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Am finally having my periodic Rise of the Guardians fan moment 🤩 and is having a hysterical breakdown because of Sandy's full name 🤣
Tumblr media
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Can I pretty please have put in a request for PepaXReader where Pepa is pining hard for Reader but Reader is Julieta’s best friend and closer to her than Pepa even the two are still pretty good friends?
More Than A Friend
> requested? yes!
> pepa madrigal x fem!reader
> julieta madrigal x fem!reader
> warnings: none, i think...
> the triplets are in their twenties
Tumblr media
“Hey there!”
Pepa jumped when she heard the door open and a voice call her. Turning around, she saw you grinning and waving at her.
“H-hey there!” she nervously waved back, her posture straightening as she noticed you walk towards her, or so she thought.
But before anything else, let's rewind a bit, to maybe, this morning.
You stretched your arms, basking in the sun shining through your windowsill. You weren't really a morning person, but Julieta wanted to teach you how to make her famous arepas, and you can't say no to that. Really, you can't say no, she threatened to ignore you if you don't show up.
So, even though you dislike the kitchen, you're still going to show up, because who wouldn't show up for the person they love, right?
The whole Encanto knew about your affections toward the eldest Madrigal, so it was still a mystery how she didn't know. But it was more mysterious to how her youngest sister, Pepa, was also oblivious.
Picking your dress was much more difficult that you thought, it was a battle between two colors, green or purple. In the end, you chose green.
On the way to the Casita, you waved at the people you passed by, twirling a few children as they danced at the town square.
Once you reached the Casita, the door immediately opened and you saw the two sisters, but your eyes fell from the yellow and orange dressed girl, to the girl wearing blue. Although it was her daily outfit, you still can't help but swoon for Julieta Madrigal.
“Hey there!”
You waved at Julieta, not even noticing that Pepa returned the wave. When you walked towards them, you offered Pepa a smile and went to Julieta. You didn't even pay attention to the atmosphere of the room, from sunny and warm, to an almost cloudy and cold atmosphere.
“Hey there, my lovely zorillo!” you wrapped your arm around Julieta's shoulder.
Shrugging you arm, Julieta rolled her eyes and grinned. “Well hello, my lovely lobo.” she said before kissing your cheek.
Rolling your eyes, you pushed Julieta lightly. “Stop calling me that! I'm not afraid of fires anymore!”
“Well stop calling me zorillo! I don't even look like one!”
While you and Julieta were joking to each other, Pepa remained standing with her back facing you. She couldn't move, partly because of embarrassment and partly because of curiosity, she wanted to know what you and Julieta had. Were you two a couple? Does she have a chance on you?
Pepa's inner war was interrupted by Julieta announcing that both of you would be at the kitchen.
“If you need anything, we'll be there.”
Pepa nodded and decided to go to her room. But on the way there, she stopped by Bruno's room to ask him about something.
She knocked and heard a few things fall on the floor before the door was opened by her brother. Pushing Bruno aside, she went straight to his bed and dramatically lied there.
Gently closing his door, Bruno leaned his back against it and crossed his arms. “So... what happened?”
Pepa whined and kicked the air like a child. Not wanting to answer her brother's question.
Sighing, Bruno rolled his eyes. “Is it Y/N again?”
“How did you know?”
“You only act like this after you see Y/N and Julieta together.”
Pepa remained silent.
“Why don't you just tell her?”
“I can't! I'm a girl, she's a girl! We can't be together!”
Bruno raised his eyebrow and mumbled something.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing! Go on with your whining.”
“... As i was saying, Y/N and I can't be together! And it's okay!” Pepa sat up immediately, “I'm fine with admiring her from afar. I'm fine being friends with her, at least I'm friends with her. I'm fine watching her be all.. lovey-dovey with Julie–”
“Oh who are you kidding Pepa?!” she jumped at Bruno's sudden interruption.
Pepa remained silent for a whole minute before answering, ”... no one.”
“You should tell her before it's too late!” Bruno grabbed Pepa's arm and dragged her to the kitchen.
But, before he could enter, he stopped. His eyes widening at what he saw.
“What's happening?”
Pepa whispered and pushed Bruno aside. Her own eyes widening as she saw you kneeling in front of a sitting Julieta. With a flower in your hands.
