a large block of text and I did not absorb anything in there.” But if anyone does actually read it, I hope they understand.

By the way fuck mobile tumblr I had to use the stupid ass website just so I could put a “read more” button here 

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ahshimashi·2 months agoText

collab with @itsamemicke 😎 it was very swag we kinda like gave eachother coloring sheets and went apeshit. they did the coloring and i did the lineart! go check out their original piece that i colored if you want because i love their style 🥺 also i just wanted to point out that i forgot to give serpci lips the first time. after all that and i forgot her lips. i am sobbing

look i just wanted to get to draw these two but holy fucking shit i am never drawing them again they are so hard to draw if someone forced me at gunpoint to draw serpci’s hair i would take the gun from them personally and shoot myself


Luigi’s mansion f

Luigi’s mansion fursona

this is like the one post where luigi isn’t really here at all but at the same time literally everyone else is gone. i bet they’re dead or something 😌

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ahshimashi·3 months agoText

here are some doodles in which i tried to organize a theme for each page but i unfortunately have the intelligence of a fetus so i did not do that. It’s the thought that counts at least.

also, uh 😔 not to be cringy or anything, but i just wanted to take the time now to tell you guys how greatful i am to have such a nice group of people who like my drawings. I’ve been getting messages and submissions from people telling me how much they appreciate my art and it just… overwhelming to me. In a really good way. I haven’t been responding to any of them because I simply don’t know how to, I apologize for that. It’s overwhelming, it really is. It all comes up to one giant thank you for all of you guys, because… i appreciate you too. Thanks. 🥴 Thats all i can say before i start rambling like a little stupid baby. i just pulled an all nighter and i’m typing this at 2 am, so i will schedule this post for later and see the mess i have created.

TL;DR i frickin love you guys

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ahshimashi·3 months agoText

When ghosts die, it only makes sense that if you’re strong enough, you will keep the form you had at the time of your death. Not for Captain Fishook. In fact, he has literally no idea what happened for him to end up as a shark. And everyone already knew that he was once a human, he did mention that, but spared the whole story because he didn’t think it was that big of a deal. It was a HUGE deal to them! They had to ask again about his original form and only then did he have an “oh no 😳” moment because he forgot to provide any context whatsoever.

One thing’s for sure is that they had absolutely no freaking idea that he would be able to convert back, even if just for a moment. No ghost they know has ever been able to change themselves so drastically. And they wouldn’t have it any other way. Because having a friend who’s both a pirate and a pirate shark is the coolest shit ever.

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ahshimashi·4 months agoText

the main forest in evershade valley has this humongous unit of a flower patch, but the ghosts have to go there at dawn or later into the day so they don’t get decimated in the sunlight. Just ghost things!


this specific comic was the bane of my existence i literally could not put more than two layers into ibis paint without it lagging like i was trying to process a picture through a gas stove

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