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My psychology teacher: write down what you think about in a day


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Send me an ask that says “Would you ever write…” and continue the sentence.

I’ll respond with yes or no and give an explanation as to why if I want to.

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Hey guys!!! Welcome to the first ever Comfortember!! Yes, whump is nice buuuuut comfort tends to kinda get glossed over and imo, the comfort afterwards is the best part of the whump.


In the form of:

The month of November will be dedicated to all things fluff and comfort. I think this is gonna be so much fun, I hope you guys will consider participating!!

Please refer and follow my side blog here where all the fics for this challenge will be showcased, I also have an FAQ there as well but if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to message me or send me an ask! 💛

I have also created a collection for this event so all the fics will be kept in one place, the link to that his here.

Thank you guys so much for reading this, I hope you consider participating and I can’t wait to read what everyone comes up with!!!

Adding my taglist under the cut in the hopes to spread the word, pleeeease do, I want this to become a thing!! 

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aimaim94·a month agoAnswer

Hi! I find that I cannot access your master list suddenly? The link in your bio isn’t there any more. I absolutely love all that you two do for this fandom. Seriously, y’all are the best 💜 thank you!

Huh, that’s odd. It’s there for me. Are you accessing it on mobile? Anyways, here’s the link to our masterlist! And thank you!

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“I’m not tired.” Peter grumbled as Tony tossed a blanket at him from where he sat on the couch.

“That big yawn just before betrayed you.” Tony teases as he threw a pillow.

“Okay. Maybe a quick nap before lab time wouldn’t hurt. 30 minutes tops.” Peter laid his head on the offered pillow.

“See you in three hours, Spider-Baby.” Tony kissed his forehead.

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Welcome back to our weekly rec list! We hope that you had an amazing week, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our story rec and author shout out! Thank you to all those who participated in the vote this week, we can’t wait to see you next time!

Your Injuries Belong to Me by duskblue

Peter is hurt on patrol, and while he usually heals up quickly, this time… not so much. Unfortunately, he’s scheduled to attend a Stark Industries Gala the following night, so he’s just going to have to grin and bear it. He’ll do anything to get through the evening without disappointing Mr Stark. Even if it means hiding what could be a serious injury.

Note: Written to satisfy the “Gala/Press Conference” bingo square for my Iron Dad Bingo card.

| 6,111 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

I lost myself again (But I remember you) by playfulparkson

He didn’t remember anything. Whatever those…men had done to him; they had scrambled his mind completely. He didn’t know where he was, how old he was, whether he had a family. Hell, he didn’t even know his own name. The men in there had called him Spider

| 2,521 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

the secrets we keep by paperowl

“No, Mr. Stark, you don’t get it. I killed my uncle.” Peter chokes the words out, blinking back tears.

An anti-Spider-man article is published in the Daily Bugle questioning his “heroic” acts, and Peter starts to believe it.

| 1,408 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

should’ve stuck with the legos by akapeterman

Tony picked up on the third ring.
“What’s up, kid? Aren’t you supposed to be hanging out with your nerd buddies?”
“Mr Stark,” Peter paused, taking a deep breath, “I really messed up.”
Tony’s heart stopped.

or : peter gets shot and tony has to come save the day. another short drabble to add to my ‘hurting peter’ collection because that’s fun.

| 930 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Breathe by mainstreamelectricalparade

4-year-old Peter has his first asthma attack, and, true to this fandom’s usual style, it’s a bit of an ordeal.

| 1,334 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

out like a light by lavishhallucinations

Tony is just walking into the lounge when he sees Peter’s head start to roll forward. He bolts across the room and steadies the kid before he can fall. Peter groans slightly, eyebrows knitting together.

“I gotcha.” Tony says, holding Peter to his chest.

“Sorry.” Peter mumbles, then he’s falling in Tony’s arms, knees buckling.

- - -

or, five times tony caught peter when he fainted. and the one time he couldn’t.

| 4,862 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Fight Like You’re Running Out of Time by jelly_pies

Peter startles awake in front of a glaring light and a camera.

“See, there’s your proof of life,” a voice says. “You’ll meet our demands this time, won’t you, Stark? You have thirty-six hours.”


Peter is kidnapped, and Tony races against the clock to get him back. But even through the torture, Peter can’t help feeling like something is off—like all of this was meant for someone else, not him.

| 8,513 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

A Hug is All I Need by chvotic

Peter started to nod, but his eyes betrayed him. At the same time, a tear dripped down his cheek and his lower lip began to wobble. He tried to hide it, he tried to will the tears to go away by looking up at the ceiling, hoping they’d just go back into his eyes and stay there.

It didn’t work. When he looked back down, even more tears poured down his cheeks.

Or, in which, both Peter and author are struggling and just want a hug.

| 2,937 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | General Audiences | 

link to story

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The projects that I end up doing, that I want to be involved with in any way, have always been projects that will be impactful, for the most part, to my people — to black people. To see black people in ways which you have not seen them before. So Black Panther was on my radar, and in my dreams.

The world lost a good one. 💔

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Shout out to the fic writers that struggle to get 25+ notes on their 2k+ word one-shots

Shout out to the fic writers that consistently put out fics and still don’t get many notes

Shout out to the fic writers that constantly mess up grammar and spelling simple words we all do that we’re human

Shout out to the fic writers who write beautifully sculpted, 50k+ word chaptered fics and don’t get any feedback (or again, many notes)

Shout out to the fic writers who are insecure about their writing and never get any feedback they think will help them improve their writing

Y’all fic writers are awesome and deserve so much recognition

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If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life.

You just saved mine.

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