“We... we should go Brunito.”
A tear escaped from Pepa's eyes before she gently took Bruno's hands and guided him away from the most sickening sight she ever saw.
Her sister... and you. Julieta and you. She couldn't believe it, but the evidence was here.
She knew she didn't stand a chance now. Now she wasn't oblivious. Now she knew you loved her sister, more than a friend.
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aunt tilly 🤝🏼 julieta
both have invaded my heart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I might need help
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Hi, hope you are having a good day ☀️ may I request a pepa x fem reader wherein bruno has a vision about the towns bookshop girl and his sister? Thank you ☺️
Why Pepa?!
> requested? yes!
> pepa madrigal x fem!reader
> bruno madrigal x fem!reader (platonic)
> warnings: none
> pepa and bruno are in their 20s here
Tumblr media
You name it, Encanto has it. Well, Encanto has Pepa Madrigal, a very gorgeous woman that can control the weather. Yet, a question that never seems to have answer always results in a hurricane whenever it comes up. The question is, why is Pepa Madrigal single? Well, let's start here.
Y/N L/N, a very shy yet attractive woman who owns a bookshop. Most of the time, the shop is full and most of the time, the only customer inside is Bruno Madrigal.
“Hey Y/N!” a familiar voice rang through the shop.
“Brunito!” you turned around and waltz towards Bruno, grabbing his arms and dragging him to a shelf.
“Woah there! Isn't this a bit to early Y/N?”
You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “Just because I'm your only friend doesn't mean I like you that way!”
Bruno shrugged and let you drag him to the shelf, “It's your loss.”
Pushing him against the shelf, you lean past him and grabbed a thick book.
“Ooh! You found something!”
“Yes! No shush! Be quiet.” you put your index finger on his lips.
Slapping your hand away, Bruno rolled his eyes and looked over your shoulder. “What's that book about?”
Clicking your tongue, you sighed. “It's about a girl... and another girl,” you stopped to see his reaction, and when you found nothing, you continued, “and they fall in love with each other, but a force of evil breaks them apart!” you exaggeratedly narrated the story to him.
Sensing your humour, Bruno gave a loud gasp along with cupping his mouth for added effects.
“No way!”
“Yes way!” you turned to him and gave him the book harshly.
“Now I need you to read this and make a telenovela out of it!”
Without giving him a chance to say anything, you pushed Bruno out of the library.
“She's right, this is a good story.” Bruno nodded to himself, “but I won't tell her that.” he added under his breath. You already had a big ego, he didn't want to make it bigger.
“Ooh exciting...” Bruno exclaimed while reading the part where the other girl's mother finds out the truth about her daughter's secret affair with the protagonist, another girl.
But, before he could get to the exciting part, his eyes glow green and he involuntarily welcomes another vision.
After the vision, as the sand starts to fall around him, he gasps.
“Dios mio, what was that?”
“Ay! How am I going to look at her after this?!” Bruno took a glance at the book and shuddered.
“How am I going to return you after that!” he pointed at the book.
“Why Pepa! Why?!”
“Why did it have to be Y/N?!”,
“What happened with Y/N?”
A voice from his door startled him, making Bruno jump and wave his arms around.
“Pepa!” Bruno looked at his sister then to the book you lent to him and kicked it under the bed.
Narrowing her eyes, Pepa took a step near Bruno but she was immediately pushed out of the room.
“Hello Pepa! Bye Pepa!”
“What's wrong with him?” Pepa jumped when she heard her Julieta ask.
“You tell me.” she shrugs and walks away from her sister.
| vision |
The vision shows you and Pepa under a tree, having a picnic, and one moment you were laughing and the next both of you are laying down with Pepa on top of you. Then the vision goes to Pepa walking inside the library and dragging you to the corner of the shop.
the book talked about here doesn't really exist, or if it does, tell me, i want to read it 😂
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y/n, shuffling uno cards: sometimes, i think about me wanting to call you mommy–
pepa, blushing: awww! i see you as my daughter too!
y/n, disappointed: ... yeah, just like that
dolores, groaning: this is the fifth time today!
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this made me cry tears of sadness and joy at the same time 😭
Por amor al arte (Julieta x Fem!Reader) Epilogue
Tumblr media
a/n: here it is!! the close of this book! I loved writting it and I’m so gratefull for all the support! You’re the best guys!
song recomended to listen while reading this: Dos Oruguitas
“Mamá, I found my ribbon”
You turned to see your youngest daughter holding a white ribbon for you. You sighed in relief and walked over to her, quickly tying the ribbon onto a lock of hair. She looked gorgeous, and you were happy that she seemed immune to the wave of nerves that seemed to wash over the whole family today. You could safely say that not even at your wedding had you been this nervous.
Keep reading
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i have three reports for school, and all of that is going to happen in one week, i just wanna lay in bed and think what did i do wrong for life to be like this
Tumblr media
for the mean time, my requests are closed and to that one pending request, i'll finish it once my reports are done
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Y/N: i'm afraid of the backstreet boys
Julieta: tell me why
Y/N: *chokes on air*
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Y/N, huffing: i'm cool, i'm cool
Julieta, walking by: i personally think you're hot, but you do you i guess
Y/N, blushing: ...
Pepa, snickering: didn't know Juli thought of you like that
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would u mind potentially doing a bruno x reader with a child from a previous marriage? bonus points if it includes a miracle ceremony 💕 please and ty!!
Gift Or No Gift
> requested? yes!
> bruno madrigal x fem! reader
> warnings: none
Tumblr media
“Y/N!” screams and cries rang through the Casita. Good thing everyone was out doing chores, only Bruno, Y/N, and Cecilia.
“Yes Brunito?” you walked into Bruno's room and saw him trying to calm down a crying Cecilia.
“I don't know what to do!” whispered Bruno whilst rocking the baby.
“Ay Bruno. Give me her,” you sighed and held out your hands. Once Cecilia was in your arms, she immediately calmed down and nuzzled her face in your neck.
“How do you do that?” whispered Bruno as he sat down on a chair near the stove.
You shrugged and adjusted Cecilia in your arms, “What can I say? Mother's instinct.”
“Maybe it's your smell.” said Bruno without sparing you a glance.
“Are you saying I smell, Brunito?” you asked with your eyebrow raised.
Bruno looked at you and realized what he said, “N– no! You do smel– But the good smell– I mean–”
You snickered at Bruno and he stopped, huffing at you and rolling his eyes, “I never knew what I saw in you.”
“Neither do I.”
“I never understood why she left you and this angel, Brunito.”
“Well– uh– you know,” Bruno stuttered. “Typical bad luck and omen type of reason–”
You rolled your eyes playfully, “The real reason, Bruno.”
Bruno sighed and looked at you. He looked at your eyes and saw the sympathy under the understanding. “You don't need to pity me, Y/N.”
Smirking, you poked his side. “Who said I was pitying you?”
Bruno rolled his eyes and poked you back, holding back his laugh to not awaken the sleeping child in between you. “The eyes tell more stories that the lips.”
“I know. You always tell me,” you shook your head and sighed. “That's why I know, you still cry for her when you think I don't know.”
You didn't give Bruno a chance to reply when you decided that sleep was more important than hearing his side.
“Mi corazon?”
Your voice rang through the Casita, with it is the noise of bustling people getting ready for Cecilia's gift ceremony.
The clanking of tiles made you look down and to the walls, where there was different types of banners hanging.
“Uh huh, you look good Casita!” you made a clicking noise and shot finger guns at the wall.
“Now, can you help me find Cecilia?” you asked while looking around.
“She's in the nursery.” a sudden voice and figure appeared beside you making you jump and put a hand on your chest.
“Dios mio!”
“Uh oh,” a vine grabbed your arms to steady you. “Lo siento, tiá.”
You looked at the teenager beside you and gave her a smile, “It's fine Isabella, but you really need to stop sneaking up on me.”
Isabella smirked and bumped her hips with yours, “What's life without a little mischief huh?”
“Your mischief will be the death of me.”
A small voice hummed, and the tiles began to rattle and shake, making you and the figure under the bed laugh.
“Come here, mi corazon...” you gave your hand and pulled the small girl up. “Ay, you're so big now.”
Cecilia giggled and nodded her head, “Mami... do you think Papi will come back when I receive my gift?” the little girl hugged you and nuzzled her head on your neck.
You stiffened and pulled Cecilia off before cupping her face, “I don't know mi corazon, but I know... wherever he is, he's proud of you. Gift or no gift.” you kissed Cecilia's forehead and hugged her tightly again.
“Mami!” Cecilia cried and squirmed when you poked her sides whilst hugging her.
You laughed and stood up while carrying her, “Now, I can already hear Abuela calling for us.”
“He's proud of you...”
“Gift or no gift...”
Your words rang inside Cecilia's head as she reached for the doorknob. When she finally grabbed it, the door stopped glowing for a moment before shining brightly. And before you even knew it, Cecilia's figure in front of the door vanished.
Gasping, you looked around with everyone following after you. But before you could go down the stairs, a small hand tugged your skirt.
“Mami, you won't believe it! I was there, and there, and now here!” you turned around and saw Cecilia pointing at the different spots in the Casita.
Alma, realizing what the girl's gift was, announced,
“We have a new gift!”
“If you were here... Does that mean you saw Ceci's gift ceremony?”
“Uh huh.. and I couldn't be more proud of what my Ceci came to be.” Bruno gave Mirabel a sad smile while peeking through the hole in the dining, where Cecilia was playing with Antonio.
“That's what tiá y/n always says too, along with gift or no gift.”
Bruno smiled, he didn't think that you would use his phrase even though he wasn't around, “Of course... gift or no gift.”
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to those who made requests, i'll work on them real soon, school is just really hectic this month
Tumblr media
i wish i was this teletubby rn
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Pepa, thundering: why did you do that?! are you crazy?!
Y/N: crazy for you
Pepa, immediately blushing: .....
Camilo, snickering in the corner: one for Y/N, and zero for máma
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julieta's been surprised two times in this lol 🤣 the poor woman can't seem to have peace without anyone surprising and making her jump
Por amor al arte (Julieta x Fem!Reader) part 7
Tumblr media
Part 1 < > next
You took a deep breath before entering the kitchen. Three days had passed since the night you had seen Julieta comfort Eliza and you had kept the secret, acting as if you had been asleep. But now, you really needed to take advantage of the fact that your daughter seemed comfortable with the woman.
“Hey, Juli” you greeted her with a smile.
Keep reading
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Hey, I was wondering if you could maybe write about a non-magical female reader being teased by Bruno because of the so obvious crush she has on his sisters- the oh so magical Pepa and Juliet<3 thank you<3
> requested? yes!
> julieta madrigal x reader
> pepa madrigal x reader
> bruno madrigal x reader (platonic)
> warnings: none, except bruno being hit with a hardback book
Tumblr media
Julieta Madrigal
- i mean??? bruno isn't much of a people person in general but– he knows things
- he knows you're clumsy– not accident prone clumsy, just clumsy in general
– that's why he immediately knew you had a crush on his oldest sister
- i mean who breaks a bone everyday at different parts of their body???
- that's why, when he saw you kicking stones near the river, he took it as a chance to tease you
“Hey there!” you jumped at the sudden voice, your foot slipping on a rock, making you land on your hand.
“Uh uh! I wouldn't do finish that if I were you,” Bruno sat beside you and smiled.
You glared at him as you nursed your now broken wrist, “What do you want Bruno?”
Bruno's smile turned into a grin, a grin you didn't expect yourself to be scared of, “Well would you look at that!”
“Look at what?”
“This is the first time I saw you with a broken bone that's not done on purpose.” said Bruno while wiggling his eyebrows at you.
You paused and slowly looked at him, fear dancing in your eyes, surely he hasn't caught on your crush on her sister?
“Wha– What are you talking about?”
Bruno rolled his eyes and stood up, grabbing your other hand and brought you up, “Come on! Let's see my hermana that you like,”
Stumbling after him, you stuttered that you didn't like Julieta. Teasing you, Bruno told you that he didn't even mention any of her sisters name, why would you mention Julieta? “I don't like Julieta!” “I didn't even mention her.”
“Go!” Bruno pushed you slightly towards Julieta's stand.
“No, Bruno!” you attempted to strangle him, not remembering your broken wrist, which made you hiss and Julieta to look at your direction.
“Díos mio! What happened?” she ran towards both of you and guided you to her stand.
When you looked at Bruno for an answer, you only saw a glimpse of a green ruana running away.
Oh you were so going to strangle him later.
Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal
- you weren't a farmer, heck you don't even know how to water a plant
- that's why it was a shock to bruno sseing you near the crops everyday as her sister watered it
- at first, bruno dismissed it as a thought that you wanted to learn how to plant
- but after a month of seeing you always near, that's when suspicions arose
- when the news of you killing another plant spread throughout encanto, that's when he finally knew
“Hola Y/N!”
You looked up from your book and saw Bruno waving at you, her sister, Pepa, was not far from him.
Offering them both a nod as greeting, you went back to your book. Yet, it didn't even take a minute for a shadow to block the sunlight you were using.
Sighing, you marked your page and looked at Bruno, “What is it Bruno?”
“I want to look your future.” he stated, not giving you a choice.
“Ay! This is the fifth time this week Bruno!” you rolled your eyes and gathered your things.
“Come on Y/N! Come to the Casita later, I'll look at your future, you can also see Pe– ” Bruno's whines were cut off by a book landing on his face as he followed you.
Pepa didn't even intervene, even when she saw you throw a book straight at Bruno's face. Oh how she wanted to do that, sadly she can't, Julieta will get mad at her.
With Bruno still groaning at how cruel it was to throw a paperback book at someone, you look over to Pepa and saw she was staring at you. Looking away, your cheeks reddened and you continued walking, Bruno followed you, again, and you continued the argument you were having.
“–and for the fifth time! I say no to this Bruno!” you looked at him while walking, “I don't want to look at my futu–” you didn't see the rock in your way, the rock sent you tumbling down the hill, while Bruno snorted and Pepa shook her head.
“Come on! I told you, we can see who you marry!”
“No!” your answer came in as muffled yet still understandable.
Bruno shook his head, “Don't you want to see if you'll marry Pe–”
Another book landed on Bruno's face, but now, it was a hardback.
Tumblr media
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Eres El Amor De Mi Vida
> requested? yes! by @xhonedewx
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
> warnings: none
> the triplets are in their 20s
> eres el amor de mi vida = you are the love of my life
> a/n: elisa is not pepa's middle name, i just searched a random name and went with it
Tumblr media
Pepa jumped, almost dropping the plate she was carrying. Turning around, she saw Julieta marching towards her with a frown. She sat down and waited for her sister to come to her, she didn't know why Julieta was marching towards her with a frown on her face, all day she did chores, talked to you, and after that she went home, talked to their mother and might've accidentally told her Julieta was dating you– her eyes widened at the sudden realization, oh she was so screwed. She grabbed her plate and tried to run but a hand grabbed her collar and sat her down.
“What.Did.You.Say.To.Máma?” her sister, Julieta, whispered menacingly.
“Well, you know– the uh– the usual, I told her about the crops, how it was growing fa–” she winced at the sharp nails digging on her shoulder, a small cloud forming at the top of her head, “ouch– ouch! Juli–”
“Fine! Fine! I'll tell you!” Pepa whimpered and breathed deeply when Julieta took her hands off her shoulder, “I– I kind of– you know– you and Y/N–”
Pepa pursed her lips and dared to look at Julieta, her sister was holding a rolling pin and gripping it hard, although Pepa knew that Julieta wasn't really going to use it, it still made her worry for herself.
But, before Pepa could utter another word, Bruno stepped inside the dining room and saw them. He knew Pepa told their máma and he wasn't going to face the wrath of Julieta Madrigal, unfortunately, Pepa saw him and pointed to him.
“Bruno! It was Bruno that told máma!” Pepa said immediately as Julieta whipped her head towards Bruno and glared at the youngest.
“Is it true Brunito?” asked Julieta while tightening her grip on Pepa's collar.
“N–” Bruno stopped when his and Pepa's gaze met. Pepa's eyes were wide as saucers, telling Bruno to lie because she didn't want to anger Julieta more.
But Bruno had other plans, sure he always wanted his sisters to share everything with him, but not this, anything but this. So, he tore his gaze away from Pepa and said,
“No. I didn't tell Máma anything, I haven't even talked to her this day–”
He was interrupted by a thunder bolt striking a cabinet near him. He jumped and ran to his room, leaving Pepa to her doom.
The oldest Madrigal called your name with such authority that you couldn't ignore, so you looked up from you plate to her eyes. Once your eyes met, you almost dropped the spoon you were holding because of nervousness.
“Si– yes? Señora?”
“Well, I just wanted to welcome you here formally even though you have.. had multiple dinners with us–”
You hummed and nodded, not taking your eyes away from Alma. You were scared, no, terrified. It took Julieta clasping her hand with yours to ease the shaking.
“–but, this is a totally different, this dinner is under certain... circumstances that my dear Pepita has shared with me yesterday.”
Julieta tightened her grip on your hand, making you wince and nod at Alma. While Julieta glared at her sister, who has not talked to her, even met her eyes, since yesterday. A cloud started forming on top of Pepa's head, Bruno tried to shoo it away but was struck by a small one instead.
“Ah!” Bruno shook his hand and blew on it, glaring at his sister.
Alma shook her head at her two youngest children and looked back at you, “As I was saying–”
“Miér–” Bruno yelped as Pepa kicked his leg, hard.
“Bruno! Go to your room!”
“But máma–”
Bruno sighed and marched out of the dining room, but not without glaring at Pepa.
“As I was saying–” Alma stopped and gave Pepa a look, almost asking her daughter to try and interrupt her, “I want you to know that I am very happy that it was you that managed to catch my daughter's heart.”
Alma reached to take your hand and pat it, you winced but relaxed when Alma's hands touched yours.
“Gracias Señora.”
Alma hummed and pulled away, “Now, I just want to know...”
It was now your turn to grip Julieta's hand tightly, she winced but didn't let go.
“Now, that you and my daughter are dating, what's your plan? Are you going to marry her? How many kids do you want?”
Pepa snickered at her mother's questions that resulted in Alma glaring at her.
You breathed and answered, “I– I–” you looked to Julieta, who was giving you an encouraging look, and then to Pepa, who was nodding at you.
“I do plan on marrying her, ” you looked at Julieta and saw her reddening cheeks, you shook your head and smiled, “For kids, I think I should ask Julieta first, since she will be the one mothering them, I can't force her to have 12 kids, y'know?” you tried to joke but remembered that you were talking to Alma, your smiled faltered and you cleared your throat.
Alma chuckled at your humor and shook her head,
“Well, since I know that you plan on marrying her, let's continue eating, shall we?”
But Pepa was already ahead of her mother, you looked over to your future sister-in-law and saw her munching on the arepas you brought.
“Mi cielo...”
Julieta hummed when she felt your hands sneaking its way around her torso, she was still shocked at the words you told her mother. Marriage? Kids? Though, Julieta knew you were the right one, she was a bit skeptical, you were both in your 20s, isn't that a big leap?
“I know your thinking about what I said earlier...”
“I mean it Juli, I want to marry you–”
Julieta opened her mouth to say something but you shushed her, “–not now, not this year mi cielo, maybe a couple of years in the future, but I will marry you.”
You kissed her shoulder blades and swayed, her body almost immediately swaying with you. You unwrapped your hands around her, making her whimper at the sudden lost of contact, but you turned her around and grabbed her hands to twirl her.
Julieta chuckled and squealed as you stopped twirling her and pulled her closer to you. Once she knew you weren't going to spin her around anymore, she put her head on the crook of your neck and whispered,
“Te amo, mi cielo.”
You smiled and held her closer to you, “Eres el amor de mi vida, and I love you, Julieta.”
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 3 months ago
Mirabel, running to Julieta: máma! here!*gives the woman a flower*
Julieta, sniffs the flower: thank you mirabe– *sneezes*
Julieta, gives the flower back: is– *sneezes* this chamomile, mi amor?
Mirabel, smiling: yeah! y/n told me to give it to you!
Y/N, running with daisies in their hands: i gave you the wrong one!
because it's hearts day
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 3 months ago
Save It
> requested? yes! by @kristhelppowergirl
> julieta madrigal x gn! reader
> warnings: there's a curse word here, but it wasn't finished.
Tumblr media
You hummed and continued washing the plates all of you used.
“You know that mi máma... She doesn't like you, right?” asked Julieta while looking at her partner's back.
“Yes, she made it very clear at last week's dinner.” you gripped the sponge tighter, Julieta saw this and winced. The memory of how Alma gushed about that boy Agustin, how he was more compatible for Julieta than you. Ever since you started courting the oldest Madrigal, her mother made it very clear she didn't like you, always trying to keep Julieta away from you, so you kept your relationship a secret from everyone, even from her siblings.
“I was just thinking..”
Closing your eyes, you breathed and rinsed your hands, “I– I think– I need to go.”
Not giving Julieta a chance to finish her sentence, you wiped your hands dry and left her house. You didn't even notice Pepa, who was listening to both of you talk.
Pepa made sure you were out of sight before she stepped inside the kitchen and sat beside her sister.
Julieta jumped and the sudden voice beside her, she was so lost in thought she didn't even notice her sister sit down.
“Hola Pepita.” greeted Julieta as she leaned her back against the table.
“So...” started Pepa, she drummed her fingers on the table and stared at her sister, “when are you telling Y/N?”
“I was just about to–”
“But they left, yeah, I know.”
Julieta chuckled and shook her head, “I told you, eavesdropping is bad Pepita.” Eavesdropping was the reason Pepa knew about their relationship, and Julieta made it very clear for her to not tell a single soul.
Pepa rolled her eyes and huffed, “Save your nagging to yours and Y/N's future children.”
Julieta blushed and cleared her throat, suddenly she had something to do and shooed Pepa away.
“Uh-huh! Save it for them Julieta!”
“Shut up Pepa!” whined Julieta, her cheeks turning a darker shade of red.
Pepa's cackle rang throughout the Casita, even a thunder managed to struck a vase and Julieta could hear their mother scream.
“Yup, I'm defined going to save my nagging for you.” said Julieta while rubbing her, for now, flat stomach, that in a few months will grow with hers and Y/N's child.
Knocking. Someone had been knocking on your door for the past 30 minutes. You groaned and rolled off your bed, your body making a sound at the same time you groaned out of pain.
“I'm coming!” you shouted, not even bothering to toss your blanket aside, you descended the stairs with it trailing behind you.
“It's 7 o'clock in the morning and it's a weekend! Who the fu–”
You were interrupted by Julieta crashing against you and embracing you tight.
“Juli...” you sighed and hugged her back, “what are you doing here?” you pulled away and looked outside before pulling her inside your house.
Making her sit down on the couch, you walked to the kitchen and took a glass of water for her.
“Juli, please tell me why you're here...” you gave her the glass of water and sat down in front of her.
Julieta gripped the glass of water before putting it on the floor and kneeling in front of you.
“Y/N...” she started and grabbed both of your hands.
“Juli–” you were about to interrupt her but her tight and painful grip on your hand stopped you. Wincing, you nodded for her to continue.
“Thank you,” she gave you a look and sighed, “Y/N... I'm–”
You untangled your hands and clasped your own, not yet ready for the news she was going to say.
Julieta sighed and bit her lip, it hurt her seeing you like this, you were nervous. Heck, she was the one going to tell the news and you look like your about to faint every time she opened her mouth.
Shaking her head, she decided to tell it in one breath, “Y/NI'mpregnantlet'srunawayandgetmarried.”
You blinked and tried to process what she said, “You're.. what?”
Julieta shook her head and looked at you, her eyes were teary and it made your heart crack.
“I'm pregnant, Y/N. I thought about how we could run away and get married, away from here.”
“But your mother...” you began to reason without looking at her
“I don't care about her, Y/N. I'm an adult now, I can't be the golden daughter she always had and wanted forever.” Julieta cupped your face and made you look at her.
“She's going to hate me–” you started with your eyes full of fear as you looked at her.
“But I won't.” Julieta reassured you, “I want to have a family with you, Y/N.”
“And I do too, but–”
“But my mother, I know.“ she scoffed, “Tell me, what's more important to you? My mother's opinion or my happiness, our happiness?”
“Of course, our happiness Juli.”
“Then let's run away.”
Biting your lip, you let out a deep breath.
“Fine, let's run away.”
Julieta smiled and chuckled, “Pepa is right.”
“About what?”
“I'm going to save my nagging to our children.”
You rolled your eyes and kissed her forehead, “Save some for me.”
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